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  1. That's another way of putting what I said in quotes .
  2. We are saved by God's grace first. We don't have to work to keep ourselves in that gift.
  3. I'd ask about Hell being first created to hold Satan and his angels. And then somehow we humans were included in that fate. God created Hell for Satan but extended its admittance to us.
  4. Jerusalem Post US makes 1st extradition request for Hamas terrorist who killed Americans By Yonah Jeremy Bob March 14, 2017 20:07 Request to Jordan could put terrorist woman released in Schalit deal back in prison The US Department of Justice announced on Tuesday its first ever extradition request to try a Hamas terrorist who murdered Americans during the Second Intifada. Prior to US President Donald Trump taking office, the only legal proceedings against such terrorists have been criminal proceedings in Israeli courts or civil wrongful death proceedings brought by the families of victim, not by the US government, in US courts. http://www.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/US-makes-1st-extradition-request-for-Hamas-terrorist-who-killed-Americans-484173 Gotta love our president!
  5. Question 112 on is shocking. I remember when this case was live in the news and these facts were not in evidence as to the officers full actions toward Mr.Brown.
  6. Turkey threatens Netherlands with diplomatic sanctions for acting like 'Nazi remnants' Muslims start acting out Sharia principles in a western nation, get the upper hand in their own minds at the very least, their actions cause the westernized non-Sharia government to call for order under law, the Muslims scream bigotry, Nazism, and Muslim Sharia controlled government nations with ties to that western country make threats! To stop feeding the country. Imperialist Islam. Pay attention. Take notes. Especially the open border types. Don't open your borders to Sharai~ites. You'll maybe not live to regret it.
  7. BLM are supposedly funded by Soros. They rally their followers to act up. Then when those followers do so and die BLM stomps and screams, that's wrong! They were murdered by a racist system!
  8. What is the meaning that "God has a hands off policy in India?
  9. Break it down: You can't trust him. Is that how you want to live? How is he with you when his mind is with another woman at all? If you know you can do better only you can do something to change where you are. God's light be with you.
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