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  1. So years ago when I was in high school my mom worked and my dad worked full time and allot of hours at that. Between school functions basketball practice and track with not allot of money to eat out. My mom taught me how to cook a few simple dishes this is one of them. you cook the chicken in the frying pan till it is done put it aside. Then you cook the rice you actually can cook the rice while the chicken is cooking. Then you take a jar of sweet and sour sauce your favorite brand. Then take a can of cocktail fruit with or without the cherry your choice. You cut up the chicken put it in a bowl then the rice the sweet and sour sauce and cocktail fruit. Wala you’ve got dinner. Hope you enjoy.
  2. I actually decided to use the immersion blender after all
  3. So I am getting brave I am starting to put together my own recipes after getting an idea from another. So I put cauliflower broccoli potatoes and celery with some carrots I put chicken broth and salt and garlic powder. I have a pressure cooker now so it called for bacon it really depends on your cooker I guess you would refer to the manual some sauté but on mine you actually put it on soup setting. You let it heat up with a little oil I used olive oil then when the bacon is cooked you take it out. You add onion I used frozen yellow onion but you also can use scallions my dad and brother don’t care for them. Then when they were translucent I added the broth first to deglaze then the vegetables then don’t do what I did and forget to turn the knob on top to allow it to pressurize it I had done it right it would have taken 7 minutes but in this case I set it for 10 minutes and cooked it again pressurizing it. My cooker cooks in 10 minutes oh and by the way at the end you add 1/2 cup milk half and half or heavy cream I choose milk. It also says to use an immersion blender or blender in batches but I will add the milk and leave it the way it is but that is just me then you ad back in the bacon. So that is my recipe
  4. So I have not posted here in a long time but I have something I would like to share. A dear friend gave me a pressure cooker I have already made two meals in it and the came out good. FYI when cooking roast carrots and potatoes cook the roast 30 minutes then switch over to warm release the pressure open put in vegetables and cook 15 minutes more other wise your vegetables will taste great but be mush. Also I made vegetable soup I put crushed tomatoes onion garlic carrots zucchini squash bell pepper and one can of red beans on this particular pressure cooker a power cooker xl when it is different be cooking it will beep but you have to switch it over to keep warm mode to release the pressure. For some reason when I cooked the roast it did automatically but not when I cooked the soup. The soup came out perfect the vegetables were just right at 10 minutes. It just took me awhile to figure out how to release the pressure but now I know.
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    Thank you for your support during this time it means allot
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    Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement I am very sorry you have lost so many. It just seems it has happened to allot lately and right when I think I can make sense of it all someone else dies also. I have no idea how my time on earth it just reminds me that life is precious and short and you just never know.
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    Thank you
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    So I guess a few days ago this young man I grew up knowing and cared about deeply he felt like family died. The family started letting people know the night before and yesterday. It was very devastating news I really don't even know any more details other then he died. I guess you just never know I want to think that I am ready when I go to meet God. I know your not suppose to fear death but sometimes the thought does cross my mind when will it be my time. He was only like 34 years old he left behind a wife and son and many family and friends who are broken-hearted. So my sister moved away and lives 2 hours away and had to work Thanksgiving last year and this year so we started something new where we go to golden corral and do take out the day of Thanksgiving and then do our big traditional meal the day she can come. So yesterday we went but it was packed out the door and the line was not moving so we decided to go home and cook. Everyone got in the kitchen and we worked together to bring it all together. Yes, I received some very bad news but Thanksgiving by far is my favorite holiday I have so many things to grateful and Thankful for. No, this coming week will not be easy going to this funeral and all. But I still have God and He loves me I am going to make the best of this holiday season come what may. I feel that is what Caleb would want me to do. He was such a kind generous young man I loved him dearly he will be dearly missed.
  9. Can you substitute sugar with a substitute like Splenda or stevia I wonder how much you would use also can you use a graham cracker crust I think it would taste better than a flour crust.
  10. It is just as good without the grapes I have made it without before if you have everything else I say go for it.
  11. Hi for all those out there that are not into the bitter taste of cranberries I have the perfect recipe I don't like cranberries by themselves either but I like this recipe. Here you are take cherry jello and make it according to directions then you add a can of whole cranberry jelly and then you add a can of pineapple them you let it set in the refrigerator than when it is ready and time to serve stir in some sour cream and it is very good.
  12. A must for Thanksgiving at my house I usually get put in charge of making it because it is my favorite dish. So here it goes you put either 6 tbs of mayo, miracle whip, or plain yogurt I prefer miracle whip I like the taste Then you take two sweet apples cut them up and then 1 cup of celery 1 cup of grapes cut them up and I usually cut the grapes in half then you add walnuts in a separate bowl you put the 6 tbs spoons of choice then you add 1 tbs of lemon juice and 1/2 tsp of salt I personally have never added salt but the recipe called for it if you use plain yogurt I would add sugar not more then a teaspoon or so with any of the dressing actually. Then you combine all the ingredients together.
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    I asked this question once before or very similar and I want to get advice again. I was raised to believe in the Church of God they believe when the scripture talks about backsliding in Romans that means you can lose your salvation. That salvation is a choice given freely and God won't take it away but that you can walk away from it and lose your salvation. I then switched to Baptist were they believe you ask God to forgive you it can never be taken away but at the same time I found by speaking with them they feel if you really are seeking Christ and following after him the desire to sin should not be there buy that you won't lose it if you do sin. I guess my question is this why does it seem we put a measure to sin when God doesn't he sees them all the same in His eyes. So why is it some seem ok but others are not. I am a little confused where I stand I feel that if someone anyone believes and accepts that once he or she is forgiven then they are saved. I guess where I am going with this is there is a sin that seems worse than others but in Gods, sin is a sin. Does anyone out there believe that if a person is a homosexual that they can go to heaven when they die if they have asked God to forgive them for there sin?
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    Close To God

    Hi I just want to say I feel like I am drawing closer to God I do believe in Him I know He exists. There are so many things that divide the church and differ in our opinions. I know I asked to Him to forgive me I feel He did. It is not up to me to decide whether I person is truly saved. God knows the condition and manner of the heart He really is the only one who truly does know that and the individual. I recently started attending a church. I know it is very different from the way I have raised it what it teaches but I for some reason I don't feel like I am in the wrong for going there. My brother left the church 7 years ago and wanted nothing to do with God at all. Now he is showing an interest but only wanting to attend a certain church. I have been going with him I feel like I am doing the right thing. I have been reading the bible myself. I have been hurt by church people very badly I had quit going awhile myself. I did find one I was going to alone for a while that seemed to be a good fit. My brother would never consider going there because there is one issue they don't agree with. I wrestle with where I am with God I want to know Him better it truly is the desire of my heart. Just wanted to share my thoughts with you today.