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  1. That's really interesting... many thanks for your time. I've not heard it put quite that way.. more often the reunited with loved ones... that would fall on memory and or altering of. Sorry to hear about your migrains ... I've had a few... it's crippling, utterly. Pretty scandalous they can dump a cell tower that close. I'm intrigued by the saints witnessing? Maybe another time though absent of migraine triggers.
  2. Done all that and more... and it's pushed everywhere from tv to people knocking on my door. Have you studied and read the non biblical? What do you know of cultural religious synchronicity and Christian claims existing in other religions before Christianity? The ontological isn't evidence.. where's the evidence of causality? The ontological is an arguement from analogy. Things like irreducible complexity attached have all been addressed. Causal do you mean the Kalam cosmological or some version thereof? What's the conclusion of the initial premises? Really so you do have evidence of 6 day creation and Adam and eve? I've prejudice on not believing claims without evidential warrant sure. That's the default of why I don't believe in other religions... people get abducted by aliens.. bigfoot is real..astrology etc etc. The evidence for your bible claim was the bible claim. Broader you may have some sort of internal logical consistency here in your view. However I could copy and paste 100s of bits of the bible that contradict bits of the bible. That said what you need to do or a theist of any religion needs to do is demonstrate all claims in reality. Harry potter is consistent with Harry potter. 3rd time evolution doesn't say we come from rocks. You seem to exhibit a total lack of understanding of evolution. I'd agree it contradicts scripture. So evolution aside what evidence of the Adam and eve claim asserted in the bible? I keep asking you for evidence of this hypothesis but you seem unwilling or unable to give any. Belief status was a tag on evolution says we come from rocks. Dealt with that. I can only guess you mean abiogenisis rather than evolution. Big bang yeah sure. Based on predictions from laws of physics further corroberated by experiment and observation..CMB..red shift and more. Please falsify this and turn our evidence of universal origins on its head and provide evidence God poofed the universe and solar system here. Get some peer review on it and my beliefs would be forced to conform to this evidence and best current understanding.
  3. Hi again☺. Well doubts about atheism no..i don't buy into any God evidence nor am able to filter that down to any one version. I'm open to changing my mind on good levels of evidence though... just not seen that yet. Questions about how theists think sure..i want to further my understanding. We all need to share space on this planet and its important I think to try and relate.. to question.. to understand each other. Yes agreed on faith. What position or religion couldn't I buy into on faith when it's not logical or scientifically discernible though? Faith: strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof...or Hebrews 11.1: Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. I don't see how this is a good way to think or best chance of getting to what's actually or most likely true. How can I believe in the eternity you suggest? There MUST be a how life is here .. sure. The soul bit. Well we've many religious claims here. So you'd agree your position is on faith not evidence then? I don't do that in any other context of life and workplace..do you.. why do that here? Only as rational and reasoned as us.. sure on this planet. How do you know this applies to 2 billion solar systems in our galaxy X another 2 billion galaxies? Course I'd reject rationally can't be an accident and must be a reason and purpose. How do you demonstrate the latters here..how do you demonstrate the former is impossible? You just need faith? Yet you say can't be accidental and has to be reason and purpose this implies more than faith ie some evidence? Aren't other Gods just as unfalsifiable. You realise the problem with unfalsifiable beliefs? Why can't they.. if there are Gods why couldn't they work together to create? Don't little old humans work together to create let alone gods. Either way what's the actual evidence a god or gods created the universe? How do we demonstrate causality? I see no way currently hence in what basis do I believe? faith then christianity on another leap of faith? I wouldn't say luck. Did you know without Jupiter being where it is hovering up debris from the early solar system formation we'd probably not be here too as earth would have been struck by asteroids way more often than it has. I see natural laws and causality. How do you prove only the natural in terms of solar system set up is impossible? How do you prove God put things there? To me it looks anthropic. So a better argument for a god might be we find ourselves existing in a solar system we can't exist in based on our current levels of make up and composition. Anthropically.. the quote of the puddle of water gaining awareness and saying wow this hole was designed to fit me perfectly. How do you disprove we're not an emergent thing of the laws of the solar system? Everything we've found thus far in 400 years of science being natural law. We've less reason than before to buy into magical claims... these are what we had pre science. Course I don't believe in reincarnation either.. I'd agree it's myth. Some faiths don't think so. Using one faith based model why wouldn't I apply faith to another and be justified in believing that. Both are faith.. both have no evidence.. both are unfalsifiable. Lesser species doesn't mean or prove its not true.. nor would same species. In may indeed on a Christian faith world view. How can we prove the claim? 1st cause? So abiogenisis? We've evidence of building blocks occurring naturally..beyond in terms if a definitive? Don't know. So don't know isn't ergo God.. must demonstrate your claim right? Adam and eve evidence? I assume you don't believe in evolution. Again so only humans have free will in 2 billion x 2 billion solar systems when we've ish explored 1 solar system? How do you prove life comparable or beyond ours doesn't exist in all that and all that was for a God and us? I don't see the need for absolutes in the total absence of evidence. Well you made a claim thats unfalsifiable. That's a problem. Can you prove reincarnation is impossible? Show your data. You can't as it's unfalsifiable too. We shouldn't believe in claims till they're disproven..we should believe in them when they're proven. That's the default. Religious claims or any other. Again we shouldn't believe in claims till they're disproven..we should believe in them when they're proven. By reason you mean purpose? As a Christian you must think purpose. To ask how is valid.. We've astrophysics.. General relativity..quantum mechanics... evolution by natural selection. I'm here so I need to give my own purpose and make the most. Bit more on topic I'd love to hear your thoughts on my reply to Tristen: Hi again Tristen and thanks for your reply and verses. How do Christians reconcile going to and being happy in heaven when they know their kids are atheists being tortured in hell forever and not with them in heaven? God isn't changing memories as you say or wiping memory of kids ... any verses to explain this? thanks Patrick. A busy weekend ahead now but I'm looking forward to picking this up again soon. Take care for now.
  4. Hi Patrick. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm not a Christian so I'm sure you'll understand citing the bible doesn't help me or form evidence for me absent of proving the claims. Always interested in reading verses though. Okay..a definition of soul thanks it's hard to nail people down to define. So how do I corroberate Father Hardons claims re the immortal and such based on his biblical? This feels like an arguement from authority unless there is evidence right? Other religions might say we're born again.. maybe as animals. Can't prove or disprove that either. Ergo default isn't to believe until evidential warrant right? So outside of God we've no logical reason as to how humanity is here? For me I'm happy with evolution. What evidence do we have of mind outside of brain anyway? I don't believe sure but how does that mean humans are the only rational species in our galaxy of 2 billion stars to which the sun is one. Then we've 2 billion ish galaxies in the observable universe. I'd be astounded if we're the only or most rational.
  5. Yes and all theists think they worship the right God and reject the ones not in their religion. What methodologies have you used to disprove others? They're not true coz the bible says? So you're using the biblical claims as evidence for the biblical claims? Can't all religions do that? That is pretty circular reasoning. This is also a logical fallacy called special pleading. Ah childhood indoctrination into the particular faith of culture you happen to be born into. I have no/atheists have no faith. Atheism is not believing in any God claims period. Atheism isn't a world view..its a rejection of one..is a rejection of all theistic world views. As all theists do bar theirs. It is the rejection of a claim. Same as no doubt you and I reject claims of fairies... alien abduction..we live in a matrix. We're both amatrixists. You do realise many Christians believe in evolution too right... some here. Kenneth Miller is a theist and has written textbooks on evolution for schools. Francis Collins the Christian whist head of the genome project said dna evidence alone proves common ancestry. Ah the rocks thing again you cited this in regard to evolution before. Once again evolution doesn't say we come from rocks. Evolution is populaton mechanics essentially... dealing with the diversity of life. So obviously you believe in adam and eve hypothesis.. what evidence of that bible claim?
  6. Hi again Tristen and thanks for your reply and verses. How do Christians reconcile going to and being happy in heaven when they know their kids are atheists being tortured in hell forever and not with them in heaven? God isn't changing memories as you say or wiping memory of kids ... any verses to explain this?
  7. Kevinb

    “Jesus is Lord” Creepy in Certain Places

    Religion has been the excuse to commit all kinds of horrendous things. Hitler believed in Jesus ergo saved I guess based on doctrine. He talked about jesus in mein kampf right? The Nazis belts had God with us embossed on them. Let us not forget the inquisition too. Those involved in US slave trade preached bible verses to slaves to justify their position. God told moses to wipe out the madianities . numbers 31.1 instruction to kill all but the virgin girls which you can keep for yourselves?! The true literal fundemantalist could say stone to death those that leave the religion... gay people. This literalist view is what isis are doing. The bible says stone unruly kids.. those who work on the Sabbath. Anyone want to cite some apologetics to live with the cognitive dissonance or moral relativism here?
  8. Oh a duplicate.. apologies..i had some glitch delay thing. Please use does God change you in afterlife headline
  9. As a non believer I don't believe in an afterlife. I was interested in what people perceive of what remains of them in heaven..all current memories? As they are at the end or were at some prior time? Does a god change you in any way? If so how.. when... how do you know?
  10. As a non believer I don't believe in an afterlife. I was interested in what people perceive of what remains of them in heaven..all current memories? As they are at the end or were at some prior time? Does a god change you in any way? If so how.. when... how do you know?
  11. Kevinb

    Man's distinctives from the animals.

    The Romans and Egyptians had dying and rising saviour God. Mentioned a few here. The Romans even used to have passion plays of theirs...July 7th if memory serves. I urge you to watch lectures on you tube initially..i started with Richard carrier then googled the God claims to corroberate. Could it not be the beliefs were to give hope under the persecutions in Judea? How can we corroberate the bible claims? Other religions have individals in them that can be said to corroberate the narrative. People abducted by aliens have very similar stories. These people are still around now. I'd guess you don't buy into that but will buy into a book 2k years ish old based on copies of copies of translations of copies from languages that die out and change in one small patch of land with people you can't go talk to? All myths and religions are born this way right. It seems to me any one right God if there is one has done a poor job of announcing himself to us fairly to the world that we'd have good reason to buy into it. What about parts of the world that knew nothing of Christianity and Jesus... tough and straight to hell for torture forever despite how good they were? Yet a mass murder and child rapist could accept Jesus and be saved and go to heaven? Scientific evidence demonstrates a god then a christian one? Wouldn't you have bought into Adam and eve personally based on what the bible says pre darwin? So scientifically you then you cannot believe in a global flood..6 day creation too? fall of Babel spreading languages throughout the world and so much more? You're already picking and choosing on the bible of so? My position is I don't assume no god or there's nothing more beyond what's been demonstrated neither does science but I cant drop a god into areas where we are still to learn. I.e. the retreating God of the gaps arguement. The position is to withhold this belief until there is evidence. This applies in all areas of knowledge and understanding not just on religion. Based on the bible I'd contest loving... stone to death those who leave the religion... those who work on the Sabbath..unruley children.. being gay.. slaughter all but the virgin girls that you can keep for yourselves. Owning slaves as property to pass to your kids and beat. Tip of the iceberg but you get the drift. On Jesus... I've heard some of infant Jesus.. stories about him growing up.. doesn't sound nice either and a dragon slayer ?! Based upon some books now left out of the bible but I need to look into that more. His creative work? Evidence "he" created it? What do we sense? How is this sense theists have verified? Less limited than we were. What we've learnt thus where as once we appealed to supernatural claims is natural laws that have required no supernatural. In terms of what's yet to be understood... appeal to more magical claims and believe in that now or withhold belief until we've evidence?
  12. Kevinb

    Man's distinctives from the animals.

    Hazard. Site not letting me quote your copy and paste. It seems like an alleged some of the biblical people may have been real. Could you add source material? It may be you're saying they're real coz the bible says.. not sure. I don't really have issue if the people were real or not. I've debated Muslims who do this and relate it to the Quran with those mentioned in it. I debated a Jehovahs witness a week or 2 back claiming there were recently found artifacts with gods name on as proof of god. My reply being that's proof people worshipped God not proof of god. Let's not stray into an arguement from ad populum fallacy too...ie all over the world way back people thought the earth was flat. There's testimony of alien abduction too. Ergo that's good enough to believe? We should corroberate claims to believe them... especially when they envoke supernatural and magic stuff... when's that ever been substantiated? Famously... magnificent claims require magnificent evidence.
  13. Kevinb

    Man's distinctives from the animals.

    Yes the assumption and default on any claim is what? Buy into a claim when it's proposed or accept no claims until there's evidential warrant? In terms of other dying and saviour gods.. well they do exist culturally and pre Christian. As I said this doesn't mean the Jesus one is false. outside the bible what evidence of this bible claim? I worry to what you've read if you think there's external corroboration that Jesus rose. Well yes. Faith in the religious sense is a good path to truth? Faith: strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof. Or Hebrews 11.1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen I know you believe in evolution... and science. How do we get to what's likely and our best model for what is true? Faith? Don't drop your standards for evidence when it comes to this... I'll wager you don't do it elsewhere. All religions need faith. They all think they're right.. correct? They aren't consistent so can't all be true so how do we assertain which are or which one is. Must one be true? Let's test... how do we do that? Scientific sounds good... would that lead us to buying into a claim any claim on faith? No . Would that lead us to accepting a religion over another .. no.. not without faith.
  14. Kevinb

    Man's distinctives from the animals.

    I do indeed.. the extent I've researched. Last 2 non biblical historical researchers I've read say pliny the younger documents are the 1st to document and talk about Christianity.. I'm wary of Christian bias research.. most pushed by AIG . These documents were 100 plus years AD. Pliny himself dies 113 AD I believe but check that. In any case the dying and rising saviour son of God stories pre date the Jesus stuff. How much of other God stories in this regard have you read? How far have you gone with cultural synchronicity /have you read or watched? In terms of history of a possible Jesus ...e.g. Richard carrier and David Fitzgerald lecturers and books? The dying and rising saviour God stuff that pre dates Christianity....Doesn't mean there was no Jesus... for eg the Osiris model of this was demonstrably known to not be real person as we have good Egyptian records. So the Jesus model seems to be predated...a real Jesus that's a weird thing for a God to announce himself and based on a model that's of false gods? Even if there was a real Jesus. How do we corroberate he was the son of God then the magical things? How does the oppression you mention prove biblical claims to a God?
  15. Kevinb

    Man's distinctives from the animals.

    Sorry to hear that but wow thankfully sounds like your child is doing well. I nearly died at 19. No one prayed for me. Doctors said doesn't look hopeful. Many years ago..i need to manage but am in remission. What about parents who pray and kids die. What about parents of other religions who pray and kids survive? How do you prove causation? Are you aware of the logical fallacy post hoc ergo propter hoc? I think the theistic Catholic is dangerous and problematic also....don't use condoms... I've heard it said but the work they do in Africa to help against aids. This is like shooting someone who will ultimately die of their injury and calling an ambulance to help them saying look how good I am. I ripped that from Christopher Hitchens btw. Again.. Maybe or maybe. Overall I might agree on what the what you say the book says v Catholic. However as a non believer it looks like arguing over the best or right magical explanaion essentially. 1st we'd have to have some demonstration of evidence and causality to their being a god and then one over another and then we can get to the Catholic lies v the bible.