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  1. Unfailing Presence

    Worthy Experiment!

    It has always been my experience that generally the instances of becoming locked in on " doctrines " rises proportionally with involvement in organized religion . Enter in the fleshly desire for power & control , gazing longingly towards the desired well watered plains . Surely our faith is quickened when we realize the disciples sought neither wealth nor power , and suffered persecution , even to death , to tell us about Jesus . " The church in thy house " ( Philemon 1:2 )
  2. Unfailing Presence

    satan's sin

    The entire Satan drama occurred that Jesus Christ be Glorified . Satan has been given temporary status as the second most powerful force in the universe . Only God is greater . Even Michael the archangel did not attempt to directly challenge Satan when confronted , but deferred the rebuke of him to " the Lord " . This biblical fact reveals to us the glorious Power in Christ that is ours when we are in Christ the Savior . The scripture tells us that when believers honestly and earnestly pray & resist Satan he actually " FLEES " from us . Through Christ our Lord we have the Power at our disposal to make the second most powerful being in the universe " Flee " from us like a cowardly , frightened , tail tucked , pup . Thanks be to God .
  3. Unfailing Presence

    Staring through my rear view Mirror

    It sounds like you have answered your own question in terms of a " what would Jesus do " moment . How do you perceive Jesus handling the situation of dealing with sin , while at the same time rejecting any " hate" of the sinner ? I think our Savior has given us a spiritual formulary in His precious Word for accomplishing just that . " Lord , TEACH US ……" --- Luke 11 : 1
  4. Unfailing Presence


    Judas was wide open to demonic possession . This being an impossibility for those that are in Christ Jesus is the best indication we have of Judas's final estate .
  5. Unfailing Presence

    Worthy Christians

    The title does come off as being a little presumptuous . There is more than one way to look at it though . Was the life of one lost sheep " worthy " of the Shepard's leaving the flock to search for it ? Is there any person alive who is not "worthy" of being saved by the Blood of Christ ?
  6. Unfailing Presence

    Grace - a license to sin?

    It is worth mentioning in the subject of sinning & the child of God that the child of God has a powerful means of resistance to sin , unavailable to those who have not yet placed their trust in Jesus . And it works every time it is utilized . Of course it is up to us to utilize what God has provided to enable us to resist sin . I still find that I do not always avail myself of the powerful weapon God has provided in the battle against sin , ( my desire to sin winning the skirmish ) , but I do find my desire for this weapon God has provided to be greater and greater than my desire to sin with each passing year I am here on earth GROWING in Christ + : " There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man , but God who is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able , but will with the temptation also make a way to escape , that ye may be able to bear it . " ( 1 Corinthians 10 : 13 )
  7. Unfailing Presence

    Hell in a hand basket

    Does the Bible actually say it's wrong to have sex with children? For an all rounded moral book it left that out. I mean how am I going know it's wrong to molest children if the Bible doesn't actually tell me that it's not. You are kidding , right ?
  8. Unfailing Presence

    Hell in a hand basket

    Your understanding of sin is from the Bible, mine is not. I don't regard sin as rebellion against any possible existent God. Sin is just an old human terminology that people invented to classify thing's they conceive are wrong (Or evil) But with the increase of knowledge & learning we open our society to different concept's about our universe. We have new ways of understanding thing's, conceptually & technologically, and the Bibles classification of sin just doesn't cover everything we do today. This is why you can't know biblically if Pokémon is invoking demon's or Harry Potter is actual witchcraft. Is abortion wrong? Is smoking wrong? What does God think of us using plastic's & petroleum? what does God think about our current styles of music & fashion? If you think about it the Bible doesn't say much about our current day & age, it all comes down to jamming old Bible verses to fit where they don't fit. I see , since people enjoy raping children more today than ever before , it is no longer sin . Perfect !
  9. Unfailing Presence

    Hell in a hand basket

    We sin because we don't learn correctly. I can't imagine someone who has " learned correctly " and having learned correctly does not sin ? I have never met , or heard of such a person . I have never heard anybody claim such a thing . Can you name anybody you know of who qualifies ?
  10. Unfailing Presence

    Hell in a hand basket

    You know what & who I'm talking about. The model that God gave to the family in the Love and discipline of children is the very nature of God Himself . What you do not seem to recognize is that we do not sin because we reject God's love at some point , we sin because it is in our blood to sin . Your question is based on the false premise that our status at birth is , " I'm okay , you are okay " . Nothing could be further from the truth .
  11. Unfailing Presence

    Hell in a hand basket

    The question is about whether it is right for perfect love to put being's in a torture chamber for those who don't love it in return. Could you do such a thing? I know I couldn't Your question was in regard to " perfect love " inflicting " pain " and " hurt " as well . Yes ? No ? Do you need me to quote it back to you ?
  12. Unfailing Presence

    Hell in a hand basket

    My question is about Gods love not human love. Can you address that topic please. Same principle applies with God's perfect love . You must not be aware that God does not spank the devil's children ?
  13. Unfailing Presence

    Hell in a hand basket

    Yes . I can remember a few times when " perfect love " caused me hurt & pain . One of those being when as a small child my mother instructed me not to go beyond the border of the sidewalk in front of our house , even though I could see my friend playing in his yard across the street . When I did just that one day my mother in " perfect love " and concern that I could lose my life being run down by a car applied a good deal of hurt and pain to my backside . And I might add that though I could not see it at the time and was undoubtedly feeling resentment and persecution from my mother , today the thought of someone loving my life , and being so concerned for me is a sustaining comfort, and persuasive inspiration that I will carry with me to the grave and into eternity . " He saved others , himself He cannot save .' ( Matthew 27 : 42 )
  14. Unfailing Presence

    The master's table

    So who is the judge? What did Jesus tell us about judging righteously Not everyone on this site who claims it is a Christian . That is a yes or a no ?
  15. Unfailing Presence

    The master's table

    In that regard I would just point out to you that not everyone who says they are a Christian is a Christian . We know for a fact that even as Jesus Himself broke bread at the last supper there was one in attendance pretending to be something they were not . If it could happen at the last supper it could certainly happen here , wouldn't you agree ? Be careful not to judge all based upon the few .