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  1. Is Time Infinite?

    Ah... well... Yep, I see your point and will now have to change my response to "You are correct, Sir"
  2. Is Time Infinite?

    I'll post more on this later (gotta run to a meeting!), but an interesting topic! I agree with you here, time will have an end. The book of Revelations teaches it, as you noted.
  3. Is Time Infinite?

    I am going to live in heaven forever with my Lord, but I had a beginning.
  4. Adam and Eve as Genealogical vs Genetic Ancestors

    That is your opinion. I have honestly not read every single post in this thread with the close attention to detail I could have and perhaps should have. I know the general theme of what SkyWriting wrote, but not the particular details. It is quite possible I would have disagreed with some of what he said, but I would have to read every single post of his to see if anything qualified in my mind as "false teaching". These are rather serious allegations to make, and I find it very odd that you feel comfortable making them, but not pinpointing what you found objectionable. I also find it odd that you assume because I didn't make a pronouncement against it, that I must sympathize with whatever he did say that you find objectionable. I have written my opinion on the issue of the necessity of scripture, and you have yet to address what I have written, despite the fact that I have repeated it several times. It is becoming increasingly clear that you do not have an issue with what I actually believe, only what you assume I believe. That is on you, not on me.
  5. Adam and Eve as Genealogical vs Genetic Ancestors

    And if you were the "Bible believing Christian" you claim to be, you would support your accusations with examples. Which you either will not or can not do.
  6. Adam and Eve as Genealogical vs Genetic Ancestors

    Your accusations ring quite hollow without showing me exactly what SkyWriting said that you deem false teaching and without showing me anything that you deem false in what I wrote. I'll provide it again, just to give you another chance to address it. For some reason, you seem hesitant to do so.
  7. Adam and Eve as Genealogical vs Genetic Ancestors

    Ah ok, my mistake. It somehow sounded like you were making an assertion here: To address the second possibility, I cannot remember his exact words, but the posts on the topic at least started with his assertion that scripture is not necessary for awareness of God. His arguments might have escalated from there. Please feel free to show me exactly what he said that was false teaching, because as a third possibility, maybe I just didn't read his posts well enough. Regardless, this is what I wrote regarding the necessity of scripture. I will be happy to discuss anything you perceive in that quote as false teaching.
  8. Adam and Eve as Genealogical vs Genetic Ancestors

    Hahahahaha! Let's pause for a minute and decide which of the contrary claims you have made is accurate and then we can proceed from there. So do I not know what he was saying, or do I agree with him? Because it can't be both.
  9. Adam and Eve as Genealogical vs Genetic Ancestors

    Ok, so maybe an even better reason I shouldn't jump in and correct him! But you just stick with your "hypocrisy" narrative, if that floats your boat.
  10. Woman Offered Big $$ to Accuse Moore of Sexual Misconduct

    I heard a very interesting interview with Dr. Ed Stetzer, the Billy Graham Distinguished Chair at Wheaton College, on the radio this morning. Stetzer states his belief that the allegations are credible and the Washington Post is credible, for starters. He continues with some warnings against shifting morality based on political affiliation that I think are worth considering. To listen to the interview, you can click here.
  11. Adam and Eve as Genealogical vs Genetic Ancestors

    The fact that I did nothing says that I didn't see a need to add my two cents. Are you suggesting that the correction of 3-4 other individuals was insufficient, and you really needed my help to make a coherent case? To specifically address what would need correction, scripture itself states that there is sufficient evidence in nature to lead us to God, which SkyWriting mentioned. But scripture speaks to us the words of God Himself, and is necessary to teach us of Jesus, His incarnation, His sacrifice to deliver us from the consequences of our sin, and His triumphant resurrection to offer us new life. Scripture is absolutely necessary to teach us about God, but is not needed to let us be aware of Him. I have read too many stories of individuals in "unreached" people groups that have prayed for someone to come and teach them for me to think otherwise.
  12. Adam and Eve as Genealogical vs Genetic Ancestors

    And you did neither. Cobalt brought up comments that must've been on other threads regarding homosexuality. As you must've read, since you quoted it, I didn't see any such posts here. How would you suggest correcting a post that I haven't read?
  13. Adam and Eve as Genealogical vs Genetic Ancestors

    I did not regard speaking out as wrong, and I don't believe anyone else did, either. Let's look at what I actually wrote: If you are bemoaning how much "things here have truly fallen", I would suggest reading enough to avoid misrepresenting what others say.
  14. Is Time Infinite?

    This is true, but it is also interesting to note stochastic events in chemistry, as well. Those water molecules will break apart into H+ (or H3O+ for the chemistry purists!) and OH- ions, at a very low, but consistent concentration, depending on whatever else is present in the water. The measure of H+ ions is the basis of the pH scale, which is critical to the functioning of subcellular chemicals, so life itself. I am amazed by God's pervading touch in even the smallest of molecules and how the laws he established allow life to be possible.
  15. Discontinuity of the flood boundary

    Granted, there are specific miracles throughout the Bible regarding water. But there is nothing in Genesis that specifically addresses unusual properties of the water, itself. The sources of the water are interesting and a subject of much debate, but not the water.