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  1. RevelationWriter

    The Four Horsemen of Rev 6

    - I don't think God & The Lamb unleash Satan on four horses. Four Spirits Of Heaven with colored Horses - Zech.6
  2. RevelationWriter

    Apocalypse: The Unveiling

    Yeah Judas was not "A Friend Of The Bridegroom". In the bible there are spoken of: 'false brethren', 'false Prophets', 'false Apostles', 'false way', 'false witness' 'True Worshipers' but No True Believers & No Bride Of Christ.
  3. RevelationWriter

    Apocalypse: The Unveiling

    - The only one reference to "The Bride" on this earth being with "The Bridegroom" was when He was on earth with them. - John 3:29 There arose a dispute between John The Baptist's Disciples & The Jews about "Purifying". So they come to John and throw it up to him that Jesus Whom John Was With is now baptizing (purifying) and all are coming to Him. which John said, 'a man receives nothing unless it be given Him from heaven... ...He that has The (living-purified) Bride (With Him) is The Bridegroom; BUT The Friends Of The Bridegroom who stand and hear Him Rejoice greatly because of The Bridegroom's Voice, this my joy is full..." 1.) "The (purified) Bride" (not OF Christ). But 'received from Heaven'. God The Father chooses The Bride for The Bridegroom so the Receiving of them as His Bride is 'from heaven' and not Of Christ. 2.) There is also The Friends of The Bridegroom. John of the tribe of Levi did not consider himself The Bride but A Friend Of The Bridegroom. Jesus told His 12 Apostles Of The Lamb: "Did I Not Choose You And One Of You Is A Devil" - Not everyone who is a Believer is 'The Bride'. -
  4. RevelationWriter

    Apocalypse: The Unveiling

    - Look at The 7 Angels of The 7 Assemblies Jesus does not inform the Angels that all The Assemblies will be, or have, or do, the same thing, at the same time, at the same place. Only one group will be The Pillars Of New Jerusalem. Only one group will have all three Names written on them, The Father's Name, Jesus' New Name (husband) and The City New Jerusalem where they will go out no more. Only one group will be kept from the hour of trial that will come upon the whole world. - Interesting this is the Assembly which Jesus said has 'Little Strength' yet with only a little strength they'll still be able to keep His commands and persevere. And how many Pastors desire an Assembly with just a 'Little Strength'?
  5. RevelationWriter

    Apocalypse: The Unveiling

    - I'm speaking of the saved only. - Only those saved living at this time are "The Body Of Christ" on earth; which was never synonymous with the false term The Bride Of Christ. - There is no Body Of Christ in heaven. There was never The Bride Of Christ on earth or in heaven. - 'The Lamb's Wife' is not a term or phrase for earth but for heaven only. - There was no Bride Of Christ ever. This phrase The Bride Of Christ is made up. Jesus' Disciples never spoke nor heard the phrase The Bride Of Christ. It is purely a false doctrinal church phrase to include every believer. Which goes against many scriptural prophesies of who different peoples of God were, are & are to be. - It's easier for Pastors to pat us all on the heads and say we're all the same in Christ, we'll all be the same in Christ now and forever. We're all The Bride Of Christ, we'll all be Raptured & Resurrected together at the same time, we all Reign on earth a 1,000 years as kings & priests, we'll all live in heavenly New Jerusalem. And all at the same time together. But where is all that said? Only in church doctrines about (the body of Christ).
  6. RevelationWriter

    Apocalypse: The Unveiling

    - Fidei, it is clear interpretations have made All Saints "The Lamb's Wife". But that's not what prophecy shows. Not all God's children will be 'The Lamb's Wife'. - Matt.22 - Is 'The Marriage Feast'. "Marriage Supper Of The Lamb" - Not The Wedding. Look at The 10 Virgins of 'The Kingdom Of Heaven' Jesus Himself told about. - Matt.25 1.) None Were Dead. 2.) There Was No Resurrection. 3.) Half Will Be Ready To Go Into The Wedding With The Bridegroom. No Wedding No Bride Yet. Just Virgins. 4.) The Wise Virgins Know They Are Ready. 5.) The Foolish Virgins Who'll Be Getting Ready, Won't Be. 6.) The Foolish Virgins Will Know When The Bridegroom Came And Took The Others They Talk To Jesus About It. 7.) Which Jesus will tell The Foolish: 'I Do Not Know You' (as His bride). Which is different than when He will tell the false prophets 'I Never Knew You'. - The Great Multitude that comes out of the Great Tribulation don't die. They're the only ones who wash their own robes white in The Lamb's Blood. They are the only one's to stand with The Lamb in front of The Throne Of God with white Robes and palms in hand marrying The Lamb. The Lamb leads them only to The Fountains Of Living Waters to keep their flesh alive. They speak with The Voice Of Many Waters. They come to "The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb" for they made themselves Ready. The 144,000 are still on earth after The Great Multitude go into heavenly New Jerusalem to Marry The Lamb. The 144,000 don't follow Jesus everywhere He goes till they die by the beast then He comes to take their spirits with Him - Rev.14 - Paul was not the father who betroths anyone to Christ. Paul was requesting They Bear With him In More Folly. - 1Cor.11:1 Which I do not. But Pastors Of Paul preach putting Paul on a pedestal of their own ascent. As Popes do Peter. For which there is no position either. Got to run . . .
  7. RevelationWriter

    Apocalypse: The Unveiling

    - There is no such phrase The Bride Of Christ to be quoted of the bible. The Bride Of Christ is a made up false church doctrinal term erroneously including every believer of Christ. - Only one group of believers of Christ to have The Father's Name, Jesus New Name (husbandry) and The (citizenship) Name of New Jerusalem. - Rev.3:7-13 They will be "The Bride, The Wife Of The Lamb" - Rev.3:7-13 - Rev.19 - Rev.21 Being in New Jerusalem Rev.19- Rev.21:2 and after she come to the new earth in New Jerusalem, she tells them to come into New Jerusalem and take the water of life freely. - Rev.22:17 How does The Bride know where The Water is? Jesus led The Great Multitude to The Fountains Of Living Waters in New Jerusalem. - Rev.7:16 Although The 12 Tribes Of Israel are citizens of New Jerusalem they are married to God (Jer.3:14) not to The Lamb Of God The Bridegroom. The Lamb Of God will be Israel's King. Not their Bridegroom. The Great Multitude will come out of the great tribulation to wash their robes white in the Lamb's blood with palms in hand stand before God's Throne to marry The Lamb Rev.:7:9 As that's who is ready for The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb Rev.19 before Jesus comes back to make war. The Great Multitude stay in heavenly New Jerusalem as they will go out no more. - The 24 Elders who toss their Crowns to the Throne say they will Reign on the earth as God's kingdom of Priests. - Rev.4:10 - Rev.5:10 Whom King David & Zodak Established The 24 Division Of God's Priesthood. - 1Chron.24 And we see Jesus bringing 'many Crowns' with Him when He comes to make war. - Rev.4:19 - Rev.19:12 Also The 144,000 Of All The Tribes Of The children Of Israel will be following Him too. - Rev.14 - So Jesus will have His Davidic Kingdom on earth: * The 12 Apostles Of The Lamb to be The Judges Of The 12 Tribes (144,000) of Israel. - Matt.19:28 * The 144,000 Of All The Tribes Of The Children Of Israel. * And The 24 Elders of the 24 divisions of The Priesthood. - The Great Multitude will be The Lamb's Bride/Wife residing in heavenly New Jerusalem a thousand years till coming to the new earth. - - False church doctrines have mixed every believer up as one. Not so. -
  8. RevelationWriter

    the walking dead

    being dead through trespasses & sin walk according to the world according to the prince of the powers of the air (ether) waves. Ephes. 2:2
  9. RevelationWriter

    Of Many Mansions

    - There's A City Mountain In The Sky. - Rev.21:10 - From Within A Wall So Very High. - Rev.21:12 - The Construction Being Of A Crystal Stone Clear As Glass The Wall Is Known. - Rev.21:11 To See The City Of Golden Glass. - Rev.21:18 For The Illumination Of His Light To Pass. - Rev.21:23 - No Need Of Sun Nor Moon To Shine. - Rev..21:23/22:5 As The Lamb Will Dwell There All The Time. - Rev.21:23
  10. RevelationWriter

    Counting The Days

    - Thanks, I understand calendars are different. - I guess I was wondering why don't Christians go by the timing of Jesus death to the Jewish calendar instead.
  11. RevelationWriter


    - Jesus told The 12 that In The Regeneration when He sat on His Throne they too would sit on 12 Thrones Judging the 12 Tribes of Israel (144,000) - Matt.19:28 - And John saw Thrones and Judgment was committed to them. - Rev.20:4
  12. RevelationWriter

    Treaty Of Temptation?

    - Should Trump win another 4yr election cycle, this would be the 1st yr of 7 for Jerusalem's Embassy Peace Treaty. - But even if Trump doesn't win a second term; it could still be the 1yr of Jerusalem's Embassy Peace Treaty?
  13. RevelationWriter

    Treaty Of Temptation?

    I thought this was interesting to ponder... - 10 Countries invited to be the first for Preferential Treatment to establish Embassies in Jerusalem? Jerusalem, an adulterous wife hires her lovers to come to her?- Ez.16:33,34 - 10 kings of one kingdom mind - Rev.17 ?
  14. RevelationWriter


    - I consider The Woman that John saw go into the wilderness Rev.12 as The Woman which John went into the wilderness to see the judgment of Rev.17 to be The City Woman Jerusalem. - God said Israel is The Grapevine of the earth. These are some of those scriptures: * God brought a Vine out of Egypt - Ps.80:8 * As a Vine is the remnant of Israel - Jer.6:9 * For The Vineyard Of The Lord Of Hosts Is The House Of Israel - Is.5:7 * A Vineyard Is.27:2 ...Israel will blossom put forth shoots and fill the whole earth with fruit Is.27:6 As so Jesus said The Father is The Vinedresser... Is it any wonder Jesus said, "I am the True vine" for abiding in Him and not Israel? - John 15:1 - When Jesus comes back in Rev.19 as King on His Horse, His Robe is already dipped in the blood of the vine up to the Horses' bridles from the Winepress that will be out side the City Jerusalem from the vine of the earth being gathered there. As He it is He Himself Who treads the Winepress of the fierceness and wrath of God. - Rev.14:17-20 - Rev.19:12-15 That's why I believe the only ones of Israel from Modern Earth is The 144,000 Of All The Tribes Of Israel which will be Of His Davidic Kingdom on earth for the 1,000 yr reign. Which is not to say that more of historic Israel won't be Resurrected for the 1,000 yr reign as well being among them The 12 Apostles Of The Lamb whom He said would be on Thrones Judging The 12 Tribes in The Regeneration (1,000 yrs) And The 24 Elders who say they will reign on earth as kingdom priests. The 144,000 will not worship the beast (Rev.13:15) so they will be killed by (Rev.14) when Jesus comes for them, and then will be of the 1st resurrection (Rev.20:4)
  15. RevelationWriter


    - The Wise Virgins who'll be ready to be taken into The Wedding by The Bridegroom will send The Foolish Virgins away....so The Wise Virgins will already know who The Foolish are. It's The Foolish who'll not know who they are till they're too late for The Wedding. - Matt.25 - We have to consider some things about Paul, and what Paul said of both a Rapture and a Resurrection together. 1. Paul did not have "The Revelation Of Jesus Christ" given to John for the churches, being after Paul's death. So his perception a Rapture and a Resurrection is erroneous of future Prophecy. 2. Paul considered both a Rapture & Resurrection would take place together. So Pastors of Paul have taught it the way Paul said it. But that's not what "The Revelation Of Jesus Christ" says to the churches. - A Rapture Only: The Wise Virgins = Heavenly New Jerusalemite Pillars = The Great Multitude - Matt.25 * Rev.3:7-13 * Rev.7:9 * Rev.19 - 1st Resurrection: is of those who sit on Thrones & those beheaded by the Beast: Matt.19:28 * Rev.4:4 * (Rev.4:10-Rev.19:12) * Rev.5:10 *(Rev.13:15-Rev.14) * Rev.20:4-6 (of course there'll be some alive on earth at this time) We must remember when Jesus comes back (Rev.19) it is to defeat His enemies as King to set up the Davidic Throne of His father David on earth Gentiles are not a part of this Davidic Kingdom on earth which His 12 Apostles will be Judges of The 12 Tribes Of Israel (Matt.19:28) which is the 144,000 of all the tribes of The Children Of Israel (Rev.14) With The 24 Elders to reign on earth (Rev.5:10) as The 24 Divisions of God's Priesthood set up by David & Zadok (1Chron.24) The Marriage of The Lamb to The Wise Virgins = The Pillars who're The Great Multitude (Rev.7:9) stay in Heavenly New Jerusalem till after The 1,000 years. Then God brings New Jerusalem down out of heaven to the new earth. Of course there's more to it than this, but Paul didn't know it all.