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  1. Well Adam and Eve lived nude and it wasn't until after the biting of the apple that they knew what shame was. I can see earthly Rulers using nudity to gain control, just as the Devil use the Tree of knowledge to inflict negative feelings and thoughts. It is for humiliation, shaming and to make one feel less worthy. However God tells you come as you are. All afflictions, all classes. . . all period. Job went to God in nakedness. Granted this could have meant spiritually naked, physically naked or both. I doubt that God sees nudity as man does. Especially when he judges based on one's heart. So man may use nudity as punishment but man is not God.
  2. Do you ever feel like just giving up? (Not speaking suicidal) What's the point in holding on to the word when your day to day is like waking up in the reality of torture? God speaks to me and confirms his promises over and over but the reality of life proves his words are just promises that are never fulfilled. I hear his words. I am joyous when I receive it, but then reality sets in and I just end up feeling tired. Physically and spiritually tired and drained. It feels as if the word alone is not enough.
  3. YourclosestFriend, You see how you are trying to get me to see things differently. That is how Iapproach them. Not to control them. I bring to them the word of God. He does not like for any of his children to speak ill of each other or treat each other in an ill manner. I do not do this to them. I try and get them to see that they claim Christian yet do not behave as such. I can only bring them the word. I do not nor try to control them. However, lying, scheming, plotting and deceiving each other is not Christian. Then can do as they please. I just don't like that my family and friends are actually serving other than God. So I am trying to help them to see how their behavior is not Christian like. Actually the way you came at me is more harsh than anyway I have come at them. I show them that I am not someone they need to lie to, or deceive, plot or scheme against. Yet they still act ill towards me. Sorry if you misunderstood how I said I was toward them, plus anything I have said here is stating the fact of their behavior toward me. I am not just speakinget Ill to bad mouth them. My concern for them is to be better christians, nothing more. I have realized I can only bring them the word and only God can enforce it. So I have done my part as one Christian to my fellow man. I am not claiming saint. Please don't get me wrong. I know I am not.
  4. I want God to teach them to change their wicked ways. These are people I cared for and it hurts to see them work against Jesus. I would try and get them to truly observe the very WORDS they say they already follow in Jesus. Many believe they are Christians when they can use his words for their convenience, but they rarely read the word in its full content. I want them to truly know Jesus, and let him lead them to salvation.
  5. James 4 11-12 11 Brothers and sisters, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against a brother or sister or judges them speaks against the law and judges it. When you judge the law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgment on it. 12 There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you—who are you to judge your neighbor?
  6. Thank you every one!!!! Clears thank you! The weirdest thing is about a year ago, when I first was conflicted with feelings regarding this situation with the church and it's members, God brought me these same scriptures. I didn't know of them before, but after seeking God he brought these to me. Then he told me to leave this church and it's people alone. I didn't because my family is there and I didn't view my family as participants ofthis Ill behavior. However within the last year they have shown their true colors and confirmed that this behavior is shared amongst the majority of this churches attendees. I am sadden by the lost, but I am thankful for all of your replies, because within them I see God is telling me to hold on to him. I do get wary in my faith, especially when things seem to just get worse. This is why I asked if anyone ever felt they try so hard to keep God's way and words but God seems idle. "Live by faith, not by sight" is my biggest battle. I feel I lack the Patience and Trust.
  7. I didn't mean it to seem prideful because it is not with pride that I wonder. I am trying to understand why God allows them to get away with it. You would think that those that spend the majority of their time claiming God, would be the ones he would discipline and teach. Guess I just wonder where is God's discipline when these individuals have been getting away with this ill behavior for years while inflicting harm on so many others? Just a little background into this church. It is a small church made up of 3 families mainly. The Pastor is a fine Pastor, but is getting up in age and really doesn't get involved in the personal lives of the church members (meaning the personal relationships amongst it's members). There is constant discord and some of the higher ranked members are involved in a lot of distasteful behavior. It's as if the elders live wildly and the generations after have grew up in these ways. It's a cycle of ill behavior. The church has lost many members through the years, most due to these Ill mannered ways. I am not a member but my family, or ex family are members. Due to me speaking up for myself my family members and I have fallen out. This was the result of other members gossip and instigation. So unfortunately for me a lost a host of individuals I cared for and trusted. I have referred to this Church as a present day Sodom and Gomorrah, not for the sexually immorality, but overall behavioral immorality. I'm just sadden that I lost much, even though it really isn't a lost since it is based in wickedness, but to see them continue happily and knowing others are still caught in this church with these individuals hurts. Just wish God would discipline and teach.
  8. I know too many Christians that, while at church, gossip, provoke drama, lie on eachother, scheme against their own family members and friends, amongst many other Ill behavioral actions. When I speak on it, question why, or make known how they should not be this way, they turn on me. Push me out, lie on me, provoke hate towards me. I mean this is fine because it shows their character and that I should distance myself from this. Yet I often wonder why does God not teach them that their behavior is wrong, at least from what is in scripture. Why does God allow for these individuals to be happy and continue in these behaviors without correcting them? And I mean for years they've gotten away with this. I am not the only one they have pushed away or turned on with ill behavior but I was probably the most vocal with pointing it out. I just wonder, Where are you God? You see this, yet you let them constantly get away with it. It seems I care for his words more than he does.
  9. I don't have issue with selling items that would keep you close with God or your relationship with him. It should be about worshipping and becoming closer to God. However, selling purses and other vanity items that doesn't sit well with me. Fundraising is one thing, but allowing an outside business in a church event in church building, to me seems like it is more to take advantage of committed church attendees. It's like using God and his house for advertisement. Don't promote a Women's Day celebration and advertise come celebrate the Lord, give free food but pawn off purses. For that just have a Women's day celebration sell your purses but leave God out of it. Unless you do a quick prayer. I don't know. I believe Church is for worshipping. If churches rent out their space to help small businesses or host events that's fine, but don't combine the two. Don't advertise as if they are one in the same. This to me is using the Lord's name in vain.
  10. If it is just window dressings, why do others have such a problem with it? God created this person, God knows their purpose and journey, so why or who are we to judge? Are we not sinning in our judgment? Are we saying one's sin is more than another's? Matthew 7 1-5 1“Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. 2For you will be treated as you treat others.a The standard you use in judging is the standard by which you will be judged.b 3“And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eyec when you have a log in your own? 4How can you think of saying to your friend,d ‘Let me help you get rid of that speck in your eye,’ when you can’t see past the log in your own eye? 5Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye
  11. I know it was frowned upon in the Bible, but is it okay now to sell items in church. To use the Lord's house to sell Shirts and Purses? I think I would feel a bit better if they sold Bibles or religious items. I don't know, am I the only one that feels this is wrong?
  12. I think the ultimate sin is to have gotten to know Christ but then choose to not believe in him anymore and shut yourself from hearing, feeling or thinking of him anymore. Meaning you will never return, never repent and truly just remove him from your spirit. Meaning you know him, know his ways and purposely just refuse him. If you return, he will forgive. Of course knowing him and knowing to come back means to repent, see his ways and not try and work for your own. We all may have struggled with this time and time again. I still do. I will admit I have tried shutting him out, but he won't let me go. He has proven this over and over to me. As for unbelievers, many might just not know him and without knowing him you can not commit this sin against him. I even believe Atheist know him or have encountered him but somewhere got hurt, were incorrectly taught, or were disappointed from not truly having a strong bond or understanding of him. They still have not committed this sin because they do not know him. This may cause them to commit others sins, but we all commit sin. He will get to them when he needs to. Janyeseek2, if you still are seeking him, he communicates to you through the Holy Spirit. So accept that you have passed this lesson, you can improve your grade (we all can), but you have many more chapters, lessons and blessings awaiting you as you build your relationship with him. He is there, that's why you are here. Forgive yourself, he has already forgiven you. Let that fear go. Now he is just waiting on you to strengthen your relationship with him. Only ones he cannot forgive are those who choose to not be forgiven.
  13. I would hope that our loving Father did not create us to just condemn us or place us in hellfire. (Catholic Flashback, wipes sweat off forehead) Then what is the point in giving lfe? Rethorial question. Maybe the Story of Job is just that, a STORY. One to teach us to trust in God, to not think we know God from what we are taught alone (error from both Job and his friends), but to stand by him and let him teach and show us his reasonings and purpose. Maybe it's not meant to get too deep. To overthink. Thank you Kwikphilly for the reminder and clarification. Thank you All for your incite and messages. I appreciate all of it. I appreciate you All. God Bless Us All!!!!
  14. I totally understand that some of the most precious lessons are learned through pain. I have been fortunate enough to learn some tough ones. I also realize that my way of thinking or being may have hindered my growth and time to learn. However, in this story of Job, here was a man living rightly, not perfect but rightly, and because Satan wanted to test, boast, or attempt to prove God and man would fail he made a wager, and God accepted. Then poor Job had to endure, lost, confusion, doubt and we can only image what other afflictions, yes brought on by Satan, but ALLOWED by God. So I get that Parents at times use tough love or allow for kids to go scrape up a few knees, but in this particular story, Job was not being a purposely disobedient child. According to God he was doing pretty well. So why would this loving God inflict or unleash Satan upon him. Was it for God to prove himself right? Guess I just sympathize with Job!
  15. Maybe Satan went to God with the wrong wager? Maybe he should of said if a man is giving everything will they then need to praise or pray to God? This is probably why God ALLOWS bad to happen to good people, not sinless, but good people. If they are not faced with anything it would be easier to forget him. Please remember I said these are things that don't sit well with me. I am not insisting any of it is right or wrong. I was in fact asking in hopes God would answer. He has through you all giving me different perspectives. I appreciate you all for your interpretations and explanations. I'm just trying to understand why would a loving God ALLOW torment of good or even innocent, in the case of Jesus, to prove to Satan or anyone else that he is Great and works for HIS greater good. This is why I say it seems rather selfish. Once again I'm not attacking God, just trying to understand him better. Can't get to know him if I ask him no questions. God ALLOW Satan to attack us, Why?