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  1. They start far away from Jesus in life, and often see nothing that attracts them TO JESUS most places they live or go.
  2. simplejeff

    The deception of: Works based salvation

    Amen. This is shown every day all around the world - the ones telling the truth are rejected, just as Jesus says happens. It is not you alone, no, nor me alone, no, nor any of us alone, no, but Ekklesia and everyone everywhere who seeks the TRUTH and who stands up for the TRUTH ! The world (of darkness) hates the TRUTH, just as it hates JESUS, and will do so until the world (of darkness) is destroyed or overcome when Jesus returns, at least.
  3. simplejeff

    The deception of: Works based salvation

    Where does it say this , it is written , in Revelation ? "multitudes" deceived today up until judgment, ever since , well, ever.....
  4. simplejeff

    You'll never find the perfect church

    Did you ever find a true "Church" ?
  5. simplejeff

    The deception of: Works based salvation

    Amen and HalleluYAH !
  6. simplejeff

    THE READINESS RAPTURE: It's not just another rapture theory

    Without even thinking of their doctrines, and without a "theory", just from God's Word, what did JESUS says and PRAISE THE FATHER IN HEAVEN for concerning the so-called 'scholars'/educated ones/ ?
  7. We all , everyone, is tempted every day of our lives, even after being redeemed by JESUS blood. The enemy, it is written, "wears down the saints" or tries to every day, as you can see daily on this forum. Did you ever come inside the house, and start to find mosquitoes or ticks or ants in the clothes you are wearing ? Sin can be like that , though more often referred to in Scripture as like "dirty feet" from being out in the world and needing washed by the WORD OF GOD. Picking off the insects, being cleaned of all the temptations or sin or results of being out there, can take time and can be exhausting many days. We are all to help one another do the best we all can do in CHRIST JESUS ! There are many "insects" / false teachings / that have deceived most visitors and members some time , if not daily.
  8. Your post here is right. Many are still deceived by that one you recognize as false. The one I replied to and asked what post they were replying to in the content of her post is in error and apparently is deceived by the false gospel. (agrees with it at least, according to her post)
  9. Woops. Why do you think, who told you, those ones have TORAH written on their hearts ? TORAH rejects those idols and idolatry. (and most all religions and religious types) doesn't it ? =============================================================== Then, as written, even those who have TORAH, if they only HEAR TORAH, and do not DO TORAH, they are hearers only and not doers, they are NOT JUSTIFIED, remember ?
  10. JUST as it is written in Scripture, yes. No one gets to heaven by their own good works. Without faith it is impossible to please YHVH. If YHVH writes TORAH on someones heart (as it says in ROMANS, even gentiles!) does YHVH do this if they have no faith ? His Word is ALWAYS TRUTH.
  11. The same as it has been for centuries, so it is. Just as written IN SCRIPTURE. Because people were deceived, because they did not test everything - they believed the liars, they did not know and believe Jesus and Scripture.
  12. simplejeff

    The deception of: Works based salvation

    THIS IS THE POINT Wayne! YES ! REPEAT THIS! And do not just say this, DO THIS - DO GOOD WORKS! Love in truth, not just in words. As JESUS said "DO the will of the Father in heaven, do NOT just be hearers and not doers" ...
  13. simplejeff

    THE EXHORTATION THREAD (For Christians Who Love Jesus)

    TEAR DOWN THE IDOLS ! yes - devotion from January this year from George: Posted January 16 When Gideon was called by God, a mighty man of valor, his first task was to tear down the idolatrous altars of Baal and Asherah at his father’s house. Though he was ready to obey this command, his obedience was mixed with fear, so he destroyed the idols at night [Judges 6:27]. When the men of the city realized it was Gideon who destroyed their idols, their allegiance to Baal and Asherah drove them to demand Gideon's life. The post Tear Down the Idols! appeared first on Worthy Christian Devotional - Daily Devotions. Read the entire devotional.
  14. simplejeff

    THE EXHORTATION THREAD (For Christians Who Love Jesus)