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  1. Got Questions?

    Amen. This is one of the most often forgotten warnings from God to believers, I think. (everywhere included)
  2. Possessing The Gates

    " We have an enemy who wants free access to our lives..." Yes, as Ephesians 2 says, the enemy has free control of most lives on earth today, and of course he tempts us daily to trap us or cause us to sin. ------------------------------------- "and we have angelic hosts to guide, guard, and protect us here on the earth (Psalm 91:11, Psalm 34:7)." Yes, this is Yahweh's Promise for His children today on earth. -------------------------------------- "As we become more aware of both, while living in this day and time, living a lifestyle of victory becomes our daily norm. " Yes, but most people on earth never find this out nor experience victory at all. (as in the days of Noah, albeit this is over-used perhaps, it describes society today)
  3. Got Questions?

    When it is right, it may be helpful, providing or provided it supplies the Scripture and the Truth about Scripture, from Scripture. Sometimes it is wrong. As Jesus stated clearly, many may read the Scripture and study it thinking that in Scripture they will find life. Yet they reject Jesus, even though they are the best 'scholars' around. Also, clear from all Scripture - no one can understand anything, unless the Father in heaven grants it . Also clear, He must take away the veil - no one can take it away themself, nor can anyone else take it away - so people remain blind to the truth, no matter how much they read , no matter how much they memorize Scripture, and no matter how many PhD's or other so-called 'degrees' as scholars or whatever they have. The Father takes great pleasure in hiding salvation from the educated, and the Father takes great pleasure in REVEALING ALL THINGS to babes !
  4. Question I've Pondered

    This is true. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ in line with all Scripture I'm aware of, et al. For some for whom it has not happened yet on earth, it may still happen soon on earth. (i.e. "future" on earth) For most ekklesia, "continually full of righteousness, peace and joy" (thru all things, every day), their tears have already been wiped away - they passed through death into life , abiding now on earth as one with Jesus as He prayed in John 17. The victory is before death. Overcoming sin , being cleansed of all guilt and shame is before death. Being filled as the early believers were, as written in Scripture, is before dying physically.
  5. 2 Samuel 12

    "And it was Lord Himself who sent Nathan" vs "any criticisms " big, big difference. Nathan obeyed Yahweh. "any" implies (or as "applied today" includes) many who do not obey Yahweh.
  6. Forgiveness!

    Look up for examples those who are not forgiven yet, and those who will never be forgiven ever, according to Yahweh's Word, His Written Word. Yahweh's forgiveness is not given already, particulary concerning, nor will it ever be, to those who will never be forgiven. This is just one example of the error of thinking Yahweh's forgiveness was already given to some or all.
  7. Forgiveness!

    This looks directly contrary to much of Yahweh's Word and His Righteous Judgments, including most of all Yahweh's Wrath in the last days, when it is not mixed or followed with Yahweh's Mercy for those it is directed towards by Yahweh perfectly.
  8. 2 Samuel 12

    As also Yahweh sent other messengers, including one of the most famous - the greatest born of woman, Yochanan the immerser - to deliver Yahweh's message, both judgments and blessings, curses and encouragements, as often as Yahweh Pleased to do so. There's no indication at all that Nathan was in any error nor that he sinned, quite the opposite in fact - he would have sinned if he had failed to speak boldly the Word of Yahweh plainly as Yahweh directed him.
  9. A Headcovering Question

    It is clearly Biblical (seems that it was standard in churches everywhere until a little over 100 years ago as well), but not just wearing a piece of cloth on the head, no. It is testimony of being submitted to man, as man is to Christ, as Christ is to God - all clearly laid out in Scripture. Without submission , whether Christ, or man, or woman, there is disobedience and out of order. So there is no true testimony in wearing a covering as directed by Scripture, if someone is not submitted as directed by Scripture as well. So then, "how should it be practiced?" .... just as written, and as the assembly you were in , or as the new assembly you become a member of practices this.
  10. A Headcovering Question

    As God is always Right, of course there is a good reason to listen to His Word and to seek from Him His Understanding. It is largely in the last of the 19th century that rebellion grew and grew and grew against God's Word in all areas, including head covering , which is just one aspect directed by God for the beauty of His orchestration and the true and pure testimony of His ekklesia on earth and our overcoming of the world His Way - by the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony (our lives abiding IN CHRIST JESUS). So few people throughout the United States have been encouraging or seen encouragement to honor God and to honor His Word that many distractions instead have gained prominence and priority in most places (opposed to God). This includes what angels just questioned: That idea/ doctrine was introduced from pagan and heathen sources long ago. (found by quick search noted in an earlier post).
  11. A Headcovering Question

    As God Says in His Word: God is the head of Christ. Christ is the head of man. And man is the head of woman. (yes, even single woman.) ... This does not prevent woman from standing at the throne of God with all the believers immersed in Jesus Name, all fellow members of His body. But those who rebel against God's Word, those who bring something else with them (as we all have BEFORE we come to Christ) , have to learn somehow and in God's time to let go of all that is not of God. This is well explained of all those who are in Christ in this from worthychristianlibrary.com >>> this is a short excerpt: Worthy Christian Library » Watchman Nee » The Release of the Spirit » Chapter 3 – Recognizing “the Thing in Hand” Chapter 3 – Recognizing “the Thing in Hand” Let me first explain our topic. Suppose a father asks his son to do a certain thing. The son answers, “Right now I have something in my hand ; as soon as I finish it I will do what you order.” “The thing in hand” is the thing which the son is doing prior to his father’s orders. Immediately we recognize that we all have those “things in our hands” which hinder us in our walk with God. It might be anything-a good, important or seemingly necessary thing-which preoccupies us and diverts our attention. As long as the outward man remains unbroken, we shall most likely find our hands full of things. Our outward man has its own religious interests, appetites, concerns and labors. So when the Spirit of God moves in our spirit, our outward man cannot answer God’s call. Thus it is the “thing in hand” which blocks the way to spiritual usefulness.
  12. A Headcovering Question

    Even unbelievers may realize it is the testimony of a good conscience before the Father in Heaven, subject to His Word, as Christ is the head of man, so also man is the head of woman, as the covering testifies faithfully and true. Even Christ is subject, to God the Father, and perfectly so.
  13. Forgiveness!

    No worries , no problem at all. Rather SHALOM (PEACE AND JOYOUSNESS) in RESURRECTION LIFE TODAY IN JESUS from our FATHER IN HEAVEN to you and your household !
  14. A Headcovering Question

    I did a quick search and found that this kind of idea came from paganism and heathens, not from the BIBLE, nor from God, nor from Christians.
  15. A Headcovering Question

    Ooops. What church says this ? ^^^^ (this is contrary to all Scripture says) As written, and unchanged: God is the head of Christ. Christ is the head of man. Man is the head of woman. This never changes .....