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  1. In what sense are atheists optimistic? Surely it's better to think there's a heaven rather than oblivion?
  2. Being brought to decide to be an atheist feels a slightly strange concept. For me..the default is to not believe things without evidence. To make a claim that there is a god means to have a burden of proof. An atheist could say that's not been met. Also which god would be the right one. A believer in one particular God or religion has no issue in being an atheist about all the rest? How much time do you worry about going to hells of other religions? They can't all be right...but they could all be wrong I've heard said. Also to an atheist to be able to accept one belief...based on...? On what criteria would a believer reject other religions and gods? To privately believe atheists go to hell is fine and doesn't bother me...what does is people preaching this in the street or said to me on my doorstep in an aggressive way which I've had.
  3. 60%. Breaks my heart but the original trek looks like a spoof now. Bring on star trek voyager ☺
  4. Thanks for responses and apologies for my late reply. I hear what you're this fully addressing all of it though. Doesn't it mention more specific about buying slaves...passing them onto your children. You can beat them as long as they don't die within a couple of days..this doesn't seem something that someone would volunteer into and sounds quite like more modern slavery. Also women can be stoned if they don't scream loud enough while being raped. On your wedding night if she's not a virgin take her to her father's house and stone her to death. Stone your kids to death in deuteromony. Breaking the sabbath..homosexuality.. worshipping other gods..blasphemy and more seem have been punished by stoning to death. I'm sure that the world was very different then i've only been aware of this last month or so...I was shocked. I'd be interested too on responses to the following if I could pose.... So Muslims or those of any other religion or no religion ...or tribes in say Africa who know nothing of Christianity and jesus. These people would all go to hell for eternity even if they've lead caring and morale lives through no fault of their own. And a mass murderer could be "saved" at the end of his life if he accepts God and jesus and go to heaven? Thanks for your replies in advance. I've never had anyone to ask this to.
  5. So if other religions contain wrong and lost people..which of course all religions are certain their one is the correct one then how would I determine which is right? How would someone prove theirs and avoid the logical fallacy special pleading? This has dawned on me recently and but I don't see an easy way out of this. Nice to hear atheists aren't feared by all at least. I think the reality of life certainly in the UK is people just get on with each other or not and people don't tend to talk about faith or lack of. One of my best friends however is the daughter of a vicar. She doesn't believe..obviously her dad does. It's kinda we are all nice people and each is entitled to believe as they like and that's fine.
  6. Well I guess I had some vague belief before. I'm interested in views and responses. It's not bugging me in anyway. This part of the site is about asking questions plus I think it's a good thing to understand views people have as we all live on this planet together? You could be my neighbour friend and vice versa right? Plus I'll always change my mind in the face of evidence as indeed would the overwhelming scientific community. I'll be interested to read the links over the weekend that someone posted for me.
  7. Well absolutely evolution could be falsified...or at least given a major problem..a rabbit fossil in the triassic would do it? That would be one instance but nothing has yet been found out of evolutionary "sync" as it were. I'd have to disagree with evolution being faith based..even judges in courts with intelligent design vs evolution regarding what's taught in schools when presented with evidence from both sides have directly said evolution isn't a religion where as ID is.
  8. Thanks...I'll take a look over the weekend.
  9. Hey all. I've gone from not sure about somethings like maybe God created the universe to not even having that now. Totally fine with all of it and am happy and amazed at the universe. For me I wouldn't say there is no God...I'd say I'll believe in one when I see evidence. Having faith for me wouldn't help its how we're wrong about stuff. I've been told I'll burn in hell but that doesn't bother me as I don't believe in one. There are and have been thousands of religions and gods...many now in the graveyard of mythology. Everyone is an atheist about all but the one they follow and 99 times outta 100 people are aligned because of where and when they happened to be born. This has added for me to them being man made constructs only. All that said...I'll always look out for others family..strangers...I give to a local charity. I see good in religious people and bad..same as atheists. Do people here see atheists the same as other religious groups that aren't their own...or worse? If so why? Hope no one minds another..non theist post here. I find the debates interesting. If nothing else we're all people sharing the planet and having discussion can only aid our understanding of each other and all different views surely?
  10. Bk1110 you asked my background. I live in the UK...I've learnt how very different our countries are in terms of religiosity. Census polls say most don't believe in any God now here. First I've got to say..creation science isn't a credible term...there's just science. Even stated by judges in US courts when the teaching of creation science or intelligent design gets thrown out of science classrooms. So called creation science isn't isn't isn't peer reviewed etc etc ..this is how all other sciences get into the classroom. Creation science or intelligent design is religion trying to get into science classes. I think religion in schools is important the UK there are a few week blocks a year for religious studies whereby you're taught what the most common religions in the world are and what they teach. On mainstream TV here..the BBC we see regular science documentaries. Last night for instance I watched a program on star formation and life cycle and ultimate demise including our sun...included was how we know this even mathematically and the progression to get us to that point..and how things like neutron stars were predicted by science before we even discovered them. I believe in evolution because it's yet to be falsified...there dozens of scientific disciplines that have added weight to it and our understanding. Darwin knew nothing of nucleotides and dna and this area alone is enough to demonstrate common ancestry. We've even mapped the neandathal genome and can demonstrate an interbreeding with homosapeins tens of thousands of years ago. Even to the point of being able to attribute some modern diseases to our 2% ish neandathal dna. Modern medicine is increasingly built upon our knowledge of dna and we will be further able to treat illness based upon the individuals dna. We now know we've vestigial ancestral dna more broadly. This is briefly dna alone..not even approached the fossil record..aging..distribution... embryology to name a few more all add weight but they didn't have to. How about vestigial remnants like whales have a pelvis and leg remnants buried in their bodies from ancestral land mammals..snakes also. We have fossils records of mammalian land living noses gradually moving to the top of the head to form a blow hole. Ever wondered why the mammalian spine such as whales and dolphines moves up and down water rather than side to side like a fish. This is how mammals on land move of course. Creationists sometimes say how well things are designed but thats such a superficial view as so much is poorly "designed"the human eye with an optic nerve smack in the middle of the retina giving us a blind spot rather than out the back of the eye. Teeth don't adequately fit in our jaw...the recurrent laryngeal nerve from our heads terminating in our throats but goes into our chest as it's been looped around the vein of the heart. In fish ancestral and current not too much a problem but in giraffes that's a journey of 15 feet. Anyway 100s of examples of poor design. Evolution can explain demonstrably why but you get the idea. For me this is overwhelming. The little God belief in had here I lost not least because I saw how people have decided what's true ie God did it.. already before asking the question or looking at the evidence. Evidence must form beliefs rather than beliefs form the evidence surely. I'm sure or I hope everyone does it in every other aspect of life and decision making. The money coming from? Isn't this why churches actively recruit in the usa? Doesn't happen here to the same degree. Your statement also implies some intent or conspiracy? Again I'd quote evidence forming beliefs rather than beliefs forming evidence. Science has no anti God agenda... it's just devising and testing methodologies based on evidence of the natural world. I realised for me a while ago can I quote can I say that's true...because where and when I was raised? Another country or place I could easily be coming from another religious perception right? Anyways all fascinating stuff. Anything I post isn't intending to be offensive to people personally...I see it as discussing politics or anything else. Already been told I'll burn in hell..doesn't affect me as I don't believe in one. I turned that around and said how worried are you about not going to an Islamic hell or Hindu hell. To sum up...I've not said there is no God..whichever God people have picked in human history I just see no evidence ..until that default I can't yet accept the claim
  11. I agree...but what does that mean really? How does that get you to what's really true?
  12. Thanks for your post. I've no one to talk to really about things like this. I certainly believe evolution by natural selection...old earth too...I guess initially not sure on a god involvement in some initiation of the universe but don't think I've even got that now. I don't particularly feel concerned by that although now thinking probably there's nothing after death isn't a huge comfort but I guess my comfort or not has nothing to do with what's true and I don't need to worry about hell. I don't know the bible hugely well..kinda patchy. For me believing in evolution means no Adam and Eve of course...that would have to be a miracle but then how do 2 people give rise to a population without incest and genetic problems. It's all boiling down to...based on scientific methodologies and evidence which I think is the best way to find the truth. What does it mean for a religious belief that the earth is 4.5 billion years old..humans are recent by evolutionary terms or creation? The sun is halfway through its life? 99% of all species that have ever been are extinct? It's hard to see a plan here...or is there not meant to be one as such?
  13. Many thanks on the videos...I'll not have time to watch but maybe you could detail a bit of on here? Don't get me wrong..I don't say no God...for me now...I've come to what's most likely based on evidence. I don't see God claims whatever God that might be has met a burden of proof.
  14. Daniel... on the making up multiple universes to try and disprove God seems bizarre to me. Science doesn't factor in God at just tries to explain the natural world and the universe..creating theories and finding evidence or disproving is how progress is made. Maybe the multiple universe theory will get thrown out ultimately and for good but that will be on evidence...until then science just says...don't's an's let's go see what further evidence we can find to falsify or add weight to it. You could say the same about we now know we're not at the centre of the universe...the earth isn't flat..the earth goes round the sun. The lights in the night sky are other planets..stars and galaxies and so on..something surely now sensibly we can agree on at least where as once the church didn't?
  15. Well...young earth...Adam and Eve.. stuff in Genesis like moon producing and night before the sun. Weve virgin birth..resurrection. these are all claims on science that aren't substantiated. That's christiantity...but all religions throughout our history of the gods we've had are the same of course. I guess I had some belief that I've a hard time hanging on to in the face of scientific understanding that would oppose as examples above