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  1. one.opinion

    Memo From Israel to Palestine

    Unfortunately, as big as they grew, there is still a significant number of them left. I honestly hope you are right, though, and somehow they will be intimidated to the point where they no longer pose a threat to the rest of the world.
  2. one.opinion

    Memo From Israel to Palestine

    Getting people to behave out of fear has historically been a bad idea and only effective for a very short term. How would you even propose "upping the ante" against people willing to broadcast live beheadings? It is naive to think that superior military might can actually eliminate the ideology that drives terrorism. The best it can do is suppress it, locally and temporarily, before it rears its head again elsewhere. ISIS was born from the aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. It can also be tricky to determine who the "bad guys" are, and Syria is a perfect example. The Assad regime is nightmarish in the treatment of the populace, and the US had a hard time trying to figure out whether to attack his forces or the ISIS "rebels". Control through force will only go so far. On a side note, when accusing someone of dishonesty as you did with Badjao, you may want to check your facts first. And possibly even offer an apology when you are shown to be wrong.
  3. one.opinion

    The "oy vey" and "Huh, I don't get it" buttons

    I had a brief moment of comedy run through my mind as I thought of hitting the "oh vey button" in response, but I completely agree. I feel like these buttons have zero contribution to positive dialog. But that could be because I'm a frequent recipient 😛
  4. one.opinion


    The claim of fraud by NASA is apparently primarily from a single retired geologist/data computation expert who has done no work in the field. Let's have a look at what experts in the field think. https://www.quora.com/Can-anyone-support-or-refute-the-claims-of-Professor-Friederich-Karl-Ewert-on-false-climate-change-records (image failed, so I provided the link) The Forbes list doesn't even attempt to debate global warming, it is instead addressing 10 claims made in association with global warming. I'm far from an expert in this field, so I won't address the individual claims, but this is no evidence against global warming. The third link strays from global warming and looks at evolution. Personally, I believe there are very good reasons to question whether spontaneous generation of life, followed by evolution, could produce the life we see today without God's involvement. On the other hand, I also believe there is a definite lack of proof that evolution by common descent could not have occurred.
  5. one.opinion


    What evidence do you feel supports this conjecture? Here is a brief summary of some of the evidence supporting the observation of global warming. https://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/ I completely agree that as humanity continues to exclude God from the collective mindset, we will continue a downward ethical and moral spiral that will result in increasing detriment for all humanity. But climate change and evolution are very different areas of research. There is no human conspiratorial power behind the scenes driving scientific agendas in all different fields.
  6. one.opinion


    I'm a little lost here... about 99.9% of the column is dealing with climate policy. What does this have to do with evolution? And what exactly is an "evolutionist"? Even young earth creationists support evolution to a certain extent.
  7. one.opinion


    I'm always happy to talk about the issue if you'd like, Bryan. Although I must confess I've only heard a bit of Remine's position and haven't read any of his work.
  8. one.opinion


    That's a strongly-worded challenge. I'm an evolutionary creationist, but otherwise a rather typical evangelical. Where would someone with my views fit into this challenge?
  9. one.opinion

    Major Christian Approaches to Science and Faith

    Thanks, SOBG, I very much appreciate the sentiment you express here. I just wish more Christians felt the same way!
  10. one.opinion


    Sorry, Rocky, I did see from your comments that you weren't interpreting the article this way. I should have noted that I was referring to the general clamor about the article elsewhere, not your comments.
  11. one.opinion


    Oh, I just remembered an article I saw recently by a strong Scientist/Christian blog author: https://thebookofworks.com/2018/06/09/did-a-massive-genetic-study-reveal-90-percent-of-earths-animals-appeared-at-the-same-time-no-it-didnt/
  12. one.opinion

    North Star Never Moves.

    This viewpoint requires a cover-up that is so large in scale, it would be impossible for humans to actually make it work. I appreciate your support of the Bible, but what the contemporaries of Biblical writing knew about the planet and the universe are simply not as advanced as what we know now. It is important to understand what the Bible says in context, rather than using every term in a literal sense.
  13. one.opinion


    It is important to realize that the article claims that 90% of animal species were generated about the same time. As you are probably aware, the kingdoms of eukaryotic life on the planet also include protists, plants, and fungi. Also, there are a couple of serious errors in the premise of the paper. For one, mitochondrial DNA behaves much differently from nuclear DNA, and a firm time scale for tracking changes in mitochondrial DNA has not been established like it has for nuclear DNA. The second error is the assumption that the MRCA (most recent common ancestor) is equivalent to the "birth" of a species. It is entirely conceivable that members of a species were present prior to the MRCA, it would just mean that all other lines of ancestry died out along the way. Those looking at this data as supporting a literal account of Genesis are being misled.
  14. one.opinion

    A Retraction Regarding Abiogenesis

    That’s a great question that I don’t know the answer to. Francis Bacon wrote about God’s two books - the book of God’s words and the book of God’s works. I believe God speaks truth through both.
  15. one.opinion

    Man's distinctives from the animals.

    Do you know of other religions with resurrection claims about historical figures? I honestly haven’t studied world religions probably as well as I should. Also, I believe that Christianity is unique in the intensity of persecution it suffered at its beginning. The disciples had no motive to continue to preach what they believed other than the sincerity of that belief. It would be stretching incredulity to state that they all had the same hallucinations or concocted a story of all the brought to themselves was the pain of persecution and death. Well, I accept what the scientific evidence suggests. But I also believe that philosophical materialism is a mistake. I think it is an error to assume that nothing could possibly exist that is beyond our ability to sense or measure. I believe there is a living, loving God and what we can sense or measure is the product of His creative work. I understand this is an extraordinary claim without evidential proof to back it up. But I believe we are limited in what our senses and tools can tell us.