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  1. notsolostsoul

    Answering Prayers?

    You can easily look up how many and how often people die from hunger. I'm sure either some of them prayed, their family prayed or even Christian strangers have prayed for God to help the starving, yet they have suffered and died.
  2. notsolostsoul

    Answering Prayers?

  3. notsolostsoul

    You can Judge. Just judge Carefully

    Who decides when we are right with God? Jesus says there will come a time when people will call out Lord, Lord..... and he will say to them, I know you not. Jesus warns us not to judge, because we may think we are doing it righteously or justly but he shows we are fallible man and fall short of righteousness all the time. Not one of us are righteous, so how can we use righteous judgement? Leave the judging to Jesus, that is his Authority given to him by God. We should use discernment to help us navigate through our journey in walking with Christ. I can discern that a particular person or place is not where I should be or deal with based on the actions of the person or place, but judgement will fall upon them when Jesus has his judgement day. As for correcting my fellow Christians. I can do this with no judgement. Simple bring them The Word, introduce them to Jesus and let Jesus do with them as he sees fit. I can also pray Jesus show them their errors as show me mine so we can grow closer to you and serve you better. Jesus is the way, not any other. Not by me, not by you, not by a Disciple, Pastor, Priest... but by Jesus. I mean no disrepect. The Bible is clear, Jesus is the only way.
  4. notsolostsoul

    You can Judge. Just judge Carefully

    All who wrote are equal (Man) Men. The Authority which is greater than what is written is God (Trinity). Scripture is inspired word. I have no qualms with that. However, GOD is the Law. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are God. Therefore, for me, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the Great Authority and scripture is the book they (HE) uses to teach. God above all else!!!
  5. notsolostsoul

    You can Judge. Just judge Carefully

    Sin is Sin. I think the mistake is thinking that this verse speaks only on correcting/ committing the same sin or worse. When Jesus spoke and said he who has no sin cast the first stone. He made no system of points of who sinned worsed than another. He showed the very thing of "Judge not that ye be judged" I don't think all those that accused the adultress were all adulterers. But all were sinners of some sort and so they left her alone. Plus at the end even Jesus did not condemn her. Shows his judgement is different from ours. We are not authorized, we do not possess his righteous judgement. So we should try and stay away from judging. We should focus on our own sins. Which if we all did, we wouldn't have enough time to judge others.
  6. notsolostsoul

    You can Judge. Just judge Carefully

    As Peter said Paul teachings contain teachings that are hard to understand. Jesus is clear on judgement, repeatedly speaking and lived by example to show that we (Man) are not authorized or righteous enough to judge perfectly, so we should not do so because most likely it will lead to our own falling away. Too many people use Paul's teachings to allow judgement. I don't think that was Paul's intent but many use his teachings to justify them judging others. Granted we are to test The Word taught by (Man), to ensue we are not swept up by wolves. We can warn against others following such wolves, but do not judge. For judgement is only authorized to Jesus.
  7. notsolostsoul

    You can Judge. Just judge Carefully

    Say it again!!!!
  8. notsolostsoul

    You can Judge. Just judge Carefully

    Right Paul says that, mot Jesus.
  9. notsolostsoul

    Answering Prayers?

    This is my dilemma. Why would a merciful God deny a starving person food? He gives mercy to the wicked all the time. I can't think of a reason he would say no to a prayer for food to a starving person.
  10. It is often said that God will answer your prayers with either yes, no or not right now. However wouldn't No actually not be answering your prayer? Example: If a person is starving and ask/prays for God to please give them food for the night and they do not receive it, did God just say No and that is it? Seems a bit harsh.
  11. notsolostsoul

    Who is to be held responsible?

    Well Man has debated and been wrong about The Word ever since God gave it to Man. Just proof that Man, all Man/Men are fallible. As for who will be held accountable, we all will. As for how much and why, well there is only one judge, and it is completely up to him. We must get to know him, stay in him, and obey him. He is the only way. Praise Jesus!!! ❤❤❤
  12. notsolostsoul

    Why I left my church and family.

    Agreed!!! He didn't say anything about "Man's way" being the way. John 14:6 King James Version (KJV) 6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me Acts 4:12 King James Version (KJV) 12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. Stay in/with Christ!!!!
  13. Are there those that God will never forgive? How as MAN do we determine what or who can or can not be forgiven?
  14. notsolostsoul

    Is suicide a grave sin?

    Not waiting. Building and growing with Jesus. He has knowledge way beyond this world. Learning from him will teach you that the matters of this world are not worth you taking your life. Maybe the praying and repentance has already been accepted and now Jesus is waiting for you to just sit down and talk to him. Completely, openly and wholeheartedly just speak with him and listen. Sometimes we over think things when we just simply need to sit and speak with him. Just as you would a trusted friend but he is way greater.