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  1. Worldliness in youth ministry

    Thank you Justin. I have a feeling that if I were to confront the situation I would be going it alone. I know some of the older people in the church don't like what is going on in youth ministry, but they aren't really involved in it either. Its like people become desensitized to what's going on, it just becomes normal. I bet it was also normal for the money changers to be at the temple, some people probably thought it was messed up. But Jesus went in there flipping tables. He was angry. And im a bit angry about this as well. The leaders are turning the church into a club or hangout place where kids do whatever they want. I have been gathering some evidence before I confront the leaders. I don't want to go to them with nothing. I took some screenshots of last summer at Christian camp when they painted their faces like zombies. I couldn't find the post where the youth leader boasted about drinking while at camp. I was thinking about confronting the leaders if we have an Awana meeting on Tuesday. We don't ever have meetings, but I suggested to the youth pastor that we start having a meeting before club begins so we can share ideas or talk about things needing improved. He said that was a good idea, but that's usually what he says but never follows through. We will see. Its hard to not make this about him and his character, im trying to focus on his actions instead. But it's hard. His actions show his heart. He throws fits at his kids, he is rude to his wife and fights with her infront of people, he makes crude jokes, there is so much more. But then it becomes gossip. Several people have complained about him to the senior pastor, and the deacons have discussed letting him go. The hard thing is he is a friend to a lot of them, it would be hard to see him get fired and lose that income. But I think the souls of the teens and children are more important.
  2. Worldliness in youth ministry

    It feels like the youth pastor isn't trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring people in. It's like he thinks if we don't have angry birds VBS or other worldly things people won't be interested, they would be bored and leave. He actually comes from a church that believes you choose God first and then He sends the Holy Spirit, and it shows in his ministry, like it's up to him to bring them in. I was doing some reading online about different alternatives to youth ministry. Some churches just have the kids with their parents. And some churches do more of a discipleship or Bible study with the youth. I was reading also about how youth ministry keeps teens in the child thinking mode with all the games and immaturity. I think what the teens need is discipleship training. The women mentoring the young females, and the men mentoring the young males. I wonder how God can use me at this church? First i need to confront the situation and show how there is error with what they are doing.
  3. I have a problem with my church, Im not sure whether Im overreacting or not. We started awana club recently and I was really excited to be a cubbies leader. I still am. But our youth pastor and his wife have been allowing worldliness into the ministry. For example they had a superhero themed night last week where they dressed as super heroes, and all the games were superhero themed, and all the food. It was so over the top. I saw this on Facebook and was thinking "where is the Gospel?". And coming up they are doing a Disney Frozen night and a football team night where you wear your favorite team gear. I feel like our church is trying to lure kids in by trying to fit in with the world. And anyone who says anything negative gets made fun of behind their backs. I've seen this before. Several families have left our church because of our youth pastor's immaturity. And he has been confronted several times. I think we are changing churches. But Im not sure what else to do. I feel like I need to stay in awana this year because they might not be able to find a replacement for me, and I really care about these kids. Should I confront the youth pastor and his wife and just say I don't think we should be mixing wordliness with ministry? Am I overreacting? There are way way more examples. During youth camp last summer the youth pastor went out for a drink for lunch and then came back to teach camp some more and he boasted about this on Facebook. He also takes selfies of himself because hes getting into shape. How can a youth pastor be so worldly? I haven't been a Christian for very long so I don't know how else they should be. I understand they should be able to relate to the kids etc. But it seems like he wants to be their buddy too much. I don't want to just gossip about him, but I don't know how to voice my concern without seeming like a gossip. What should I do? How can we help him?
  4. My dream since I could remember has always been to be beautiful and have the perfect body. It was a huge idol for many years. I've finally let that go, but every day is a struggle.
  5. prayers 4 ex hubs!

    Things are going ok. He hasn't brought anything up again, so I don't either. I am almost positive that one day he will be saved. I keep praying for him though.
  6. Trick or treating

    I've read all of these comments. I think I've changed my mind about Halloween. I think we will be staying home. I didn't know all this stuff about ritual sacrifice and how common it is. Wow.
  7. Trick or treating

    Wow, crazy! They saw demons there? I used to do that kind of thing. So, my ex husband takes our girls trick or treating and to haunted houses (against their will i may add). He tries to toughen them up. They always dress in cute costumes. I may take my 3 year old to a church thing, but we will see. I can't take any of them downtown to the little shops because the costumes are too scary. It's ridiculous what those shopkeepers are allowed to wear. I hate it. Our church is canceling awana club on Halloween to do a trunk or treat thing. Im still deciding whether or not to go.
  8. Hedges around marriage

    What are some boundaries or hedges you have in place around your marriage? Do you chit chat with the opposite sex at church? What if you're drawn towards someone or attracted to them? Do you ignore them or act normal? Thanks!
  9. I'm amazed in what has happened

    Thank you, it was a painting i saw on Facebook and I just HAD to have it!( screenshot it i mean) It makes me think of Jesus reaching down and pulling me up when I am sinking.
  10. Probably Jonah. I can relate to being bitter about trying to witness to certain people and thinking i can't wait till they get what's coming to them. And also his feelings of self loathing. And running from God.
  11. Is temptation a sin

    To be tempted is not a sin. To linger and contemplate on it is a sin. I have a reoccurring obsessive sin. The only way to not think about it is to literally have my bible in my face all.day.long. I have had to carry around scripture with me and read it throughout the day. It's so important to keep thoughts pure because actions always follow.
  12. I'm amazed in what has happened

    Wow what an amazing testimony! You have been through so much, and God has been able to use you. You can be such a blessing to so many people with your story! Praise God He saved you! Our stories are similar in that I came to Christ during a time of being suicidal. Thank you for sharing! Glad to have you here!
  13. Husband got the job!

    There is a really good job at my husbands work that he applied for, we prayed that he would get it, and that more importantly Gods will be done. He got it! He gets to keep his same shift, yeah! And we will be able to pay off bills and tithe more :). It will be nice to not struggle paycheck to paycheck anymore. Now I pray we can be good stewards of Gods blessing and be wise wit our money. Praise God!!!
  14. Soul Extraction Machine.

    I don't think someone could separate the soul from the body. I don't think God would allow for that. ...like time travel also... Someone should do a thread about time travel!
  15. Rapture thoughts

    I believe in the pre tribulation rapture, but if it doesn't happen I am aware of what comes next and what to look for. I wouldn't lose my faith. The Lord is the author and finisher of my faith and it is strong in the Lord no matter what happens. I don't think a true born again Christian with the Holy Spirit of God can lose their Holy Spirit and fall away from the faith. I know there are scriptures that appear thug way, but there are also verses that say we can't. Like the one that says nothing can separate us from God. I think people could get distracted by life and not be as on fire for the Lord during some seasons in life, but I don't think they've lost their salvation.