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    The book of Daniel's future messianic pretender will be establishing a covenant with Israel and all those who hate the Jews . This and the Lord's promise a another Temple established with daily sacrifice during this period is all point to God's final dealings with His chosen Israel .
  2. Hati's VooDoo Price Tag

    I spoke further with a friend from the Dominican Republic yesterday and he told me that the have a rock solid border between the D.R. and Hati and it is overwhelmingly there to keep just one side from setting foot on the other side . It seems the Dominicans have no interest in crossing over into Hati , but the Hatians would like nothing more that to bring themselves and their demonic influence across the border into the D.R. Interesting you never see any reporting of this conflict and it's root causes when Hati is spoken of in the news .
  3. Hati's VooDoo Price Tag

    I agree the world's progression is not taking us to a good place .
  4. Hati's VooDoo Price Tag

    I was always astounded at the particular devastation Hati seems to almost attract like a magnet over the years ,both man made & natural . Especially in light of the fact that it is on a small Island on which it is not the only country . I work with a couple of people from the Dominican Republic who still have family there , travel back and forth yearly , and never speak of their country being in the desperately corrupted perennial state of human disaster that exists just a stones throw from them ON THE SAME ISLAND . The one stark difference between the two countries that I know of is Hati's embracing of VooDoo as the defacto religion of their country . I saw a documentary on it once and from what I saw it is very widespread . Christian missionaries face very hostile conditions when they go there The VooDoo rituals often involve the use of hypnotic drugs to induce a state that facilitates the opening of the spirit to the demonic powers . It was very chilling documentary to watch , and I am no shrinking violet . Something else that occurred to me is that the popularity of Voodoo is very much under reported whenever their human catastrophe de jour is reported in the news. Seeing the terrible conditions in which the people there live made a lot more sense to me when I saw in depth the demonic spirituality that is embraced there . For individuals and nations , purposefully embracing the demonic never works out well according to God's Word , and they are living proof of it . God does move in the affairs nations . A lesson this country , slouching to Gomorrah , would do well to learn .
  5. Catholics and Demonic Infestation, etc.

    I went to a catholic school until 8th grade , and I will always remember the day our studies were set aside class by class when a nun was brought in to speak to us about a movie that was about to hit the theaters and we were warned to stay away from , go no where near it , so on & so forth . It was the Exorcist . I don't no if it was because the perceived negative portrayal of the obvious catholic involvement in the script that we were being warned , or if they were just concerned about the mental impact it may have on our young minds . But it was a very strange experience being warned this way by our teachers . I have wondered if children of that time in other religious schools of different denominations , Lutheran , Episcopal , Baptist ,,, were given similar warnings .
  6. What did Jesus mean by "those days should be shortened...?"

    When Jesus says someplace is set apart , "holy", it is set apart, "holy". Same as when Jesus says, and when God says, you must be holy, set apart, to His people, to the disciples, it is so, and cannot be changed nor altered. Jesus is speaking of the specific physical location of the temple in Matthew 24 : 15 " When you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation , spoken of by Daniel the prophet , stand in the holy place ." ( Matthew 24 : 15 ) He is not talking about the commandments , He is not talking about the law , He is not talking about the Holy Spirit , He is not talking about us , He is not talking about Himself . He even references " Daniel the prophet " to help those having a hard time to understand exactly the place He is talking about , yes ? Do you know the passage in Daniel Jesus is referring to ? If you know the passage in Daniel Jesus is referring to you would know what He is calling the holy place . I can give you the passage of Daniel Jesus says is key to understanding if you like ?
  7. What did Jesus mean by "those days should be shortened...?"

    I see no physical location on earth to be considered " holy" by a Christian ? You do understand that Jesus is describing a physical location on earth that is being considered " holy " in Matthew , do you not ?
  8. Would God's Words " Pass Away " ?

    Matthew chapter 24 verse 22 "If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened. I believe the bible, I don't think mine says rapture. How about " caught up " then ? " Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air ...." ( 1 Thessalonians 4 ;17 )
  9. What did Jesus mean by "those days should be shortened...?"

    Where is the location a Christian should consider " holy " ?
  10. What did Jesus mean by "those days should be shortened...?"

    Your answer lies in God's history of who He has called the " elect " . The very first people in history God ever called his " elect " with great specificity , are the faithful Jews : " For Jacob my servants sake , and Israel MINE ELECT I have called thee by NAME I have SURNAMED THEE ..." ( Isaiah 45 : 4 ) With the Jews of faith being the first ever called by God as " elect " it then is no coincidence that the circumstances the elect of " those days " who will turn to Christ occur completely within the realm of the Jewish Temple , the holy place , and Judea : " ....spoken by Daniel the prophet stand in the HOLY PLACE." ( Matthew 24 : 15 ) There being no place on earth that those already in Christ consider " holy " being eliminated from the equation . Christ being all that is holy to the Christian .
  11. Looking for some opinions

    As far as the purpose that God has for His children here & now on earth it is obvious He considered it much more vital that we understand the permanence and horror of hell , rather than the glories of heaven that are ours . The consideration of the perishing being the paramount focus for us here & now in God's mind , rather than the self consideration of our own reward . The saved are safe with Christ and that is enough for us to know now. This is why Jesus spoke much more about the conditions of hell , the penalty of sin, than He ever did about heaven. Thus the description Jesus gave of the rich man living in a palace of luxury and sumptuous lavish living bound for hell , and the poor beggar bound for glory . In the eyes of the world there is nothing a poor beggar could ever do for a Bill gates , or a Steve Jobs , but to God a poor penniless beggar could lead them to something that all their money could never buy . We are not completely without description of heaven though . From the human perspective there is one instance in scripture of someone having a brief glimpse of heaven : " ..caught up into paradise and heard unspeakable words " ( 2 Corinthians 12 :4 ) Apparently a scene so magnificent in it's joys . pleasures & blessings that Paul felt no words in the human language could do it justice . It has been speculated that this glimpse given Paul occurred when he was stoned to death , after which God actually raised him from the dead , which must have been a disappointment for him . But he understood the tasks the Lord still had left for him to accomplish . We can have however in our quiet hours of devotion experience a special nearness of heaven . Our distinguished honor to personally speak with Almighty of Himself can bring us very near to experiencing heaven . When His words of counsel and guidance come to us in our hour of need and " our hearts burn within us " . Comforted & strengthened , we may not be in heaven , but we can experience the mountaintop .
  12. Would God's Words " Pass Away " ?

    You do not believe in a rapture of the Christian population then ?
  13. Would God's Words " Pass Away " ?

    All our man made devices and schemes, are a non-issue anyway as far as the possibility of God's Word passing away is concerned . God has declared His Word will not " pass away ".
  14. Would God's Words " Pass Away " ?

    Yes , add to that we have come to the point in time with computers , clouds , smart phones , tablets , thumb drives , discs , backups of backups , ect,ect,ect,,,, that to try and remove the written Word of God by "burning books " does not even compute .
  15. Would God's Words " Pass Away " ?

    I concur . Only the spirit of Satan would attempt to promote such a thing .