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  1. I'd say I agree. Unless details like a potential charge is discussed beforehand, it's a favor. To do whatever it is and THEN demand a reward is both moronic and scummy. Though, if someone helped me out, I'd want to repay it.
  2. I've read it full-through twice now; I'm currently finishing up on additional background material (study bible) before I set about reading through again. The Bible is a complicated book that takes time to read. I tried reading a bit too much at once at first and it burned me out; maybe try to pace yourself? Every day, I try read a few chapters at least. Read slow to ensure you aren't going too quick. You can also pray beforehand asking for wisdom and guidance. Also, you're not alone. Geneologies and construction guidelines (the tabernacle/temples) kind of throw me off, too. Understanding... We're all still learning. I've been a Christian for, what is it now, 6 years? And I still feel like an idiot when it comes to various things. We can't let a lack of understanding dishearten us, though. Rather, use that desire to know more as fuel to propel us onwards. I have an NIV (read 1 time) as well as a KJV (just finished). I will reread the KJV as I found it more easily understood than the NIV. Whatever version works for you, though.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I'm looking forward to turkey. One of these years, though, I intend on trying a tofurky (a tofu turkey). I like tofu well enough already, but the other family members want turkey. Refuse to even try tofu.
  4. I'm not so sure that's true. If one never faces the truth and the pain and loss that accompanies it, then they will never receive proper closure. They will not move on and it's not healthy. Love and gentleness still, of course, walking her through the relevant scriptures in an understanding way. Beyond that, I agree with everything else, particularly the phantom limb phenomenon. I'd think that sense that the lost one is there stems from a lack of closure.
  5. Much of the OT is meant to be symbolism. The lamb of the passover being Jesus later on, the exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt (sin, oppression, whatever terms you like) and into the promise land (salvation). It all adds up and stacks up into the NT, a "foundation" of sorts. A stepping stone to the understanding and fulfillment of the NT. Besides which, how is God having a country narcissistic? He's God. He made it. He made everything. He made you. Kind of a big deal. As a former atheist, I'm not certain I agree completely. After all, it's not just the question, but the manner in which the question is presented. If they ask it in a calm and civil manner, then it's only proper to respond in kind, calmly and with civility. If they're clearly aggressive or become aggressive, then yeah, there's no point in trying. Then yeah, most atheists tout the ideas of humanism or just personal moral tastes in general; I don't think that argument would be effective, not for everyone, at least. I think it best simply to live as an example, answering questions calmly and stepping away if it goes south. I don't even think a guy needs an answer to everything; people seem to respect it more when you can honestly answer "I don't know for certain, I'm just a guy".
  6. Your faith is your shield, when it comes to the witchcraft. First and foremost. Unless you open yourself up to it, it's meaningless; just a bunch of nitwits blabbering about, really. I realize it might be compromising info to ask, but are you in witness protection, or going under an alias? If this cult's practices are illegal, then you may be able to seek both police help and protection. If it is not illegal, then an assumed identity is difficult indeed. Not impossible, though. If you don't use one already, you may wish to hook your devices up with a VPN, like NordVPN. Such a service makes it to where your online browsing can be shielded, especially with public wifi. This also puts a shade over your true location; a VPN can make you appear anywhere, from Canada to Ethiopia. This way, if they're trying to track you by digital means, they are less likely able to do so. Another fun side effect is access to restricted sites by region; say a Youtube video is blocked in your country, so you can just change countries and watch it then. If I were in those shoes... I'd probably pick up self-defense as well. Unarmed combat would be nice, since you can't always count on a weapon. If you're thinking about a melee weapon to use, study your local laws; many places don't have actual guidelines for anything other than guns, so stuff like bats, batons, knives, etc are a gamble. It would basically fall down to how the individual court feels about the use of said weapon. Can't forget mace or a tazer, either. When it comes to locks... Imagine if you will a wooden chest. On this chest is a titanium lock. Each spring of the lock is made at seperate levels of tension, making lockpicking difficult. So, what does a thief do?... He breaks the much softer, less time-consuming wood of the chest. You can fortify the locks, but without a fortified door as well, it don't mean much. Then you've got other entry points to consider, like windows and vents. Luckily, in the advent of technology, you do have security systems you can purchase that make much of the physical alteration needless. Though, fortifying everything does, at the very least, buy time until any potential intruder is actually able to intrude, if the fortification and security alarm doesn't scare them off outright. Beyond that, I guess it just falls down to specific details. I can't think of much else to say beyond this.
  7. They've been together 7 years and aren't married? I mean, i'm all for people waiting a while for that "initial magic" to wear off to see if there's anything still there that's keeping the relationship going, but 7 years? My goodness. As others have said, none of us are perfect, and it's a common enough thing (despite how unfortunate that might be). That's not to say you shouldn't be upset that they weren't wed before conception, but still, this is not something that should cause a rift betwixt yourself, your daughter, and upcoming grandchild. If they've been together that long, they might as well be married anyway. At the very least, it's fortunate that the father is known. I've seen far too many kids of promiscuous parents find out years later that their dad is not their dad, or worse, that their true dad isn't known. If it's a fear of what others might say, then they clearly both lack forgiveness and also think too highly of themselves.
  8. First, have faith in God. As scripture says, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. If it's a matter of protection, I don't see the harm in taking precautions. Have plans of action in place in case of a fire or other emergency. Maybe see if you can make friends with a neighbor who is able to fight, as cops often arrive after the crime, not during (in other words, a more nearby and quicker-to-appear defender). Self-defense might not be a bad idea, either. Just don't get too paranoid, alright? Life is too short to let fear dictate too much. I'd say it also helps to try and get out of your comfort zone, if it's something like a fear of other people in general. I was (and in many ways, still am) pretty reclusive when I was younger. I don't count myself a social sort, but getting out and about and speaking every now and then really helped me get over much of what might have been called "social anxiety" to some. Think of it like swimming lessons - Nobody starts out as Michael Phelps; they start out dipping their head underwater in order to get used to it. I just think it was a lack of experience and bit of bad experience growing up in school, rather than social anxiety. You can't trust everyone, of course, but that certainly doesn't mean everyone's out to get you.
  9. Another thing I'd put forward is for claims to be investigated, even when they are levied against those you know or trust. There is a band called Korn I listened to often as a teenager. I was a huge fan. They released a song called "daddy" where the band's vocalist, Davis, recounted his own childhood sexual abuse. I wouldn't recommend seeking the song out, both just because of the content, and he also freaks out near the end and starts swearing. The freakout itself is rather disturbing to listen to as well. There is much more info in interviews about the song rather than the song itself anyway. When Davis was young, a female friend of his mother was the abuser. I can't remember for certain, but I believe the friend was his babysitter. Davis decided to go to his mother to get help and report the abuse, but she just laughed and said it wasn't possible. So the abuse continued, when it could've been stopped. That aside, you are brave to share this. A wound cannot be healed when it isn't addressed, and far too many go on too scared to share for a number of reasons. Having victims be unafraid to speak up and for those listening to acknowledge the claims, that helps.
  10. One must be the change they want to see. If you can't find community in your new church, then try to make it. Maybe make a mixed group that could meet up outside the church, make some friends.
  11. I agree with Rev in that one should only go so far. Discipline is good, though. You see lots of kids left on their lonesome and babysat by technology. It doesn't look to end well. I was spanked as kid, a total of less than 10 times. My parents also had me hold books. I would be made to stand with my arms out, palms up. Some books would then be placed on my hands (nothing too big, of course). They would set a timer for 15 min. If I moved, lowered my arms, or made so much as a peep, the timer would be reset. Let me tell you, I learned how to be quiet and still REAL quick. Also learned to not misbehave real quick, too.
  12. I'm glad you got that call. Some support will work nicely. Now, I'm not sure if this is good advice, but... Be dismissive. They do it because they want a reaction. So don't give them one, shrug them off. Who gives a hoot what they think? Don't be evasive, though. If they sense fear or think they can walk all over you, they will. I don't know if you have trouble with eye contact, but look them in the eyes and don't back up. Be direct as well. "I'm not going to talk about that," or, "Unless we have business, I'd really rather not speak with you" are good examples.
  13. Well, some are certainly easier to love than others. I think love takes time and effort. The general idea of forgiving and loving is the "seed," per say. The time and effort, the water and sunlight. I think a bit of self-criticism can be good, too, despite how that might sound; I've been either at fault or partially at fault in the past for things not going well. I guess I don't really have a good, interactive testimony. I know that sounds bad... Maybe I'm still a bit too green to the idea, but most forgiveness and love comes after the fact, and often when they aren't much of a presence in my life anymore. Former classmates, former coworkers/employers, my brother... Haven't been in school for a time, don't work at those places anymore, and I don't live with or near my brother. So, no dice, really. Sorry.
  14. I'm no doctor, but I am interested in more details.
  15. I hop on for less than an hour each day, or somewhere around an hour, at least. I usually skip over the really long posts myself, too. It does a person well to clear their head, take a break every now and then. I'm glad you're not leaving, though. It seems like the site gets a number of new users each day, but then they quickly fade. I've seen a few of the older users get burned out and seem to fade out as well. In the end, we're all seeking wisdom and understanding. That's all well and good, but then the solution to that is turning to God, not bickering. I certainly don't understand everything, nor do I expect to, at least with this mortal coil. I guess I don't know what I'm getting at exactly, but we are all still learning. Stuff needs to be more of a discussion rather than some sort of strange peacocking. Life's too short to stir up trouble needlessly anyway.
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