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  1. Being Ready & Encouraging Others

    For a while I was feeling judgmental towards a few Christians in my church, especially one in particular who I one of our pastors and caught up in weight loss world of taking selfies. He also makes fun of others among other things. But then it dawned on me, Im no different. I have sins too I need to repent of, like anger and judgmentalness, so now I don't ruminate over and over about someone's behavior. I am trying to work on myself instead. The lord has been growing my love towards others. Its been amazing! It feels good to be free from hatred and bitterness. I feel like this is God getting me ready for His return.
  2. Rapture thoughts

    and to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead--Jesus, who rescues us from the coming wrath. 1 thessalonians 1:10 I do not want this to turn into a debate. I will not be replying to people trying to change my mind. When I read the scriptures the Holy Spirit shows me pre trib.
  3. Rapture thoughts

    I would like to be able to remember this life, so I can have that contrast, so I can be grateful to finally be with the Lord. I want to remember the hardships here and the mocking, all of it . I have wondered about the clothes too. I wonder if they will be changed into our robes. I wonder if I will be taller than I am now at only 5 ft. That would imply that my shortness is a defect from the fall. I've also thought about how my children will be changed. Will they all of the sudden be looking 20? I have 3 kids, 2 girls who are 7 and 8, and a son who is 3. It would be so crazy awesome if we all became the same age! I couldn't imagine them staying little forever. Yeah, Im thinking we will all be the same age, or at least look it. Why are all the rapture movies terrible? They either have bad acting or are just not biblical. I saw this one where the Christians just like died and their spirits were changed, and then during the tribulation when the locusts were stinging they only came out at night and the people found "medicine" to help with the pain. That's not biblical at all. Someone needs to do a good rapture movie. Anyways, I can go on and on talking about this (that's why I made this thread lol). Good night
  4. Rapture thoughts

    This discussion is for anyone who wants to join. I just ask that we be polite to eachother. My questions were for those with the pre trib belief, but anyone can chime in. The theory about the aliens is very interesting, especially since a lot of people believe that aliens are our past gods. I like the picture that was shared. When I've seen left behind movies I've laughed at the thought that people believe all those planes would fall because I really didn't think there would be that many born again pilots. But if there were in fact going to be a massive emp that would definitely make that happen. It will be mass pandemonium. I really pray with all of my heart its a pre trib rapture. I want to go be with Jesus like now!
  5. Rapture thoughts

    I value everyone's opinion. I believe in the pre trib rapture because that's what I see when I read scripture. Paul talks a lot about our blessed hope. He doesn't talk about prepping or hunkering down or keeping our eyes on the anti Christ. Believing in the rapture keeps my head up looking for Jesus, not living in fear looking for the Antichrist. If the Antichrist pops up I will the know it was not a pretrib rapture. Im prepared either way. Be blessed 💝
  6. Rapture thoughts

    That's a good point, the Antichrist might not be revealed immediately. It might not be till after the ezekiel 38 war. The rapture might not be till after then either, but before the Antichrist reveals himself . I think maybe the Antichrist will say yes it was the rapture, and now we have to band together and do good for humanity so they can go to heaven as well. Or that God was judging them by taking us. He will mix truth with lies. The new age believers believe that some time in the future millions of people will disappear because reality will be raised to a higher spiritual frequency, and those with lower frequencies (babies, children, Christians) will be left in the old realm of lower frequency existence. That is just another way for Satan to discredit the rapture. These new age people received this information while in a trance talking to "spirit beings". Just more proof of the rapture, the enemy trying to come up with an alternative story.
  7. Rapture thoughts

    I've had some thoughts for a while, When the rapture happens do you think the people left behind will know what has happened? Will they see us up in the clouds? I was thinking that at that moment there might be a huge earthquake and an EMP that knocks out everything due to the huge amount of energy from the dead being raised and all of us being changed. Also I imagine us being gathered together above Jerusalem with Jesus. What do you guys think? Anyone have any thoughts about the details of the rapture?
  8. woman has a crush on my husband

    Romans, I know this post is a little old, but Im now just seeing it. This is quite eye opening and I thank you so much for posting it! I just recently got myself out of a similar situation in which I was the woman with the crush. I haven't been a Christian for very long, since 2011, so I didn't know there were certain rules of conduct around men. There is a man at our church, the youth pastor, who is very flirt and talkative with the young women in church. His wife doesn't seem to care. They have a rocky marriage. Well, after I lost a bunch of weight I noticed that this guy was looking at me a lot and texting me and giving me attention. I liked it. But I never saw it coming, and I developed very strong feelings for him. These feelings finally have gone away. I saw the ugly side of him, and I was gone for a month with no contact at all. Amd now Im back and thinking what did I ever see in him? It was purely an attention thing. He was sending out signals that he wasn't happily married, and I was starving for attention. Now I barely talk to him. I have been keeping my distance, keeping the talk all business etc. I keep an eye on my body language, and continuously check myself to make sure Im talking to him like I would anyone else and not flirting. He has that personality that is lively, happy, and brings you put of your shell. But I respect his marriage and my own. It hurt at first, it felt like a breakup, but the time away really helped. I just wanted to share my experience. I thought my husband was super happily married to me, we were newly weds, but he was having the start of an emotional affair at work. Now we just try to communicate our needs more. If I were you i would try to have compassion for this woman. What helped me to simmer down my feelings and create space was when his wife started dressing nicer, wearing makeup, flirting with him. I mean, she really stepped it up! I was like "you go girl!". They became happier and more affectionate. So you could try that as well. And pray for her and her marriage. She might be having a huge battle of self control inside that you can't see. If she is in love with your husband or has an infatuation with him it's probably taking a lot of self control, prayer, and distraction to not text him. At my worst point I was obsessed. I couldn't stop thinking about him, it took loads of self control and some tears to not text him for "innocent reasons". I prayed and prayed for God to just take these feelings away. I went to a Christian therapist even. I found out i have a lot of trauma still from sexual abuse and abandonment when I was a toddler. And it plays out now in me wanting attention for validation. And addiction tendencies. My therapist told me that I might always have some low grade feelings for him because I will remember how he made me feel. See, it wasn't true feelings, it was my selfishness and attention seeking. I don't know if this helps at all. I hope it does. Does your husband talk casually with other women at church? This guy Im talking about chit chats with all the women, I think its sort of a problem with him and he shouldn't do it. God bless! I hope everything worked out ok.
  9. 9/23/17, Rev 12:5, X etc..

    Yes! I strongly believe the rapture is on a feast of trumpets because of what that feast is a picture of. And I believe this year's feast is a strong possibility, not just because of the revelation 12 sign, but other reasons as well. We will find out in 7 days! If we aren't raptured, I will still keep looking up! Can't wait to go home!
  10. The 4th bowl

    Quick question, How hot do you think it will get when the sun is given power and strength to scorch people? I was thinking upper 100s.
  11. Decluttering&preparing

    Yes, very true last daze, I've been getting ready spiritually as well, actually I think it's the Holy Spirit getting me ready. I've been dealing with some sins that pop up in my life (overeating, and being judgmental). Missmuffet, I didn't even realize how much stuff I had until I started decluttering! I hate clutter as well. But something I've now learned is that just organizing my stuff and keeping everything neat and tidy isn't enough. The more stuff I have the more stuff I have to pick up and organize. I was left with several rubbermaid containers, an empty bookshelf, and some empty furniture storage things. So some of our furniture is gone too. It's so therapeutic!
  12. Decluttering&preparing

    I wasn't sure where to post this topic, but I found this interesting. So last week a friend posted an article on Facebook about how too much stuff can cause stress, and that when she got rid of a lot of her stuff she became happier. I decided to do the same. Yes this ties in with prophecy, eventually. So we have been purging our house and getting rid of tons and tons of stuff, things look so different, and Im feeling a lot better. Now this is interesting, I've tried to give my things to my friends, but they are all purging their homes too! And I was listening to the radio the other day while purging a room and James Macdonald was on talking about this same thing! This got me thinking...is God perhaps helping us prepare for the rapture? Maybe loosening our grip on this world? Or something like this? With all the hurricanes, fires, earthquakes,etc going on it seems interesting. Or maybe Im just reading into it. Anyone else all the sudden have an urge to clean out your house and get your affairs in order?
  13. 9/23/17, Rev 12:5, X etc..

    I was really excited about this September because of the sign in the stars, until I came across this article in answers to genesis. The 2 things they said that make me doubt now is first they said its actually more than 12 stars above virgo's head, and also secondly, for it to be a sign for all to see it should be visible, which apparently it won't be. It's only visible on stellarium. It won't actually be visible in real life. The sun will be too far up in the sky to see the stars. Im pretty bummed because we've had a countdown app on our phone and tablet since 2011! https://answersingenesis.org/astronomy/stars/what-will-happen-september-23-2017/
  14. Struggling with overeating

    Thank you all for the great suggestions! I definitely believe cutting carbs is a great start. I seem to struggle the most when I allow too many into my diet. It triggers cravings for me. I also think that having a full treat day makes eating healthier the next day harder because I have so much junk in my system and it triggers cravings. Maybe I should just allow for some frozen yogurt once a week instead. Tomorrow Im going to do a fast, just to get my mind off of food and be busy with other things. I feel too weak right now to make good choices, I just want to stuff my face like I did earlier today. I used to intermittently fast for a few years, no problem, I would either just skip breakfast, eat within a certain window of time, or fast once or twice a week. I started getting psychologically crazy from it when I started doing long fasts, like 3 days or more. I've tried a ketogenic diet before, but it was just too hard for me to keep up with. Lots of cookbooks and recipes and I got overwhelmed. Plus I started to believe i couldn't lose weight unless I was in ketosis. But I know that's not true because over ten years ago I lost 50 pounds, reached goal, and kept it off for 3 years before getting pregnant. I wasn't even counting calories at the time either. Just eating less and running a lot. A. LOT. My body has changed a lot since those days. I would like to maintain a sweet spot of losing weight without obsessing over it, just living my life not really thinking about it. I've been there before. But the "not obsessing" turns into complacency, then laziness, and then backsliding up the scale. It's a neverending cycle it seems. Maybe because they were crash diets and not healthy lifestyles and habits being formed. That might be it. I have asked one of my Christian friends about it, she is naturally skinny, I just simply asked her how to find balance. She gave me some good advice about honoring my body as a temple and involving God in the process. But now she is yo yoing as well. Her weight has been up and down quite a bit since then. I asked my other thin friend how she stays away from Halloween candy, I thought she would have some amazing words of wisdom she said "I don't, I eat it!" . That blew me away! But she doesn't beat herself up over it. She's not on any diet, she just continues on with her normal healthy eating. How profound, yet obvious! I've rambled on enough. Good night! Thank you again!
  15. A few months ago I fasted for 27 days. I got down to my goal weight, but hard a very hard time adjusting after the fast. I was overeating a lot, and I had digestive problems. I have been struggling ever since, worse than before the fast. Struggling to fight the temptation to fast again to just get back down to goal so I feel better about myself again, I've gained 15 pounds back. And also struggling with the desire to even WANT to eat healthy. I know my body is a temple, and I know lots of scripture. But Im not repentant yet. I fear I won't be repentant until I am 50 pounds heavier again. I heard true repentance comes from God, and I haven't really hit rock bottom yet with this. I want to want to change. But I think I care more about vanity than health. I do well for a week, but then I fail again. And with sugar and too many carbs in my system i just crave even more. I was thinking of doing a short 24 hour fast to get rid of the sugar without having to make healthy choices for every meal. I know I should give it up to God, and I've done a few Christian weight loss programs, and Im currently in a 12 step program (last week was my first time), but I feel like I need motivation right now. I don't think I can do this the slow gradual baby steps way. I feel like I just want to lose the weight fast and get it over with, and then deal with the hard stuff afterwards. But my history has shown me that I fail every time. Has anyone gone through this and made it out the other side? Or is anyone else struggling as well?