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  1. RevelationWriter

    So Where Are We Now?

    - The News: "In Venezuela, you need a wheelbarrow of cash to buy Bread." - The 3rd Seal: "A quart of wheat for a denarius and three quarts of Barley for a denarius..." - Rev.6:5,6 A denarius is a Penny which means the equivalent of a day's Wage.
  2. RevelationWriter

    God's Sanctuary City Jerusalem

    ~ No Temple Needed For The Fulfilling Of Prophecy: There is no mention of the word Temple in Daniel. - 9:16-19 and Matt.24:15 It's only 'church leaders' who've interpreted the word Temple to be synonymous with the words 'sanctuary' and 'holy place'. When Daniel's supplication was for "God's Holy Mountain" "God's Sanctuary". - Dan.9:16-19 "The Mountain Of Your (God's) Inheritance" "The Place You Made For Your Dwelling" 'The Sanctuary Lord Which Your Hands Have Established" - Ex.15:17 Remember God even dwelt on Mountain Sini without any building made by man of a Temple for His Sanctuary. - 1Chron.28:10 The word 'Sanctuary' is not synonymous for the word Temple. - And the word 'Sacrifice' or Qorban in Mosaic Law is the literal meaning of: "That which is brought near to God". As there is still yet much given and devoted to God daily in Jerusalem 'God's Sanctuary' 'God's Holy Mountain' 'Holy Place. Sacrifices and Offerings was and are made to God without a Temple as a Sanctuary, holy place. Still to this day without a Temple, Sacrifices & Offers are encouraged to be made to God by The Temple Mount Leaders! It was on Israeli News. We must keep in mind the word Temple is not mentioned in Daniel nor Mathew and that the words Sanctuary and holy place are only interpreted as a 3rd Temple. - Time Is Shorter Than You Think. As there is no Temple needed to fulfill Prophecy. -
  3. RevelationWriter

    Encountering God and Speaking in tongues

    - Hi, in the Greek it says 'Unknown Tongue'. - 1 Cor.14:27,28 Being 'The Tongues of Angels'. Which there is need of interpretation by one which either has 'the gift of Interpretation'. Or of the one speaking 'The Tongues Of Angels' 'praying for the interpretation'. On this account let it be of 'two or three' with interpretation by the gift of interpretation. The use of 'the gift of Interpreting tongues' being in The Assembly. And one just 'praying for the Interpretation' is in Private. As this latter has been my experience, (in confirmation of truth being revealed) after I 'prayed for the Interpretation'. When I 'prayed in the spirit' I 'pray for the Interpretation' which is when I'm given it. So 'I pray in the spirit I will also pray with the understanding'. 'I will sing with the spirit and I will also sing with understanding'. An Example: One Friday I was praying for the Assembly I was to attend that Sunday. I prayed aloud in the spirits Tongues Of Angels and then I prayed for the Interpretation/understanding. Then I prayed to God in my language the prayer He had given me in the spirit language. And it was confirmed that Sunday as it was the same message the Pastor gave the Assembly. So the prayer I sought from God in the spirit's gift of tongues of angels was preached to the Assembly. Now, I'd call that a Pastoral message from God Himself. It was a message of where the spiritual direction the Assembly would be going. (after the Pastor had left) No surprise to me since he taught he and Jesus were Head of that Assembly at a church acceptance class of new members. Which after that first class I decided I wasn't going to 'join' under him. But it was the Lord's will for me anyway as now I'm a true non-denominationalist. - With the known 'Tongues Of Men' as on the day of Pentecost no Interpretation is needed. But just of such ones to translate what was said from their own language of what was said from The Spirit. Which no 'gift of interpretation' nor prayer of Interpreting from the one speaking is needed. And there may be no certain number of two or at the most three speaking, of any turn.
  4. RevelationWriter

    So Where Are We Now?

    - 12,000 from each of The 12 Tribes = Only 144,000. You can't add some other uncertain amount to this total. (Davidic Kingdom on earth 1,000 yrs) The 144,000 are Sealed from being Tormented For 5 Months they are not Sealed from death by the beast for not worshiping the beast - Rev.Rev13:15 They are in spirit Rev.14 after they are killed for not worshiping the beast they're as the angels not flesh which is defiled of being fleshly born of women into sin. - And there is No Scriptures Of The Great Multitude Dying At All. This is "The Marriage Of The Lamb" they are raptured out of The Great Trib and led to Fountains Of Living Waters by The lamb for keeping their flesh alive. Later The Great Multitude Come To "The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb" - Rev.19 After New Jerusalem Comes To The New Earth (the unconsummated 'Bride' TGM) whom The King has not lived with yet as He leaves on His white horse (Rev.19:11). After the 1,000 yrs of The Davidic Kingdom on earth, when New Jerusalem to the New Earth the unconsummated 'Bride' will bid those of the New Earth to Come into New Jerusalem and Take The Water Of Life Freely. But of course The 144,000 who'll follow Jesus wherever He goes will be able during the 1,000 yrs to visit New Heavenly Jerusalem through their appointed gates to get The Living Water with Him. - Gentiles are not of The Davidic Kingdom (144,000-1,000 yrs) of when Jesus sits on His father David's Throne. * Jesus told His 12 Disciples that "In The Regeneration" (1,000 yrs) when He Sits On His Throne Of Glory They Too would Sit on 12 Thrones Judging The 12 Tribes Of Israel (1444,000) - Mat.19:28 * The 24 Elders say they are a Kingdom Of Priests who will Reign on the earth also. - Rev.5:10 King David & Priest Zadok established The 24 Divisions Of The Priesthood. - 1Chron.24 The 24 Elders have Crows which they cast to God's Throne. - Rev.4:10 - Jesus (high Priest) brings with Him "Many Crowns" when they come with Him - Rev.19:12 &14 1.) King Jesus to sit on David's Throne 2.) The 12 Judges Apostles Of The Lamb For The 12 Tribes Of Israel 1444,000 3. The 12 Tribes Of All The Children Of Israel 144,000 4.) The 24 Elders Of God's Priesthood of Israel All while The Great Multitude are in heavenly New Jerusalem till the 1,000 years are over and New Jerusalem comes to the new earth with The Bride inside adorned as a bride for her Husband on The New Earth to live with Him. * Jesus Does Not Marry Israel. God Is Already Married To Israel. - Jer.3:14 - We have believed false church doctrines which has interpreted other wise.
  5. RevelationWriter

    So Where Are We Now?

    - "Look at Israel by natural descent have not those who eat of The Sacrifices communion with The Altar?" - 1Cor.10:18 Greek "under The Altar ...rest for A Time (1yr?) until their fellow servants also and their Brethren (144,000) that were about to be killed as they were should finish their course." - Rev.6:11 Greek * Lots to do got to run . . .
  6. RevelationWriter

    So Where Are We Now?

    - "...Seven Heads Are Seven Mountains..." - Rev.17:9 - "...The Ten Horns Are Ten Kings..." - Rev.17:12 "...have received no Kingdom as yet..." - Rev.17:12 "...give their Kingdom to the beast..." - Rev.17:17 Not Kingdoms. The Ten Kings will be of one mind and one 'Kingdom".
  7. RevelationWriter

    So Where Are We Now?

    - '... a fourth part of the earth..." - Rev.6:8 NKJV - '...the fourth part of the earth...." - Rev.6:8 Greek Not a fourth of the world. - The 4th Seal Rider Death with Hades following will not come for God's people as Hades does not follow Death for us.
  8. RevelationWriter

    So Where Are We Now?

    - Actually Satan is called 'the man'. - Is.14:16 - As angels are called men. - Rev.21:17
  9. RevelationWriter

    So Where Are We Now?

    - You said what you believe you have no scripture for it. -
  10. RevelationWriter

    So Where Are We Now?

    - The City Of Jerusalem is mentioned over 850 time in The Bible. Most of which are of her Prophetic past, present & future. - The City Of Rome is mentioned only 9 times in The Bible. Of Which None Are Prophetic. Jesus not only told The Assemblies that Satan's Throne is in Pergmos-Turkey. - Rev.2:13 - Rev.13:2 But twice He also spoke to The Assemblies about "THE Synagogue Of Satan" those who lie saying they are Jews which are not. - Rev.2:9 - Rev.3:9 - Seems you need to get your heads out of The Books of The Historical Places of men and into The Prophetic Books of God.
  11. RevelationWriter

    So Where Are We Now?

    * There is (1.) The RED Dragon Serpent of old (beast) Satan has 7 Heads, 10 Horns, 7 Diadems=(7 soft Crowns). - Rev.12:3,4 - There is (2.) The Beast of many animals which comes up out The Sea (NOT RED) has 7 Heads, 10 Horns 10 Diadems=(10 soft Crowns) * The Woman sits on The Scarlet (RED) Colored Beast (1.) This beast will come up out of the Abyss & go into perdition. - Rev.17:3 * 'The Beast' (1.) 'The King'. 'Scarlet Beast' (red) that comes up out of The Abyss - Rev.9:2 - Rev.11:7 - Rev.17:8 * An Angel comes down from heaven with The Keys to The Abyss to lay hold of The Dragon Serpent, Devil, Satan casting him into The Abyss. - Rev.22:1-3 - But the multi-animal Beast (2.) Not Red-Scarlet and which comes up out of The Sea. - Rev.13:1 Will be cast into The Lake Of Fire with the false Prophet. - Rev.21:19-21 - 7 Heads are 7 Mountains - 10 Horns are 10 Kings - 7 & 10 Diadems are 7 (soft) Crowns & 10 (soft) Crowns. The Soft Crowns named Diadems are of kings not ruling yet or was ruling of history or future to rule. * The Red-Scarlet Dragon (beast) Satan has 7 Heads-Mountains, 10 Horn-Kings, but (7 Crowns) - Rev.12:3 * The Scarlet Beast The Woman Rides has 10 Kings too but is of (The 7 Kings) of which he was but will be The 8th - Rev.17:10 - The multi-animal beast out of The Sea has 7 Heads-Mountains also, and 10 Horn-Kings also, but 10 Crowns. Rev.13:1 * So The Beast The Woman Rides... Is Not the one which Rises Out Of The Sea which Satan gives his Power, his Throne and great authority to. And they worship The Dragon because he gave Authority to the Beast, that rises out of the sea. - Rev.13:1, 2,4 - But, he will not be The 8th King.
  12. RevelationWriter

    So Where Are We Now?

    - You say Temple. Jesus said 'Throne'.
  13. RevelationWriter

    So Where Are We Now?

    - That's another Prediction not Prophecy.
  14. RevelationWriter

    So Where Are We Now?

    - How many Crowns will The Beast have?
  15. RevelationWriter

    So Where Are We Now?

    - I've no faith in such story telling of men's glory. Which is of deception. And Jonathan Cahan is confused within his similarities for analogies. * God's Prophet Isaiah prophesied that Satan has a Throne. - Is.14:13 * Jesus said, Satan has a Throne in Pergamos (Turkey). - Rev.2:13 * And that Satan the dragon would give his Throne to the beast. - Rev.13:2 - And, how many Crowns will The Beast have?