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  1. I think you realize this does not comply with all Scripture. There are those as you noted who are the devil's children, sons of disobedience. i.e. not His (not God's ) people.
  2. From all I've seen, the permanent disciples (first before them Jesus, of course), the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers, all in ACTS, throughout the NT, in the first century, turned their lives over to the Father and to the Lord Jesus Christ to DO what the Father Directed. Jesus says they also , when they did not receive what they asked, it was because they asked askew. (wrongly) 'Confessing' "these times" dos not seem as if confessing sins and repenting of them, does it ? A lot of 'Christians' (multitudes in fact) "know they are forgiven", right up until judgment day, when the Judge tells them to get lost. (The Apocalypse; Revelation, et al) One sure sign, as written in Scripture, that the unbelievers can see when watching the daily lives of true believers, that the believers are with Jesus, living His Life, is the unshakeable peace they have continually, daily, no matter what the circumstances (even fiery trials (great joy in!), enduring temptations (common worldwide) , and receiving hate and anger and persecution, ironically for loving as Jesus does, as God Says ) ..
  3. No. Not as a weapon.... not as if against a person/human that is.... the enemy hasatan hates forgiveness, of course. He loses souls when they are blessed and forgiven and their sins are no longer held against them. However, if the Father in heaven does not forgive someone, then we are TO DO HIS WORD - as JESUS ALWAYS DID - (and Jesus told some/ it is written/ "they are ALREADY condemned because of their unbelief") and stronger: "ANATHEMA/ ACCURSED" is everyone who brings a false gospel..... not as if they are forgiven , eh? and also: When someone is put out of the assembly of Ekklesia, as Directed by the Father in Scripture, it is so they might turn to The Father and /may/ would REPENT, stop sinning, in order to be restored to fellowship. (not for the purpose of condemning them who are put out). As Jesus Directed the Apostles, they would be sinning if they forgave someone who the Father says not to forgive, or if they tried to bless someone who the Father did not/ does not bless. Tickling ears ? No, that's not good and not obedient to the Father nor in line with all Scripture. False messages ? "feel good" ? come let's all join hands ? false gospel ? accursed ?
  4. Help for ms and other troubles is 'easy', found in a book called the pulse test. (known over a century, buried by money-makers) Is this you ?? >>>>> Revlori - Worthy Christian Forums https://www.worthychristianforums.com › profile › 181881-revlori Dec 7, 2019 - 15 posts - ‎2 authors They are faithful, and have been their entire marriage according to them. There actions are puzzling, for everyone who has known them speaks ... About | Rev. Lori Walke www.revloriwalke.com › about-lori Rev. Lori Allen Walke, a native of the Bible Belt and raised a Baptist, preaches and teaches progressive Christianity with a Southern style. Now serving as the ... Rev. Lori Walke | The High Heel Rev. www.revloriwalke.com Rev. Lori Allen Walke, a native of the Bible Belt and raised a Baptist, preaches and teaches progressive Christianity with a Southern style. Now serving as the ... Rev. Lori Hisson (@RevLori) | Twitter https://twitter.com › revlori The latest Tweets from Rev. Lori Hisson (@RevLori). Experienced Non-denominational Romantic Wedding Officiate & Full-time Minister for Unity of London: a ...
  5. That's not supported by Scripture. In fact, it is contrary to all Scripture and opposed to Jesus. ====================================================================================================== Jesus says otherwise concerning hate. Everyone serves one master. If serving haSATAN, they hate Jesus and all of Jesus' followers. There is no in-between. (except in the multitude of false gospels online and in the world) Look up hate in Blue Letter Bible (KJV, or ESV) online. It is not only strong, yes, and deadly, but also quite common in the world. Few ever escape the grip of darkness/ evil. ==================================================================================================== God's Word, especially in the New Testament, and in Ephesians, and so forth, as in ACTS, shows clearly how all Ekklesia ARE accountable and ARE to be judged daily , so as NOT TO BE JUDGED LATER (which is far far far worse and more severe). ============================================================================================= There might be a very serious problem in thinking of doing something (as if) 'for the Lord'. (as if other things thru the day are not 'for the Lord', as if there is that option, etc) For examples, all through Scripture, the Ekklesia (those with circumcised hearts), OBEYED , doing what they were directed to do. Most famous best example is JESUS HIMSELF - He Always Obeyed the Father, in all things including every thought, as well as every action, and directed ALL permanent disciples to DO THE SAME - to DO what the Father Says to DO, ALL the time. Thus, Jesus said those who HEAR and DO what the Father in heaven Directs, IS HIS FAMILY - His brothers and sisters and mother..... ============================================================================================ It is written, even in prison, chained to stone cold walls, at midnight, the permanent disciples of Jesus were so full of thankfulness and joy in their hearts, they sang psalms and worshiped so loud the other prisoners heard them ! Also, somewhere in the NT, that the Ekklesia (disciples) were CONTINUALLY full of peace, joy and righteousness. (dwelling/ abiding/ living in union with Jesus Daily, one with the son and with the Father, and one with one another - laying down their lives for others more than for themselves, and spontaneously not calling anything their own, their bodies, their minds, their homes, their cloaks, their money, all Yahweh's, ...... as written.... ============================================================================================ Always go back to Scripture. The unsaved world hates Jesus. It also hates us, because it hates Him. (for no reason). If it doesn't hate us, we are not in Jesus.
  6. So blatant, it seems normal ? Internet search Christian forum, and peruse the topics. The posts. Then join one, try to post the truth. (usually it is not permitted) More obvious, did you casually watch some of the political nonsense the last 150 years ? Honestly, where is honesty ? Was it ever in our life times in politics and /or religion/ as seen in the media ?
  7. Well, now someone themselves posted their own words, their own new post, as evidence for their own (being judged righteously) / judgment. (I still did not see you or anyone else quote him saying this, btw) i.e. All of your posts, or anyone else's posts about him could not convict him without two or three witnesses of his heresy. (same with famous evangelists who for over fifty years promoted the false gospel of univeralism, etc and others - it was /is/ their own words out of their own mouths that convicts them, ) Now, strangely (to me), ironically? , he has posted his own words by which he is and will be judged. (even "with explanation", but explanation's fail - defending a false gospel, defending a heresy, no explanation works).
  8. No. This false gospel is very prevalent today, on all the christian forums. It Tickles MULTITUDES into destruction.
  9. "When they saw how bold Peter and John were and found out that they were uneducated and ignorant men, they were astonished but they remembered that they had been with Jesus. ....... for we cannot give up speaking of what we have seen and heard. "Seeing the man who had been healed standing beside them, the rulers could say nothing. So, after further threatening them, they let them go, being unable to find any reason for punishing them on account of the people, for they were all praising God for what had been done." The Children's Bibleby Henry A. Sherman and Charles Foster Kent.
  10. No. That's contrary to Scripture, opposed to Yahuweh's Plan and Purpose in Christ Jesus. (the way that is carried out here, as well as throughout history). As you quoted, as if in support of something you wanted to convey >>> Note that "inspiration of God" is NOT subject to the flesh, and is NOT open to any (as if) "private interpretation" at all - instead, as written in James, if anyone lacks wisdom (believer or unbeliever too?) , "let him ask of God, WHO GIVES TO ALL MEN GENEROUSLY and WITHOUT REPROACH" (only ask without double-mindedness, for the one who is double-minded cannot expect anything from God). i.e. "we have the MIND of CHRIST", all things subject to Him, not to us, not to the flesh, not some other mind-edness.... and God's Inspiration is Perfect, completely in union and in harmony with all His Word, His Plan, and His Purpose. thus, anything contrary to His Word is not acceptable. "the bottom line" of which one of man's way of thinking ?! Whose rules are you quoting (as if) from ? Certainly not God's rule. Lazarus and the rich man story told by Jesus was , by Scriptural Standards, both not a parable, and not something that happened at all. No. It was a story used by Jesus to expose (with their own beliefs/ideas) the false beliefs of the religious leaders Jesus was speaking to, and THEY UNDERSTOOD THIS~! They were mad enough at Jesus to seek to kill Him .... and then what happened.... in line with all of God's Plan, Jesus was crucified.... The thought or idea of someone being able to communicate at all the way they did in the story, was a false belief of one or more groups of the religious leaders that Jesus exposed when Jesus spoke the Words of His Father to them all.
  11. And yet, according to all Scripture, most all the world perishes. Never, not ever, no never converted. Never saved. Never seeking God.
  12. First, Yahuweh's Word is Eternal, unchanging, truth. Second, there is no second.
  13. Solved? No, of course not. Not on this forum, with so many different ideas, from all over the world, from many sources throughout history, most not at all Godly nor right.
  14. If you mean did it happen, then no, it did not happen. Jesus used the false religious teacher's own beliefs against them in that story of the rich man and Lazarus. He was NOT presenting truth from the Father, not even close, as it directly opposes other Scripture, and Yahuweh's Word, Plan and Purpose NEVER contradict, no, not ever oppose the Truth, in any way.
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