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  1. Religion has been the excuse to commit all kinds of horrendous things. Hitler believed in Jesus ergo saved I guess based on doctrine. He talked about jesus in mein kampf right? The Nazis belts had God with us embossed on them. Let us not forget the inquisition too. Those involved in US slave trade preached bible verses to slaves to justify their position. God told moses to wipe out the madianities . numbers 31.1 instruction to kill all but the virgin girls which you can keep for yourselves?! The true literal fundemantalist could say stone to death those that leave the religion... gay people. This literalist view is what isis are doing. The bible says stone unruly kids.. those who work on the Sabbath. Anyone want to cite some apologetics to live with the cognitive dissonance or moral relativism here?
  2. As a non believer I don't believe in an afterlife. I was interested in what people perceive of what remains of them in heaven..all current memories? As they are at the end or were at some prior time? Does a god change you in any way? If so how.. when... how do you know?
  3. The 1st sentence sounds like we've no evidence. If we can't see God doing something how can we be rationally justified to say he does.
  4. Our environment is precious.. It's where we live. An atheist friend and I went to the beach today to pick up plastic. Big thing in the news here how we're polluting our oceans. Caught the news today on the British made satellite that's going to start mopping up our space debris. Not sure who Steven is... maybe pray for him☺
  5. Well i don't see how God will do anything. This is a calculation based on the laws of physics and speed and trajectory. Didn't the chinese do this before and let a satellite/craft break up in orbit? Now we've debris spread about our planet in high orbit. Even a fleck of paint doin 20k ish mph will cause damage up there. We're polluting our planet... now our orbit putting other craft at risk. Makes me sad... when will we learn to take care of the environment we inhabit
  6. Untrue. It's very accurate... only good for 50k ish years though. Carbon dating encounters problems in circumstances like mussels ingesting "old" carbon 14 that's decayed and locked into limestone for example. This then manifests in the result of said creature. This is very rare and well very understood in the radiometric dating. However YEC use these results to say yep... carbon 14 dating is nonsense... unreliable. It's either ignorant or dishonest.
  7. carbon dating is only good for 50k ish years and deals with half lives of carbon 14. There are dozens of radiometric dating techniques independent of each other that go into the millions and billions of years. They can be tested against each other in overlap and even give a margin of error. There are several non radiometric dating techniques also. As to those who think radiometric isotopes vary in decay rates... this is patently ridiculous... please demonstrate this and falsify our understanding and win a noble prize. Let's not forget this is based upon those who 1st presuppose the age being accurate by adding up the ages of people living to 100s of years old in a particular religious book....erm...
  8. But the Bible is clear there were no civilizations before Adam. Okay and indeed the bible may indicate this hmbld. So how do you prove the bible claim? Or are you happy to go with the bible claims are true coz they're in the bible? Kinda circular don't you think. The quran claims are true coz they're in the quran. This applies to all religious texts surely. What needs to be demonstrated is any theistic claims are true in reality. In this case Adam... so what's the evidence for Adam to corroborate the bible claim?
  9. Ah resorting to ad hominem fallacy so soon. If I've repeated myself it's because your faith assertions carry no weight if you care about truth. Stop asserting claims and demonstrate them.. if you've evidence and care about truth. Unfortunately constant faith based assertions are going to be met with the same kind of responses until you give better reasoned arguements. I'm certain there are things I don't yet know... scientific understanding hasn't ceased at a final peak. Ah so you're anti science... or just the bits up until your faith presuppositions? Science is based on evidence.. what can be demonstrated..predicted and tested. What's falsifiable... theories are built this way. You liken this to religion is an equivocation fallacy. Religions don't operate this way. A map of the world's culturals shows pockets of many religions... thousands... where people happen to be born dictates what they accept on faith.. they're all different... they all contradict... this is brainwashing and indoctrination. Science operating as described above is why there isn't an Indian physics... a British physics..American chemistry...and north Korean chemistry. This applies to quantum mechanics .. biology.. evolution.. General relativity as so forth. Yes as have others from all religions....What experiences? The Jesus notions aren't original... other religions had stories of sons of gods... saviour gods.. Osiris...Romulus to name a few that predate Christianity. Dying and rising gods.. this stuff isn't new and existed before. Correct... and God claims are largely unfalsifiable... that's a problem. Do you understand why? Again all religions have had people that say this stuff. Okay your God is the right one assertion again. Special pleading fallacy. So as an atheist what methodologies can I use to falsify all other gods and prove yours? I notice you still can't give a good reason here as you avoided it previously. Btw a satan type and hell notion in Christianity isn't original and is predated. For instance read anything about the Zoroastrian religion that the Persians brought to judea when they invaded? The early origins of your religion changed markedly after this absorption of some of their beliefs. Btw evidence of Satan and hell.. Adam and eve? I don't believe in your satan or any other versions obviously... the concept remains just as ludicrous to an atheist until there is evidence. I also don't believe in fairies... however people use to and thought they were evil people abducting replacers before they became the little winged cuties that live at the bottom of our gardens. Selfish agenda huh. You sound very open minded to other views I must say. This part of the site is for believers... seekers and non nonbelievers incidently. I didn't say ever there is no god..i say I don't believe in one of the poor evidence provided. Until there is something better I've no rational justification believing there is one... and then one over another. Happenstance of where and when i was born isn't justification. Another problem for a non believer is.. in a christian mostly country although my country is heading to almost 50% nonbeliever is..okay.. there are precedents for saviour gods.. hells etc etc. It all looks like cultural bleeding of ideas..religions changed culturally. If there was a Christian God...a Jesus and so forth. Then God used models of false gods as you put it to announce himself and has done an awful job of showing himself to all of humanity. Same said for any other God or gods from other religions if it was true.
  10. That's assertion and not evidence. Give evidence a god did it then your one. Faith is what you need when you don't have evidence. All religions observe the natural then just say I'll believe in faith it was my god or gods. Where's the evidence of causality to one God on faith over another? All of 1000s of gods and religions in human history have had faith. Faith isn't a reliable path to truth therefore. Your particular faith or anyone's is dependant on place of birth in the world and when in history. So beyond an honest assessment of religions and all gods. ( although one is accepted on geography and time in history born). What methodologies have you used to falsify other gods and prove yours?
  11. Interesting. My position is we can choose what to do with our lives.. to a reasonable degree. What we believe in a sense of whats true about reality ie is there a god... then which God or are there no gods. This isn't a choice...i don't choose to not believe in any of a thousand gods. We don't all have our own truths on reality. We should be compelled to believe and follow the evidence. If we care about what's actually true then demonstrable levels of evidence must dictate our beliefs. Else it's picking what we like and want... what our particular local religion just so happens to be.. what religion we're grown up believing by our parents or indoctrinated into. The only default should be to not accept any claims until there's evidential warrant. Evidence should form beliefs not beliefs form our evidence.
  12. I'd want the things you outlined also. As a non believer I'd disagree with the only thing that makes life worth living is we'd be used by god to achieve this. We... society need to pull together... influence our governments to make the world a better place. I see no involvement by any God getting us there . Unless you've some evidence this has ever happened?
  13. 1st sentences... correct because there's no evidence or reason to take it into account. Presupposing this or accepting supernatural claims have added nothing in 500 years of science. Where has the supernatural added to our understanding of the universe above and beyond the testing of the natural?
  14. That may very well be true, but there is plenty of evidence from secular writers to accept that Jesus was a historical figure. You and I agree that majority opinion among experts is meaningful and it is true that most historians accept it. Claims that go beyond Jesus as historical figure are debated with more fervor, and there probably are threads already discussing them. I’ll see what I can find. The majority "experts" are Christians.. they've already accepted the proposition and base work on other Christians who've already accepted it. An issue for me is there are religions pre Christian that have sons of god...saviour gods..resurrections after 3 days even. Osiris of Egypt...Romulus of Roman tradition who even on top of this underwent a passion. More modern notions of Christianity were taken from pre-existing Persian after they invaded Judea... the Persian Zoroastrianism stuff added Good God vs evil...heaven and hell were adopted from the persians. I'd have to buy the Jesus stuff in christiantity is true... after the analogous pre dates it. Makes it look like God based the Jesus "truth" on pre existing fables and stories of other civilisations. OR has just been adopted from other cults with a saviour swapped for another.. this has happened often...pre Christian.
  15. Maybe start a thread for the evidence for Jesus if it starts there? Regarding fringe... most who write on this are Christians who start with the presupposition of accepting prior to writing. I know of little outside the bible to give evidence for the bible.
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