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    For those who may be wondering, I no longer have home internet, which makes it hard for me to participate here like I used to. Oh, and CONSIDER ME A LLAMA!!!

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  1. Is that anything like a dustbuster?
  2. Thanks. Apparently I can't use it. *sigh*
  3. Where is that chatroom then? I don't know the link.
  4. Yeah, but is there some way to chat here right now?
  5. So... is there chat? Or not?
  6. Feeling better, Shel?
  7. Thanks for the explanation of SIX, OO!
  8. Mr Blue Sky by ELO
  9. Congratulations on the new sister, Logan! And OO, I still don't know what SIX is?
  10. I thought it was silly too until I read the article. She texted 10 to 20 times during the first 15 minutes of the movie, and after he asked her repeatedly to stop, she left the movie and drove away, leaving him stranded at the theater. I can understand him being upset, considering how rude she was. (Suing her, however, seems a bit over-the-top to me.)
  11. If I click on the box with the heart and a number, a pop-up comes up to say who gave the reputation point(s).
  12. I didn't get that the second woman was the mother of the first. Not really sure what your question is here. Are you asking if it's appropriate for a man to talk to the young woman about her clothing, or better for a woman to talk to her? Or something else?
  13. Well... considering they are both dead...
  14. The straight lines looked ripply, like I was seeing them through a layer of water. Miss curiosity? Yes. Yes, I am!
  15. Ok, that makes sense - but I sure would like to know the scientific term for what happened, so I can learn more about it.