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  1. - Again Only Interpretation.
  2. - The Woman Is Jerusalem. God said, He will give Jerusalem The Harlot her two Harlot Sisters As Daughters. Making Jerusalem The Mother Of Harlots. - Ez.16:61 - Rev.17:5
  3. Thanks for the interest Marilyn but there is no indication of what is just interpreted about the Lion with wings.
  4. Israel has stabbed America in the back. Israel gave China a Merchant Port Of Haifa and China is there now working to make it fully functional by 2021. American Authorities are trying to talk Israel down from this partnership. But so far no go. For many years people have ask how come America is not in Bible Prophecy? Looks like, because America may be stepping out of the picture. "...and The Merchants of the earth will weep and morn for her..." - Rev.18:11 Always Remember, The Woman John Saw Go Into The Wilderness - Rev.12 - Is The Woman John Went Into The Wilderness To See The Judgment Of By - Rev.17
  5. Jesus spoke of them being very much alive not dead nor resurrected. But alive and knowing.
  6. - Yes and you didn't get that from a passover lamb. But from "The Lamb Of God Who takes away the sin of the world."
  7. The passover lamb's blood was to identify them from the Egyptians so they would be Passed Over. Israel had to provide their own lamb for their own pass-over. God provided His Lamb to take away the sin of the world
  8. The Passover lamb was not meant to take away Israel's Sin. Jesus did not replaced the passover lamb which is Israel's lamb. Jesus is "The Lamb Of God Who Takes Away The Sin Of The World" Two Different Lambs For Two Different Reasons.
  9. - If the Passover lamb was Israel's sacrifice for their sins why did they need other sacrifices?
  10. * Matt.26:17,18 - (Greek) "And on The First Day Of Unleavened Bread the disciples came to Jesus saying, where do You want us to make ready for You to eat the Passover. * Mark 13:1,3 - Mark 14:1,2 - (Greek) "And when He went out of The Temple...and He was sitting on The Mount Of Olives over against The Temple...and Two Days After, Was The Passover And The Feast Of Unleavened Bread and The Chief Priest & Scribes sought how they might seize Him by craft. - Mark 13:1-3 - Mark 14:1,2 * Like 22:1-8 - (Greek) "During The Day He Was Teaching In The Temple; But At Night He Went Out And Lodged In The Mount Called The Mount Of Olives...Now The Feast Of Unleavened Bread Which Is The Passover Was Drawing Near And The Chief Priest & Scribes Were Seeking How They Might Kill Him For They Feared The People. And Satan entered into Judas and he went away to consult with The Chief Priest & Captains how they might deliver Jesus up to them. THEN Came The Day Of Unleavened Bread When The Passover Must Be Killed; And He Sent Peter & John saying make ready for us The Passover." * Mark 14:12, 13 - (Greek) "And On The First Day Of The Feast Of Unleavened Bread When They USED To Kill The Passover His disciples say to Him where do You have us go to make ready for You to eat the Passover."
  11. That Is Incorrect. In The Greek Paul wrote: "..for our Passover has also been sacrificed, EVEN Christ." - ICor.5:7,8
  12. Jesus Is Not The Passover lamb: The Passover lamb was not means for taking away sin. Moses served no Wine at Passover & Jesus served no Passover lamb as His body & blood. The Feast Of Unleavened Bread is the same time of Passover. Jesus gave The Unleavened Bread as His Body. Speaking of Himself Jesus said, "As a Grain Of Wheat falls to the ground and dies it produces much fruit." Again His Own reference to Bread: "I am The Bread Of Life that comes down from heaven, not as your fathers ate in the desert." - The falsehood of Jesus taking the place of The Passover lamb is the false doctrine of Catholicism who use many falsehoods to usurp the position of God's Priesthood for Israel. Never did Jesus disciples consider The Passover lamb to be "The Lamb Of God Who Takes Away The Sin Of The World". Catholics even changed what Paul wrote in Greek to not say this: "..for our Passover has also been sacrificed, EVEN Christ. So let us keep The Feast (of unleavened bread) not with Old Leaven nor with the (puffed up) Leaven of malice and wickedness but with The Unleavened Bread of sincerity and truth." - - 1Cor.5:7,8 The Sharing of Herbs & Eggs as 'The Seder Meal' without a Passover lamb in churches is not the Order of Passover at all. It's disorder instead. To believe The Passover lamb became The Unleavened Bread & Wine is The Order Of The Passover Meal to God? Oh how far have we fallen into the lap of The Mother Church as birthed of her children . . .
  13. - Which Came First The Donkey Or Palm Sunday? Isn't the commemoration of 'Palm Sunday' just a memorial event of Jesus in Catholicism bring you together with them in worship? In which His disciples never celebrated with each other. Palm Sunday is a Catholic holy day, but why if not to bring you together with them? What does Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey have to do with His Body? Other than another story of what Jesus did?
  14. - That's according to you. - Prophecy Is Scripture. - Rev.22:18 - What isn't Scripture is of such topics as Paul's Pharisaic 'desire' for women.
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