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  1. Sometimes honestly can be too hard for people to take, so they have to hold on to other things...that's life though.

  2. I got banned from a thread for alluding to someone lying. I'm watching this closely.
  3. The irony of the post I posted and this article.
  4. We can dress it up how we like, at the end of the day its irrational. Its a number.
  5. we are not told to fear a number.
  6. HUH?
  7. I saw a question that I would like to ask here. I'm sort of paraphrasing it. If God didn't give us the spirit of fear , but of power, love and a sound mind, why do we make such a big deal out of the number 666?
  8. smh
  9. making America Great Again...whoo hoo
  10. Weird my post disappeared. I personally wont be eating dinner with another woman alone, but then again I'm not in a business where I may have to. I have had lunch with female coworkers and don't have an issue with that. However I think this ridiculous that anyone would find an issue with him doing this. It is petty and downright childish. None of us know his reasoning for this so its silly at the end of the day. As far as the internet shock and ridicule, lets not exaggerate this. For the few hundred people that had something to say about it there millions more that don't really care. Let's stop making mountains out of molehills.
  11. I'm still looking for the internet shock that the article is speaking about. I have seen no such nor actual concern that Pence wont dine alone with another woman.
  13. Show me where anyone is finding fault with it?
  14. Personally to each their own concerning this, I still fail to see where the internet shock and the ridicule of Pence is coming from.