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  1. Baby steps. One day at a time, unless YHWH (GOD) provides more... there is definitely too much to deal with except taking a little at a time, although being able to "get out of Egypt" (the world system) today , as YHWH led Israel out of Egypt miraculously and HE PROVIDED everything needed every day... would be most extravagantly graciously wonderful.
  2. So the confusion continues. A lot of people are still confused, as it has been for centuries, so it is still. For stable teaching, already proven right and sound, true to Scripture, read the material long ago proven true with Scripture, in the , on this site compliments of the owner, admins and moderators. No use arguing about all the vast mistakes published here , there, and everywhere online..... go to a peaceful, sure, verified by Scripure, from Scripture, source, with no arguing and no quarreling and no false teachings being brought in every five minutes. i.e. for the truth. for peace. for joy. for healing.. go read the worthychristianlibrary now, today, this year (there's plenty there, and not specifically advocating any numbers seeking or profit seeking church or group. just for truth. For the Gospel's Sake, in Jesus Christ Messiah Savior King Advocate Comforter, Healer, Teacher.
  3. This was already proven completely centuries ago. Today ? All you will find is immense deception and 500 threads arguing something else, distracting from the true beast. You want proof? It has been on this site for a long, long, time, compliments of the owner, admin, and moderators. You can find it, complete, in worthychristianlibrary dot com. (or by clicking above left on worthy network then click on the library. No, don't ask - it is no use to argue it in any forum / thread/ open to the world to post. You will only get what has already been gotten - 95% deception from all the world, and a few posting the truth... so, again, if you really want to know, start reading at worthychristianlibrary, and rejoice that the truth is know perfectly, in line with and total harmony with all of God's Word.
  4. If you mean those parts that are daughters of the great harlet, perhaps yes. Otherwise, no. In the good light of Faith in Jesus, being set free from the evil oppression of a false gospel, Protestants were like Martin Luther, and somewhat also Like the Israelites in Egypt with Moses, set free . There is no good thing "birthed" out of catholicism, ever.
  5. Scripture plainly states as you have said, and goes farther, YHWH'S OWN WORD: JESUS states, always: whoever loves the world, or the things of the world CANNOT BE A FRIEND OF YHWH (GOD).
  6. IN truth, it must be this way. As noted in one of the previous posts, if a roman catholic, or rcc catholic, or catholic, tells catholics what catholicism is, they get executed, or excommunicated, or both. (historically that has been the case anyway)
  7. It is simple, as YHWH'S Word says clearly. There never was a purgatory, and never will be. Then , pagan men, heathen, came up with this idea. Then, deceived little children with it. and adults... an abomination to YHWH, contradicting His Word every day. Go figure.
  8. What does Jesus say to do to those who cause many little ones to stumble, or those who take the light (truth, life, faith) OUT OF a child's eyes ? Far, far, far worse than a pit bull !!!!!!!!
  9. Not at all dangerous ground, but the only truth, the only safe ground, is God's Word as God has Revealed to all of His children, as His Word says clearly . The wrong teachings, practices, and traditions are those which directly oppose Jesus, and are directly contrary to God's Word. No one should ever be taught or even influenced by such heresies or errors. Jesus even pronounces WOES (judgment, strict judgment) on all those who teach such things causing litte ones who are seeking the kingdom to stumble or even to always go astray on the wide road to destruction - it would be better if those who cause a little one to .... lose the light in his eyes .... if they were never born, or had a millstone tied around their neck and be thrown in the deep sea.
  10. No, actually, it is all evidence, everywhere, of what the Bible Says, a global flood, simple and truth.
  11. Yes, as you noted, and many more - false ideas(being not just assumptions) that go along with the idea of a local flood , all those false ideas being always opposed to YHWH'S PLAN and YHWH'S WORD. So many ideas cannot be resolved here (most all of them were expressed often, long before this forum even existed, but not one truth among the false ideas no matter how wide the road (how popular the ideas), so deceptive is the enemy) .... Especially with anyone who once knew the truth, and then turned away from it, or likewise anyone not willing..... (as Jesus said over Jerusalem) .... not that they or anyone perhaps cannot be restored to faith in Jesus, but it is a painful road, a narrow road, that few find, ever.
  12. Naturally. No where in Scripture does it say to respect someone - "God is no respecter of persons", especially when they continue to (apparently, as it appears) present false doctrines .... what did you expect !? Once someone abides in Jesus, as He says, "You are blessed if you take no offense in anything in Me" ...... And Jesus says more about Himself or the Cross being a stumbling block for some people (not for this thread though, of course) ..... (i.e. some people act offended, because of Jesus Word, or the Cross)
  13. How about you define it somehow in a way that people can worship idols without sinning ? (I don't think that's possible; since YHWH and YHWH'S WORD always calls idolatry sin)
  14. Amein ! HalleluYAH for your faithfulness to YHWH'S WORD ! As someone noted earlier in this thread and several other threads over time, many distractions from the Scripture cause many more distractions , and the root of it is not often easy to find or to cause to be revealed. So many other things "go along with" some of the distractions from Jesus, and the errors of doctrines or teachings, that often it is not at all a real problem with the topic at hand (i.e. the whole earth flood YHWH sent, clearly spoken in Scripture) , but with other topics possibly not even related (i.e. to the flood for instance), other topics that a particular false teacher or school or church "requires" to go along with .... often a very seemingly supportive family member(s), or group member(s), or leadership, and the support of all that is difficult/ devastating and embarrassing as written) to repent of , to fully serve and believe only YHWH.
  15. I have not noticed you starting good, helpful, edifying , Scriptural, threads about truth. Perhaps you have, perhaps you have not - I have not noticed. This morning, before I posted the older thread, I looked for edifying threads, Scriptural, in truth, and there were not many, if any, so I broadened my search to older threads, to find one edifying, Scriptural, TRUTH, that might help someone reading. I am not here to make a point, not my own point anyway - for HIS(our SAVIOR JESUS) PURPOSE ONLY, I LIVE.... and breathe, and have my being.... HE IS MY ALL AND ALL, so only what is from Him, and in Him, and for Him, is to be accomplished.