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    For those who may be wondering, I no longer have home internet, which makes it hard for me to participate here like I used to. Oh, and CONSIDER ME A LLAMA!!!

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  1. I've heard it said that a weed is any plant growing where you don't want it to be. Enoob, you're learning to live with diabetes? Me, I had to cut out potatoes completely. The horror! Btw, I've learned that just because a loaf of bread is marked 'Wheat Bread,' doesn't necessarily mean it's any better than plain white bread. If it's marked '100% Whole Wheat' it's usually ok.
  2. Doing ok; you?
  3. Ah! Now I see.
  4. Enoob, what's up with the weights??
  5. All I can think is pray about it.
  6. I'm quiverfull myself, and what the OP described is something I don't even recognize. Quiverfull is simply trusting the LORD to open or close the womb as He sees fit, acknowledging that He knows the future and I don't. Simple as that.
  7. Ok, I'm confused. What happened??
  8. Praying as well.
  9. I write fanfiction too! Mostly Wild Wild West.
  10. Praying as well!
  11. In my case? All of them!
  12. Didn't we fight a war, like, a century and a half ago over whether states have the right to secede? Pretty sure the outcome of that was NO.
  13. I am hard of hearing, so I very much prefer my kids text me rather than call me.
  14. I tuck the corners inside each other and fold them over, after that fold it up like a regular sheet. If you can picture what I mean.
  15. Two: Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-glass.