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  1. I was wondering if KPaul was myth-ing...
  2. Praying for you, Jadey!
  3. What a cute little dog, Jade! Almost looks like a chihuahua version of a husky!
  4. Ok, I was able to add this pic of my kitty Fennec... Ladypear, I like your new tree!
  5. It took me sooooo long to figure out that Bopeep had become Miss Muffet!
  6. *sigh* I miss Lady's tree! Sympathies to OO. In my case, I've been a bit house-bound (without internet!) because of an attack of sciatica.
  7. C'mon, enoob! Next-to-last is penultimate, which is what I staked out for my own territory here long long ago!
  8. (Which Samuel, first or second?) Jude
  9. Hey, Logan! I don't try for last. Look at my signature down there, and you'll see what I'm aiming for.
  10. I'm terribly late with this, I know, but congratulations on the great-grandbaby, Ladypeartree!
  11. Sandy is a nickname for Alexander. Yes, it can also be a girl's name, but it certainly is a boy's name.
  12. Thanks for the tips.
  13. Umm... wasn't this thread about 3000 pages just the other day? Now it's over 9000 pages!
  14. (And to Bopeep: yep, that's me! The math fanatic!)
  15. Well... My score was... ...100% (Should I duck?)