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  1. I made Egg Noodle chicken noodle soup in my pressure cooker I cooked the noodles separate. I sweated the leeks a little added some carrot celery ginger and chicken with two cans of chicken broth it took ten minutes.
  2. I made a pot of Ratatouille today in my pressure cooker and it was good. I put Eggplant, Zucchini, Squash, Red Onion, Fresh tomato. I also added fresh garlic just a little salt and pepper basil and and a bay leaf. I ate it with some provolone cheese and it was really good. I cooked it for 15 minutes which was actually to long now I know from now on to do 10 minutes.
  3. I lost a very dear friend to suicide and someone else I knew when I was 12. I have to say I actually have been in a place I thought it was better to get it over with than live another day and even tried things in 2007. It is a tough place to be something I would never wish on anyone.
  4. I found a book I sampled I want to finish by Rachel Hollis called Girl Wash your Face she just wrote Girl stop Apologizing too. I am trying to get a copy of the first and then the second. I wish I could fa good book catalog. It has been a while since I have found a good read.
  5. Pencil24


    Thank you I will definitely look those up? I was going to read the prophets this year maybe I should read the prophets and Revelation.
  6. I am trying to get some ideas for collard green Bok Choy and Napa Cabbage. I have a pressure cooker. I don’t mind making them on the stove or in the pressure cooker but I have no idea how to cook them. I need good healthy recipes low in sodium.
  7. Does anyone know the outcome of the vote and if it was approved or not?
  8. Genesis 4 I took part in a discussion today in chat. The question was How did Cain know he sinned? Did the Ten Commandments laws already exist or was the law different till they were given to Moses?
  9. I know this is not a biblical question but it a concern. Where can I go to get accurate information? I don't trust television media. I would like to have resources to refer to things going on.
  10. Pencil24


    I never have attempted reading the books of the prophets or Revelation on my own. There are so many denominations and so many different theories as to what people think of these books. What would help me understand the symbolic symbols in Revelation. As I child I always thought the Old Testament prophet books were to explain what is to come. What order should I read them in? Is there anything you can recommend to refer to while reading these books? I did start reading the NLT I completely understand the Bible now that I found this version. KJV and even NKJV are for advanced readers that don't need a dictionary to understand the words. I really don't feel it will mislead me it actually helps me understand.
  11. Thank you I have read some I saved it to notes on my phone and will finish it later.
  12. I am open to whatever you would like to share. I have some family members who believe in science. I just need clarification for myself.
  13. I am just curious as to how anyone here truly knows that Creation is True and the Flood actually happened. Not because someone told you but that you know for sure from your own research. I think I can admit there is a God. Sometimes I have problems believing Genesis. Any suggestions are comments I welcome.
  14. I think I would eat the filling and skip the tortilla or skip the hash brown and have the tortilla. That is just me though I have to start watching my starch in take.
  15. So years ago when I was in high school my mom worked and my dad worked full time and allot of hours at that. Between school functions basketball practice and track with not allot of money to eat out. My mom taught me how to cook a few simple dishes this is one of them. you cook the chicken in the frying pan till it is done put it aside. Then you cook the rice you actually can cook the rice while the chicken is cooking. Then you take a jar of sweet and sour sauce your favorite brand. Then take a can of cocktail fruit with or without the cherry your choice. You cut up the chicken put it in a bowl then the rice the sweet and sour sauce and cocktail fruit. Wala you’ve got dinner. Hope you enjoy.
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