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  1. Yes, unfortunately vice was considered regular and normal, and that is the world I grew up in too, and there is hypocrisy on both sides, as well as political motives......though there can be no arguing that the weaker and less powerful are more vulnerable, more easily deceived, and get exploited. However......i think the point is that the LORD is showing it for what it is at this time, that vice and corruption is sure not regular and normal to Him. When things are carried on in darkness, it can't be seen for what it is......but when it is exposed in the light, suddenly everyone becomes ashamed of it and begins to denounce it at least outwardly, because it can clearly be seen for what it is. Putrid and disgusting.
  2. Jesus saying Satan's kingdom is divided against itself....(and this is why it will also FALL....house divided cannot stand). The kingdoms of the world are divided against itself.....we see mixtures of good and evil on both sides of any fight. No wonder Babylon/Babel means confusion. And this is also why we as citizens of another kingdom are not to be entangled in civil affairs of this fallen world, we are to be separate......not take sides in the battles of Satan's kingdom opposing itself. I think especially now towards the end when transgression is coming to the full and corruption has grown like weeds on all sides in our nations that once claimed the name of Christ. These are terrible days......hope is in the LORD alone......there is no hope to be had in this world.
  3. And I just want to add that we must not forget it is the LORD who is watching over HIS word to fulfill it..........in all these things it is the LORD we are to fear and have our eyes on Him, regardless of what man and devil are up to. To GOD be all glory, all power, all might, amen!
  4. Amen brother.......and it does seem judgment began at God's house already.....churches and ministries were the very first to be exposed for their vice and corruption before being turned over to delusion. It was already beginning during my early years of being in the faith, though I had no understanding of anything back then. I think Jim Bakker was the first American major minister to be exposed that I remember hearing about back then, and around the same time there was someone here in Canada, and in the intervening years, there has been minister after minister in the news, almost non-stop, for either moral or financial indiscretions. Benny Hinn was the last major one that I know of, or maybe Todd Bentley was after that, can't remember. And then the Lord was showing me financial things in the churches, large and small, everything from ponzi schemes to pyramid type endeavours....the rotten fruit of prosperity gospel....God's house of prayer turned into a money making machine....I think that shocked me worse than the moral decay.......it's like a picture of what the Temple had become towards the end of it's demise back in Jesus' day. But still all these exposed ministers seem to keep coming back, people still follow them, because they are idols.....only the people will not be able to claim ignorance because the Lord already exposed and toppled their idols.....so He is righteous when He judges. Some did wake up and leave them though, as was the Lord's intention....but only a remnant. And everything that is being exposed is only the tip of the iceberg.........the reality is really even much worse. Now since He did this with the church, it's as though He has turned His attention to the secular arenas and exposing the sin and corruption in the secular world (of our formerly christian nations).....it does make me think He is about to judge these secular institutions and/or the entire nation thereof. Our nations are rotting from within, and trust is completely eroding......and I'm not sure the vice and corruption that is bringing this about can be attributed to conscious planning by men.......though they may be exploiting it to the max, and possibly even have foreseen some of it. We have only to look in the Old Testament to see what kind of judgments befell Israel when she fell away, and I can't help but have this sense of foreboding. The mind of man may be planning his way to whatever extent, and others have more knowledge of those things than me.......though it is still the LORD who directs his steps. (This is why Jesus was able to truthfully say to Pilate, you would have no authority over me except it be given by God.)
  5. Exposure of vice and corruption started with Hollywood and then moved into the political arena.........England is going through the same right now. Canada has already gone through a similar cycle. It's as though the Lord is turning over the rocks to publicly expose the spiritual condition of these formerly "christian" nations........so that He can righteously judge them.
  6. Fasting the right way

    I believe this is why Jesus said to take no thought about what to eat, just eat what God provides, usually the same basic food we grew up with........its the unbelievers who run after these things. In our wealthy self-indulgent society there is far too much thought being taken about food. And guess what....the carnal mind can't figure out what we really need anyhow.........scientists are constantly changing their minds about what we should eat or not eat........and God is right where He said all that He made that is edible is good for food. Only GOD really knows what we need so we should just not take thought and we will find that He just leads and gives us what we need as we follow Him. We just need to be sensible, as well as moderate, and not worry our little brains about it too much like the unbelievers are doing. I have found that the Lord even leads where vitamin/mineral supplements are concerned, when they are needed.
  7. Fasting the right way

    Thanks Emily, I enjoyed this study and encouragement on fasting. Ah sports......the dilemma for me with sports and competition, and wars for that matter.....is that winning is always at the expense of somebody else who God loves just as much!
  8. Fact or Fraud

    There is good news.......that for the believer we are not obligated to feed our carnal curiosity about what man or devil may or may not by up to ..... That's just scratching our itchy ears......itchy for entertainment and excitement. We just don't have to go there........because all we need to be found doing when the Jesus comes is to be about the Father's business. All I know is that this thread is a carnal kind of conversation and Jesus is not in it. The flesh profits nothing. Doesn't much matter what man gets up to anyhow, God is going to judge it all soon, so whatever is being planned or not......is not going to get very far and all their works will be burned up. He has told us what we need to be found doing when He comes. The only reason we are here is for the sake of His gospel, not inquiring into these kinds of carnal things...if God is to be believed there is nothing new under the sun anyhow.
  9. Yes, it's a steamed pudding.....I think that's how it used to be done in the old days, with gauze. Well maybe you can have some pudding once you're over the fast, just dont' overdo it bro.
  10. Here ya go, Neighbour......does this look like it might come close to your Grandma's pudding...? http://allrecipes.com/recipe/24284/grandmas-suet-pudding/
  11. Archbishop(s) Of Canterbury- Pagan links

    The Archbishop of Canterbury being inducted in a pagan ceremony is very disturbing, and they are playing dangerous games........reminds me of the dark pagan elements in Catholicism too. But the second article....whoa nellie.......dear sister....I think we have to be very careful of antisemitism......it isn't anybody's parentage that is a problem, it is only a matter of whether anybody is born again or not, and whether they are walking in sound doctrine or are deceived and following a false gospel. Those are the issues at stake, for everybody, Jew and Gentile. And the bible tells us clearly and explicitly why Jesus was crucified by the religious leaders of His time........it was for envy, pure and simple.
  12. Does God bless America?

    Like a weaned child......? It is sad that the mother has to "die" in giving birth in the last days though, like Rachel did.....and Israel.
  13. Does God bless America?

    Bless you Denis........I rejoice with you in your testimony of what the Lord has done in your life, He is so gracious and merciful, and I love to hear testimonies of His saving and delivering power! \o/ He has led you to a church fellowship for now, to help you get established in the faith and in the word of God, or whatever other purposes of His............but just do not, do not, do not, ever let your church or pastor or fellow believers take precedence over the Lord.......there may come a day when He asks you to lay these down for Him, should it become necessary. The Lord led me out of my last church because it had fallen into serious error and I sought Him for years to find me another church, because He had always led me before and I couldn't understand why i couldn't find another church.......but instead of bringing me to another church, He began to speak and give me understanding of how it is in the last days with the church falling away, and how I needed to just follow and trust Him even if He led me alone out to the middle of a dry and deserted no-man's land.
  14. Does God bless America?

    Neighbour, you just look prayerfully again at the words of Jesus concerning the last days, brother, and what the apostles wrote.......because we need to be strengthened to bear these times and to not be deceived. It's not business as usual any more.......things are wrapping up quite quickly......and strength we do need, to be prepared for what is coming and even now is here. The issue of fellowship is not the main issue at all....AT ALL.........when I complained to the Lord about the lack of fellowship in my life, He answered me right from scripture, "When I called Abraham I called him alone." You just look to Jesus, keep your eyes on Him and not on what others are doing...........HE is the Shepherd of our soul and we just follow wherever He leads.......just like He called Abraham outside the camp of his people to follow Him.....the city we are looking for is not an earthly city or camp or church.
  15. Does God bless America?

    There are things that are not easy to hear, I know they can be hard to bear..........but rather than going by our feelings and how anything makes us feel, or making any assumptions........I would encourage us all to bring these things to the Lord, and ask Him for HIS guidance and understanding.