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  1. Have you tried extra virgin coconut oil? It helps if you rub it directly on the psoriasis but it really works wonders if you also add it into your diet, about a tsp a day.
  2. happy-birthday-religious-pictures-christian-happy-birthday-clip-art-1a52Rf-clipart.jpg

    1. LovelyJoni


      Thanks shanee :D

    2. shanee


      very welcome:)

  3. I do not like this pulpit & pen guy, I don't believe the Lord has called anyone to sit online and pick others apart. Yes we are to have discernment but not to the point where it has become our obsession instead of the love of God. Seems Satan either wants us to have no discernment or to become so obsessed with it we end up attacking our brothers and sisters in Christ. Not edifying at all.
  4. Alix Carriedo - I need prayer

    welcome, I'm praying for you💜
  5. Greetings

  6. Will God grant me this grace?

  7. Need help repenting

    Also I'm praying for you💜
  8. Need help repenting

    I've had these kind of thoughts about God, that He is cruel and it actually caused me to have an irrational fear of Him and to run from Him a good part of my life. Once I surrendered my life to Him the Lord revealed to me that my perception of Him was way off and it came from being verbally and physically abused growing up so I've put a lot of work into healing in that area and the more I heal the more I realize how crazy about me the Lord is. He just becomes more loving all the time💜
  9. Please Pray for us to have the strength

    Praying for you, your wife and Indiana Jones💜 I had to do that about 3 years ago and I do believe my Bee Gee is in Heaven.
  10. Warm Greetings from a Wilful Sinner

    welcome to worthy
  11. Introduction For Christian Soldier

  12. North Korea

    Amen, get close to the Lord. Trust in Him and not our nation's leaders. We are living in the last days.
  13. church

    The Lord is saving people everyday and some of them He's calling to Pastor a church like you describe and part of that entails collecting tithes and offerings. I'm a member of a church like that and it's also full of the Holy Spirit. Our Pastor keeps His focus on presenting the gospel to the lost as well as helping us mature in our walk with the Lord. We just finished our Easter cantata (My Savior, My God) and 14 people were saved. You could feel the Holy Spirit so strong in our church and it's amazing how the Lord used that drama to convict sinners and draw them to Himself. And it cost a good bit of money to pay for all of that but that was not our focus. Just like Jesus our focus was on the lost.
  14. Pray for our nation and the world

    Praying and I agree, we are living in the last days.