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  1. FreeinChrist

    why God

    So about ten years ago found out I was diabetic which at first seem to be a blessing. You see I went to see the doctor about another problem and the doctor thought my high blood sugar was the root cause of this other problem but he was wrong. The problem was BO which I never notice but a few others have and have made my life a nightmare. Trying to believe God loves me, but with this problem hard not to see Him as hating me. It really hurts to come fresh out of a shower, having low blood sugar, and not being gassy to hear how you smell. If God loves me why do such evil to me? This is tnhe main reason I never attend church.
  2. FreeinChrist

    right ankle

    Please pray for my right ankle as it is sleeping hours for me and for some strange reason it has been flaring up off and on. Haven't notice anything unnormal down there beside the immense pain.
  3. FreeinChrist

    To be a friend of God.

    13) Greater love hath no man than this, that a man should laid down his life for his friends. 14) Ye are My friends, if ye do what I command you. John 15:13-14 Jesus by laying down His life for all, is a friend to all. But if we are to return his friendship we will follow His command. In John 15:12 we are told to love one another, and the Apostle John gives us the greatest method of showing our love to the brethren and sisters in the Church in I John 3:16-18, which happens to reads a lot like James 2. The true love of the Holy Spirit shed in our hearts, Romans 5:5; is the truest sign that we have returned Christ Jesus friendship. That is the unfeigned love of the Holy Spirit in our hearts, I Peter 1:22. By showing this love we show that we are the good ground upon which the Seed of the Word fell Luke 8:8' 15, and God promises to not forget us, Hebrews 6:10.
  4. FreeinChrist

    when God doesn't answer

    So the sin that so easily owns me is porn addiction. And I know just enough about God's word in this area to destroy myself. See I Corinthians 7:2; Hebrews 13:4; but God is not obliged to give me anything, and as this sin continues in my life and yes literally owns me, I fine myself to be sicken by the fact I can't even get a gal, or perhaps God cannot remove this desire from me. I just continue to fight a losing battle, as in the last week except for days that I have been totally tired after work, will you know I just fail to follow Romans 6:13-14. So my problem is how do I bring this to God in pray knowing my weakness, and wondering were the Grace of God thru Jesus Christ and His finish work on the cross is. Yes Christ grace will forgive me of this sin; but even with this grace it doesn't seem like mercy but rather His justice as the sin just seems to own me and the desire isn't token away or met.
  5. What do you do when sin runs your life and you cry to God for help yet no help or answer? I know this sin should not be in my life, but feel so powerless against it; and God doesn't heed my cry. And as sickening as I view this sin of mine; it just makes me hate myself so much more. So yea not only do I hate myself but find myself hating others also.
  6. FreeinChrist

    PC or freedom of speech

    While a certain San Francisco 49er back up QB has the right to sit down or take a knee for the national anthem, along with many other NFL player on the teams time it doesn't seem to be case for a white MLB catcher, to voice his thoughts. Steve Clevenger on his own time and his own tweeter account wrote his personal opinion of BlM and President Obama. Mind you he was not in uniform or even associating himself with his team the Seattle Mariners, but just spoke in so many words that he thought that Obama and BlM are jokes. For which he has been suspended without pay. So we can see that freedom of speak only goes for those who agree with leftist liberals view.
  7. FreeinChrist

    Monday night

    PS have ask to get out of meat since o/n management won't let me work it but to no avail, they are happy with the job i am doing. But except for cleaning on Tuesday night, not doing much of anything there.
  8. FreeinChrist

    Monday night

    So for me it is my Monday. This is one of my 2 days that the day time meat supervisor wants me to do the meat wall. But as always we are short handed and i am one of 2 people in frozen for a full 2 person job yet I have nearly 4 hours of meat to do, that is task to me also. Really sick of being neat person yet except for Tuesday nights I can't ever get there.
  9. FreeinChrist

    Burned Out

    So about a month and half ago, took a promotion to the meat department. So just for Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday night I need to be in it, at least half the night to have a chance to get my job done. In the last three days out of 22 and half hours, all but 7 hours and 45 minutes I have spent in diary. Burned out because tonight not only do I need to try to stock meat, but also have to clean the wall, and get the feeling if i am fortunate I will have maybe 2 hours to do both. I am just so fried right now.
  10. So my sinuses have been draining to my stomach causing me unbearable stomach pain and a lot of vomitting. Saw a doctor yesterday and don't know if medicine is working. Please pray for my health. And aftering quitting Wal-mart a little over a year ago for a better job at least I thought; and working for Coke which was worse and coming back to Wal-mart for what was a better job; until I took a step up so now for the 3rd time my job really SUCKS! Once again because I have to work other departments I can't get to mine so I get an earful from morning supervisor. It seems like whatevet I do to try make my job situation better it always get worse.
  11. FreeinChrist

    How do I close down my account

    So after a major problem I have had for the last 15 years which I had hope God was merciful too and somehow would take it away; rereared its ugly head again early Sunday morning I totally feel completely hated and abandon by God. Usually am very talkative at work, but have said barely any thing since plus have missed the last 2 days. My emotionals, spirit and body are all in a bad way. Since i am sure that my heart is the 3rd ground spoken in Luke 8:3-15, I thought maybe I should just close my account. So how would I close my account? So if Ii need a moderator to, please close down the account? Sorry if I shouldn't posted this but wasn't sure wbat to do.
  12. FreeinChrist

    Made it thru work last night

    Praise God, I easily got thru work last night/this morning, after getting way to sick earlier yesterday morning.
  13. FreeinChrist

    Suppose too

    Was suppose too get a bridge made so I could get another crown put in my mouth at 940 this morning but had to call the office around 915 to 930 because starting at 830 til 1030 kept getting sick to my stomach from chronic sinus probelms. So still look like a hockey player. So now have to find strength to get to work still feeling a little under and noticing an awful stench on by body from vomitting so much, hoping it washes off. Please pray for me for strength to make it though the night and a much fresher aroma.
  14. FreeinChrist

    Broke my tooth

    I was just thinking with l my left side upper most front tooth gone right now if I smile I would look like a Hockey Player especially with all the blood on my gauge.
  15. FreeinChrist

    Broke my tooth

    THANK GOD the first part of replacing the tooth wasn't so bad, just got it removed, tomorrow morning go to get a bridge for it and two other crowns in my mouth already.