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  1. Welcome to Worthy! In the past few months, there has been a significant trend on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Sources and people with views that didn't agree with certain agendas are being disabled.
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    Finding an accountability partner online

    Did you find a accountability partner / study buddy? When investigating and researching complex topics, I've found it helpful to have another person looking as well to provide other perspectives and who may find related information that ends up important. It's not easy to find that person, though.
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    Can you help me by voicing an opinion?

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    Welcome! I'll second Blood Bought's advice.
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    The blessing of earplugs

    Small desk fans are sometimes good for this. One from Marpac is available on Amazon and Bed, Bath, and Beyond is quite popular.
  7. Thanks for great clarification, Jayne!
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  10. The human body as designed by God is truly amazing. We're able to turn carbs and sugar into glucose and then route that to every cell of your body to burn it as energy. If there's little or no sources of carbs or sugar around, that your body can completely switch modes so it uses fat as its primary energy source. This is called ketosis, or keto for short. People on keto frequently describe weight loss, better sleep, more constant energy through the day, and lower overall inflammation. It's not for everyone, though, as keto involves a significant lifestyle change is what you eat, namely greatly limiting carbs and sugar. After trying it for 1.5 years, I've found it to be completely worth it. Dr. Jason Fung has some good videos on youtube about keto, obesity, and how the body burns calories. To learn more about keto, the reddit keto groups are some of the best sources of information. Be careful, as there's a lot of wrong info about keto on the internet so it's something where proper research is necessary.
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    Missing link - DNA - question

    Have you looked at the similar service called 23andme? No comments on ancestry.com, but I have friends that used 23andme and like how they did things.
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    Feeling trapped

    " The only way out of marriage by divorce is if one of us cheats." Looking at the history of Jewish marriage and how it's been practiced and interpreted in the past, many believe divorce is allowed if the vows / contract are broken. This may include abandonment, abuse of spouse or children, cheating, etc. I'd encourage you to research the topic yourself, see what you think, and pray about it.
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    Hello everyone, my first post here

    Welcome! There are many of us here that grew up with a twisted version of Christianity and only later in life learned the church or group we started out with was quite wrong.
  14. Welcome! Glad to see you back!
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    I'm always looking for intelligent, rational conversation. Have you always been an atheist? Did you grow up with atheist parents and had exposure to organized religion then? I'd be interested in whether you once believed in a higher power and later dismissed it, etc. What religions and belief systems have you investigated? Contact me via private message here if you'd prefer to chat outside public forums.