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  1. It's not proper to treat a person's cocaine addiction by giving them cocaine. Substance abuse and actual abuse are different, yes, but it's the same idea; the best you can do to help what you've been doing, maintaining your distance and praying for him. If you return, it will just continue from where you left off, with built up abuse on top of that. So long as there's someone there willing to take his abuse and he doesn't blame himself and seek to correct whatever his issues are, he will continue being abusive. Maybe he'll meet a woman someday who won't stand for that, not one bit, and she won't hesitate to strike back. Maybe he'll someday realize that he is awful, and hopefully with a good seed planted, he can turn to God to mend his ways. Perhaps that day will never come, and he will go to his grave, still gnashing his teeth. Some things are simply beyond our control, and some people just don't want help. What seems to be best would be to stay away, and pray. Even if he did change his life around in such a major way, i'd still think that returning would only reopen the wound. 2 Peter 3:9 - The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is long-suffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.
  2. I like to say, why wait for the motivation to live? That motivation only comes to those willing to strive for it. That might seem like a platitude, but if you feel lonely or that life is suffering, why not focus on correcting those issues? I'm hungry? I eat. I'm tired? I sleep. It's much more complex than that, for certain, but it's the idea. You need to consider why you feel this way, and then take steps to change it. I hope your mood can improve. We all get in dark places, and even for my talk, they can be hard to break out of. Just keep in mind that it never rains forever.
  3. If the Lord were not long-suffering towards us, I'd have likely ended up dead years ago. I'm thankful.
  4. Happy anniversary. It's a completely average day here in SD. Neither hot nor cold, a slight breeze... Not bad. I remember camping in the Rocky Mts with my mother and brother as a kid. You could see for miles. I collected rocks at the time, so my eyes were mainly focused on the ground - good thing, too, cause I was able to collect rather unique things. A chunk of fool's gold, a crystal, even a rock with a bunch of really small seashells in it. Found more joy in the rocks rather than the view, essentially.
  5. Do you have a harness for your dog? I've got pits, and believe you me, they pull like crazy. If I didn't have a harness, I'd be eating dirt.
  6. Both groups make decent points, but so as well do they make bad points, points where they are clearly self-interested and are looking for superiority rather than equality. As it is with many things, to me, it just seems like a bunch of people having no thought nor clue as to what they're screeching about, and so I likewise just tune out their idiocy. Bunch of pointless messy nonsense people do so love to embrace out of lack of anything else interesting about their lives or themselves. We are people. Encourage people to treat people like people, in fairness and honesty. Nothing more really needs to be said beyond that.
  7. Perhaps misguided isn't quite the appropriate word. It's just that, at the time, you had a number of people claiming to be prophets who were not. Such as Hananiah breaking jeremiah's yoke. The israelites really should have relied on God's word and the mosaic law, but I can only imagine a bunch of false prophets going about, trying to teach false teachings. You're not wrong though, there was enough of a presence of God's word and people who adhered to it that it likely was a number of people backsliding and being rebellious.
  8. I'm sorry. I mean, I can't understand completely as I don't have kids, but that's just sad. If I understand your post right, it seems that you're trying to fix things all across the board. Maybe it's to a point where you're trying to fix too much at once? Your daughter is getting to be in those teenage years, and as far as teenagers go, they tend to be a bit difficult in general, especially when it comes to what seems like a fairly messy family life. The only thing I can think of to say to is to try and keep your chin up and take things one at a time. Pray, and have faith that your daughter and yourself can repair the damage someday. My brother and myself would get into physical fights when we were younger (literal physical confrontations even, not just wrestling - like choking and putting holes in the walls type stuff), and now that we're older, we get along much better. Just give it time and stay on your feet, alright?
  9. Funny enough, I brought this up previously in another post. AnOrangeCat and Jayne summed it up very well. You had a number of misguided Israelites way back then, and it wasn't unheard of for them to try and mix things up, per say. It wasn't even an unheard of practice amongst heathens, either, as many of the heathens would also acknowledge God's existence, yet still stuck to their ways. You've got researchers doing diggings and finding this stuff, and whether they mean it in that they're convinced she was his wife (ignorance), or they pointed out how this is stuff from the ancient israelites beliefs and people on the outside looking in took this as truthful (reader's ignorance), I guess I don't know. I'd wager it's both researchers being ignorant of scripture and people hopping aboard out of ignorance.
  10. I thought bobbing for apples was of Pagan origin as well? Wikipedia says it's when the Romans invaded Britain, they brought apples with them, which apples are a representation of the goddess of plenty, Pomona. A bit like throwing the flowers at a wedding, the first unmarried person to bite into the apple was the next one to marry. It is also said that, if a young maiden slept with the bitten apple under her pillow, she would dream of her future sweetheart. In a way, I rather dislike the pagan origins of Halloween. I mean, i'm someone who rather enjoys the macabre. Not to the point of enjoying violence or gore, mind you, I think of it more like... Memento Mori, if that makes any sense. Costumes can be very neat and creative, and as someone who knows makeup, the makeup work that some people do can also be quite fascinating. However, many others see such things in a violent, gory, or what i'd call "hostile" way. Think of one of those "haunted houses" people walk through on Halloween. There's a meat grinder with human flesh, some guy pretending to eat it, some guy jumps out of the dark in order to scare people, etc. It's just gross, and has poor intentions behind it. If anything, I think i'd be more fond of something like Dia de Muertos, though maybe with less of an ancestor worship connotation (the departed dancing with them, etc). A period of time set aside to remember and pray for the ones no longer with us, and rather than either being depressing or going out of our way to scare other people, it's more of a celebration of life. That's largely what memento mori was about - you're going to die, you don't know when you will die, so use your life well as it still is. I'm blabbering on a bit, but yeah, I don't think i'll be celebrating Halloween anymore.
  11. Former metalhead here as well. I eventually just got tired of metal when I was still an unbeliever. Big switch, going from black/death metal to stuff like smooth jazz. I've encountered this issue as well, but mainly when it came to rap. Listening to lyrics about gunning people down and bedding women isn't very good, after all. So, I just sought out instrumental versions of what I already listened to. Sorry that I can't help in terms of Christian metal, but that's my two cents.
  12. They can keep their chips and eat them. If they want my blood for refusing, then they're welcome to it.
  13. Writing and expressing such things is good, actually. By being able to put it in words, you can more easily define it, and thus it gives you closure (or it can help give closure). Might even work better for your blog. We can't all be chipper and positive all the time. Without the sad and negative stuff, the positive's meaning loses impact. Makes one seem more human, it adds depth. Though, I personally like a positive end note, myself. Such as a poem that has 2 depressing stanzas, and then 1 final stanza that speaks with hope.
  14. This is one of those things where you need to step outside of yourself, look at yourself, and try to honestly answer, "is this the best thing for me?" I concur with the other posts, you should not be seeking out girls at your age. I realize it's not nearly so simple. I was a young man once, too. Well, a younger man, I guess (ain't old yet). It's hard when your hormones are through the roof and girls are walking around in low-cut shirts and short shorts. You want to do your homework but that redhead exchange student's backside just won't get out of your thoughts. It's much easier said than done to try and focus on other things. All I ask you to do is trust us in that, fighting that and waiting until you're older is what's wisest. It might not seem like it now, but there's more to life. Women and relationships are overrated, trust me. They're great, but also not great, you know?
  15. One of the other attendees could also bring him with in a video call. Not quiet the same as being there in person, but it's an option.
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