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  1. Pencil24

    Good Read

    I have always favored Lukes gospel we always read from it when we read the Christmas story before opening presents Christmas day. I had forgotten about Anna I think it is neat the bible pointed her out. I also think Ezeikel is a good read and Isiaih is my favorite particularly Isiaih 55.
  2. I like to boil the chicken or you can bake it, either way, you cook the chicken then you shred the chicken while it is cooking you saute onion and pecans in a skillet till there translucent and cooked. Then you put the onion mixture with the shredded chicken with cream cheese you can use a lighter version of cream cheese if you want to. Then you add them to the tortilla on the edge and roll them you put them seam side down in a casserole dish in a bowl you mix sour cream and cream of chicken soup combine and add to the top of the tortillas then bake at 350 for 30 minutes when the timer goes off you can add cheese of your choice and let it melt on top for 10 minutes then it is ready to eat. you can add green chiles to the onion and pecan mixture I leave them out but the recipe calls for it.
  3. Pencil24

    Robin Jones Gunn

    I also have read some but not all of Robin Jones Gunn sister chick novels very good books each one sort of stands on there own I would not consider them a series but there are several of them just a suggestion if your looking for a good read.
  4. Pencil24

    Neta Jackson

    If your are looking for a good read Neta Jackson is a good author she wrote a series called Yada Yada prayer group I am now reading her souled out sister serious I believe the first book is called Stand by Me she did write one stand-alone book called derailed if you are not into book series.
  5. Pencil24


    Sorry that was a typo how to convince is what I wanted to say I find it difficult to backup the Bible sometimes
  6. So I know eventually God turned his back on Saul and his heart was hardened. Do you think King Saul was ever a Christian, to begin with? I am not really seeing when I read about it him that he ever truly followed the Lord. I was just curious about anyone's thoughts about this subject.
  7. Pencil24

    Isaiah 54:17 Question

    That is very tricky I know the Bible speaks about not judging but then it also comes back and says to approach people that are doing wrong in a soft gentle way and bring them back. I looked up the word condemn I could not find anything that would answer your question but I do find what you are saying interesting good thought.
  8. Pencil24


    Yes I have found that in the new testament some of the writers refer back to the old testament when they are explaining the professes coming true and in reference to things that were said that relate to what they are saying.
  9. Pencil24

    Book Recommendation

    Thank you for the recommendation
  10. Pencil24


    I didn't realize there was a book called War Room I have seen a movie with a similar title. It would be good to read the book.
  11. Pencil24

    The Melody of the Soul

    That does seem like a very good read
  12. Pencil24

    Christian Library

    Does anyone know of a Christian ebook library? I like to hold books in my hand but lately have started reading on my Ipad because it is hard for me to get books back on time to the library. I am on a budget so sometimes I will look at thrift stores or half price books for books. I only shop Barnes and Nobles and Amazon if I get a gift card as a gift.
  13. Pencil24

    Tom Clancy

    Never read any of his yet I will have to look into it
  14. Pencil24

    Christian fiction writers

    I like Janette Oke and Francene Rivers I also think Tedd Dekker is good. I read in Between Sundays by her it was good
  15. Pencil24

    Are You Lonely Too?

    I have lost close friends role models I looked up to they not only died but died in very difficult circumstances and none were easy they got gravely I’ll. Gods choice to heal was taking the to heaven. Each one of the three wee Godly women who made even my darkest days better. I don’t really have a bad memory of any of them. It has been hard watching there kids my age lose there parents and struggle with the loss. Yes it does get lonely out there even when you are surrounded by Godly people