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  1. Random acts of Kindness are glorious to receive. Yesterday a guy cycling past me in my wheelchair, stopped to offer help and I'm sure blessed God whether he knows Him or not
  2. just supporting you mate I am determinably not defensive...more a peace-maker
  3. buddy, I am starting to think any orthodox church that honours Jesus is ok
  4. just watched passion again, God certainly works in it. Mel sacrificed his life by shooting this, nearly came back to the faith with Hacksaw Ridge but his next showed he had not quite come to respect Jesus again. I pray Mel will, he has been thro the mill.
  5. i always freeze nanas, peel first, then only suitable for cooking/smoothies...
  6. make you yogurt bro, easy as, perhaps you haven't time
  7. perhaps sis that their are spiritual forces at work
  8. very true, we are weak
  9. this is better bro, but not allowed
  10. sis, any room for grace or are you rigid on that?
  11. God made the bird, I pushed the shutter
  12. we all need the Word so often speak prophetic words of scripture...God is IN His word, we don't need to be a "prophet" wash each other with truth in this world of lies! have you an idea?
  13. bar3.jpgloaf

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      What is it,Tryer?

    2. a tryer

      a tryer

      butter,seeds,oats, brown sugar, buttons, fruit mix

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      That sounds good!

  14. I prayed this week for friends, for everyone has deserted me (save 3 or 4). Thank you J. I am off for a ride now but I sensed you were a man of integrity. You anthropology gift was from God