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  1. Some partial and full preterists claim Nero Caesar, in Hebrew (Nrn Qsr) sums at 666 and therefore is the beast. However, using the gematria of Hebrew, when a Nun is a "final" as in NrN it's value is now 700 eliminating Nero as the numbered beast. There is considerable mathematical evidence that the unstated language to "count the number" is Simple English wherein A B C = 1 2 3 etc. Check out the mathematical "sign" God place in the Hebrew text of the Shema (Deut 6:4)
  2. Hi Ed ... your question was posted to Jaydog Sept 26. My only comment about BEAUTY is that it sums at ... 74
  3. Would Tom Dick or Harry be good names to identify the numbered beast? Well, when using Hebrew or Greek, whose letters value from 1-400 in Hebrew and 1-800 in Greek short names can end up in that value area. Simple English (A-Z ... 1-26) would require 26 Z's and a P to sum at 666. A much more difficult system to identify the 666 beast. The following examples provide mathematical evidence indicating that simple English is the unstated language God designed to "number" the beast. See God's alpha numeric witness "sign" (74) in the Shema. JESUS = 74 Y'SHUA = 74 JEWISH = 74 MESSIAH =74 SIMPLE = 74 ENGLISH =74 GEMATRIA = 74 Under the nose of our "watchmen on the wall", a strong religious political figure did arrive on the world scene, whose titled names summed at 666 in three different languages ... rode a white horse as described in Rev 6:2 ... had a very distinctive bow and crown ... and sat in his temple claiming to be in the place of God. When God destroys Vatican City, perhaps then, the above may make sense to students of prophecy.
  4. When God destroys Vatican City, perhaps then you will believe it is Mystery Babylon and not Mecca or some other Islamic city.
  5. And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God. Rev 15:2 When God destroys Vatican City (Mystery, Babylon) then things will become much more clear to students of prophecy.
  6. When I first started to study this subject of Rev 13:18 (40 years ago) I was of the same opinion, but because of their high numeric values 1-400 and 1-800 I concluded that short names summing in the area of 400 to 800 would be of little value in identifying the numbered beast. God could have told John of Patmos ... count the number using the gematria of Hebrew or Aramaic or ... count the number using the isopsephia of Greek ... but He did not. I concluded it would be a language unknown to John of Patmos, but rather a world known language concurrent with the emergence of the beast itself. As noted earlier, there is mathematical (alpha numeric) evidence in the Shema to the Jew that Jesus (Y'shua) is the Messiah they rejected ... and evidence to the Gentile that simple English is the unstated language to be used the "count the number". For those interested in the Hebrew gematria of Genesis 1:1, I recommend the mathematician Vernon Jenkins article "Whatabeginning.com"
  7. One would have to be living in a cave to not see the significance and design of God, in that the six original "Roman" numerals (I V X L C D) sum at ... 666. And yet, some would see this as mere "coincidence". Indeed, as brother Abdicate said ... study. If you are looking for an alpha-numeric "sign" to the Jew and to the Gentile, look at the Hebrew text of the Shema Deut 6:4
  8. Their "rock" of Deut 32 is not Jerusalem ... it is Catholicism. Their "papal peter" is their rock, not our Rock Jesus.
  9. Jaydog ... check out God's Psalm 119 where He uses a "letter" to indicate a "value".
  10. I see nothing to do with gematria (Hebrew Greek or other) in these posts.
  11. All the examples I quoted ... DO have something to do with the Bible. He was "numbered" with the transgressors. Isaiah 53:12, Mark 15:28. LUCIFER = 74 MUHAMMAD = 74 JESUS = 74 The victors over the image, mark and number of the beast sing a "new song". David is "the key" to the understanding of the Book of Revelation. THE KEY = 74 73 of the psalms are attributed to David, if he wrote a new song about Jesus it would be song number 74. There are 150 songs in the Book of Psalms. If David wrote a new song about Jesus Christ it would bring the total to 151 JESUS CHRIST = 151
  12. J E S U S ... ... 4x5x6x6x6 is NOT simple English gematria wherein A B C = 1 2 3 etc. The following are a few examples of Simple English Gematria: Was Jesus the Jewish Messiah that was rejected? JESUS = 74 JEWISH = 74 MESSIAH = 74 ... ... Jesus in Hebrew is Y'shua ... and in Greek ... Joshua Y'SHUA = 74 JOSHUA = 74 ... ... did Jesus die on the cross, preach the gospel, speak in parables? CROSS = 74 GOSPEL = 74 PARABLES = 74 ... ... the above examples are of Simple English Gematria. SIMPLE = 74 ENGLISH = 74 GEMATRIA = 74 The writing on the wall by the "Hand of God" was "mene mene" which means ... number number. MENE MENE = 74 HAND OF GOD = 74 ccc
  13. For it is the number of a man. In context, what does that have to do with adding the numbers 1 to 36?
  14. Michael37 ... Here is wisdom. Let he who hath understanding count the number ... ... Rev 13:18 Do you believe this is indicating a very simple situation where a letter (like in Hebrew or Greek or other language) involves a value? Do you believe Psalm 119 involves God's simple use of gematria to indicate 8 verses? I believe there is a huge difference between occult "numerology" and Jewish use of kabbalah versus God's simple use of a letter having value in God's "wisdom verse".
  15. So, where scripture is pointing out WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING, to COUNT the NUMBER, it is really not saying to do that, but rather to do something else. That is an unusual conclusion based upon the actual text. Would it be your opinion that the gematria of the six original "ROMAN" numerals (I V X L C D) summing at 666 is mere coincidence?
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