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  1. No its not about Sharia law. Drawing a comparison doesn't change what the topic is about. Yes rants, No I'm simply stating the obvious. You simply have no reasonable answer. Calling for the US government to uphold "biblical" values is like asking a starving dog not to eat. You don't need to accept anything I say. You simple just prove my point as to why organizations need to stay out of politics. You Shiloh can speak out all you want. You can speak on the biblical values. You can talk with your friends about it, you all can speak on these issues and what ever. But there is no need for organizations to be involved. Organizational involvement is a plague to our government system.
  2. Par for the course with you. Your words literally are the proof of what Im talking about. Also this country was not built on Biblicial values. Not even close save that lie for those that believe in revisionist history.
  3. Lol...this isnt even about Shira law. This is about church organizations and frankly any organization staying out of politics. Also stop reaching. You are literally saying anything now. You present the exact reason why the church organization as well as all organizations need to stay out of politics. Sadly what I find in people with your shared mentality is a lack of care for people. There is a conditional care. Especially when it serves purposes that line pockets and/or have some pious notion attached to it.Clearly you cant be rational because that would allow you to to atleast acknowledge the idea about how organizational involment in politics has been a plight on our governmental process and a burden on the people. Yet you advocate for the church organization to go into the mix. I guess we can add even more division. It amazing that people are comfortable with this. Its quite sad actually. But ahh well. I really pains me to see just how blind us humans are.
  4. Glory remember your words to me.
  5. LOL...again, your stance is faulty. No they don't have the right, but money talks. You simply don't want to acknowledge this simple principle. Just because people had slaves didn't mean they had the right to own people. I'm sure you understand the difference. No one is talking about being sued, so please save your strawmans and red herrings. Only individual citizens have the right to be involved in politics. Just because our elected officials have allowed their pockets to be lined by lobbyist don't mean these organizations have a right to be involved. Good try. Yes people in churches do vote, and they have the right to say what they want. Notice people, not the church organization, nor any other organization Why because they can't vote in an election so they don't need to be involved in anything politically. The individuals that make up those organizations can do what they want. You still fail to recognize the fundamental issue with your stance. You believe that the church should be involved in politics, do you believe the same for other religions because that is what you are opening the door for. Or does this political involvement only pertain to those who say that are "Christian churches"?
  6. I see that you are not actually reading. No, your attempt to use the constitution to support your brittle claim is nonsense. Also, I stated that they should not be involved and they have no right to be involved. Only individual citizens have that right. Churches do not fall in that category. If churches can't vote why should they be able to impact laws. That goes for any business or any other entity that is not an individual citizen. Maybe you should go back and re read what I actually said before addressing my comments with faulty counter arguments.
  7. What!!!! This comes as an absolute shock to me. Take it back...take it back.
  8. There is not such right for anyone other than an individual to be involved in politics. That is why its so convoluted now. Also save that constitution nonsense. There is nothing in the constitution that gives anything other than individual citizens rights when it comes to politics. Individuals make up the population corporately. Can a church vote? No...why? Can a business vote? No...why? Because they have not right to it.
  9. The church is not needed for that. You simply are attempting to draw a line where there is none. No church, no business, no organization has a RIGHT to be involved in government affairs. The government is supposed to be for the people by the people. Every individual citizen has the right advocate for laws concerning this country. You have provided not one piece of sound reasoning as to why churches need to be involved in anything related to politics especially if they are going to remain tax exempt. If a church wants to be political they need to pay taxes. Can't have it both ways.
  10. LOL...I mean you want Churches to advocate policy and law but...ahh never mind.
  11. I'm sure you are not that obtuse.
  12. You just made my point...thanks
  13. Lets stop pretending, I mean really. I'm sure you are smart enough to know its not going to be JUST advocating for a certain candidate. Again, why do Churches need to do such things. Those that make up the church already do it. Churches, business, and anything or one that is not an individual citizen should not have a say in the political process.
  14. Churches have nothing to do with politics. The people who make up the Church do. People can be as vocal as they want politically. Folks complain about Sharia law, but will then advocate for the churches to be able to be involved in politics. Its the exact same thing.
  15. Will churches be required to pay taxes then?