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The C0uncil 0f Trent

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People are obsessed with Rome and the Popes, it's a Protestant thing.  There's no reason to be because Rome and the Popes have NO prophetic significance.

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On 6/26/2017 at 0:27 PM, OakWood said:

I agree. We all know that there will be a falling away. Many churches have already fallen.

I keep telling you guys that "the falling away" has nothing to do with Church!  I know people love to demonize their own form of Christianity, but the APOSTASY has ZERO connection to Christians or the Church.

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On 6/27/2017 at 9:33 AM, OakWood said:

Protestantism was NOT started by a disgruntled Augustinian monk. Protestantism was started by lots of different people who once they had read the Bible for themselves discovered the heresies found in Catholic doctrine.

We had the Albigensians, John Wycliffe, the Hugenots, Jan Huss, William Tyndale all who came before Luther. Then there was John Calvin and John Knox. All these are different people from different backgrounds  and different times in history and they had discovered for themselves how Catholicism had corrupted the word of God.

What is different about Luther is that his reformation was successful and this was due in no small part due to the invention of the printing press. Roman Catholics were burning bibles because they didn't want people to discover the truth for themselves. Fancy that, eh? A so-called Christian organisation wilfully destroying the word of God!

But in Luther's time they couldn't burn the bibles fast enough thanks to the Guttenberg press which managed to churn out 3,000 copies a day. The Pope knew the game was up, the cat was out of the bag...... there was no going back.

Protestant's get very little right about anything, especially the Catholic Church.  They are too busy badfmouthing the Popes when Wycliffe, Tyndale, and especiall CALVIN were also corrupted.  I'm not a Catholic, but I will never call myself a Protestant as they are the most offensive of people.

After the 14th century when English finally became the popular language of England, vernacular Bibles were used as vehicles for heretical propaganda. John Wycliffe, a dissentient priest, translated the Bible into English. Unfortunately his secretary, John Purvey, included a heretical prologue, as noted by St. Thomas More. Later William Tyndale translated the Bible into English complete with prologue and footnotes condemning Church doctrines and teachings. [2] St. Thomas More commented that searching for errors in the Tyndale Bible was similar to searching for water in the sea. Even King Henry VIII in 1531 condemned the Tyndale Bible as a corruption of Scripture. In the words of King Henry's advisors: "the translation of the Scripture corrupted by William Tyndale should be utterly expelled, rejected, and put away out of the hands of the people, and not be suffered to go abroad among his subjects." [4] As food for thought, if the Wycliffe or Tyndale Bibles were so good, why do Protestants today not use them as they do the King James Bible?

One action that Catholic Christians pursued to stop this propaganda was to burn these books. Does this action make the Church anti-Bible? No. If it did, then the Protestants of this period were also anti-Bible. John Calvin, the main Protestant Reformer, in 1522, had as many copies as could be found of the Servetus Bible burned, since Calvin did not approve of it. Later Calvin had Michael Servetus himself burned at the stake for being a Unitarian. [5] In those days it was common practice on both sides to burn unapproved books. Finally it is one matter to destroy the real thing and another to destroy a counterfeit.

The Church did not oppose faithful vernacular translations but heretical additions and distortions to the Bible. The Church prohibited these corrupt Bibles in order to preserve the integrity of Holy Scripture. This action was necessary if the Church is to preserve the truth of Christ's Gospel. As St. Peter in his Epistle (in the Bible) warns us, the ignorant and unstable can distort the Scriptures to their own destruction [2 Peter 3:16; see front panel].
Should good Christian parents allow their children to read a Bible with anti-Christian propaganda or profanity in the footnotes? I certainly would not. Finally if the Catholic Church truly wanted to destroy the Bible, she had ample opportunity to do so for 1500 years.


I'm a disgruntled Christian ready to cannthe entire religion of Christianity.  the religion if FULL of evil!

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