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  1. jmlusa2000

    Hello all!

    Welcome to worthy
  2. jmlusa2000

    Please pray for my Dad

    Prayers going up for your dad, and for you as well (((((((patti)))))))))
  3. jmlusa2000


    Praying for her family. Thanks for letting us know Laura.
  4. jmlusa2000

    Mow Bear - James

    Continuing to pray for James
  5. jmlusa2000

    Oz Chick Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday
  6. jmlusa2000


    Amen! Happy spiritual birthday!
  7. jmlusa2000

    People Get Ready ~ Crystal Lewis

    People get ready, Jesus is coming!
  8. jmlusa2000


    Welcome to worthy
  9. jmlusa2000

    happy graduation logan

    Congratulations, Logan!
  10. jmlusa2000

    You Are God Alone ~ Phillips, Craig & Dean

    Love this song
  11. jmlusa2000

    several requests

    Praying for you jen
  12. jmlusa2000

    Greetings To Every One

    Hi. Welcome to worthy
  13. jmlusa2000

    Hi everyone!!

    hi jd1. Welcome to worthy.
  14. jmlusa2000

    tornadoes in the midwest/south

    Prayers for those effected by the storms