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  1. - If you're referring to what is falsely interpreted as "Ezekiel' Temple" in a yet future prophecy? It's erroneous because God told Ezekiel, It was "The Pattern" of a Temple Israel could've had "IF they were ashamed of all they had done" - Ez.43:10:11 - The So Called, Temple Institute stated years ago that Israel can reinstate their Daily Sacrifices anytime they want without a Temple. No Temple needed for that. And they have been talking about doing it. I'm amazed that no one who professes to keeping up with The Temple Institute seems to know that. When it was a public announcement by them. As politics have prevented it thus far. But politics are about to change. . . .
  2. - Although I believe these prophecies of Jerusalem Being Babylon to be (near) future as well. I consider that God described Jerusalem as His Woman whom He decked out in the beauty of His Glory. - Ez.16 God said He did this at the time He made Jerusalem His which in O.T. times. The final judgment of her Harlotry by her final lovers is set in the future of The Revelation Of Jesus Christ. - But I don't see an 3rd Temple.
  3. - God said He would give to Jerusalem her two Harlot Sisters as Daughters. - Ez.16:61 Making Jerusalem The Mother Of Harlots. - Rev.17:5 - God said He would put a Cup in Jerusalem's hand. - Ez.23:31 = Rev.17:4 - God said, Jerusalem has a Harlot's Forehead. - Jer.3:3 - Rev.17:5 - How like a Widow is Jerusalem, Lam.1:1,8 - Rev.18:7
  4. Jesus said, 'Make Disciples Of All Nations.' Not Make All Nations Disciples. Jesus said, the kingdom of heaven is like a net cast into the sea gathering fish Of Every Kind. Jesus said, this gospel will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the Nations then the end will come.
  5. If The World Can Structure Your Church Then Jesus Is Not The Builder.
  6. - Been hearing that Gray Salt is better than Chemo. Just throwing it out here. If I had cancer or knew someone who did I'd be checking it out.
  7. - Again Only Interpretation.
  8. - The Woman Is Jerusalem. God said, He will give Jerusalem The Harlot her two Harlot Sisters As Daughters. Making Jerusalem The Mother Of Harlots. - Ez.16:61 - Rev.17:5
  9. Thanks for the interest Marilyn but there is no indication of what is just interpreted about the Lion with wings.
  10. Israel has stabbed America in the back. Israel gave China a Merchant Port Of Haifa and China is there now working to make it fully functional by 2021. American Authorities are trying to talk Israel down from this partnership. But so far no go. For many years people have ask how come America is not in Bible Prophecy? Looks like, because America may be stepping out of the picture. "...and The Merchants of the earth will weep and morn for her..." - Rev.18:11 Always Remember, The Woman John Saw Go Into The Wilderness - Rev.12 - Is The Woman John Went Into The Wilderness To See The Judgment Of By - Rev.17
  11. Jesus spoke of them being very much alive not dead nor resurrected. But alive and knowing.
  12. - Yes and you didn't get that from a passover lamb. But from "The Lamb Of God Who takes away the sin of the world."
  13. The passover lamb's blood was to identify them from the Egyptians so they would be Passed Over. Israel had to provide their own lamb for their own pass-over. God provided His Lamb to take away the sin of the world
  14. The Passover lamb was not meant to take away Israel's Sin. Jesus did not replaced the passover lamb which is Israel's lamb. Jesus is "The Lamb Of God Who Takes Away The Sin Of The World" Two Different Lambs For Two Different Reasons.
  15. - If the Passover lamb was Israel's sacrifice for their sins why did they need other sacrifices?
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