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    - Jesus told The 12 that In The Regeneration when He sat on His Throne they too would sit on 12 Thrones Judging the 12 Tribes of Israel (144,000) - Matt.19:28 - And John saw Thrones and Judgment was committed to them. - Rev.20:4
  2. Treaty Of Temptation?

    - Should Trump win another 4yr election cycle, this would be the 1st yr of 7 for Jerusalem's Embassy Peace Treaty. - But even if Trump doesn't win a second term; it could still be the 1yr of Jerusalem's Embassy Peace Treaty?
  3. Treaty Of Temptation?

    I thought this was interesting to ponder... - 10 Countries invited to be the first for Preferential Treatment to establish Embassies in Jerusalem? Jerusalem, an adulterous wife hires her lovers to come to her?- Ez.16:33,34 - 10 kings of one kingdom mind - Rev.17 ?

    - I consider The Woman that John saw go into the wilderness Rev.12 as The Woman which John went into the wilderness to see the judgment of Rev.17 to be The City Woman Jerusalem. - God said Israel is The Grapevine of the earth. These are some of those scriptures: * God brought a Vine out of Egypt - Ps.80:8 * As a Vine is the remnant of Israel - Jer.6:9 * For The Vineyard Of The Lord Of Hosts Is The House Of Israel - Is.5:7 * A Vineyard Is.27:2 ...Israel will blossom put forth shoots and fill the whole earth with fruit Is.27:6 As so Jesus said The Father is The Vinedresser... Is it any wonder Jesus said, "I am the True vine" for abiding in Him and not Israel? - John 15:1 - When Jesus comes back in Rev.19 as King on His Horse, His Robe is already dipped in the blood of the vine up to the Horses' bridles from the Winepress that will be out side the City Jerusalem from the vine of the earth being gathered there. As He it is He Himself Who treads the Winepress of the fierceness and wrath of God. - Rev.14:17-20 - Rev.19:12-15 That's why I believe the only ones of Israel from Modern Earth is The 144,000 Of All The Tribes Of Israel which will be Of His Davidic Kingdom on earth for the 1,000 yr reign. Which is not to say that more of historic Israel won't be Resurrected for the 1,000 yr reign as well being among them The 12 Apostles Of The Lamb whom He said would be on Thrones Judging The 12 Tribes in The Regeneration (1,000 yrs) And The 24 Elders who say they will reign on earth as kingdom priests. The 144,000 will not worship the beast (Rev.13:15) so they will be killed by (Rev.14) when Jesus comes for them, and then will be of the 1st resurrection (Rev.20:4)

    - The Wise Virgins who'll be ready to be taken into The Wedding by The Bridegroom will send The Foolish Virgins away....so The Wise Virgins will already know who The Foolish are. It's The Foolish who'll not know who they are till they're too late for The Wedding. - Matt.25 - We have to consider some things about Paul, and what Paul said of both a Rapture and a Resurrection together. 1. Paul did not have "The Revelation Of Jesus Christ" given to John for the churches, being after Paul's death. So his perception a Rapture and a Resurrection is erroneous of future Prophecy. 2. Paul considered both a Rapture & Resurrection would take place together. So Pastors of Paul have taught it the way Paul said it. But that's not what "The Revelation Of Jesus Christ" says to the churches. - A Rapture Only: The Wise Virgins = Heavenly New Jerusalemite Pillars = The Great Multitude - Matt.25 * Rev.3:7-13 * Rev.7:9 * Rev.19 - 1st Resurrection: is of those who sit on Thrones & those beheaded by the Beast: Matt.19:28 * Rev.4:4 * (Rev.4:10-Rev.19:12) * Rev.5:10 *(Rev.13:15-Rev.14) * Rev.20:4-6 (of course there'll be some alive on earth at this time) We must remember when Jesus comes back (Rev.19) it is to defeat His enemies as King to set up the Davidic Throne of His father David on earth Gentiles are not a part of this Davidic Kingdom on earth which His 12 Apostles will be Judges of The 12 Tribes Of Israel (Matt.19:28) which is the 144,000 of all the tribes of The Children Of Israel (Rev.14) With The 24 Elders to reign on earth (Rev.5:10) as The 24 Divisions of God's Priesthood set up by David & Zadok (1Chron.24) The Marriage of The Lamb to The Wise Virgins = The Pillars who're The Great Multitude (Rev.7:9) stay in Heavenly New Jerusalem till after The 1,000 years. Then God brings New Jerusalem down out of heaven to the new earth. Of course there's more to it than this, but Paul didn't know it all.
  6. Counting The Days

    - I've been reading that the Constantine of the Catholics did not want to depend on the observance of the Jews calendar is why the dates are different.

    - Paul said, the falling away reveals the man of sin. - 2Thess.2:3 This falling away doesn't reveal backsliders. It is the Mystery of lawlessness that falls away and reveals the man of sin for there is no longer any Mystery or secret to sin anymore. Sin has become publically prideful instead. - Matt.24: When Jesus speaks of Lawlessness He said 'Many Will Be Offended" and because Lawlessness Will Abound the love of many will grow cold. Which is what we have today as well with no one backsliding here either.

    - Remember the parable of The Sower being Jesus sowed His seed the word into Good Soil. The Sower knew the seed which fell by the way side would not produce He did not expect it to. And we shouldn't either.

    When Jesus and Paul were talking about Lawlessness were they speaking about believers falling away?
  10. Counting The Days

    - I heard both The Jewish Passover & The Christian Crucifixion/Resurrection Days observances are on this same weekend this year. - How come their not both at the same time every year? Thanks.

    - Jesus said, 'Lawlessness Will Abound'. How would we know it's Lawlessness Abounding if The Mystery of Lawlessness hasn't fallen away?

    "The (Mystery) Of Lawlessness" is falling away. There is now no more mystery or secret to lawlessness. Lawlessness is done in the open. The mystery of lawlessness has fallen away.
  13. Spoken Timelines

    - Sorry I've not been back sooner. I'm not as well as I want to be. And I've been talking about this for so many years; that God forgive me I'm just kinda weary of it. But with what Trump said renewed my interest. The Phrases, 'holy place' and 'sanctuary' are not synonymous for Temple in scripture. God's Holy Mountain and Jerusalem as God's Sanctuary when there was no Temple at these times is also called 'holy place' and 'sanctuary'. So any prophecies with these phrases do not mean some prophesied 3rd Temple. * Although Jerusalem-Israel loves theses Christian interpretations for them to have a 3rd Temple.* - Now let's take this scripture interpreted for a 3rd Temple which actually have the word Temple in them as 2 Thess.2:3,4 <>< One where did Paul get this from did it drop down out of heaven from God just for him to speak of and no one had ever heard it before ? <>< Or could he have been speaking from the old Testament Prophet Isaiah of which he was well learned of ? Because what he said is almost the exact same prophecy spoken by Isaiah of what Satan says of himself doing; but where does Satan believe he will do it on earth or in heaven? - Jesus said Satan has a Throne on earth in Turkey-Pergamos already but he will even give that to the beast. - Rev.2:12,13 - Rev.13:2 So where would this Temple of Satan that he wants, be in Paul's reference? - Isaiah 14 Satan Says In His Heart: "I will ascent into Heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will sit on the mount of the gathering in the farthest parts of the north. I will ascend above the height of the clouds. I will make myself like the Most High." - Dead Sea Scrolls - Paul said, 'the son of perdition; he that opposes and exalts himself above everyone that is called God or worthy of worship so that he sits in the Temple of God showing himself to be god." - Greek - Got to click over to the assemblies on FB now then get ready to leave . . .
  14. Spoken Timelines

    Interesting Trump Timelines in Jerusalem for sure. Seeing so many people are looking for a Temple Timeline instead. As I've been saying for years no Temple Interpretations are needed to fulfill prophecy in Jerusalem.
  15. Spoken Timelines

    - I don't know if anyone else caught this: But I seen President Trump speak on timelines of the Embassy when ask. And at first he said, "6 Months" then "2020" (3.5 yrs of his continued 7 yr Administration) ? Then when I posted this on Twitter. Sometime later they came out and said, The President has not set a date for the Embassy in Jerusalem. Just thought it was interesting and others might too. -