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  1. I do not have children but have learned from cousins that do , that the term " Home School " is a bit misleading . I found out that it is a very well organized accredited national organization that includes many activities were other home schooled children are together and engage in group activities outside the home socializing on a regular basis . It is not as isolated as it sounds . To me, if I had children it could also be 6 of one & a half dozen of the other . It has been pretty well established that what moral values that can be transmitted and instilled in the heart a child are generally fixed in their heart by the age of 7 years old . It is not just moral questions behind the home school program as well . They are much better educated . It is a much more in depth learning experience . To me I would home school the child up to a point and then give them exposure that would include the principles of the " world " which hopefully they have been sufficiently raised at that point to recognize . Maybe around the 8th or 9th grade . At some point you have to remember that they do not belong to you but to God .
  2. Because someone professes something does not make it truth . I do not believe it was Jesus' intention to imply that the claims were true , only to illuminate the fact that so dark is the human heart that even " on that day " people will attempt to lie when face to face to the Son of God .You would think all bets would be off at that point . But such is our nature . It is very much like when Jesus quoted the Phraisee in the Temple praying to God that he was , " ..not as other men are ." ( Like 18 : 11 ) . Just because Jesus quotes this man saying to God that he is " not as other men are " does make it true . Jesus is merely pointing out the obvious .
  3. I am interested in hearing if other Christians have had personal experience with a person being declared dead only to be conscious again and what you thought of it spiritually speaking based upon the actions / words observed of the person who at least for a few moments had been declared dead ? My personal experience with it involved my Grandparents , my best guess both of them being faithful loving Christians based upon everything I had ever heard or seen from them. My grandfather had been hospitalized for at least two weeks going downhill slowly but surely from heart / pulmonary problems , and not working at the time I had helped out other family by ferrying my grandmother to and from the hospital as she was able which was my pleasure to do , as well as staying there with him on my own as much as I could . One morning at about 4:00 AM I was awakened by a phone call from my mother saying to get Grandma up to the hospital immediately because my Grandfather had just died . The funny thing of it was that when I went to get her I had made my mind up in advance not to say that he had died , but to lie and say only that he was taking a turn for the worse . Lots of snow & ice to deal with so I let my grandmother off at the front door of the hospital and told her I would be right up to the floor grandpa was on . Watching her walk through those doors alone on her way up to find out her husband had died from a stranger because I did not have the guts to tell her made me feel as low as I have ever felt in my life in those few moments . Got up to the floor and there was my grandmother standing outside my grandfathers room with big smile on her face happy as a clam . I could not imagine what was going on so I just asked why she was outside the room and she said the doctors had asked her to step outside for a minute , and that grandpa was doing FINE . One by one I saw at least a couple Dr's and other personal come out of the room and I could tell the way they were speaking to each other that none of them had a scientific answer for what had just happened . They said we could go on in and there was my grandfather as relaxed and seemingly as happy & alive as I had seen him in the entire two weeks he had been in the hospital . I gave my grandparents some time alone and went and got some coffee . Came back and can't remember exactly where my grandmother went at that point but I found myself alone with him for a few minutes with him just smiling and barely acknowledging me there , very strangely distracted . In the entire two weeks prior I could always see the look in his eye that was basically begging me not to leave him when I told I had to go home , get something to eat, some sleep , etc,etc . this time I could see he could not have cared less if I told him I was leaving never coming back . The entire time with this smile on his face he would hold up his hands and move his hands and fingers in amazement . Same thing with his feet he pulled the sheet back exposing his feet as if to make sure they were still there , and wiggled his toes with the same fascination . In perfect peace . At some point I think he realized I was observing everything he was doing and he finally looked at me with more than just passing glance and for a moment I could tell he really wanted to tell me something , but almost just as quickly he turned his head up the ceiling slightly shaking his head to himself as if to say to himself there is no way possible to communicate in human terms what he had just experienced . And yet without a word being spoken between us he had just experienced the most fantastic moment of his existence . Later that same day with the same sense of calm peace and joy , and smiling , in a sun filled room he died suddenly . Why God causes some to have this type of modified Lazarus experience I have no explanation for, but I am certain that my grandfather experienced something not of this world . There is pretty good evidence that Paul was killed when he was stoned and brought back . In my mind the only thing I can attribute it to , much like the love that existed between Lazarus and his family which was the only time Jesus is recorded to have " wept " , is the love between my grandparents . They day before all this happened and everyone knew that his death was getting very close I was outside his hospital room and could hear my grandparents professing their love for God and each other and how God had blessed their lives , with my Grandfather finally saying to her " I JUST DON"T WANT TO LEAVE YOU " . In my mind I will always believe God was not going to let it end that way , with my grandmother first being lied to by me too gutless to tell her he had died , then stepping from the cold dark night into a room of strangers to find him gone . I am always interested when I hear similar experiences , but always cautious , recognizing that there is nothing spiritual that Satan will not seek to exploit . " All things are yours " (1 Corinthians 3 : 21 )
  4. How dark and depressing are her words for the children , according to her they "belong" not to God entrusted to us but to a " Chain ". A future of toil and crushing load is where they are to be " thrust " into by us . How appropriate that the gems she is shown blowing over the children in the nursery are black as night . Satan & Celine would love them to belong to a " chain " indeed . Bound by a "chain" of future sorrow , pain , folly , and life marred by sin . How diametrically opposed to the beautiful thoughts of God , more brilliant than a diamond's fire and richer than a ruby's glow can Celine get ? Flashing gems of Divine intelligence are God's thoughts that regards every child as the furthest thing from a nameless components of a " chain " . " He calleth His own ...by name " . Jesus characterized children who have not reached the age of accountability as being of the kingdom of God . The increasing brutal satanic attack upon children as we near the end of the age will only increase . The only thing Satan hates more than the innocence of children is the nation Israel . " Let not your heart be troubled , ye believe in God believe also in me . " ( John 14 : 1 )
  5. We have women " speak " in our church all of the time , but " inquire about something " is not how I would describe their speaking . I would describe the women's speaking in our church much more along the lines of worship & praise , the same as the man's speaking . I wonder about this statement of Paul's concerning women wanting to " inquire about something " publicly ? Especially as it is connected to the head of the household ? It almost seems that Paul is talking about a less than divinely inspired restlessness that is motivating the desire to " inquire about something " . Pure speculation on my part , but it just seems to me there is more going on here .
  6. No. We somehow create a mental concept that here is where we must be holy at that location/ " The church in thy house " ( Philemon 1 : 2 )
  7. Always inspiring to hear another prodigal story such as my own . God Bless you & Happy Thanksgiving .
  8. A dicey area for us as believers yet "sinners" to issue proclamations in , yet one that exists no doubt . Clearly there are circumstances where there is almost no doubt that someone may be falsely professing fellowship with Christ , but my experience is that would be the exception and not the rule . Far more likely to come upon a brother or sister who has fallen out of fellowship into sin , but not out of salvation . The most telling clue in getting to the bottom of it I have found to be is does the person seem to derive a sense of pleasure or happiness in the sin or are they miserable in it ? I always try to bear in mind when confronting such situations that the only man God ever proclaimed to be " AFTER HIS OWN HEART " remained " CONTINUALLY " in his sin of murder & adultery for at least one year if not longer . Is one year " continually " ? What about 4 months & 7 days ? Did David just slip in under the wire at 1 year ? It was God that directed and guided Nathen the prophet in this matter of one fallen out of fellowship and we need to let God take charge of our words & actions in all these circumstances lest we fall as well . " Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace , whose mind is stayed on Thee . " ( Isaiah 26 : 3 )
  9. Pure legalism . How is that working since Calvary ?
  10. My question was meant to pygmyback onto the question about Neanderthals being on the Ark
  11. The greatest " healing " that can take place in a human life is Christ entering in . Anytime the focus moves away from that , BEWARE .
  12. If the Pygmy's did not have a mini ark how did they make it , not being invited on the full size ark ?
  13. The satanic resurrection that God will allow satan to perform in the spirit of anti-Christ is a fulfillment linked to the Savior's pronouncement of one " coming in his own name " . Jesus claimed the power of His Father in His resurrection , and was REJECTED . Satan in the flesh will proclaim his own power for the satanic resurection and will be ACCEPTED by the world .
  14. The only supernatural " life " that Satan can give to dead flesh is Satanic life : " And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast …...whose deadly wound was healed ." ( Revelation 13 : 12 )
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