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  1. Thank you OneLight. You have just giving me confirmation, and a bit more strength. 😊
  2. Thank you Omegaman 3.0
  3. I want to also. I believe he wants me to. However experience so many troubles and then it makes me wonder. I have faith, I enjoy doing works, but why am I hit with so much turmoil and where is God when I need him? Sometimes I just get so tired, I wonder if the works are worth it? Sorry for venting. I just wish I had a clear answer sometimes.
  4. Thank you OneLight I guess what I'm trying to understand is, if we through faith can get Grace, why should we do works besides just being good people? Works would not benefit nor tarnish our Grace, so why should we do Works?
  5. If Grace has no basis in works, then why is Faith without Works dead? Then what is the point of doing work?
  6. Have you ever gotten to a point where you question: "Am I believing in God too much? As if I know it all and can predict his workings. Should anyone become this cocky in God?
  7. So God has made promises to me after a bad situation. At first I doubted it was him but he gave persistent confirmation through countless messages, people and situations. So once I confirmed it with his word I believed wholeheartedly that he would remain true to his word. However for years now he has done nothing. Well actually he has allowed for the things he told me wouldn't prosper to prosper. So what do you do when God blatantly lies to you? First I would like to thank everyone for their replies and information. I really do appreciate it. Miss muffet and Churchmouse to answer your questions of how do I know it was God and if he was precise with his promises? They are yes he was very detailed in his promises and the final confirmation was received through his words, in Scripture. Some of it was through people that I know, through others I don't know. Some came from church services and some even came through as God was using me to deliver messages to others all the while he also verified for me. So I know they are his promises. Crazy thing is I didn't necessarily ask him for these promises. I was actually seeking him to verify that I had done things in accordance with his word. He confirmed yes and then he made stated his promises to me. Telling me don't worry it is already done. Be still and all you are asking for shall be taking care of. Now I may be having issues with timing, but then again me seeking advice here might be included in his timing. He does work it all out for his glory and may be I'm here to receive messages (which i have) as well as deliver some. Kwikphilly, I also want to thank you because you have also helped to confirm somethings for me. Even though your delivery was a bit harsh and accussatory. Please let me explain. I am not trying to be difficult. Just somethings in your reply could have been left out. Like when said "You speak as though you once believed the word of God" that was fine but you could leave out "this doesn't mean that you ever had wisdom or understanding though" I believe everyone's relationship with God is their own personal relationship. God may reveal some Wisdom to you and reveal different Wisdom to me. We should never assume we have more wisdom than anyone else. Also my belief, no MAN has the Wisdom of God or the Understanding of God. Only God has that and only he can deliver it to individuals as he sees fit and in accordance with his plan in his timing. Granted you do say there are many variables. This is why you should not assume nor question someone's wisdom of God. Or mention anything of them having a carnal mind. If you do not know these variables you should not assume you do. Then you go further on to ask and say, "Have you ever had a relationship with God..... I wouldn't think you may have because you could never make such a statement." Well it's a good thing that I do have a relationship with God and you have actually prove it to be much stronger than I thought (So I thank you). However if I was someone seeking to develop a relationship or question a very weakened relationship you with your harsh accusatory words might have deterred me from every seeking him again. We must be careful in how we introduce people seeking God to God. We just give referrals and testimonials. We should not try and dictate how their relationship is. It's Jesus' job to Sheppard them to God. We just introduce them to Jesus. Don't be like Job's friends and in the process of trying to help actually cause more damage. I am not trying to tell you what to do. Just trying to get you to see it in a different way. Me must remain humble, or we may become the false prophets that we are warned against. As for me questioning God. Even Jesus questioned him. "Father why have you forsaken me?" We are MAN and fall short all the time and we will have times where we question what we do not understand. As mentioned before I am thankful for all the replies. Even where some may see this as a negative experience, I don't and actually have received a lot of beneficial conformation from God. Thank you all.