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  1. If they don't give you 5 dollars in return for your soul...nope. You're not signing away your soul. Still got it.
  2. Road Warrior

    What is the Number One Sin of the Church

    Spent a winter homeless. The church is downright terrible at helping the poor among their congregations. Which falls under loving thy neighbor...the church likes to keep their hands clean and not get involved cause its inconvenient
  3. Road Warrior

    Today I am thankful for......

    I am thankful I only cussed a couple times....usually its more
  4. Road Warrior

    Dry Season

    During a year long dry spell a stranger told me "You havn't hear God in over a year. (Which was true and boggled me also. ) Then he went on to say "You're at a point in your faith where God has given you what you need to this point- this is God's way of showing faith in YOU. SO stay the course and keep reading your Bible and listening" So just examine you're heart and see if there is any unforgiveness or hard attitude toward others or the poor...keep a soft heart. Best thing I can tell you, and expect God to show up when the time is right and live out of Grace.
  5. Road Warrior

    Job hunt

    God, please give this good man another position that he can enjoy. Amen
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    Welcome...It's not a bad little place
  7. Road Warrior

    Burned out

    @patrick jane No. One of the best things I ever did was leave the church building. My friendships with other believers which are stupid close has been a hundred times more beneficial. Slept in the corner of a church in my truck one winter. Not one person from the church said "lets give you a break" out of the cold. The pastor knew I was there... Thats most american churches, when times are great they will like ya. When the storm comes and life is royally suckin..the american church will tell you its your fault, you need to pray more, go to church more then pop smoke. As believers we need to be the hell or high water we got your back types and then what happens? We attract the same. @Marion-don't go back to that church. Ask God for solid friends who are believers, and before that happens-be a person who keeps your word.. ect. To have good friends you have to first be a good friend.
  8. Road Warrior

    Burned out

    Marion, prayin for ya bud
  9. Road Warrior

    My book has been published!!!

    I'd like to read about this...sounds very cool!!!
  10. Road Warrior

    Who are You? Round 2

    1. My 2002 Dodge has a new engine in it. It's getting a second chance cause it kept me dry and warm sleeping in it during a cold winter. Yes, its just metal and paint but that truck counts as a friend. Friends who save your six get second chances 2. Favorite- Shop class! Not mechanically inclined whatsoever but that class provided confidence to take on things I know very little about. Eric Dahle was like an uncle and didn't put up with bullying or favoritism. Returned to visit him during my first year of college cause he was dieing from cancer and thanked him for providing one of the only refuges I had known. My 13-16 years were a nightmare and his class provided a two hour break from a world that was tough in school and home. Just enough rest to get me through...before I left- asked him to find my Grandpa Walt on the other side and tell him I said hi. Pretty sure Mr. Dahle kept his word...gonna be good to see him again. For a couple years a Math teacher was running a chess club and we talked foreign policy. Told him in November, 2001 we would go after Iraq next and he didn't believe me. Yeah, he finally respected my abilities while we watched the invasion in 2003. Least favorite- gym, the favoritism and bullying... unprintable things happened. Took years to go back and visit and not remember things... 3. Joseph- man I love a good dewd who will obey an angel then take the hit so others wont. Especially in that tight knit society, Joseph paid a price and it was steep so Jesus and Mary could be protected when they were most vulnerable. Doesn't surprise me Joseph had no qualms about poping smoke to Egypt...he was willing to give up his status and business in the community so leaving the community to protect Jesus and go to Egypt was no big deal. Lot's more to the Mary-Joseph angle than we see on paper but can be comfortably inferred. Joseph gave up everything, had a back bone and a pair of brass balls. Not enough in the Bible about him and it's an issue i'll take up with God someday. Lesson: the most effective and at first glance- failures- are people who don't care what others think cause they know the mission God has given them and are gonna see this through. That's crazy and dangerous...and Joseph was key towards Jesus accomplishing his mission. Dangerous men are unafraid of failure and taking the hit so others can accomplish what needs to be done. Jeremiah- American believers avoid Jeremiah like he has the plague and just reading the book we will get it. We like soft pews-comfort, success- big churches where we can tell each other we are blessed, convenience- who hasn't ignored the poor person or judged the single mom instead of offering to help, sacrificing kids to football, hockey, soccer-hello idolatry?..not to mention Kardashians (I'm particular to Khloe.) Jeremiah warned Israel that the party-idolatry-success- was going to end. Israel basically told ole Jer to kick rocks and pound sand. I dug deep into ole Jer a few years ago and grew a deep respect and borderline kinship with the guy. We are gonna have one heck of a chat on the other side.... Why? Great question thanks for asking! In 2007, was hot and sweaty sitting in a humvee thinking Im wasting my time sucking sand. I knew Iraq was the second most mentioned place in the Bible. America invaded it. Coincidence? ....not a chance. Knew there was something bigger going on, couldn't put a finger on it and worse yet? Couldn't keep my big mouth shut and asked why. (Be careful what you ask God for- you might just get it. There's a reason I never asked for patience.)I hear this voice say "I'm setting things up." ok...this aint revelations. Knew God was throwing a bread crumb and it was time to follow the trail. Must be OT. So I blindly open my Bible and there is Ezekiel Ch. 38 and 39 and I do the geography of the battle in my head. (Not hard when you're in a war and looking at maps every day) It clicks. Iraq is between Persia and Israel, by invading Iraq we are going to put in a govt that will be on good terms with Iran. America has just kicked open the door to make the next steps possible... Fast foward:2014, was a train conductor and these engineers are asking whats going on in the Middle East. I explain whats going on and whats going to happen. (When you're on a train for 12 hours- gives you a lot of time to think and read.) So these engineers keep telling me I need to write this stuff down.. Soon after God gave a dream that I was going to be leaving the railroad. Month later events occur out of my control and I got fired. I sensed God was directing me to start writing...and the conclusions havn't been well received. The party is going to end in America (Ezekiel 39 vs. 6) Jeremiah, Elijah, Elisha, Daniel...yeah crazy dewds who on the surface look bad, lost everything in the process and still get the mission done fascinate me. Always wanted to know how Elijah called down fire from heaven and it actually happened...the town I grew up in would've been magically changed into a big BBQ pit Gandalf..be careful what you ask for....you might just get it. 4. Tom Clancy- he wrote a book-in the 90's I believe- about a pilot flying a plane and crashing it into DC. His literature was food for an intellectually starved high schooler who saw 9/11 and Iraq coming... 5. Who has encouraged me? Too many to count. I'll answer that one after some zzz's.
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    Yowm hasn't heard my snark yet... 😂
  12. I've done some extensive study about that region (and did a tour in Iraq also) Believe things are being set up for some OT prophesy fulfillment- Isaiah Ch. 17 talks about the destruction of Damascus. I believe this sets up the chain of events described in Ezekiel Ch. 38 and 39. Syria is allied with Russia and Iran, in Ezekiel it mentions Iran and Russia and some others that go after Israel. I think Israel is gonna do a whupin on Damascus...hint: this wont be the last time we hear about chemical weapons. Ella it took years and years for it to start making sense to me....and lots of analysis. I made 10 predictions about the region 4 years ago and so far 6 of them have been correct
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    When did you find the lord and how?
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    Glad you're here Morgan!
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    Just walk away

    CCR fan?