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  1. - Yeah they can claim what ever they like. But until it is seen I don't believe them. Besides God said The Ark Of His Covenant is seen in heaven. - Rev.11:9 I am aware of "The Black Israelites". I lost a friend to them.
  2. - Yes thanks God does look at the heart. No need to concern of me. I'm not following any misleading's. I'm led by God's Holy Spirit into all truth. Jesus often ask questions, of the answers people wanted. Jesus said, I will make you fishers of men. Got Bait?
  3. - Too bad Paul didn't extend the same belief of expediency to Peter, when Paul accused him of just eating with Jews instead of circumcising someone for them. So there's a 2nd contradiction of Paul on this matter of The Jews.
  4. Thanks for the verses. But I can bring up a few things Paul said which were not true. Paul said and did some contradictory things. He was proud of his 'bosting' & 'folly' and teaching against circumcision then having Timothy circumcised....I can go on if you like.
  5. Noah's son Japheth had Magog. - Gen.10:2 Isn't Magog a White/Russian (pun) LOL. If so Japheth had white kids? Maybe Sarah was a 'white' Russian in Chaldea. Since it didn't say she was a Chaldean from ER.
  6. - Not how did Ethiopians become modern Jews. I think the real Jewish Solomon who had many wives helped out in that historic aspect. Jesus said, there will be those who say they are Jews and are not. So I don't know who they are do you?
  7. - It seems to matter in religions of who is and isn't Jewish.
  8. When did Jews become Ethiopian? I remember Moses also had an Ethiopian wife? Was Moses from The Tribe Of Judah?
  9. - There is scripture says Sarah was Chaldean? Or that she lived in Chaldean?
  10. - So do you believe a white person wrote it back then? - Or there were no white people back then to write it? Myself I've no desire of Jewishness. I'm perfectly content being an English, Irish and Indian Gentile. I brought it up because of other religions that desire such claims of skin shades.
  11. I watched a documentary on The Hebrew Dead Sea Scrolls last night. And only in it is given descriptions of Sarah. One of how beautifully White she was.
  12. I don't believe scripture shows God has done away with Israel. Or That There's Going To Be Another Temple. - Jer. 6:9 As A Vine Is The Remnant Of Israel. So The 144,000 Of All The Tribes Of The Children Of Israel Are The Remnant Of Israel And Will Be With King Jesus. - Rev.14 - Jesus told His Disciples That In The Regeneration (1,000 yr reign) When He Sits On His Throne Of Glory (Davidic Throne) They Too Would Sit On 12 Thrones Judging The 12 Tribes Of Israel. Mat..19:28 And John Saw Thrones And Judgment Was Committed To Them. - Rev.20:4 In The Regeneration Of His 1,000 yr Davidic Reign On Earth Jesus Will Be King, His 12 Apostles Will Be The Judges Of The 1444,000 Of The 12 Tribes Of The children Of Israel And The 24 Elders Who Say They Will Be The Kingdom Of Priests Reigning On Earth Rev.5:10 Are Of The 24 Divisions Of God's Priesthood Which King David & Priest Zadok Established - 1Chron.24 * King Jesus * The 1444,000 Of All The 12 Tribes Of The Children Of Israel * The 12 Apostles Of The Lamb As Their Judges * The 24 Elders Of Israel's Priesthood To God - So as you can see I don't believe God has done away with Israel. I just don't believe I am of, nor will be of The Children Of Israel. As Jesus Does Not Marry Israel. Because Although God Did Gave Israel A Certificate Of Divorce Away From Him - Jer.33:8 God Said He Is Still Married To Israel - Jer.33:14 - By The Way Just Heard Yesterday They're Going To Start Burning Goats Soon...
  13. - If you're referring to what is falsely interpreted as "Ezekiel' Temple" in a yet future prophecy? It's erroneous because God told Ezekiel, It was "The Pattern" of a Temple Israel could've had "IF they were ashamed of all they had done" - Ez.43:10:11 - The So Called, Temple Institute stated years ago that Israel can reinstate their Daily Sacrifices anytime they want without a Temple. No Temple needed for that. And they have been talking about doing it. I'm amazed that no one who professes to keeping up with The Temple Institute seems to know that. When it was a public announcement by them. As politics have prevented it thus far. But politics are about to change. . . .
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