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Found 11 results

  1. I’ve recently experienced the full effect of the devil and the result of sinful ways, but I’m afraid I’m in too deep. Years ago I met a girl through another friend and started seeing her. I was raised by Christian parents so I know what’s right from wrong so I’m not making excuses but I found it difficult to meet a woman that I believe was the right one for me, a lot of this is based on the world and life I was exposed myself to. When I first met the girl something felt off about her. She was confident and very interested in me in an odd way. I’ve been the shy type of guy for most of my life and she was able to get me to open up to her. as time has gone on I drifted away into the world and even though I pray everyday, sinning slowly became the norm for me. The woman I met was slowly able to get into my head and slowly as she did, I began to fall for her charm and slowly she had a hold over me, I remember having intercourse with her for the first time and crying after it because i felt wrong in my spirit. But this wasn’t the end, over a few years I kept seeing her on and off and I honestly don’t know how it’s happened when I look back at it. I feel as though I was under some kinda spell, then I’d wake up from the spell but then I go through depression quite a lot, and it would be in these dark times that I would be drawn back into her web, the same patterned carried on for a few years. I’d delete her number and then I’d say I’m never seeing her again but then I’d somehow end up seeing her then I’d stay away for another 6 months. It wasn’t till recently I decided that I’ve met someone I believe is right for me by God, even though I’d known this person for a while I wasn’t quite sure as time has gone on I’ve started to see that she is meant for me. I finally decided to cut my ties from this other girl who’s web I was in and then she tells me she’s pregnant. It almost felt like a dream because unlike the other times when I decided it was time to stop seeing her, I was fully committed to removing her from my life and settling down and getting married with the one I love. And it almost felt as though she knew I was gone for good so she sees this as a means of developing a hold on her. Now I know I’ve sinned, I know the word of God well enough to know I shouldn’t have been fornicating in the first place, but I also feel as though she had an unexplainable demonic kinda hold over me which I find hard to explain but when you feel it you feel it. I’ve been to church a few times and have had some deliverance prayers to cut of soul ties and unwanted bonds and things along these lines, and everyday I pray about this situation but I really just wanted some advice. as far as the physical goes the bond is completely broken. theirs not a thing in the world that would take me back there again. I’ve woken up and realised what it is for what it is. But this girl is not someone I feel I’m mentally strong enough to cope with for the rest of my life if she is indeed to have my child If indeed it does happen to be mine. I might sound foolish but im really not as foolish as I sound, which is what makes this harder to beat, its like knowing a trap, seeing it but not being able to control yourself from walking into it, and then now your in it you’re asking yourself how could you be so daft, it’s unthinkable, if somebody else was to tell me this happend to them looking at the facts involved I’d call them an idiot. depression is just a terrible thing and can take you to places that when you look back you question how you could scoop so low. I protected myself most times I did see her and she said she Assured me she was On contraception. an accident happened in one of the times I last saw her which is why her claim could be true. She is a girl that gets around quite a lot and could also be lying but she also might be telling the truth. I’ve prayed to God for forgiveness and it’s a sin I’d never find myself committing again and in a way this has brought me close to God again in a way I’ve never been for a long time. But I just wanted to know if it’s wrong to pray to God to not make her the mother of my child, but at the same time I don’t want to feel like im sinning with prayer and make things worst. This girl really is a big problem and theirs more to her than I can say on here without being negative but she’s not great news all round, and I’m certain she saw a prey and pounced and now even her tone and how she speaks has completely changed. Like a person that’s had a mission all along and now they’ve hit their target. A child is for life, am I wrong as a Christian in praying against any bonds with her or praying against her pregnancy if it is indeed mine, Not saying I’m trying to escape the consequence of my sin but I just feel this will be a complete nightmare with the character I am. Haven’t been able to get a good night sleep in weeks, just been praying a lot and fasting but I once heard a message saying pray that you don’t pray when it’s too late and i feel as though the signals from God was there for me to listen too but I turned a blind eye to it and now I’m on the verge of hell. I know they say theirs always a positive but with this one here ive really bitten of more than I can chew. I look back and think what spirit could possess a man with wisdom to make such daft decisions. Thank you looking foward to feedback. God bless
  2. 1. My Life Before Christ Before I found my true love, Jesus Christ, I was full of lust and perversion, proud, sadistic, angry, vengeful, argumentative, disrespectful to my family, manipulative, self-hating, apathetic towards life, anxious, God-hating, brute, depressed, black metal loving, Christian hating, evolutionist, Jesus Christ denying Satanist. To give a quick back story, when I was 11, I had an experience with an entity. At the age of 13, I became obsessed with aliens and UFOs to the point I sought contact. After succeeding, I had several disturbing experiences with what I now know to be demons; I thought they were aliens at the time. At the age of 14, I learned about Tarot, and got my first deck at 15. It was at that point I got into "New Age", experimenting with channeling, believing I was an indigo child. At the age of 17, I left the "New Age" and ventured into Vampyrism. Half a year later, I delved into Crowley and briefly looked into Satanism. Near the end of my 17th year, I decided I'd become a LaVeyan Satanist when I was 18; the age I considered myself a legal adult. Six months into my eighteenth year, I became a Theistic Satanist. I stayed in that for a number of years, branching off into generic dark occultism, then to Atheism, and finally as a result of several supernatural experiences to Theistic Luciferianism. During this time, I experienced numerous nightmarish manifestations. However, I was too blinded by pride, stubbornness, and a lust for power and knowledge to care of the end road. I knew I was going to Hell, I knew Hell was real, I knew Satan hated me, and I even went so far as to tell God Himself to scrape off my name from the Lamb's Book of Life. Towards the end, I began building a Luciferian order, gathering members, building doctrine, and so on. It was at this point that I knew I was far beyond the point of no return. 2. How I Came to Jesus Christ God saw it fit to take the things I was obsessed over, the things I worshiped, and shatter them so completely, I could never pick up the pieces. Everything I believed in, He destroyed. Everything I loved and which I would escape into, He obliterated. Nothing remained. At the time, I didn't know God was responsible for doing this and ended up lost in a two-week long depression of the likes I had never experienced before. I literally cried when I would look up at the sky, so I kept my eyes to the ground, secluding myself in the darkness of my room as much as I was able. Once the depression turned into a tolerable numbness, I told Satan I had no interest in lying about things anymore for him. I told him I was simply, "done" with all the deception and didn't care that I was breaking my oath and my contract, nor of the consequences of doing so; I was fully prepared to lose everything. With that, I walked away from Luciferianism, deciding that while I was still going to Hell, I could at least do some good in the world. I felt so hopeless, so confused, and so lost, though I knew not to expect forgiveness from God, though I apologized to Him anyways, leaving it at that. I took everything occult I owned, shoved it in a bag, and to the landfill it went. I deleted all my files, destroyed my organization, renounced everything from my past, and moved on. One week later, despite how unworthy and disgusting I felt about who I was and what I had done, I repented fully to God. Two weeks from that point, when I was still 33 years old, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I prayed that I would come to know and love Him. 3. My Life With Christ The lord has transformed me. Where I was full of lust and perversion, The Lord has caused disgust and nausea to well in me at the very thought of my prior perversions. Where I once championed pride, The Lord has brought me down to show me humility. Where I was once sadistic, The Lord has shown me mercy and compassion. Where I was angry, The Lord has shown me joy. Where I was vengeful, The Lord has made me detest vengeance. Where I was argumentative, The Lord has been teaching me patience and longsuffering. Where I was disrespectful to my family and elders, The Lord has blessed me, healing the wounds I caused, teaching me respect and patience. Where I was manipulative, The Lord has shown me service. Where I was self-hating, The Lord has shown me that I'm made in His Mighty Image. Where I was apathetic towards life and nature, The Lord has shown me the beauty of both, for He made it all. Where I was God-hating and unloving, The Lord has planted and watered a seed which is growing into love. Where I was brute, The Lord has shown me grace. Where I was depressed, The Lord has showered me with peace. Where I was confused, The Lord has shown me knowledge and has lit my way. Where I loved chaotic music, The Lord has turned me to harmony. Where I hated Christians and sought to divide them, The Lord has converted my heart, blessing me with a need to bring unity. Where I was an evolutionist, The Lord showed me the truth of Creation. Where I denied Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ has redeemed me. Where I was a Satanist, destined for Hell, Jesus Christ brought me to the wonderful and precious knowledge of His saving Grace. Praise His Mighty Name! Thank you, Jesus, for showing me that even as far as I fell, You were there, always, and you never stopped loving me. For the unbelievers reading this, know that Jesus Christ is real and so is His Power and Authority. Know that He can save you as He saved me if only you ask Him. Know that He can transform your life and give you real purpose, real love, and real knowledge if only you will turn to Him.
  3. My following testimony is inspired by shapes' post in the "Worthy Q & A for Seekers" forum. And I quote, "How does God deal with those who have mental illness. Does he heal people from this affliction?" https://www.worthychristianforums.com/topic/219239-mental-illness-god/#comment-2777709 God dealt with my mind in a mess by giving me a guardian angel. I have seen and heard her. God had me born into an amazing family. They love, protect and provide for me. God gave me and the ability to discern real true friends. Only a couple dozen never gave up on me. God supplied me with doctors, psychiatrists and professionals. Medications, personal care and safety nets caught me when I fell, repeatedly. God commands my government, nation and community services to help me, however little and lacking it is. God dealt with me by interacting with my heart, mind, body and soul. Most importantly, God dealt with my sin by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to save, protect and heal me. I have been saved since 2016's Christmas season. I dove deep into everything Christian and came up baptized on the last day of 2017 (also baptized as an infant). I attended some prayer meetings last year. They anointed me with oil and prayed for the healing of my mind. Since then, God has been healing and restoring me among other areas of my life. I feel shocks of energy surge though and jerk my body. I have been told this is the blood of Jesus running through me. When I am praying, willingly changing my thoughts to God's will, having revelations or meditating on God, I feel tangible physical healing in my temples behind my eyes. It has the similar sensation of a yawn, a condensed vibration. A Christian veteran I admire said something that stuck in my head relatively recently. "I don't even think like that anymore." It was a eureka revelation moment at the time and applies to what has been happening to my mind over the past year. I am becoming less like the Greg of the past and more like Christ. The Holy Spirit is alive and well in me and changing me for the better. The short answer is, "yes," He does heal people from this affliction. How God deals with sin, evil, death and even demons is by offering Jesus Christ a place in between us and all those "mental health issues." The secular world is leaving out God (in three Persons) as the ultimate and only real true solution, cure, coping mechanism and explanation, etcetera. I am living breathing proof. People would have a hard time believing my past. People in my past would have a hard time believing my present. My future will be hard to believe for anyone stuck in the secular world ignoring the one, true, living God. Jesus Christ is alive and well and has made me so, eternally, glory be to our Heavenly Father! 12 The demons begged Jesus, “Send us among the pigs; allow us to go into them.” 13 He gave them permission, and the impure spirits came out and went into the pigs. The herd, about two thousand in number, rushed down the steep bank into the lake and were drowned. - Mark 5:12-13 New International Version (NIV) 3 Therefore, holy brothers and sisters, who share in the heavenly calling, fix your thoughts on Jesus, whom we acknowledge as our apostle and high priest. - Hebrews 3:1 New International Version (NIV) 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4:7 New International Version (NIV)
  4. One of the main things I have been dealing with every day for years is spiritual warfare. It is a long, convoluted story worthy of a book series, and involves evil people as well as demons. I will not even attempt to describe the background story. I am just writing to say I suffered a HUGE attack early this morning, and I am in very very very bad shape and need prayer. The enemy is literally out to kill or destroy me. This is not an impression, which may be incorrect, but the repeated evidence of the events of many years. Please help me with your prayers. Thank you so much.
  5. Hi everyone! Recently my husband and I started attending a spirit filled church. The first night we were there I spoke in tongues for the first time in my life. I'd always been convinced it was demonic and anyone doing it was of the devil. Then it happened to me. We've been going for a few weeks now. God has started revealing skeletons in my closet that need to be dealt with. I'm going tonight for a deliverance session. It was revealed to me that I'm dealing with a Jezebel spirit. I can clearly remember two times in my life, once at 3 and once at about 11, where I "floated". The second time was witnessed by my younger brother. My family even joked about it for years saying I could teach them to float in case of a flood or Earthquake! In highschool I learned about demonic levitation. When I mentioned it to my dad at dinner he dropped his fork, left the dinner table, and never joked about me "floating" again. In 2012 I had deliverance from a mocking spirit. I saw Hell and felt fear like nothing I've never felt before or since. Recently, attending the new church, I've grown increasingly angry and hostile on church days. Often fighting with my husband right before we walk in. Last Thursday they laid hands on people. As people were falling down in the power of the Holy Spirit I could hear laughter in my head even though I thought it was cool. When they put their hands on me I felt a rush of electricity and the voice in my head got louder saying "you don't believe this do you?" Then I fell to the ground and CLEARLY heard that voice say "that's all he's got it's real but it's not enough" and the laughter in my head for REALLY loud. I reached out to the pastor and explained what happened that night and he said I should come in for deliverance. Last night I googled mocking spirit and learned that a Jezebel spirit runs in tandem with a lesser mocking spirit. That the Jezebel spirit is off witchcraft. I've dabbled with Wicca over the years! Has anyone else dealt with this? I have always been a gifted writer. More recently I have discovered a gift for art. I've drawn things that have happened. I've written things that have happened. Is it possible or even likely that something attached to me very young because of the calling and gifts? I've had a series of abusive relationships. Thankfully am married to a wonderful man now!!! The Jezebel spirit sounds just like some of the men before my husband. I've prayed in Jesus name to be rid of whatever the darkness is. Nothing seems to have worked. Hopefully tonight is the end.
  6. After I came. To Christ God gave me "eyes to see and ears to hear" I would have a series of dreams. He was showing me some of the things he wants me to operate in. 1. I saw about 10 or so angels surrounding me as I cast a demon out of a man in the street and he grew wings 2. I went into a car parts shop and was ministering to someone in Spanish by gift of the holy Spirit 3. I'm standing on a stage preaching to teens about overcoming the ways of the world and walking. Like Christ on the earth. That's just an example of what he has shown me. But it's starting to get. Intense. For instance when I first came to Christ I would be dreaming about being tempted to sin then I would speak the word of God in my dream and call out the lie then the face of the person would change to a demon I would wake up search the Bible pray and worship call on the Lord. But now it's different it's like if a spirit is trying to come in our home god will show me the spirit realm and I can see the demon then I "wake up" and can feel the spirits energy and I cast it out. This last expierence was even more different I was asleep then I woke up. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't I was laying down but I could see me go out side I live on a second floor apartment I floated through my window it was like everything was sperated. If I looked straight ahead it looked normal like what I see everyday if I looked down it looked like ground went to the core of the earth and I saw fire I didn't look up but I saw this bright light shining behind me. There was a group of 8 demons trying to attack me they rushed me and I started speaking the word of God casting them out of my neighborhood and this forced pushed out of my body kind of like strong wind and pushed all those demons away to keep them from touching me and 3 angels came from behind me and bound those demons and cast them into that fire pit another wave of demons came at me and attacked I fought with the word and that force kept pushing them off me and those angels bound them and cast them down all of a sudden I grew wings big huge white wings that looked like eagles wings and I flew up towards that bright light which was the precense of God and hugged the bottom of a huge leg then the verse in Isaiah 40:31 was put in my spirit i was suddenly back in my room looking at my dresser....the whole day I felt where those wings are in my spirit. Has anyone expierenced stuff like that. I realize that I'm a warrior in God's army but has anyone done that and more??
  7. Having experienced the torments of Hell, I can verify the legitimacy of this testimony, but more importantly, discernment tells me it's real and genuine. I encourage those who watch this not to go down a rabbit hole of Hell testimonies all at once, it can be overwhelming and very depressing, please be led by the Spirit by discerning the voice of God on all pursuits, but Jesus has taken people to experience these experiences for a reason. May you learn from these testimonies and be convicted (if necessary) and not condemned by responding to that conviction accordingly, (remember God chastises those He loves!) and may the Lord bless you mightily in Jesus' mighty name! Revelation 20:15: And if anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire. Luke 12:5: But I will warn you whom to fear: fear him who, after he has killed, has authority to cast into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him! Romans 6:23: For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Revelation 21:8: But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”
  8. We Are Fighting Demons More Than Democrats Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all transgressions. Proverbs 10:12 (New American Standard Bible) ........ What I’m calling for is simple and clear. It is for followers of Jesus to seek God’s face in prayer with a deep sense of urgency, asking Him to have mercy on our nation. It is for us to humble ourselves before Him in deep repentance for our own sins and failings. It is for us to renew our commitment to the Great Commission and to focus once again on winning the lost and making disciples. It is for us to shine like lights in dark places, confronting evil and injustice, helping the poor and the hurting, making a tangible difference for good wherever God has placed us. It is for us to live in the light of eternity, recognizing that what we do (or don’t do) in our time on earth will have implications in both this world and the world to come. In short, it is for us to take the Bible seriously, and that means submitting to God, resisting the devil, and pushing back the forces of darkness by the power of the gospel. Not only can it be done, with God’s gracious help, it must be done. Are you with me? https://townhall.com/columnists/michaelbrown/2017/03/30/we-are-fighting-demons-more-than-democrats-n2306510
  9. IN 4 months i went from being a complete christian to a terrified man desperate for peace. My mind, my body, my well being and i'm even afraid to say soul and spirit because i'm afraid to even admit that has even been touched out of being ashamed that it has been put into jeopardy by my own sinful behavior that i need help. The devil has been trying to take credit for all of God's good work that he has ever done in me and repeat it so he can receive credit for it and i need help. I'm trying to God and be with Him and the more i struggle the more pain I feel. I know GOD, I know JESUS, I know the LORD, and We have had an amazing relationship not more or less than anyone else. But i need help. I've been convinced that i was going to be used by the devil or God and that at this moment no matter what i do the devil is using me. I confess in my ignorance and selfishness i have struggled with forgiveness and blaspheming to thee point where it has destroyed my life physically and mentally. Yet i try to be free of it and it get's worse and worse. So i ask is it too late for me. I just admitted to my sins last night and tried to beg for forgiveness but all i saw was a black figure over me blocking my prayer. I even tried to reach past it but feeling like it wouldn't work. I feel everything I've been doing from church service to prayer has been rerouted to the devil in my mind and i want it to stop. I need Jesus and i want release from this but i don't even know how to start. I have therapy and a loving family and supportive church but i feel like I've been corrupting or bringing down those people because every time i feel a breakthrough i get skeptical and doubtful all the way to the point where i even make a big deal out of emotions. I feel like i'm being convinced to be satanic. I try to turn away from it but i seem to get the most resistance there. I want to turn to God but i feel like His Word is saying it's too late. I don't want it to be true. Is it too late for me to turn back. So far only fear anger and stress and anxiety have been what get's me to move. And my delay seems to be my down fall even trying to post this i had like 5 interruptions and my thoughts fear 6's and upside down crosses and every time i release my pain i have doubts about where my pain is going and who is using me. Something good will happen, i'll feel relief and then i'll get bombarded all over again. PRAYER ADVICE FREEDOM PUT YOUR ARMOR ON PLEASE. HELP ME.
  10. An in depth look at ghosts and demons, to whom it may concern. The past few days, I got into a interesting discussion with a friend of mine on facebook (and one of her not so friendly friends) about ghosts. This friend, whom I will not name out of respect, said that she believed in ghosts, and listed some arguments supporting them, not all of them invalid, but the discussion did want me to go through, and address these points-not as an attack on said persons view, I have no doubt this person saw what she fully believed to be a ghost-but as a honest look, concerning the facts, and according to the Bible. First off, the last argument this person had, was that animals, particularly cats, can see them. I would like to point out the obvious flaw-as well as the solid part, of this argument. The flaw is, cats, and other animals, cannot speak any human language-and we cannot speak animal, so while we may see an animal acting strange, we obviously have no idea what its actually seeing, because we arn't in its head-and it can't tell us. It could be a small insect we can't see, maybe the cat has mental issues (which in my opinion is about 99% of all housecats, but ill admit to a certain amount of personal bias there) And furthermore, animals, especially cats and dogs-have an innate ability to sense natural phenomenon-like seismic activity, storms, etc. and often react to that. They also have a very, very strong sense of hearing-they can hear things, that we cannot. And animals, when they hear something that they don't recognize they turn their head toward the noise-making it look like theyre staring at nothing, when it reality, it could be your neighbor two doors down blowing a dog whistle. Now, I do believe in the possibility they maybe seeing something "supernatural" but I will cover that later on in this discussion. The second argument presented, was that young kids see them. First off, not all kids see them, but its true-many kids report seeing what they think of as ghosts. But, let me point out some logical, explanations, before we dive into the supernatural (I will get to the supernatural, do not worry) First off, have you ever hear the term what goes in, must come out? Well its true. If a kid sees something-that childs brain will process it, and it will come out some way or another, each kid is different. If a kid watches a lot of adult TV, and has an active imagination, or raised believing in ghosts, its very possible that kid is actually seeing things-things that are real in his mind, but are not actually real. Or, the kid sees something that they don't understand-and think its a ghost, when in reality it may have just been pipes creaking in a old building and a strange shadow caused by a raccoon. Second, from a lot of research done on the subject-a lot of ghost sightings by kids, are kids from abused homes. Some of these may, actually be legitimate-but I will address that later, but many of these I suspect are just the kids minds way of processing what they are going through. The final argument, is that people who arn't open to it, arn't going to see them. This is actually a argument against them, believe it or not. If ghosts are real-as this person suggests they are, then theyre going to be real-whether I believe in them or not. And my lack of believing in them, isn't going to stop me from seeing them. Not in the slightest. Ghosts, by the sheer definition-are basically the "spirits" of people who came back from the dead, well if we come back from the dead as ghosts-lets look at this numerically. If we accept a Biblical age of the earth of beween 6-10,000 years, were talking billions of people having lived and died, which means billions of ghosts, which means there should be so many ghosts running around, that there would be absolutly no denying of them, good, evil or otherwise. Even if we were to say only a select few came back as ghosts, there would still be so many there would be no denying them. Especially if they are evil-like many suggest they are, but to date there has not been one documented case of a ghost murdering someone off of the big screen. (amazing how that is only seen in hollywood) These are all earthly, and rational arguments against the existence of ghosts, now lets look at what the Bible has to say. Lets start with 2 corinthians 5:5-8 So we are always of good courage. We know that while we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord, 7 for we walk by faith, not by sight. 8 Yes, we are of good courage, and we would rather be away from the body and at home with the Lord So, basically, laid out this passage is addressing believers-that when when we leave the body we go home to be with the Lord, not to haunt our future generations. Now, how about the unbeliever? Jesus said it best in Matthew 25:46 And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life Further repeated in Luke 16:22-24 22 The poor man died and was carried by the angels to Abraham’s side.6 The rich man also died and was buried, 23 and in Hades, being in torment, he lifted up his eyes and saw Abraham far off and Lazarus at his side. 24 And he called out, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus to dip the end of his finger in water and cool my tongue, for I am in anguish in this flame.’ Pretty clear, in both the case of the believer and unbeliever, they do not come back. That is what the Bible says. But, yet we have ghosts sightings? Certainly, many many of these are misunderstandings (people seeing something they don't understand and ascribing it to something else) pranks, imagination, or wanting to believe something so much they actually see it-and heaven knows how many are drug induced, but certainly, theyre not all fake. In fact, I would say, statistically, some of these sightings of "supernatural" beings have to be legit. Well, how can that be, if there is no such thing as ghosts? what If I told you there was a completly legitimate, and logical explanation for these sightings, one that is not only Biblical, but also explains why only some can see them-while it doesn't affect others. This explanation, explains why some kids-especially those in abusive homes, see these "creatures" while many do not. The answer, is there are supernatural beings that most of us cannot see-good and bad. The first, is Angels-these are heavenly beings who follow God-these are righteous beings who serve God, and we never have anything to fear, often watch over us. Angels appeared as messengers in Biblical times to many-Mary, mother of Jesus being the most notable. The other supernatural being is the demon. Demons, are fallen angels who serve satan-and will do anything to kill, steal and destroy (john 10:10) and lure people away from Christ. They will do anything-including masquerading as ghosts. and hauntings. There is a biblical example-in Mark 5:1-20, a legion of demons possesssed a man and used him to haunt a graveyard, this man had superhuman strength, could break any bond that was placed on him, and lived in a graveyard-people were frightened of him, until Jesus cast the demons out and into a herd of pigs. My point is this, Demons, will do anything to lure people away from the truth. If by appearing to them as ghosts and scaring the daylights out of them, well if the person is living in fear of something like this-then it is one more thing hindering them from following God. They can torment people-and possess people. In the case of many abused kids-it is very possible there is a demon in the house tormenting the childs parents-or adding torment to the child on top of the abuse. Its even possible animals maybe able to see them. Now, as to why some people see them-and some people don't, theres two things-for many non-believers, demons, and satan, know what works with some and not work with others. A ghost appearance might affect one person, while the next person will just assume they ate something that didn't agree with them, and a ghost appearance wouldn't work. A ghost appearance, to a strong christian-would do no good, because christians understand what these are-demons, and they can have no effect on us, unless we let them. A demon can affect a christian-certainly, but only so far as the christian will let them. Christians understand that there is no such thing as a ghost-which is why you see, by far, very few christians who have ever seen one. So, do people see ghosts? no, they don't. Many do however, see something far scarier-demons. A ghost, is nothing more then a figment of imagination-a creature, created to explain something that many people, do not understand-demons, and the demonic realm. They are not something to be laughed at-but neither are they something to fear-at least not by christians, for God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power and love and self-control (Second Timothy 1:7) So, if you have Christ-you have absolutly nothing to fear from Demons. They maybe able to affect you in different, indirect ways-but they cannot harm, or possess you, and all you have to do if you feel their presence, is turn to God. If you are not a believer, and you believe you are being haunted-or see ghosts, do not fear! but turn to God, He is faithful, and willing to forgive. for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, so that whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Life without fear of demons, a life without fear of man-made creations, but a life full of hope. A Christian Perspective on Ghosts, The_Patriot2014
  11. So I read this article Wednesday night http://www.greatbiblestudy.com/deliverance_believers.php on whether or not Christians can have/get demons in their minds. I sort of just "stumbled" upon the article while searching for verses to something entirely unrelated that led me to a different article on the website there. Anyway, it seemed clear to me after reading the article that Christians could in fact have demons in them, in their mind and/or vexing their mind/emotions/body/will. This was something completely new to me as I had previously thought that Christians could not in fact have demons ever in any way like that. I had learned a lot about spiritual warfare before but I never realized that it was so explicit! While reading the article I became more and more convinced that over the last several months (about 3) I had been acquiring more & worse demons in me. It began about a month before my Grandmother passed away a few days over 2 months ago. She passed away from a health illness that she had been battling for several years. Strangely enough it was always one of those "sure things, any day now" from the Dr's opinion but she kept on going for several years. Anyway in the end her health began rapidly spiraling downwards over a period of about 6 months. I've had a vast variety of more and more problems in my life as of about 3 months ago and reflecting back over the last year and combined with the new knowledge & insight of the demonic realm I gained from reading the article and suspicions I had had for a few weeks prior to reading it every thing that was going on in my life negatively over the last 3 months seemed to make a lot more sense. Well, what happened was that a month before she passed away, one night when I was overcome with emotional grief and sadness over her health, sadness about the weight of the world in my mind, I suddenly had this thought "why not get a few drinks to help, whats it matter at this point?". Unfortunately I did just that and went and got some drinks to drown out the pain and the thoughts. Now, I usually do not drink, even one drink. I like to read a lot, I think and reflect a lot and like having a clear mind just in general. Having one drank just normally makes me feel a bit woozy and kind of like I have a minor headache and too many just gives you the worse day when you wake up tomorrow so yeah It's just not something that I really entertain. But there it was! The thought just seemed to pop up in my head in the midst of agony, despair and crying and I completely caved into the temptation and did not in the least have any kind of noble intention about doing it, it was pure and simple to run away from the emotional pain. So yeah, I did that a month before she left here, another time 2 weeks before, then 1 week after, then once every other week for the following 2 months, it was kind of like an emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes I'd be fine, other times I'd have a dream about her and wake up crying and sure enough that weekend I'd try to drown all the pain away. The climax of the whole thing was last weekend, not just one day, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday...! I had planned to spend a lot of time with the Lord from Friday night-Monday as I had a 3 day weekend but nope I went trying to drown it all away again and clearly the temptation was gaining power, I could chart it gradually ramping up from 3 months ago. Started with a few drinks each time, gradually more and more, and 3 days in a row in the end. It ended Sunday night when I got angry at a good friend for basically no reason and I can't even hardly remember what happened. Over the last 3 months I was also experiencing mentally a lot of increasing problems that I don't normally. Depression, anxiety, sleep problems, sleep paralysis (a few times), nightmares, a few night terrors, physical pains, back pain, head aches, stomache aches, spiritual problems/doubts, increasing negative mental temptations/inclinations, like towards strife, anger, misanthropy, disputing. I think that lists most of it all... maybe a thing or two I missed. Quite a list now that I wrote it all out. It started with a few things... Kind of minor... Then more and more problems, coming and coming, all gaining in strength over time. A totally unpleasant time to say the least. To me it all began by inviting some demons in by giving in to sin and drinking 3 months ago. Gradually becoming worse and worse over time. Inviting more demons in or giving them more power in a spiritual way, or both, I don't know. In the end after reading the article Wednesday night and having spent all of Monday with the Lord and doing a lot of reflecting Monday-Wednesday, I came to God so very desperately in prayer asking him to cleanse me of the demons in my mind/body/around me that had been VEXING me, I begged him by the shed precious blood of Jesus, he defeated Satan & sin and I am his Son, to please cleanse, purge me, of the demons and the sins and I repented of them by his precious blood and in Jesus name... Next I immediately felt the Holy Spirit in my body, I felt it pulsating in every fiber of my being, my mind and my body. I could feel it washing me clean, tears running down my face, praying to the Lord, feeling His Holy Spirit purging the demons and the sins out of me and totally renewing me again. Amen! Since then I haven't experienced a single one of the ailments I listed that I had been experiencing before the Lord answered my prayer. From my own personal experience I'd say that yes Christians can get, have, acquire demons if THEY open the door for the demons and virtually invite them to come on right in. It's been very much a learning experience on many levels. Just like we break down muscles to grow them back stronger, some times I think we have to be broken down spiritually too to regrow spiritually stronger. That's the way I look at it anyway... I try to always see where the Lord is in the midst of hard times and suffering and I finally found him here in the one I have been going through for a few months now. Praise the Lord, when your back is up against the wall by a squadron of demons, all you see is darkness, and your heart is full of pain and ache, He is always there for you even if you have no one else that is. He is always there all the way to the very end of our lives here. He saves me again and again and again. Just the same, loving, caring, understanding, forgiving and comforting every single time. Well, this has been quite the trial for me and I just thought I would share. James 5:16, Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Job 42:6 Wherefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes. Psalms 56:8 Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book? Psalms 147:3, He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. Romans 5:8, But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. God bless, thanks for reading and hope you have an awesomely blessed day walking with the Lord today
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