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  1. Three friends were at a viewing for another that had passed on. As they were deep in thought one says: what would you like to have said about you when you're there? The first says that he would like to be remembered for all his good deeds. The next says he would like to be remembered for being a faithful member of their assembly. The third simply says 'HE MOVED!'
  2. First off they are virgins (christian). The five wise were sealed in into the day of their 'redemption' the five foolish are saved through the judgement. The Bride does not go to the judgement, as Paul says 'dont you know we will judge men and angels' you can't be a judge and be judged at the same time... The oil is of course the Holy Spirit, there is a difference between the anointing of the spirit and to be sealed. Scripture also says 'then let those that are righteous be righteous still and those that are filthy be filthy still'. Once the Bride is gone and the Holy Spirit ceases to dwell on earth to convict man - then that is the time the foolish virgins will stay where they are and will rise in the second resurrection for the judgement. This is a good topic but a big one, more than can be done at this time. Scripture is perfect and everything fits.
  3. A lot of good responses here. I agree that all religions are man made and the only real one is the one in Him. I believe the problem is that when God delivers a truth people hold up the gift instead of the Giver and since they are the ones 'holding' it they assume the position of judge (denominational 'I'm in you're out' spirit). By natural birth, being in a finite fallen condition, we look 'unto' which implies discernment and we tend to gravitate in the direction of our sense experience/intellect. It is only the Lord that can keep us on the straight and narrow.
  4. Hello Shane Sounds like a worthy pursuit. So you have grown up in a Christian family and heard it all but you want some laboratory proof. I agree that one religion may be as good as another. Some may be more adept at stimulating the senses others find their strength in binding their members by one means or another but then of course you are looking for some proof that transcends all of that - but still touches the senses? Perhaps the proof you are looking for cannot be taken but must be given and if it is given then it must come by the chosen way of the Giver. I believe if we can really yield our self (that being the catch) then the Word says He is more willing to give than we are to receive. You also say you would like to know how exactly the Holy Spirit is instrumental to intellectual belief outside of faith. I would rather have faith then things will happen, my intellect will stay in the ground. (There is an intelligence on the other side but not one that is tied to our biological makeup.) His Word requires believing more than explaining. I would also like to say that God isn't hidden we just have to have eyes to see. You know the story of the Syrophenician woman - she seen the Pharisees did not.
  5. Let me ask you this. Is the love for your father, mother and children going to save you? I believe love is an attribute of God. I believe the love that Jesus is referring to here is of a higher order, being part of Him. A possession rather than a response. Surely we don't want to put the gift before the giver If we have God in us we do His bidding and we even reap the fringe benfits such as long life.
  6. I believe there is a lot of trueth in what you say because we were created to worship - thereby the many religions. If we say we are not religious we are only fooling ourselves because we all worship something be it material goods our intellect, popularity etc. As for our churchs and their rules they may be just fine but we know that these things will all fail and stay in the ground - only God is the giver of life. We can be religious and spiritual but that 'spiritual' has to line up with the Word or it isn't God's Spirit. Scripture says that if we seek Him with all our heart He will reveal Himself to us.
  7. 2404

    Women Proposing ?

    The short answer: I think it is only proper for the groom to propose to the bride. I believe the natural types the spiritual and God has an order. He is the groom and we are the bride - He chose us. Living according to the Spirit's leading is a higher calling and not goverened by cultural or current trends. God does not change with the times. I have seen it and experienced it that the Spirit always acts the same. When a person has a conversion experience irregardless of race and color the result is always the same. We are only fooling ourselves if we claim to be Christians and then go our own way - 'the broad way'.
  8. 2404

    Help required.

    Good Morning to you 83 that is amazing. You are an inspiration... The Word never gets old. Fresh every day because it is our bread. God bless you my friend.
  9. 2404


    Our 17 year old daughter has a friend who is part of a Baptist youth group and they were to write out letters of encouragement for each other. Last night our daughter wrote a letter to her friend which contained a poem that I thought was pretty good. I would like to share it with you. You Are you are the blade of grass that pokes through the snow the first dawn of light after the stormy night the baby's first breath life that comes after death you are the source of strength that everyone draws from the power behind nations hope in the form of patience even through commotion you set change in motion you are the sentence with no period and the thought free of prison the heights that have no end in a crowd you cannot blend the shining northern star the one who will go far you are Hellen Keller, Anne Frank, and Rosa Parks all in one the future of yersterday the gift of today the phoenix of forever you're the greatest treasure you are blooming adolescence pure vitality glowing paragon charismatic spirit beautiful girl wholesome soul awesome potential a powerhouse (name of person) youare you are
  10. 2404

    Help required.

    Hello Edwin How does this sound? Adam came by the Spoken Word and was therefore perfect. He knowingly entered into the transgression for the love of his wife but was not able to redeem her as Christ did His bride. What Adam did is a type of Jesus Christ's descension. Eve's transgression has to do with the ushering in of life, from the perfect to the permissive, therefore if she is faithfull in her assigned position (living by the Word) in the fallen condition she shall be saved.
  11. Yes, I expect we are at odds. I enjoyed the reading and I suppose I should have let it go at that.
  12. Does The rain falls on the just and unjust. & Many are called but few are choosen. Have room in the mix?
  13. There is something as God's permissive will and due to our human nature we might strive for it but 'God grant me grace to be settled on His perfect will'. I think if we find our self begging we are a little off base. God's mind doesn't need changing, I am the one that needs to be adjusting. If I can walk in His Word then there is no question - I already have it - though it may not yet be realized. I think begging, as Other One noted, is usually associated with self perceived shortfalls.
  14. 2404


    Alright Of course if you have infinitely large than you also have to have infinitely small.
  15. 2404


    Why does God's creation have to be finite? another one of those maddening questions...... you see where this can lead to.... OK What ever has a beginning also has to have an end, at some point. The only thing that is eternal is God. If God's dwells in us then we have eternal life.
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