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  1. Greetings, I myself need not to hate them but let's show them mercy. Purpose of Christian is to seek and save the lost.
  2. For me pride is when a person overcomes evil, great accomplishments from the church, then he became powerful and treat himself as a perfect love of God. He treat himself more than Jesus to God. He treat others when he knew that they are wrong as evil worshipper. The fact that he overcome temptations he forgot to love others, compassionate heart, instead pride inside himself..... Compassionate people we are looking not a Righteous one...
  3. Being worldly, sinful nature, love of money, sin of ommision and commission, when you accept Christ as lord and savior you feel the holiness of the spirit.
  4. Greetings Limey_Bob, I am so sorry for your past experienced, I am so thankful to have friends here. I am here not to judge them because I saw my life changed before one thing I never forget for them is friendship. I have so many friends before in that church who always there. We have time going to place like bay singing spiritual, praying together. I never see this Church controlled my mind. I respect them because of their purity to God. I believed even I'm in that Church that there are Christians in another faith just like you 😄. I am happy that I met you here. I want to have a friend to you. Thank you.
  5. You talk like your in good hands your judgemental. You judge other as if your in true path.....
  6. God's Gift to Solomon. 1 King 3:5-10. God was pleased with Solomon's unselfish request. True, he asked for wisdom for himself, but he did so for the benefit of his people. He wanted to be wise enough to govern them well. Building the temple. 1 kings 6:37,38. Kings 7:1-12 describes other buildings in the vicinity of the temple. Solomons "own house" took thirteen years to build. It served as a guest house, for Solomon was visited by some of the great men and women of his time 1 kings 10:24. The Queen of Sheba is perhaps the most famous example. 1 king 10:1-13.
  7. Sometimes we used to being symbolical. I used words that understand easily sometimes we used parables to understand easily. You read literal but need to understand also. Try to read again and if you have wisdom to understand then the holy spirit guide you. Anyway I will share some ideas about king Solomon Bible based. Thank you.
  8. Reinitin, Have you fall in love with someone? When you fall then try to know him more, then you ask someone who is close to him the one knew more than you. His character, hobbies, etc. That's what I treasure king Solomon.
  9. Hello Kwik, First from the very beginning most all of prophets came from the land of Israel. Kwik try to learn about Kingdom of King Solomon, about his Kingdom. About the architect, the statue, the symbols, his prayers, his character, friends from other kingdoms, his relationship. etc. We Christians need not rely on verses we read but we must broaden our knowledge. Israel land is very deep in culture and treasures we learn. I'm sorry for my English. And my thoughts too. My small idea. Thanks
  10. There are radical Christians who hated sins since they baptized with water. The leader follow Christ as he rebuke those members, teach as well as correcting. They are hardline as Jesus taught him to do so. But then leaders and members were called cults when those members are the same ways to non christians ways. Sinful nature lives with them and proudly says they are Christian. Those are cults.
  11. We knew Solomon as a prophet, wise and one of the prayer warriors in the Bible. I have learned that God gave him power to communicate spirits that's why he fall into sin? He learned a lot about amazing things to the guardian of heaven which he able to study rituals to understand and see he is more greater than the guardians of third heaven? He communicate spirits who knew things about the creation of God of heaven. That's why Solomon knew the name Baal, and those angel with ranks fall into heaven. The ring of Solomon is very powerful God gave him.
  12. I have learned that God of Israel started to have ministry the time when Jesus and James plans to make disciples in the land. I believed there are thousands of baptized Jews and they call themselves Disciple of Jesus. So my question is yet we from other nations we are Christian but not actually baptized by Jesus so only those Israel become disciple by helping the 12 disciple of Christ. So better we can call ourselves Christian to those land where Jesus didn't?
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