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  1. A Retraction Regarding Abiogenesis

    That’s a great question that I don’t know the answer to. Francis Bacon wrote about God’s two books - the book of God’s words and the book of God’s works. I believe God speaks truth through both.
  2. Man's distinctives from the animals.

    Do you know of other religions with resurrection claims about historical figures? I honestly haven’t studied world religions probably as well as I should. Also, I believe that Christianity is unique in the intensity of persecution it suffered at its beginning. The disciples had no motive to continue to preach what they believed other than the sincerity of that belief. It would be stretching incredulity to state that they all had the same hallucinations or concocted a story of all the brought to themselves was the pain of persecution and death. Well, I accept what the scientific evidence suggests. But I also believe that philosophical materialism is a mistake. I think it is an error to assume that nothing could possibly exist that is beyond our ability to sense or measure. I believe there is a living, loving God and what we can sense or measure is the product of His creative work. I understand this is an extraordinary claim without evidential proof to back it up. But I believe we are limited in what our senses and tools can tell us.
  3. Man's distinctives from the animals.

    This is only an issue if you make the assumption that the resurrection of Jesus is fiction and only copied from other religions. There is evidence supporting the resurrection of Jesus, but there is no definitive proof. If there was definitive proof, there would be no need for faith. The Bible consistently teaches the importance of faith. Now that I think on it, if there was definitive proof, there would pretty much be no other religions, at all.
  4. Man's distinctives from the animals.

    Hey Kevin, do you know of evidence outside of other religious texts that corroborates the narrative within them? The writings of Josephus, Tacitus, Pliny, and Lucian all support the existence of Jesus. Of course, the resurrection is more difficult to support from non-Christian writings, but there are other aspects of Christianity that should be investigated. For example, the oppression of the early Christians by the Jewish religious establishment suggests that there could be something to Biblical claims.
  5. A Retraction Regarding Abiogenesis

    Try them, you might find out you like them! I believe there are biological hints, such as orphan genes (genes lacking homologs in even the closest biological relatives), that suggest that such tweaks might have taken place. Neither my faith in God nor my confidence in science will be crushed, either way.
  6. The Bible and the dinosaur.

    Oh, gotcha. There are some reports of some earlier discoveries, but I do think most of them only go back to the 1800s. I don’t think it is because people started faking them, though.
  7. The Bible and the dinosaur.

    I’m not sure that’s accurate. This is what wiki says: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_paleontology
  8. Man's distinctives from the animals.

    I said I was done, but I do need to set the record straight. I made a mistake as I typed, I would vehemently say that souls and spirits are absent from animals.
  9. Man's distinctives from the animals.

    You are contradicting yourself. Yes, humanity is special and the advanced behaviors are hardwired into us. Thus, we are fundamentally different from other created life. Nope. I am using "fundamentally different" because because I believe God imbued humanity with a special, non-physical part that allows functions much higher than animals (a soul) and a non-physical part that gives us the potential to have a personal relationship with God (a spirit). These parts are part of animals. Nope. I believe the soul and spirit are supernatural and could only be imbued by God Himself. I am not implying that humans simply have more advanced behaviors that have evolved. I am stating that God put into us these advanced behaviors into us - rather similar to the OP. Are you seriously claiming that there is Scripture that states that "animals do not have a sense of injustice?" That is the statement I dispute factually. Instead of admitting to a mis-statement, you want to blow this into a debate that extends to evolution and Scriptural support. This is really just getting silly. I'm done with this particular debate with this post.
  10. Man's distinctives from the animals.

    Hmm... kinda sounds like a fundamental difference to me. In any case, I agree with the OP that human behavior is fundamentally different from that if animals. It occurs at a much deeper level that is imbued by God. I have said nothing about evolution in this thread. I’ve just pointed out that you were in factual error. A feeling of personal injustice begins when an individual feels cheated. It’s kinda hard to separate the two. There is another video in which two monkeys in separate cages collaborate to get nuts from a jar that was in one monkey’s cage. The monkey finally gets to the nuts and shares them with the other instead of eating them all himself. There is a clear sense of “fair play” involved. I do not go as far as to say that the monkeys displayed ethics or morality. It does, however, display a rudimentary feeling of injustice. Check out the video and see what you think.
  11. Man's distinctives from the animals.

    You are not understanding what I am saying. I agreed (and continue to agree) that mankind’s behaviors are fundamentally different from animals. We are made in God’s image and as a result, our behaviors are fundamentally different. It is just factually inaccurate to say that animals do not have a sense of injustice. My argument has nothing to do with evolution and everything to do with experimentally observable fact.
  12. The Bible and the dinosaur.

    Can you accurately touch your nose with your index finger? If you happened to be highly intoxicated and had “problems with results”, would you conclude that you were unable to accurately touch your nose in nearly all circumstances?
  13. Man's distinctives from the animals.

    I’ve already agreed that humans are much more advanced in all these areas where animals display something at least reminiscent of human-type behavior. I’m just pointing out that you may not want to use the exact same phrasing in the future, because it isn’t true. You can do whatever you wish with the information you have been provided.
  14. The Bible and the dinosaur.

    That’s why scientists like to use independent methods of verification. These can help validate results, since there are, in rare occasions, problems with results.
  15. Man's distinctives from the animals.

    Agreed, I'm just pointing out that the basic concept of "fairness" does occur in animals.