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  1. Guess what I was trying to get at is. Is there a list of God's Law from the first 5 books? The Jewish have a list of 613 (Torah) commandments. Which I don't think any man is capable of and wonder is these are MAN'S interpretation of God's law. Christian bibles only list 10 straightforward commandments plus the 2 Jesus gave. Everything else was either for certain individuals and certain times and for very specific reasons. So if we are to keep the Law shouldn't we know which part of it is for us now? The 12 I get with no problem but the ones about slaves and women, do they apply? If we don't keep these arw we sinning? Even the way adultery as explained in Romans 7 has times when it's wrong and times when it is acceptable. How do we know which ones and when to use them? I think I received my answer to this in my search but any additional info you can provide will be appreciated and helpful. Thank you!!!!
  2. Sin

    1st off, anyone who speaks against common belief is going to be seen as a heretic. Don't worry about this. Christ is your salvation not MAN nor MAN's system of belief. Since The Fall, Adam in the garden, MAN is subject to sin. I'm gonna give a brief account as to how. (This is my opinion and understanding) What Satan did in the Garden was open MAN to what is sin. Now many believe sin is in the individual sins and acts that we can list with numerous scripture and Laws. In fact what Satan did was open the mind to Confusion. So every MAN born after the fall is born into a flesh body with a confused mind. So everything MAN thinks, believes and does is done under this confusion. Sin all sin happens due to this confusion. We don't think so, we will say no but a confused mind will believe whatever it tells it's self. Jesus with his sacrifice not only made it so God could forgive us our sins of the past but he also left with us The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the only thing that can justly and righteously convict us of sin and redirect us to not sin or try our best not to. Yes we have Laws, but it is said law without Spirit means nothing. Now you can say, well if we chose not to believe then how do we sin? MAN's choices without the Holy Spirit is confused and anything he thinks or chooses not to think is done under total confusion and thus sin. Now I'm not saying that once we have the Spirit we can not sin, we still can. Reason is not because The Spirit fails but because once again WE have a confused mind and are prone to sin because of it. So when they say we will be sinless in his presence, it's probably the point where God will remove the confusion once and for all and thus removing the sin. Makes sense, when the flesh dies the confusion dies with it. Once again this is my opinion and my understanding. Go with God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit.
  3. OK, so are the first five books the same and are the commandments the same? I know the Ten commandments are basically the same but I'm trying to figure out what the other commandments are, and since Jesus was born Jewish would the Jewish Torah explain these other commandments in a more true form, as these would have been the Laws Jesus speaks of in The Gospel?
  4. Is the Christian Torah the same as The Jewish Torah?
  5. This may be the written standard. Where it says you can only be saved through Christ. So yes it is true. However The Great thing about God is he gave his son up for sacrifice so that ALL have a chance to come to him. Now when they do or if they do, that also depends on God. If HE calls them. He does what he wants. When he wants for his plans. So The most honest answer one can give would be: According to MAN'S understanding of what is written YES According to How God Works No MAN truly knows
  6. This may be the written standard. Where it says you can only be saved through Christ. So yes it is true. However The Great thing about God is he gave his son up for sacrifice so that ALL have a chance to come to him. Now when they do or if they do, that also depends on God. If HE calls them. He does what he wants. When he wants for his plans. So The most honest answer one can give would be: According to MAN'S understanding of what is written YES According to How God Works No MAN truly knows
  7. Lovely and meaningful!! Thank you!!!!
  8. I believe the only ones that can not believe in Christ are those that choose to not believe and even then it's questionionable. Sin can lead to the hardening of one's heart. That is because the individuals loves the sin or act of sinning so much they shut themselves off from God. The hardening of the heart would be shutting God out. So since God gives free will, if a person chooses to be hard of heart, love sin or sinning to the point that they disregard God, then he will let them be. "Give them over." Now is there an amount of sin that God does not forgive. I can not say. I am not authorized nor qualified to speak for God. However we do have scripture to assist in understanding God. 1 John 1:9King James Version (KJV) 9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness Matthew 12:31-32King James Version (KJV) 31 Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. 32 And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come. I would suggest, you go to Jesus/God and honestly confess and repent for all your sins and ask that he teach you lead you and guide you to God and where God wants you to be. This is what usually keeps most from seeking God. Don't let it keep you in that place where it seems you do not want to be. Never be afraid of coming to God, but do be weary against whatever tries to keep you away.
  9. Some times you just need rest. You need to replenish yourself. There is nothing wrong with that. Some times we are directed to Be Still. It's not running away or being a hermit. Some times its for our own protection. So we don't fall or stumble and get caught up in the chaos. We just have to learn a balance. Feeling not of this world I can relate, but as you said So he will protect that, by pulling you away, healing your heart, suiting you up, and reminding you that you are his and then he'll send you back out their, to do your part. TO DO YOUR PART. some times we want to do more. He just needs us to DO OUR PART. Trust that he has the rest. He is God. Oh and he will send you what you need when it is needed. You will recognize that true fellowship. It isn't necessarily a friend as MAN sees a friend, but it is a friend in that purpose of God.
  10. These are definitely traits that MAN can place on MAN. Meaning Man's thinking and rationale from the knowledge given us/MAN. First we would have to know exactly what is being "a man after God's own heart."* I don't think knowing this exactly is something MAN can do. Our understanding is limited to our thinking. We do not think on the level God does.* Best bet I can make is that God saw that David's heart, is a heart he can work with. Sinful yes, fallible yes but since it wasn't hardened and unrepentive, God could use him for exactly the purpose he needed him for. Now had David been more comfortable in sin, more comfortable with Satan, unrepentive, then MAYBE God wouldn't have seen him fit. Yet I can't say what is suitable for God. However we do have teachings to give us an idea. *Upon writing this I think some of being after God's own heart means having a soft enough heart to repent. God still amazes me with how he delivers and when he delivers messages. I just had an Ah Ha!!! moment. Lol
  11. When I first really read David, I totally didn't see his greatness. The big picture is as Willa stated After rereading and seeking or having that hunger to understand. I asked a very similar question here on WCF, but mine was much more harsh. However despite the way I came off in my question, God sent his people to open my eyes and allowed me to reread from a different view. This is how I see the Story of David and how great he is. David was an ordinary Man, just as you or I. He sinned constantly, repeatedly, yet God forgave and chose him to have purpose in God's ultimate plan. God made him great despite his sinful nature. This is comforting to a sinner that may feel they are not worthy of God or they don't see how God can use them. One lesson. Now speaking of God ultimate plan. David's genuine repentance and his want to be God's and be right by God is the model relationship that God wants from us all. He is a key component in the foundation of one's relationship with God. Some many may only think his greatness was that he was a King of God in his time. Even David might have thought this for his time. Yet God had greater plans, way greater than anyone could imagine. David's Story shows all who seek God how to do it. Trust in God, keep a relationship with God, repent wholeheartedly and true. Understand and own up to one's sin and work to set it right with God. Always try and live by God and even when we slip up. Go to God honestly and accept God's judgement. We don't have to fear him. David truly is the prime example of the relationship between MAN and God. Well this is what I got out of it so far. I find the more I reread the more is revealed. Now this is only my experience and understanding. Jesus has given you the Holy Spirit to guide in your learning. Get comfortable with the Holy Spirit and the questions will be answered.
  12. This is WISDOM. Works of The Holy Spirit. Thank you!!!!
  13. Beautiful, Thank you!!!!!
  14. You should definitely leave it for God. If you attempt to seek vengeance, you place yourself for judgement. Don't let the wicked taint your soul.
  15. "MAN" has a way of wanting to control everything. Even the poor or how they should be poor. It is sad.