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  1. Thank you!!! I have heard some similarities from others who have studied the history. I was hoping that maybe there were references to him, personally. My inquires are because I seek the Truth.
  2. story of Job, a few things that never sat right with me.

    It was a bit of being lost in translation and lack of growth. Some verses use "blameless and upright" and also I was thinking along the lines of when Jesus says Mark 10:18King James Version (KJV) 18 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is God. However, since then, after re-reading (continuously re-reading), I can understand that if God saw Job as perfect, it is because Job was perfect to God's definition, not Man's. I find when I re-read more is revealed, more adds up and more is understandable. I still question, but that is because I seek the Truth in full.
  3. How can a person be TRULY saved in this situation

    I have been trying to come up with an answer that would encompass all you had asked, but this part seems to stop me. If I were a Christian minister, I would know that my response could never "determine his eternal life". It might determine mine, but never can it determine his. Only God can determine, decide and make happen.
  4. Just wondering if anyone could suggest a book about the author of The KJV?
  5. Favorite Parables, and their meanings!

    3 servants given talents To be given a gift, so valuable and not multiply it, serves no one.
  6. What is your favorite Parable? Can you elaborate on its meaning? If you can, break it down so a babe, newbie or novice can understand, because there are new comers to Worthy Daily.
  7. Thank you Warrior!!! This has explained a lot. I have visited different Baptist churches, which is different from the church I was raised in. So seeing this was very new to me. There were even differences between the Baptist churches, so I didn't know if this is a practice of the Religion or of the individual Church. I'm use to tithes and offerings but as I said in the OP there are extra collections plates. One Church in particular collected for the band and the chior. I was taught, theses services were for the Lord so members were not paid for praising the Lord. It got so bad that over the years members of the band quit the band and barely attend the church now, because some got paid more than others. So for me to be from a background of The Church is about the Lord. To see so much revolve around money was discouraging. Especially since Jesus didn't do his works for money. Thus the reason I asked would this be a form of Idoltary- meaning they focused more on the MONEY, than PRAISING THE LORD. (Definition of idoltry) As I said I have been to other Baptist Churches and they did not operate the same. The members did most of the services voluntarily. Appreciation was shown with a small notion not a service. I may have just come upon a bad church. Unfortunately they would be seen as a representative of the religion and why bad stereotypes form. Without seeking inquiry into why the differences, there would be no understanding, but there is Hate based on lies. (Side note, from the other side. Catholics do believe in the diety of Jesus, and they do not praise Mary and the saints as if they are God, so no idolatry exist. These are false beliefs from people who don't bother to find out why the difference or just refuse to because they believe their way of practicing is better than others. Just as the speaking in tongues in some places and not in others.) If you are about the Truth, why not find out the Truth. Ask not immediately accuse. Sorry warrior12 for the extra in my reply. It is not directed toward you personally. I just don't like all the division amongst Christians, especially when it comes from misunderstands of differences. These differences are small compare to the True purpose of Jesus/Gods. They do more for the fight than the True Cause.
  8. selective bible memory

    Speaking logically. It Depends on what your definition of better is and where you are applying it. Ex. If you are speaking about a doctor being better than me at surgey. Then yes, if he is a surgeon he is better than me to perform surgeries. If you are trying to say that a Man well versed in scripture is better me in doing the will of God, I would have to say not necessarily. As Jesus pointed out to the Pharisees, just because you know the word and can practice it, it does not make you righteous. If you lack the Spirit/heart you are of no good to God's will. (I am paraphrasing)
  9. Thank You Neighbor. The whole body of what you said is fruitful. Thank you for sharing.
  10. selective bible memory

    No. No. No. No... No, that is not what I am saying at all. I am saying I am equal to every other Man on earth. God can use any of us to carry out his will.
  11. This is a false charge to you and Catholic followers. Rejection of Christ diety is not a Catholic practice. Trinity to salvation would be (and this is just MY example). God is salvation, Jesus is the key and way to salvation (God), Holy Spirit is the guidance needed to understand Jesus and scripture properly in order to reach salvation (God). All three are from and are of God. So really One in the same (God). As I said this is MY example. I'm sure others will disagree. Works for salvation. Well you have many on this thread and in this forum that do works, but lack The Spirit to see their works are in vain. Empty words not of God but of doctrine. (Lip service)
  12. Wouldn't this be equivalent to those who say you must do this, this and this to be saved or to even fellowship with. I have gotten this treatment from both Catholic churches and Protestant Churches. Well members of those churches while attending their church.
  13. Jesus!!! Matthew 18:20 (KJV) For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
  14. Are Christians suppose to hate anyone?

    I get this, but I also find fault in how others choose to correct. Ultimate correction comes from God, whether he does it in this life time or after it is in his timing. He knows who is saved (can be saved) and who is not. Man does not know this. They can take a good guess but might still be wrong. Man thought Jesus was a sinner and went against God. Boy were they wrong. Didn't Jesus say to the woman at the well. I do not condemn you. She was a sinner, an adulterous. If he can save her, can't he save any other with any other sin? Yes, we can warn, but wouldn't it be better to introduce them to Jesus and let him teach them what is necessary to inherit the Kingdom of God? After all only He can lead the way.