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  1. Throughout history, today even, Christians are being mocked - on forums, in real life, in cities and countries all around the world, often with anger and contempt; likewise with torture, humiliation, imprisonment, beatings and execution (and treatment not appropriate to talk about). To start with , here's some recent excerpts about the first century: "... ... A person who became a follower (disciple) of Jesus experienced a radical change in values, attitudes and actions - and the world mocked such people by calling them "Christians." ... The disciples were first called "Christians" at Antioch..... .... " ".... The designation of the early followers of Christ as Christians was initiated by the non-Christian population of Antioch. ... Christian population of Antioch (Acts 11: 26), and originally it was probably a term of mocking or derision – “little Christ”..... " "....And in Antioch the disciples were first called Christians. ... used to ridicule and mock the followers of the criminal black lowlife Yeshua of Nazarene. ... ... " "...The term 'Christian' was used to describe a follwer of Christ in terms of the world, from the world’s point of view. The pagans at Antioch called the apostles "Christians" first (Acts 11:26; 26:28) and used it derogatorily because the apostles didn’t follow the commercial world of the pagans....." "....The name "Christian" was first given to the followers of Jesus in Antioch. Antioch was notorious for its ability to produce nicknames. They had one even for the emperor whom they once called "the Goat." Thus the name "Christian" was given to the followers of Jesus neither by themselves nor by the Jews, but by the Greek speaking pagans in Antioch. It was a nickname, a by- word, given in derision and contempt. .... "
  2. Some have read the book of REVELATION (last book in the BIBLE). What looks one way on earth, today, is not at all what it looks like. In heaven, on judgment day, the truth is spoken, righteous judgment.
  3. Yes, Amein. All these and more, Y'SHUA said to keep, and to not neglect the others (ones not listed) also. TORAH, PROPHETS, PSALMS, and NEW TESTAMENT all testify to all of these, to DO ....
  4. Yes, like when the disciples went about, they "healed the sick" AND "cast out demons" (simply) - it is easy for disciples to do (disciples of JESUS, not of something else)
  5. People make mistakes every day. YHWH (GOD) never makes a mistake. People don't know very much. YHWH (GOD) knows everything there is to know - way beyond what all people together can even begin to imagine. So, as Y'SHUA MESSIAH SAVIOR lived, and told HIS disciples to live, listen to the FATHER all the time, staying in prayer, and DO what HE says to do. (instead of what men say, or even one's own heart or mind). i.e. in other words , also, do not judge by what can be seen and heard physically, but judge rightouesly - whatever the FATHER determines, DO as HE says.
  6. Yes, Y'SHUA agreed (before ever anything was created) with ABBA YHWH concerning all creation and the perfect plan for salvation, including line of authority and all that is revealed to HIS children, HIS people.
  7. Talk about getting threads deleted and angry outlash..

  8. What did JESUS say ? That GOD is the GOD of the dead ? (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) No. YHWH is ELOHIM of the living ! (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) But neither the soul-sleepers, nor the anti-soul-sleepers, seems to understand or consider concerning this that YHWH does not live confined by time, nor is HIS KINGDOM restricted by time nor in time. When a person dies, as SCRIPTURE says, they can do nothing. (this cannot be broken and is truth). Yet time means nothing to those who have slept. When anyone is resurrected, to them it is as if in the blink of an eye. No surprise there. Nothing contrary to any part of YHWH'S WORD.
  9. Well, think about this. Look at the varied answers people have given for centuries. Almost always they ignore one SCRIPTURE to promote what it is they choose to believe. Few ever accept all of SCRIPTURE, and the TRUTH is that all of SCRIPTURE is truth - unchanging, unchangeable, when understood as God grants understanding. This is quite obvious almost everywhere, when men's ideas are accept (even for centuries), supported by some SCRIPTURE, but does violence to other SCRIPTURE. i.e. Let GOD'S WORD ALL BE TRUE, though every man a liar. This was one of the first things taught me that enabled me (and others anywhere, all along) to first of all trust GOD, completely, and not to trust men, if they said ANYTHING contrary to SCRIPTURE. There were posted (not in this thread, but on this forum) over 20 posts in the last few hours that deny some SCRIPTURE in order to support some idea or doctrine of men. A couple years ago it overwhelmed me, drained me, as it is never-ending; then one or more moderators on this site or another site told me "don't try to answer all of them; just a few" ; and that is what I started doing. It has been a big relief too. The OP question: or more generally , "When is anyone saved?" Jesus answered this several times, in SCRIPTURE. (note that the english/ western world thinking/ doesn't carry over the same meaning as the original languages - i.e. differs from GOD'S BREATHED WORD/meaning). For instance, when God SAVED someone's crop, does not contradict any SCRIPTURE. But to say their crop was SAVED every year does contradict some SCRIPTURE. Or again, God saved the people of Nineveh , right ? But to say they were all saved is not right - God later destroyed them. i.e. Very often english/ western thinking does not take into consideration the time or the timing involved, nor the differences in God's meaning when a person or something else was, is , or will be SAVED.
  10. As written in EPHESIANS 2, humanity / society/ mankind has been enslaved all along. Consider this: when did the world/ society , according to SCRIPTURE, ever, accept GOD'S WAY ?
  11. A lot of people say this, and many say that... (i.e. so many different views). I believe all of YHWH'S WORD is TRUTH, and few people ever accept that. (compared to the wide road populated with those who don't).
  12. "They" - meaning the ecclesia immersed in Y'SHUA'S NAME, living the way HE says to live, did not stop. Today it is still rare, as it was back then and all thru history. R A R E (not common) . F E W - who find the narrow road to life. "They" are blessings to all around them, when you can find them (us)/ but the large religious and the political groups everywhere oppose us(them). They(we) require honesty and truth in all things all day, every day, as we live according to JESUS WORD. Almost no one else wants this, even just this aspect.
  13. Basically yes. That would effect more good results than what any large group or church is doing now. Not as if by rule or by rote, nor as if under obligation to rules, but subject always, in everything to the MASTER JESUS. See in SCRIPTURE how JESUS taught the apostles and disciples to live, simply and with motives being purified to serve GOD. Every one of the WORDS that proceed from YHWH , HE says that is what we are to live by. "Every one of the WORDS" is truly a life long experience, learning and DOing HIS WORD (be not hearers only, but DOers.....)... HIS WORD is more important and more valuable than gold, yes, even more than much fine gold..... So as we are permitted and enabled and willing, let us learn HIS WORD DAILY, relying and trusting our FATHER in heaven to accomplish everything concerning SALVATION as HE says.... for us and for as many as will come to HIM.
  14. In other words, as far as you are concerned, you continue to do fight to do what is right as far as you know ? ... If so, this could be because you have a conscience. Thanks be to the CREATOR WHO gave us a conscience ! In Romans, I think, it is written that gentiles who do what is right even without knowing JESUS may be justified somehow, while others who think they know JESUS but do not do what is right remain unjustified. Something like that.....
  15. Thanks Marilyn, In school when we used the expression, too long ago (haha), we meant continuing to look for a solution of a real problem - I don't remember ever using it to mean trying to fit a large square peg into a tiny keyhole opening. (to stretch, maybe, an analogy or anomaly ? ) Jeff.