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  1. The word alone, as you put it, may not be enough to have fullness of joy, peace and righteousness along with salvation in CHRIST JESUS. Trying to do things my own way, our own way, man's way, will not result in YHWH'S BLESSINGS or gifts - perhaps even in more trials and chastisements and troubles wearing us down and without walking in the strength of joy from abiding in JESUS. Whenever I got into bad company, and went along with them, I lost the peace and the joy and the strength YHWH gives, until I repented and YHWH restored me in HIS GRACE in JESUS. I praise YHWH with a heart full of thanksgiving for HIS graciousness, HIS preciousness shed for us, and HIS forgiveness in JESUS THE MESSIAH SAVIOR KING. JESUS' message was always, it seems, "turn to YHWH" , for HIS WAY (not man's ) .... The way of men seems right, but the end thereof is the way of destruction....
  2. There is one or more reference by YHWH to unclean children (any age? perhaps) ...... in HIS WORD. There is likewise some support that babies go to heaven, and that they don't, in HIS WORD. A lot of people seem to think it is already known or determined one way or the other.(but not by HIS WORD).
  3. Yes, and this requires abandoning a lot we were all raised with in society and etc , (not trusting) men and man's traditions no matter how religious or otherwise supported by men when they are contrary to YHWH'S WORD and YWHH'S SPIRIT. YHWH says all the time TRUST YHWH, TRUST YHWH'S WORD, not flesh, not men, not government (even).... TRUTH is YHWH'S WORD, not any man's interpretation of YHWH'S WORD and certainly not those things which directly oppose YHWH'S WORD (like so much of men's traditions do). Trusting in men is like building on quicksand, and is subject to YHWH'S curse, as YHWH says (in the BIBLE).
  4. YHWH created all things simple (and true). Man came up (comes up) with many devices (leading astray, instead of truth, etc) . .... YHWH promises, HIS WORD, unchanged and unchanging, whoever seeks HIM, HIS KINGDOM, and keeps seeking, will find HIM, and the TRUTH will set them free. (not man's ideas, but YHWH'S TRUTH)
  5. In decades of serving YHWH (GOD) by and thru faith in JESUS, I never met anyone who thought JESUS had nor needed a head covering. IF it was proper in synague or temple, at the time, HE would have worn one, but I haven't heard or read one way or another about this. From sources long forgotten a couple decades ago, the uniqueness of ecclesia - the called out ones chosen by YHWH and set apart by YHWH - was that the men did not wear a head covering and the women did - which was not the practice of other groups at the time, neither Jews nor greek (gentile), but only the believers following Y'SHUA by faith.
  6. Not everyone on earth seeks TRUTH. The rccrs are welcomed here, and the rules promote or encourage them to visit without requiring seeking the truth.. (same for any member of any group on earth actually, the more the merrier). I think the owner of the site went to a rccr university or school growing up (online info search years ago and this morning), and it seems the guidelines are more catholic than protestant.
  7. YHWH used LUTHER to bring LIGHT into the darkness the whole world had been plunged into. So few if any others were preaching the truth of salvation by faith, it was a whole new paradigm for European peoples - no one had yet challenged the anti-semitism of the religious authorities, and there was basically, apparently, no one at the time to show LUTHER the best and perfect way. However, he delivered the GOSPEL MESSAGE of SALVATION BY FAITH IN JESUS that had not been taught for centuries, and set people free from the religious oppression they all had been swallowed up in. No, Luther was not except from YHWH'S WORD. Yet he was one of the main one's , one of the only ones, delivering the truth of YHWH'S SALVATION to the people at the time. YHWH continued step by step then also to use others (who also as men made many mistakes) after Luther for hundreds of years to increasingly bring back the truth of YHWH'S WORD that had been lost for centuries..... excerpts from wiki articles online: Martin Luther at first made overtures towards the Jews, believing that the "evils" of Catholicism had prevented their conversion to Christianity. When his call to convert to his version of Christianity was unsuccessful, he became hostile to them. ... ... .... Luther's harsh comments about the Jews are seen by many as a continuation of medieval Christian antisemitism. In his final sermon shortly before his death, however, Luther preached: "We want to treat them with Christian love and to pray for them, so that they might become converted and would receive the Lord."[33]
  8. 3:1 James 3:1 KJ21 My brethren, let not many be masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation. ASV Be not many of you teachers, my brethren, knowing that we shall receive heavier judgment. Not many teachers, because the judgement (condemnation in some translations) is greater for teachers. It is difficult enough searching diligently to find any willing and able today, in line with YHWH'S WORD. Timothy 3:2 Yes, every translation shows the bishops must be married. With other qualifications as well, that few ever meet.
  9. Pray and continue trusting God and reading HIS WORD. Don't even think of remarrying until if ever your husband passes away (and no, do not be the cause of that). I've met in person over the decades many women and pastors even who approved of re-marriage , and not one of them could tell right from wrong. Only if they repented of that approval and corrected it were they restored in God's Grace.
  10. .....No.....
  11. Yes indeed. A few minutes ago before I got my cup of coffee and logged in, < grin > , I was thinking "NO ONE REMEMBERS" when the entire nation had NO ILLNESS, when NO ONE (not one) WAS SICK, so poorly is YHWH'S WORD KNOWN...... so little is YHWH followed.... .... but so many can rattle off 20 to 60 names of sports figures this year, statistics for 50 years, and names of 30 actresses and actors who had contracts(previously unpublished) with the enemy (very shocking surprise from the televised news after that one 'comedians' suicide) .... ... (all just for examples..... there's also "insider info", stock quotes and such, marketing practices, professional and casual, card sets for this or that (indescribable), that people even children go nuts over.....
  12. In the last few months I think I saw a few groups called "catholics helping catholics" who were doing this. I don't know if they're still around or active. Is there still a strong "Reformation" [movement?] anywhere ?
  13. It is likely to be bloody - even millions dying directly as a result of the massive worldly worldwide efforts of the powers in play...... but the great deception is possibly going to be like a white washed grave - looks peaceful and serene..... covering up the coruption underneath so it is not seen.
  14. LIkewise as a child, (memories of all through high school and later education also) I didn't know of any political problems(corruption), medical heresy(corruption), religious factions, untrustworthy pastors or police , corporate fraud (total), welfare fraud (overwhelming), religious deception (much more than truth), and so on and so on...... i.e. all society's wickednesses and evils all around us.... Are these some of or specifically the "afflictions" that did surround us you are referring to here in the OP ?
  15. Perhaps, but your opinion is assuming that what I posted is somehow not in line with all SCRIPTURE. If you'll be more specific on a topic to discuss in another thread, I'll start one, (or pm?) .....