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  1. That seems to say your interpretation of the scripture is right and anything else is wrong. Discussions about whether women should be allowed to speak in church or to 'turn the other cheek' use similar arguments saying 'you can't argue with the word of God'. Suppose a Catholic wants to marry a Lutheran. The Lutheran considers the Catholic beliefs to not be true Christians because of various Catholic practices. Taken to that level, people should only marry those in their current church. We're all interpreting scripture based on the translation of the bible we're using as well as the culture and context of the scripture being examined. If we look at all that and come believe a specific interpretation is correct, that's what we follow. Discussing and looking at how the scripture would be applied to life allows us verify that interpretation. If we're too proud or arrogant to think our interpretation may not be right, we're placing ourselves above the scripture.
  2. It's an interesting situation to examine. At what line does a Christian consider something to be 'unequally yoked' such that marriage would be wrong? Suppose it was changed to this? Response: "Exactly. Marrying someone who isn't a practicing Christian can be fine but needs to be considered carefully. Suppose your future spouse was saved as a child, had a bad experience with the church, and hasn't returned since. Since leaving church, they have lived as a Christian regardless. Can your example as a Christian spouse likely convince them to become saved? If you think so, then your wedding will be blessed"
  3. Those are insightful points, Neighbor. Thank you for providing them.
  4. Response: "Exactly. Marrying someone who isn't yet a Christian can be fine but needs to be considered carefully. Is your future spouse basically living like a Christian but hasn't been saved yet? Can your example as a Christian spouse likely convince them to become saved? If you think so, then your wedding will be blessed"
  5. I've been watching this happen for a while and wondering if countries such a Britain or Germany will eventually decide they have had enough and reject the invasion. At what point of violence in society will they rise up? Or will it never happen because their spirit has already been conquered?
  6. I think it's all a careful social dance. Some new believers are looking to see how others in the church behave as examples. They may learn well from example, find a mentor, and develop as a Christian by watching and listening. Some groups of Christians don't make great examples, though. Many attend church, greet everyone, and then leave and forget church and their beliefs until the next week. Those examples may teach new believers there's not really much to their beliefs and thus no reason to take it all seriously. This is why I think it's critical to find a church with some kind of fellowship that includes accountability, people that get to know you well socially and as Christians. By knowing you well, they can be the ones you turn to when you have serious questions or concerns. These are also the ones that would ideally feel comfortable asking you questions about your lifestyle, beliefs, and the 'fruit' of your actions. It's not easy or quick to develop a fellowship like this, but it can be immensely helpful and effectively be an external family when times are hard. Looking from the outside, these are the people that can see things happening in your life and note patterns and directions you may not notice yourself.
  7. In US society, most people don't really care when they ask 'How are you doing?". They're simply following protocol and being 'polite'. That's how things work. If someone does want to talk, that makes it quite hard to find someone else actually is willing to listen. One would think places like churches would make that more likely, but I haven't found that to be true. Even in pastors, smaller groups, and bible studies prefer to keep their topics 'light'. Should Christians be more willing to listen and take time to see if others really want to talk? I think so. As with the stories here, a few minutes of listening can mean a world of difference to people we hardly know. Sure, we're all busy and have to work, get to appointments, complete errands, and more. If we knew it could immensely affect someone's life, would we be more inclined to take time to listen? Is it the duty of Christians to help the poor in spirit as well as those with other needs?
  8. "And with sugar and too many carbs in my system i just crave even more. " There are good reasons for sugar and carbs creating a cycle of constantly wanting more. One approach that has worked well for me is to switch to a ketogenic / low carb high fat lifestyle. In simple terms, you eat minimal carbs, adequate protein, and enough fat you aren't ever hungry. Your body switches to use fat as the primary energy source. Lower and constant glucose levels generally result in higher and more constant energy levels. Note that while this leads people to getting down to their ideal weight, it is more of a lifestyle change than a temporarily diet. If you decide to investigate this, research all that's involved so things go well. I switched over the first of this year and have no plans to change back.
  9. Traditions can at times become distractions or worse. As a small child a Catholic church, I remember the priest walking through the aisle waving a lantern with incense, church members being told to light a candle in front of statues to accomplish something, and more. The rituals and traditions seemed to take up more time than anything else. The catechism classes were similar and based on learning repeated chants. Questions were discouraged. All that is one of several reasons I left organized religion for more than ten years. When traditions are first and the lessons in the bible are secondary (at best), something isn't right.
  10. For people using a laptop to browse web sites and not needing specific Windows application, I recommend a Chromebook. They are relatively cheap, there are no concerns about viruses, and to use them you simply open the case and log in. My wife and I have used them for 99% of our computer work for the last few years.
  11. I've not encountered issues with the site using the Chrome browser on a Chromebook.
  12. Well stated. As an engineer who has been blessed to work with some amazing scientists, I've never seen a conflict between science, math, and Christianity. When I worked with people with PhDs in genetics and biology, many would tell me how when they went to college for their undergrad (BS) degree they were pushed to endorse Darwin, evolution, and that all life was scientific and logical. When they went beyond that to study more deeply with a masters or doctorate degree, they would at some point see all the complex systems of life that depended on each other. They said the levels of complexity and how it all worked together was both beautiful and impossible to have either evolved naturally. They almost all believed in intelligent design and would happily describe things that proved it all. It's not hard for someone with see similar things, really, if they look. Take a walk through a forest in the spring and look at all the flowers, animals, insects, and think of all the things too small to see. Read about all the relationships scientists keep discovering, all the codependent species at so many levels. Read about the designs of all these and how complex they are and how amazingly their design truly is. Science and math can be beautiful testament to what God as create in this world.
  13. Your comments about your beliefs, history, how your feel, and the people around you make sense in some ways to me. I came to this forum in the hope of finding rational discussion, so here are a few questions and comments. See what you think. I dont want to be a loser. I never wanted to be a loser. I seem to be treated like dirt by others since I was a kid. I never knew why. Others seemed to get whatever they wanted. I never understood it. All I wanted was a place in the world, and since my childhood, I have failed hundreds, if not, thousands of times trying everything in my power to find what I was skilled in. What defines someone as a loser? I know many people with expensive toys, high paying jobs, yet are very stressed and generally unhappy. Are some generally happy but poor a loser, or does being a loser involve mostly social dynamics, i.e. how people treat them. What defines the opposite, a winner? I never asked to be a loser among people. God seemed to ordain that for me naturally. I feel weak, pathetic, and disgusting having to depend on Jesus Christ for my own sense of life satisfaction. All my faith in him to this day has been on the premise of faith...I have no evidence to determine if he even existed, if he's real, or if Christianity has ANY sound basis at all. I chose to believe because everything else in the world was false, evil, and fake. I dont like Jesus. I dont like Christianity. I dont like you, or anyone else on here. I made the decision to believe for the sake of the truth, and it seems like I will never get what I want out of it, which makes me angry at all of you even more. It sounds like you're mad you haven't found what you're skilled in, mad that you feel weak and dependent on your Christian beliefs, question those beliefs, and yet believe all that will lead you to never get what you want. How do Christian beliefs lead to being a loser, weak, and pathetic? As a child, I was told I was in complete control of my mind and body, so if I didn't like something or wanted it to change I should figure it out and change it. Blaming and getting mad were ways of accepting defeat. Still, I'm not seeing connections between this and Christian beliefs. I'm sorry you are how you described you are. I have nothing in common with you. YOU ARE COMPLACENT. I am ambitious. Why are so many of you Christians such quitters at life? You give up on everything and chalk up your existence to being God's will. That's baloney. You're capable of much more, but for some reason, I cant make a dent in life, where others have, and when I strike the common denominator, they arent Christians. Many are complacent. I respect people that are ambitious, generally, if they seem to have a good foundation. Chasing money and power as 'success' blindly can and does end badly many times. You mention a common denominator of some that give up being Christians, yet I'm not seeing that. There are many quiet Christians that are very successful, powerful, and humble. By their nature, you many never hear of them. Makes me think...what is it about you Christian people that makes you poor, weak, and useless in the world? I didnt accept Jesus to become weak and pathetic like the lot of you. I came to win. I know what I want, and it seems like I will never have it...I am a useless loser just like the rest of you, apparently. Again, how does accepting Jesus lead to someone becoming weak and pathetic? To me, there's a logic gap there. One thing isn't a cause for the other. But if I reject Jesus, sure, I can have the world, but I will become reprobate, and burn in hell. That defeats the purpose. Reversing the logic and rejecting Jesus doesn't logically mean you'd be successful. Either way, I lose. I dont care about the gospel. I dont care about the word. I dont care about you. I just want to win, and I guess I'm the idiot for trying to find a Christian success story on a website full of derelect rejects of life that have no value to this world. Yeah, I just said that. Think what you want. I'm tired of trying to find Christian success stories. All I find are losers, rejects, and idiots. This comments here seem to describe a loop where being Christian means you will be a loser. What happens if you step back and look at the whole situation where you separate Christian beliefs and being a loser/winner. Examine the social dynamics side separately, how people influence and affect you. What needs to change so you win? How do you achieve that? Depending on your life and experiences, your definition of winning will likely change. Plan accordingly. One every year I look at my life, how I spend my time in every way, and consider the value of it all. Am I working too many hours, not spending enough time with my family, wanting more social time, etc. Sometimes that leads to minor adjustments, other times I've quit jobs and/or moved across the country. My Christian beliefs are a foundation to consider, value, and use in making these decisions.
  14. I fought this for years after moving to the midwest where allergy and sinus problems got much worse. Finding a good ENT doctor that kept up with the latest studies and trends was very helpful. Taking generic a zyrtec antihistamine (24hr pill) before bed helped overall and let me wake up much more clear. On days when I worked outside and would likely be more congested, I'd take a 400mg guaifenesin decongestant and that would help. For me, sinus infections were mostly fungal and the antibiotics doctors tended to prescribe just made things worse. A sinus irrigation system such as SinuPulse worked much better as a preventative. After some diet changes, I'm now at the point where a daily zyrtec pretty much takes care of things.