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  1. I watched in full, once briefly so far, pausing to read the transcipts each new 'page' , a video 'transcipt' about 39 minutes, of the longer video interview (that apparently has subtitles in english). YHWH warns and testifies and confirms(for some) much through the testimony of the child, in what he says he saw , heard, and simply "knew" (as others in the past likewise testified to, and as believers have testified to / of/ many times from many lands) ... "knowing instantly, like in a second, everything there is to know at the moment, without needing to be taught - it is revealed perfectly, without needing any time; time is almost meaningless (not quite - almost) .... and when this is experienced, is the only way to know / understand... as when for disciples , in an instant, perfectly : " Then opened HE their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures," One very , very, important note that few may comprehend: when he says he say Mashiach is perfect, sinless, and must be without sin, obviously is simple and grasped by some, but when he says Mashiach repented, it is only a few who understand this perfectly, or perhaps at all.
  2. COOL ! (remember, btw, that a lot was re-written (or first written) in later years, to accommodate later ideas that are not compatible with the original, i.e. to deceive)
  3. Perhaps, but why ? There is nothing idiomatic about this, nor need there be.. When YHWH says something straightforward, accept it as straightforward.
  4. (if 'gratify" fits) as HE supplied or allowed: HE did for Israel (giving them a king, and giving them meat to eat until they choked, etc) . HE did for the united states (granting political parties, instead of HIM leading the country) . Once HE did for me -- without knowing it was so bad for me, and desiring simply sugar for my coffee when all the roads coming into town were impassable (bridge(s) washed out) , HE supplied sugar (plenty of it) via helicopter.
  5. This was known, by SCRIPTURE, (not opinion) , by the 16th and 17th centuries, and widely disseminated then and since then. Per last posts, that one who went along with it, has (apparently) only done so the last 20 years or so ( I'm sure a simple search would reveal this, as others have in the recent posts). Remember though that one of the most popular, perhaps the best known, evangelists in the usa subjected himself to that before 1948 (and it was made known then, and remained published until about 10 years ago, and also I did not ever mention it to anyone until he said so himself during a live broadcast, as did his son. ) Too many people like him to do much about it though.
  6. Not many, looks like *(and now it's been 14 years).... Heart Attacks still a huge cause of death.... and "laughter" meets any law or proposition attempted to reduce the number.....
  7. Because TORAH (YHWH'S WORD) says so. Not just you or your's, but everyone's.
  8. A few decades ago, it was revealed who controlled the intelligence (so-called) agencies of all the countries. Might not be available (to find) anymore, but still and will remain true until Y'SHUA returns. It is worse than muslims (believe it or not) ..... i.e. as it is written "the leaders of all the nations will commit fornication with ......" ... same force/ behind the scenes?
  9. In the assembly in ACTS, everyone's needs were met. No one went hungry.
  10. Revelation 18:4 Then I heard another voice out of heaven say: “My people, come out of her! so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not be infected by her plagues,
  11. AMEIN , HALLELUYAH ! YES ! YHWH reveals everything concerning salvation according to HIS WORD, and this 'everything' of course includes great and small things, as HE PLEASES and as HE SAYS. If we trusted or depended on men/mankind/ rules or other , instead of trusting and depending on HIM, no matter what about, we'd be in trouble.
  12. AMEIN, HALLELUYAH ! Thanks be to YHWH in heaven and everywhere HE dwells, for HIS GOODNESS IS FOREVER !
  13. For strong comparison, (not Strong's) , consider this : One hundred years ago, Linus Pauling , Nobel Prize Winner for his work concerning Vitamin C , taught a class of 2000 students how to deal with SCURVY . He showed medically, biologically, historically, and with modern tests that SCURVY is from Vitamin C deficiency and that simply by eating oranges, lemons, or other fruits with enough content of Vitamin C ALL of the SYMPTOMS/ EFFECT/ of Vitamin C deficiency on the body and mind were eliminated easily, as well as always prevented if the Vitamin C was taken before the onset of the symptom of SCURVY. Therefore, and forthwith, he taught the entire class of 2000 students how to completely eliminate SCURVY so that they all SHALL NOT SUFFER from SCURVY ever again. (in other words:) They SHALL BE SAVED FROM SCURVY. and They SHALL BE HEALED of SCURVY. ==================================================================== Simple, plain, straightforward scientifically true and medically proven in every way, whether told and passed on in ENGLISH or in ANY OTHER LANGUAGE (as far as I know)........ NOW TODAY , would it be correct to say that NONE OF THOSE 2000 STUDENTS properly taught and trained ever had or suffered from SCURVY again ? (hint: no) Even though they were given perfectly everything they needed to prevent and to cure SCURVY, many of them , and their relatives, and a multitude of people since , have suffered from SCURVY (even though it was ENTIRELY PREVENTABLE and CURABLE) . The teacher provided EVERYTHING NEEDED, completely, so that they so that they should never suffer from SCURVY. He could have said DIRECTLY "You SHALL NEVER SUFFER AGAIN from SCURVY" ...... and yet, many did..... (and do today).... He could have said DIRECTLY and TRUTHFULLY: "I TAUGHT YOU , so that YOU SHALL NOT SUFFER......" .... (and he or many others, btw, DID TEACH THIS) and yet many then and since then STILL SUFFER..... needlessly ? YHWH KNOWS. "MY PEOPLE PERISH...."
  14. Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word coming forth from the CREATOR (HE IS continually faithful and sustaining). HIS KINGDOM is not food and drink, but righteousness, peace and joy ...... (today, every day, continually, ongoing forever and ever)
  15. However it was and came to be , people I used to go to church , sunday school, prayer meetings, bible studies, even pastors and teachers and evangelists , short time or long time, no longer walk with JESUS. Who know if ever they truly did, but now-a-days they say openly they don't. Likewise in the book, in REVELATION, many (a multitude or multitudes) who were told and convinced that they were born again (saved) on earth, and believed that entirely when they died, find out on judgment day that they weren't. By then, of course, it is too late - after they died there was nothing they could do. And all their life they lived as they chose, whether they were deceived into it or went willingly.