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  1. This is true all over the world. The sources are often (and their families, friends and neighbors and church) targeted(for harm/ death/ harassment) , just like a political figure and their family is targeted, when they are a public figure, especially Christians.
  2. Yes, at that moment. Pre-existence of people or of JESUS (JESUS IS ETERNAL FOREVER, not "pre-existent as the teaching goes), is complete with heresy/ other beliefs / totally contrary to GOD'S WORD and opposed to JESUS. The Jews/ Hebrews/ Believers believed all along, no doubt, no question, that GOD gives life, a GIFT, at the moment of conception. This is in line with, and in harmony with, all of GOD'S WORD, unlike those heresies that have many errors.
  3. Ooops - consider instead - 12 robed men with Bob - "However, if he is asked to give a beef brisket to the robed man with... Bob" Not "something" - "the robed man with Bob" is a person, a man, robed. "the robed man with Bob" could be any of the twelve. Likewise "a robed man with Bob" , could be any of those robed, with Bob... Your concern is noted - and the solution/ the answer/ the revelation/ is with GOD.
  4. Oh oh.... double check what JESUS told...(rebuked) , when Peter tried to get JESUS to invoke "Plan B".... JESUS was gravely serious about that ...
  5. Without capital letters, suppose 12 men who are holy , born again of GOD, given a new and holy spirit (their own spirit) by the FATHER, and someone asked a messenger to give a beef brisket (or a fish) to the robed man with the holy spirit, "the" does not then separate one of the twelve from the others - it does not identify one of them "specifically" different or apart from the others.
  6. As someone posted, it is easier, many times, because they use clear, concise SCRIPTURE and stick with SCRIPTURE more than the oft repeated traditions of men. e.g. so they are much more reliable, SCRIPTURALLY, than other sources that do not rely on SCRIPTURE. Some things "MIGHT" turn up in error, on purpose or by 'accident', on got questions, but they are tested and proven every day by hundreds or thousands of BIBLE BELIEVERS. So it's uncommon to find an error. It is NOT a stand-alone authority by any means (I do not know if they claim to be; I don't think so), but they stand on the authority of the SCRIPTURES, the WORD OF GOD, as GOD has revealed to men. (instead of standing on man's ways of thinking, and instead of man's traditions which contradict GOD and HIS WORD.)
  7. What if the Jewish/ Hebrew calendar is right ? (expected to be) Nisan 14 - Hope of Israel Ministries The 14th of Nisan is the day when the Jews put leavening out of their homes, as YEHOVAH God commanded, so they could celebrate the seven days of ...
  8. What if HE did not move the bar ? (HE is no respecter of persons) HE is perfectly just, righteous and faithful as well as merciful and forgiving.... OR DID HE DROP THE BAR ? On Ananias and Saphira ? They lied. They died. What was the difference - why weren't they forgiven and told "go and sin no more" like the adulterous woman ? Or the ones at Corinth who sinned - members of the assembly.... many got sick and died for their sin in Corinth. Why? Or the tower in Siloam, why did it fall on them ? They perished. Jesus told HIS listeners they all would perish also, unless ... ... ... ... ..
  9. No one said a believer and an unbeliever should separate/divorce. (as long as it is the first union (one flesh) for both of them.) .... the prayers and hope is always that the unbeliever will turn to GOD and be saved.
  10. edit delete/ duplicat
  11. As with any sin, they are living in continual sin if they do not repent. That's the point. No where does GOD'S WORD say to ban anyone who has repented of their sin, and is not living in sin without repenting.
  12. edit/delete duplicate post
  13. They are living in continual sin if they do not repent. That's the whole point.
  14. It has nothing to do with that. That's an a different situation entirely.
  15. Since GOD is the JUDGE, do what GOD says. HE does not tell people they cannot be married until their first spouse dies, , and then put them together anyway before then. That is a severe contradiction.