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  1. If they don't give you 5 dollars in return for your soul...nope. You're not signing away your soul. Still got it.
  2. Road Warrior

    What is the Number One Sin of the Church

    Spent a winter homeless. The church is downright terrible at helping the poor among their congregations. Which falls under loving thy neighbor...the church likes to keep their hands clean and not get involved cause its inconvenient
  3. Road Warrior

    Timing of Ezek 38 War.

    @Yowm I've had a 5 year project on the side involving this topic. Of the 10 predictions 6 have been spot on. 11 years ago sitting in my humvee in Iraq was asking God why we invaded. Heard "I'm setting things up." So I blindly cracked my Bible open and there was Ezekiel 38 and 39. Read about this battle and made my first prediction/conclusion-America would end up leaving Iraq and Iran would end up turning Iraq into a client state. 2010 we pulled out. Iran helped Iraq defeat ISIS and in doing so Iraq was turned into a client state. 11 years of knowing God is setting this up has been a priveledge and drove me a bit crazy. Ezekiel is before Revelations. This is going to shake everything up. Create a power void. The American people have voted for narcissists..and narcissists are the last type of people you want leading during a war. Hint: over confidant and will ignore warning signs. This will get ya in a world of hurt. Our system is going to get rocked. Like even the dollar will get replaced as the world currency. We wont recover from this
  4. Road Warrior

    Timing of Ezek 38 War.

    OK Daniel your right. I'm wrong. I've only studied this for 11 years, spent over a year in Iraq, made 10 predictions and 6 have been spot on. My work has been reviewed by senior military officers, Rand Corporation and others who said its insightful. Hundreds if not thousands of hours of research and work.... C'mon your going to have to do better to convince me otherwise besides you say so. Give reasoning, well thought out research. Until then go kick rocks.
  5. Road Warrior

    Timing of Ezek 38 War.

    "every´╗┐ man's sword shall be against his brother. ´╗┐" That verse means this army will turn against itself. Educated speculation- in scripture it says Russia leads this endeavour. If I was a Russian commander leading this army, I would send in the Iranian troops first to be the bullet sponge and take the hits and minimize my own casualties. This is one logical way to cause your army to turn on each other...
  6. Road Warrior

    Timing of Ezek 38 War.

    Ok...context here folks...context. In war the devil is in the details yet there is a big picture. Its a fine balance. Ch. 38 is the details. Ch. 39 is the broad overview. Ch 39 vs 6 mentions an unnamed country that goes after Russia at the very end right after Russia gets whooped. The rest of the countries in ezekiel are named, this one isnt. Why? Put yourself in the writers shoes. You cant give it a name - maybe cause its not there yet? but you know its features so you describe it like that. Coastlands-plural. Atlantic & Pacific fits this. Safety- the US has had one war (civil) and lost less than a million. In 300 yrs. That historically fits "safety" In WW1 we showed up at the end. WW2 in the middle. Right at the end this vague nation steps in. Why? We have an air base (incirlik Air Base) and its on the flight path between a russian air force flying south to attack israel. These planes will return to Russia unarmed and vulnerable. If I was an air force commander id hit incirlik to keep them out of the game. It would get the US involved. It would fulfill Ez 39 vs. 6. Just educated speculation.
  7. Road Warrior

    Timing of Ezek 38 War.

    I personally dont get into Revelations much. I can sum up it up with "we win" Like I said before-think the world system has to go through a drastic change and a void of power has to be created. I look at ezekiel war totally different than most. Lots of it makes total sense cause of my experience in war. One verse talks about this combined Army turning against each other. Makes sense-put a group thats muslim and one that likes vodka together...they wont trust each other. In the heat of battle that mistrust will come to a head. In the army we didnt trust each other. Hell, we fought each other more than al-qaeda
  8. Road Warrior

    Timing of Ezek 38 War.

    After world war 1- league of nations promising peace World war two-united nations goal is peace. The first horse of the apocalypse is a man riding a white horse- white is universally known as a sign of peace. Why? Probably cause the world screams for peace again after a war. So I believe a huge power void is created at the end of ezekiel. 39:6 i believe Russia and the US gets involved and it doesnt end well. A man will come after this to fill the void.
  9. Road Warrior

    Timing of Ezek 38 War.

    After fighting in a war in the Middle East I bet this one happens in the late fall/early winter. Fighting in the summer really blows, plus all that heat is a huge strain on the logistics side of things...gotta haul a lot of water, spare parts cause engines overheat ect. I think what people are missing is the first verse, it says "I'll put hooks in the jaws of Gog and Magog and drag him south." When I was in Iraq I wouldnt even look for the roadside bomb- it was a waste of my time. I would look for the out of the ordinary (in math theory this is called the anomaly.) This would tip me off that we had trouble coming. The first verse is the anomaly- something sets this battle in motion. I believe its Isaiah Ch. 17.- Damascus gets leveled in one night. I think Hezbollah has some of Syria's chemical weapons and ends up using them on Israel. Israel will hold Syria responsible. Syria is allied with Russia and Iran which puts this little shindig into motion.
  10. Road Warrior

    Today I am thankful for......

    I am thankful I only cussed a couple times....usually its more
  11. Road Warrior

    Dry Season

    During a year long dry spell a stranger told me "You havn't hear God in over a year. (Which was true and boggled me also. ) Then he went on to say "You're at a point in your faith where God has given you what you need to this point- this is God's way of showing faith in YOU. SO stay the course and keep reading your Bible and listening" So just examine you're heart and see if there is any unforgiveness or hard attitude toward others or the poor...keep a soft heart. Best thing I can tell you, and expect God to show up when the time is right and live out of Grace.
  12. Road Warrior

    Job hunt

    God, please give this good man another position that he can enjoy. Amen
  13. Road Warrior


    Welcome...It's not a bad little place
  14. Road Warrior

    Burned out

    @patrick jane No. One of the best things I ever did was leave the church building. My friendships with other believers which are stupid close has been a hundred times more beneficial. Slept in the corner of a church in my truck one winter. Not one person from the church said "lets give you a break" out of the cold. The pastor knew I was there... Thats most american churches, when times are great they will like ya. When the storm comes and life is royally suckin..the american church will tell you its your fault, you need to pray more, go to church more then pop smoke. As believers we need to be the hell or high water we got your back types and then what happens? We attract the same. @Marion-don't go back to that church. Ask God for solid friends who are believers, and before that happens-be a person who keeps your word.. ect. To have good friends you have to first be a good friend.
  15. Road Warrior

    Burned out

    Marion, prayin for ya bud