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  1. Yes the leftist filter...whatever that is. What I find amazing is the lengths you are going to defend blatant hypocrisy. Ah well, I'm sure you don't care to admit it. That's fine. No need to carry on because we will just go back and forth about my leftist filter and the hypocrisy you defend.
  2. Well now you asked for it LadyKay...this post angers me because no one was angered at you previously. Now that we have that out of the way....LOL
  3. No need to explain it to me further.
  4. Yes....the narrative.
  5. Got then we can just formed any biased opinions we want to no matter if they are true or not? I see now. Thanks for clarifying.
  6. I when we wrap things in the so called Christian package that's the difference. I hear excuses and more hypocrisy...simple as that.
  7. I see more allegations with out evidence. Another thread that popped up on this board.
  8. We have never got off that road though. The same complaint that is being had about what's going on with Trump is exactly what happened with Obama. So what's the difference?
  9. I'm reading these comments and I laugh a bit. Where was this type of thinking the last 8 years? Before Obama was even in office he was accused of being a Muslim, not being a Christian, not being born in the US among other things. Help me make sense of this because even on this board I witnessed this type of mentality?
  10. No, I'm not talking about the poor. I used it as an example.
  11. I totally understand what you are saying here, but I think we are talking about two different things.
  12. I fail to understand what you are disputing. Can you elaborate.
  13. During Israel's bondage in egypt what do you believe they were forced to do? What jobs would they have had to learn?
  14. He didnt come at that moment to bring peace. However, that does not excuse those of us who believe to as best we can live peaceably with all men now.
  15. Its weird to think about how complex we are as humans. We look towards the Heavens waiting for that perfect unity with God and one another...or do we? I find myself wondering a lot of things and this question is one of them. Its sometimes difficult to reconcile the basic disregard we have for one another on earth with the idea of unity later. I wonder where this disregard for one another goes once this life is over. Its funny when Mary used her perfume on Jesus and the issue of the poor came up Jesus said...."the poor will always be with you". The sad part is we are completely fine with that. We see the brokenness of this world and basically say theres nothing we can do about it.... but one day. I wonder when that one day comes if we will forget the injustices that plagued us here? I wonder if we will look back and be ashamed of ourselves for our lack of effort to see heaven realized. I personally dont believe that is a lofty goal if we simply love God and others...even through contentions. Yes this world is broken, yes we look forward to the day when our unity will be perfect. But what prevents us who have that hope to live in that manner now? We say things like I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. I pray that he strengthens us to live as he always intended for us.