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  2. Howdy from the hills.

  3. Excellent topic. For me, it's Lee Strobel's "The Case for Christ", another by Strobel called "The Case for Faith", and Greg Koukl's book "Tactics".
  4. That's Right. I'm Back!

    Welcome back!
  5. all i got?

    That sounds like a good rule. This reminds me of a story where a young woman who was a popular blogger got a job working as a software developer. 95% of her coworkers and managers were men. She first dressed very plainly in jeans, tennis shoes, and simple shirts. This was pretty much the same thing the men in her department wore every day. The result? She didn't receive good reviews of her work, didn't get assigned to work on major projects, etc. Next, she changed how she dressed to be attractive without showing a lot of skin. Her work suddenly received great reviews and she received better assignments. All through this, she carefully documented her work to show there was no difference in the quality or style. Her conclusion? Young women must carefully choose how they dress to manage how they and their work is judged by others. People judge based on looks first.
  6. Many tracts I've seen use a message that could be summarized as "You're evil. You're doomed. Come to Jesus to be saved." While this may attract some to Christianity, it may drive others away. On the other hand, tracts that bring up points and get a person thinking and wanting to know more can be great.
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  8. What is your earliest memory of Church?

    Earliest memory? A dark, catholic church built perhaps in the 1970s. During service, nobody looked at each other or smiled. They instead watched intently and chanted replies to what the priest prompted. In one such service I remember vividly the priest was in an exotic robe and hat. He was walking up and down the aisles of the church while waving a lantern with smoking incense and chanting in Latin as everyone there tried not to look at him. A small girl whispered loudly to her mother as the priest walked by: "Ooohhh! Magic!" and her mother quickly hushed the child.
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  10. Years of Spiritual Warfare forged a Light in Me

    Welcome and thank you for sharing your experiences. I'll look forward to hearing more.
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