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  1. As written in the NT , repeatedly, why not live daily, walking in the LIGHT, walking IN UNION (ECHAD) with the Son and with the Father DAILY, all the time ? This is noted of the Ekklesia throughout the NT, but not so much today, eh ?
  2. According to Ephesians, Galatians, and the Apocalypse, et al Scripture, the whole world / population except for the few/ are subject to hasatan. i.e. all society IS pernicious (leading to death, on purpose, trying to drag everyone everywhere down and keep them away from Jesus). Perhaps similar to Balaam's way of getting Israel cursed by Yahuweh, since he could not curse them himself, the enemy likewise has ways of getting people cursed by Yahuweh, when he is prevented from harming us/them himself... (by getting people to DO things that brings Yahuweh's curse upon them) .... Note that in Scripture, the Apocalypse, hasatan is given power to martyr (kill) the saints (Ekklesia, set apart born again ones).
  3. Left, Right, Middle, Outfield, Leftfield, Rightfield, Out-of-bounds , everywhere is subject to the prince of the power of the air, all the sons of disobedience (that we all once were also). RE: Ephesians. The one world government is nothing new, noting that it has been the 'goal' of the enemy for 2000 years , or more. Same with the countries of the world, everywhere - the leaders of all the countries have committed spiritual fornication with the beast for centuries. This is nothing new, and nothing restricted to only some politic parties nor to only some countries. If/ when/ there is any exception at all, it is by and in Yahweh's Sovereignty, His Control, His Will, His Plan, and is few in the world, as written.
  4. Rather, abiding in union with Yahushua (Jesus), as written throughout the New Testament of those who are truly born again ones, set apart ones set apart by the Father for Himself, is there ANYTHING Jesus does in the New Testament that He does not DO TODAY ? (practically not) Jesus said He would never leave nor forsake the disciples, nor ever leave them (us) as orphans..... Jesus - the same yesterday, today, and forever.... still does the Father's Will every day. Likewise the Father's children Do also, as the Father directs. Jesus is Whole, Complete, not separated into parts or pieces at all.....
  5. Good OP, except the question really shouldn't even ever need to be asked IN A GROUP OF CHRISTIANS. God says not to have anything to do with such things. Corrupt men everywhere don't listen.
  6. 8 Legendary Cars We Should Stop Worshipping | makes ... - Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com › pin ... Should Stop Worshipping. 8 Legendary Cars We Should Stop Worshipping Bmw E30 M3, Bmw M2, Bmw M3 .... People also love these ideas. Bahman Cars: ... Comments on: 2011 Audi RS5 vs. 2010 BMW M3, 2011 Cadillac ... https://backfires.caranddriver.com › forums › posts I used to think the M3's interior was better, until I saw the CTS-V's in person. .... spent so many years worshipping BMW and the M3 that they dont want it to lose. 8 Legendary Cars We Should Stop Worshipping | makes ... - Pinterest https://www.pinterest.cl › pin Evolution · Gt Cars · 8 Legendary Cars We Should Stop Worshipping Bmw E30 M3, Bmw M2, Bmw M3. Visit ... People also love these ideas. >>Read about ...
  7. There is a long-standing debate/ argument/ disagreement about this on all the forums. No one , not once, has "proven" a forum is more edifying than ... ... ... ... (pick an example) ... ... ... Note your own word "then people CAN SEE the love of Christ ....." where DO people (the general public/ watchers) SEE Ekklesia laying down their lives for one another AND keeping all the Word of Yahuweh as Yahushua (Jesus) Says ? (and not allowing pagan ideas freely ...) ... ...
  8. What did Jesus do to the disciples who "watched" the weather and were scared the boat would capsize? Meanwhile, Jesus slept. Rhymes with wept! He rebuked them. (or chastised them), for their lack of faith .....
  9. When the origin of something is the devil, the fruit of it is the devil's. No debate required about that.
  10. Fake news ? Watch Jesus . Watch the Father in Heaven. Follow the Shepherd. Wherever He Goes.
  11. If someone is a drug addict, or in porn, or a greedy person, or gay or an adulterer or catholic or other idolator, and they turn over a new leaf, they are then therefore, by definition, saved from that specific wickedness. How is that a serious error ? They end up better (free ) , and then perhaps the other unbelief in their life can be addressed without the previous addictive sin.
  12. Why imagine it ? It happens daily.....
  13. A spoonful , in distilled water, of ACV often works immediately, with none of the risks nor side effects of man-made medicines.
  14. Who do you know who MEDITATES day and night on TORAH as Yahuweh Says ? Christ said this to EVIL MEN. Those EVIL MEN thought that by doing what you say, they could find eternal life. (they could not, as Jesus told them). Jesus again said "the word of faith is already near you (Ekklesia, born again ones following Jesus), even in your mouth...." and that even if you have only the faith the size of a mustard seed, you will speak to a mountain to be cast into the sea, and it will be ... I don't think Jesus then told them to ask for more faith. Apparently not. Not only generally missing, but altogether missing in most places. This is just as Scripture says clearly today, and yesterday , and forever. Do you really truly believe the followers of Jesus no longer have "that power" ? If so, keep seeking Yahuweh's Kingdom, and He Will Reveal the Truth as He Promises in His Word.
  15. ? "So even though they change the name its still the same thing, so is 'Veneration of the Saints' something different than worship of idols or is it the same sin against God?" Is it a sin to sing songs and hymns with the lips, praising God, while having a heart that is far from Him ?
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