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    For those who may be wondering, I no longer have home internet, which makes it hard for me to participate here like I used to. Oh, and CONSIDER ME A LLAMA!!!

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  1. Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    Did no one want to answer the penguin's question? Guess I'll have to. Lavabread is a native Welsh food. Basically it's seaweed. For those of us who love nori (me, me, me!), it is absolutely WONDERFUL.
  2. Happy Birthday Wingnut

    I'm a bit late, but happy birthday!
  3. Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    Sorry, George, I don't understand: what beef? (I eat mostly poultry.) On the other hand, those donuts looked wonderful! (Except the glazed ones. For some reason that kind of glazing makes my stomach rebel.)
  4. How did it get delivered two days before it was picked up? Or am I just not understanding? Anyway, there's a little place in KY named Monkey's Eyebrow.
  5. I was just about to start the school day for my kids (homeschooling) when my husband called me into the bedroom to tell me quietly so as not to spook the kids. (He'd heard it on the bedroom radio.) I don't remember if we got any schooling done that day or not; every time we'd turn the tv off, there'd be something on the radio to prompt us to turn the tv back on.
  6. Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    Oooo, I see me! Thanks, George!
  7. Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    That's the kind of vegetarian my daughter is. And, Pat, she isn't trying to be last, so it doesn't matter that she doesn't eat beef. (I don't eat it often; too greasy.)
  8. Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    *sigh* All those word clouds pictures, and I didn't see my name in 'em! On the other hand, I see now why this thread tripled in pages since I was last here. Btw, I did find the goram masala seasoning I wanted, so we had some tofu tikka masala tonight (because one of the kids is vegetarian). Yeah, I need to find a different recipe; this one had waaaaay too much tomato in it. (And even the vegetarian asked me not to put tofu in it again!) So: less tomato next time, more yogurt, more goram masala, and for the protein... Eggs. Scrambled eggs.
  9. Prayers for Logan

    How's Logan doing?
  10. Question for the Women.

    Any apology that includes the phrase 'I'm sorry if I hurt you' is just going to fan the flames. As in: 'If? What do you mean, 'if' you hurt me? You smacked me into a wall, mister!' Etc, etc, etc.
  11. Lasters unite!

    Y'all were ignoring this topic while expanding the other Last topic to three times its size!
  12. Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    Me, I want to learn how to make Tikka Masala - but I don't think any of the grocery stores down here carry masala spice mixture.
  13. Prayers for Logan

    Prayers here too.
  14. Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    Yay, I got to read the final three pages of the old lastness thread! Thanks, George!
  15. Is it just me .... the legacy continues ...

    Possibly. I did check the main Fellowship Hall page and didn't see the thread listed.