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    The world isn't falling apart it's falling into place. God is arranging all the pieces to bring them to the feet of Jesus. Keep watching the hour

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  1. Radiant_Owl

    Nunes Calls For 'Closed Session' Meeting With Comey And Rogers

    Just to update everyone following this report of the closed session meeting. Tomorrow is the day. Comey and Admiral Rogers will meet with the committee March 28th. I wonder if we'll be apprised of anything that occurred being it is a closed session. Hold America and our president in your prayers. The enemies of this nation are dedicated.
  2. America being founded on Christian principles with a secular government scares non-Christians I think. Because the fact that Christian principles dot the landscape of America, even in town and city names that are names or words taken from the Bible, proves that the non-Christian and particularly that ilk that is openly vocal now in publishing, the radical atheist, are then living in a country that's very fabric is grounded in everything they oppose.
  3. And yet, the Koran says they can lie about being Muslims when encountering hostile people or nations. They can also eat foods that are typically halal, forbidden, in order to survive themselves. Or pass under that false cloak they've donned when claiming they're other than Muslims. For appearances sake to pass in a nation of infidels. That's how Obama got over claiming he was a Christian. He's Muslim. But he knew he would never be able to help further the agenda if he was honest during the campaign. This is why he had no idea the "pastor" that was found for him to claim as his own spiritual "uncle" for over 20 years was openly racist. Because he didn't know the man! But astute reporting found out what the man was and that blew back on Obama who made the feeble excuse that he'd never heard Jeremiah Wright speak as he was caught on tape doing in those 20+ years Barack sat in his pew. Wright retired from the pulpit after Barack got elected and entered into a majority white gated community where he built his own multi-million dollar mansion as a new home among "whitey" that he hated when a pastor. Wonder where he got that million dollars golden parachute from. Hmmm, curiouser and curiouser. Where could millions of dollars come from to pay off a racist pastor? $10 Trillion Missing from Pentagon and No One — Not Even the DoD — Knows Where It Is
  4. Sure we do. It is illegal to enter the U.S in an unlawful manner. Transporting them back across the border does no good. Repeat offenders know that. They know we're soft when they learn there are illegal sanctuary cities in America. We're not as dedicated to enforcing our laws as is Mexico. They know that too. And how many American's need to be victimized by illegal aliens before we care to do something to stop illegal aliens from victimizing Americans?
  5. Wow, criminals don't have any respect for the law. Imagine that. Sentence: Life without parole. Or, being it's in Texas, death penalty. He's an illegal which means Constitutional protections don't apply. Send a message.
  6. After US Refused To Charge Them For Laundering Terrorist Money, Megabanks Busted AGAIN March 24, 2017 Ever get the feeling that "Terrorists" is the keyword used to get the people to react in fear? While for the crony governments around the world including our own it's business as usual?
  7. Great post. INVESTOPEDIA: How governments influence markets In the 1920s, very few people would have identified the government as the major player in the markets. Today, very few people would doubt that statement. In this article, we will look at how the government affects the markets and influences business in ways that often have unexpected consequences. More reading at Google links
  8. Radiant_Owl

    Attack at British Parliament

    ISIS knows the west are bleeding hearts for those in trouble. The worlds police are the USA, the worlds open arms are the USA and western nations combined. What better vehicle to exploit and enter into countries ISIS wants to occupy and overcome than to take advantage of the open arms invitation for our own destruction. Allah is a demon, his prophet was a pervert, pedophile, murderer and thief. No good comes from messengers such as that.
  9. Sadly, clueless was one attribute our former VP demonstrated more than once. It's a shame to be elected to be a punchline.
  10. Probably a wise idea. It is a serious incentive to be a terrorist being the Koran promises the paradise where all things forbidden in this life are in abundance after. This pertains to Europe but it should warn America concerning the refugees some want to give safe refuge. LINK
  11. I think people who work in emergency care in any capacity are called by God to do so. I couldn't do it. Far too much heartbreak to suffer through hour upon hour every day. When Quayle first said that certain persons in the press tried to claim he was kidding. He wasn't. That was obvious.
  12. Radiant_Owl

    Pouring cold water on DeBlasio's ICE capades

    I wonder if voters in his area are paying attention? "But when I asked how many times ICE agents, with or without warrants, had entered New York City school buildings so far, de Blasio answered, “None.” He agreed that the measure is entirely prophylactic — political theater, in other words."
  13. Muslim terrorists give people reason to fear Islam. I wonder what the percentages are of people who are afraid of Muslims in their area? Muslims should be fired up and openly protesting against Muslim terrorism for all the bad image Muslim terrorists give the faith that compels them toward acts of terror.