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  1. Kind of off topic...but the only thing I don't understand with Pride is the LGBT community. They use that as their slogan. Don't know if that is the same thing?
  2. Hello, I have a question pertaining to Orthodox/Catholic Churches. Are Icons and Idols a form of Idolatry? The Scriptures mentions about bowing to wood and devoting yourself to it. Which I have seen a lot at my own parish (Orthodoxy). I asked my priest about it and told him that I was in sin. He told me that he himself doesn't worship the icon. But I told him, "We pray to God, but we face an icon? In Gods sight isn't that wrong?" He of course told me that I was rejecting the "Image Of Christ In Me" which doesn't make sense since the Holy Spirit is within me and convicted me wrongly of doing this. "Worship God in spirit & in truth" Eversince, I have repented & hid my icons, my bedroom is now full with light and no more darkness. Feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I have a question that I think is easy to answer. But I do need opinions/feedback. I recently separated myself from my Traditional (Orthodoxy) church to figure out the real Truth on what the Bible says because I'm concerned I'm being taught a heresy. Is Jesus Christ our foundation? In 1 Corinthians 3:11 it says, "For no man can lay a foundation other than one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ." & I was taught that the 'foundation' is from the Early Church Fathers and what they taught in their writings, which I, personally, am concerned those to be gnostic gospels. So, is Jesus our foundation. Or the traditions of men? I'm just trying to find the Truth, and seek God's Kingdom.
  4. Hey everyone, How would you respond to people who slander or make remarks about God in a vile way? Saying stuff like, "God is cruel." and other things? I tend to get defensive over the issue and I find myself always defending God or correcting them.
  5. Hey everyone, Yesterday I visited a new church on my (Church Adventure). During the sermon the pastor was talking about Salvation. And the one thing that threw me off guard was the fact that he said "Revelation IS Salvation" I know that when it comes to the book of Revelation. There is lots of symbolism, and meaning to the end of days with the rapture and the mark of the beast. He tried explaining Salvation in Revelation. But it is impossible for me to see Jesus giving Salvation when he returns since he is going to bring justice for his people and finish the wicked. I wanted to know your opinion on Salvation and if it in any way relates to the book of Revelation?
  6. Because their goal is to be politically correct. No one is correct, only Jesus has the final say.
  7. I wanted to ask you guys, your opinion on this. Why is the name of God, or the word 'God' shushed in the public eye and not embraced as a whole?
  8. When it comes to following Gods Law, one thing we must remember is that YES there was the 10 commandments from Moses and that was considered prophecy. When Jesus Christ came into the world he fulfilled that law and clearly confronted the phrase's of his time telling them that it is impossible to remember ever jewish law for there is about 600 of them. Jesus made it very clear to keep Gods laws and decrees but he does take your sin into account and allows you to have repentance. For those Christians that follow to closely with the law of Moses tend to forget at times that Jesus is also a God of mercy not just a judge alone.
  9. Hey everyone, Recently on my church adventure, I came across something that was rather out in the open that led me into deep thought but I need feedback. Are we, Christians, considered to be saints or disciples of Christ? I was at a local church I visit ever so often on my church journey and a pastor during his bible study sermon mentioned that we are all saints due to our belief in Jesus Christ. I wonder what your opinions are? Please give feedback. Thanks & God Bless!
  10. Hey everyone, I wanted to know 'What's Your Story?' when did you discover your faith in God? How did you become a believer? What's your testimony? My testimony is with me I developed the relationship with Jesus Christ a year after my father passed.
  11. Hey everyone, I wanted to ask what was your experience in the past being with a traditional church or visiting one? Were both traditional churches (Orthodox & Catholic) friendly upon your visit or if you grew up in the church was there drama or other stuff going on around you? Reason why I'm asking is because I'm from an Orthodox Church and have taken up the curiosity of visiting other churches to hear other believers opinions upon the traditional churches, etc. I have heard many positive and negative things about the two and I would like to hear yours as well. God Bless!
  12. I debate Atheists. But isn't like the debates I see on YouTube, that is for sure. My debates with Atheists are rather calm for that matter. It is a little intimidating at first but the outcome of it either helps you, or helps them. When I would mention the gospel, or if they would comment on my social media accounts slandering God or saying something sarcastic pertaining to Santa Claus or fairytales. I ask them this question that catches them off guard, for 1, and 2, makes them think. Because one thing I've learned with Atheists and Agnostics is that they are logic thinkers. "What makes you think it's a fairytale?" "And how do you feel about that? Thinking that God isn't real." The straight up psychologist approach. I have gotten back some answers, majority of them kept on slandering that led to blocking. When the debate started, the Atheist or the Agnostic had questions and for the Christian, well, they had all the answers. Without science involved and using opinions its easy to explain the gospel to them better and teach them some of it. But as I now know, they rely on science for everything and I have came across some very educated atheists that approached certain science topics well. But they couldn't explain "why" God is the creator of all things. So, it depends. I'm not much of a debater, due to harassment or cyberbullying that could take place if I ever engaged in a debate. Debates are for Christians that can handle such slander. But if you want to give it a try to see how atheists think, its one heck of a wake up call to see what God is seeing through your eyes.
  13. Hey everyone! I have a question. I have noticed a lot of street preachers in my hometown and also on social media. Does the bible tell us to preach the gospel on street corners or? Because, the only verse I'm aware of is preaching the gospel to all nations. I don't know if that is considered preaching, I've seen lots of crazy stuff happen to street preachers. So, I'm curious if we as Christians are suppose to do that or not, street preach, etc?
  14. Hey everyone! I have another question to ask that I can't seem to get out of my head. When it comes to preaching the gospel or sharing with others in a conversation with someone else. Why do they suddenly assume we are forcing it down their throats? When we as Christians don't even invite them to church or tell them "You have to accept Jesus or else!" I mean, I've shared the gospel with people in conversations without bringing up the church or forcing them. I don't understand why they have to assume things when the conversation is just reflecting off of a story a disciple went through. I hope my questions make sense, I see the world differently due to my Autism. Feedback would be appreciated.
  15. God's first commandment is love your neighbor as you love yourself. Love, for some isn't easy. But focusing your mind on Christ and reading his word daily will help with that. Jesus shows an example of love, you see it with his parents, his disciples, even to his enemies. It's challenging to follow Christ's example of love. But one thing to remember is that God loves you and he wants you to show your love to others, by either giving back to your community with volunteering. Calling a friend and chatting with them if you haven't spoken to them in a while. Or even prayer, that helps as well, and telling God how much you love him. He will be pleased with that. I hope that helps. God bless!
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