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  1. 1 Corinthians 8:13 Therefore, if what I eat causes my brother to ... https://biblehub.com/1_corinthians/8-13.htm Verse (Click for Chapter) ... Therefore, if food causes my brother to stumble, I will never eat meat again, so that I will ... Therefore, if food causes my brother or sister to fall, I will never again eat meat, so that I won't cause my brother or sister to fall. ... Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your ... ‎1 Corinthians 8:13 · ‎1 Corinthians 9:1 · ‎1 Corinthians 8:12
  2. From Scripture, I learned that true followers of Jesus will not cause another believer to trip, or sin, in any way within their power to change. Paul said he would (or did) give up ALL meat (not just the forbidden pork), in order not to "destroy" another man's soul by causing him to stumble...... (I forget the location/ reference/ exact words, but this is close).... No, Jesus and the APostles NEVER said those weak in faith, or little children, or seekers, should be stronger instead of stumbling. They always said the true (stronger) believers should STOP the offending behavior for the sake of the weaker one(s).
  3. The Bible gives more problems than that, even for one drink. I don't have the 'list' with me currently, but it is available online easily.
  4. People of faith , the purest heart, do not think of themselves. Their hearts and their minds are on Christ, at rest in Him, kept in perfect peace. They don't even bother trying to define faith like the pagan world does. They simply follow Jesus wherever He leads, listening to His Voice, the Voice of the Perfect Shepherd Who laid down His Life for the sheep. If the 'mind' objects, they don't listen.... (the enemy hasatan often gets to people , daily, through their minds. (yes, even believers) ) Or, as recently happened in a severe case here, the enemy gets to people through their emotions, ignoring the truth, focusing on the feelings which are wrong to start with.
  5. Yes, yet still, it is far worse in this polluted (spiritually, mentally and physically) world/ all society/ than can be imagined.
  6. All of the Faithful Ekklesia did struggle with sin. With self-will. With fleshly desires. Then, they were born again. As written, ALL their desires , all their self-life, fleshly life, was CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST (a finished reality, accomplished by the Father in heaven in Christ Jesus as written (not "as felt") ) .... God doesn't 'clean' up the flesh to use the flesh, no. According to all His Word, the flesh is crucified, the believer is now dead to the world, and the world is dead to the believer. THUS< A NEW CREATION >! !
  7. The fda was bought lock stock and barrel many years ago, and has been a pawn of pharmakeia all that time, and remains so. (easy to verify online, with many resources/sites from many different sources.)
  8. QUOTE: WHAT CODEX WILL BRING What can we expect under Codex? To give you an idea, here are some important points: Dietary supplements could not be sold for preventive (prophylactic) or therapeutic use. Potencies would be limited to extremely low dosages. Only the drug companies and the big phytopharmaceutical companies would have the right to produce and sell the higher potency products (at inflated prices). Prescriptions would be required for anything above the extremely low doses allowed (such as 35 mg. on niacin). Common foods such as garlic and peppermint would be classified as drugs or a third category (neither food nor drugs) that only big pharmaceutical companies could regulate and sell. Any food with any therapeutic effect can be considered a drug, even benign everyday substances like water. Codex regulations for dietary supplements would become binding (escape clauses would be eliminated). All new dietary supplements would be banned unless they go through Codex testing and approval. Genetically altered food would be sold worldwide without labeling. Beginning BEFORE 1950, "right under 'our' noses, yes. Hiding the truth, promoting the profit-motivated sales of drugs instead of natural preventions and helps (nutrition)..... Already many natural items are no longer available, or harder to find.... and not permitted to be used by licensed doctors.....
  9. Some. At any rate, as written in Galatians, "society IS pernicious".... --- Jesus did not die for "society", nor try to fix it. Whatever is going on is under the influence of the prince of the power of the air, the devil, according to Ephesians. Thus, it is and will be bad for people, and getting worse until Jesus Returns.
  10. If someone wants to get high, then it is sinful regardless of what it is, marijuana or anything else. Back in the early part of the last century, around 1900 to 1935 or so, a much less expensive and very common marijuana was used BY DOCTORS WITH MEDICINE when given for ailments or illnesses, in or with about HALF of the PRESCRIPTIONS, totally legally, and NOT FOR GETTING HIGH. That was less dangerous than current drugs (since 1950), and helped more than most drugs.
  11. Likewise, as God's Word has always said, everyone is already consigned under sin - dead in trespasses and sin. They (no one) has to (nor should) "wait" to find out if their life is "good enough" to pass, because already it is not. There is no one's life "good enough" to pass from death into eternal life, other than through Jesus, The Only Way. And Jesus Himself Says that He will not in any wise refuse/cast out/ anyone who comes to Him. (remember Jesus HEALED (/SAVED) EVERYONE who came to Him ; Jesus is still the same today..... ) (so COME TO HIM! )
  12. COOL, Huh? :) Jesus always spoke as the Father directed Him to speak. Perfectly Obedient. In perfect Harmony with every Word of Yahuweh, and all of Yahuweh's Plan and Purpose. And what "He originally inspired" is perfectly in harmony with ALL that the FATHER REVEALS TO LITTLE CHILDREN TODAY (so if we are His little children, He Reveals to us today what is in perfect harmony with all of His Word, the truth today, for everyone redeemed) .... we don't have to wonder what is truth, or what is right. God reveals it. Once God reveals it, it is known (in spirit, simply and purely and perfectly accomplished by the Father as we trust Him) ....
  13. What do you think of the false gospel, and those who preach /teach/ live under a false gospel, "instead of " Jesus? It can "look like" something true, since it is counterfeit and meant to deceive. It is still revealed by Jesus to His sheep, to avoid. Even to "expose the works of darkness" .... not be nice to them....
  14. Very true. Never accept the evil deeds (or words/ posts) even if everyone else seems to. Always say and do what God Says to say and to do, as Jesus directed in Scripture, for ALL disciples, for ALL followers of Jesus with eternal life in view. Yes, open rebuke is better than false, fake, or hidden love. Friend of foe, when directed by Jesus. Faithful are the wounds (hard words, rebuke, chastisement in line with God's Word) ... BUT they might not listen. We cannot control others, if they will listen or not. Most reject Jesus, remember ? If ANYONE could make them listen, Jesus could, but He did not. So also, we do not. We cannot make people listen. (especially on an anonymous forum) Yet those who follow Jesus will listen. Those seeking the truth from God will listen, when the truth is spoken/posted. That is a sure test for some, as disclosed in God's Word..... those who are with God will listen , those who are not will not..... and God won't force anyone to change ..... free will is so important to God.....
  15. Almost always yes,. maybe always for some people..... (remember most people always sin, daily)
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