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  1. Nobody gets to heaven except through Jesus. Prayers and worship offered to PEOPLE (admirable people, but still) is not only misguided but idolatrous. Unity is as the others say, for those who follow the teachings of Christ.
  2. People are talking about how before Jesus died, nobody went to heaven, and a few have made points about Enoch and Elijah. But... Before Jesus died, there was the Transfiguration. Jesus began to glow brightly, and the disciples were witness to him speaking to Moses and Elijah. What do you guys take this as meaning? Where they appearing out of Sheol, or out of heaven?
  3. When it comes to weed, while there are a few who get addicted to it in the manner of cigarettes or coke, most can't tear away from it because they depend on it. It sounds like you have a lot of stress and mess in your life, so in order to feel calm and "in control," the weed stands out strongly in your mind. By turning to the weed, it only temporarily masks the issue, averting your eyes from the steadily growing fire. You need to find more wholesome ways to feel relaxed. Some people like to exercise. Yet others put it to art or writing. You might even try turning to prayer. This will help you feel a sense of control as well. Of course, therein comes the issue of dependency. Your body will not give it up easy. It will feel like your very blood itself is screaming. All things are possible with God, but some wounds take time to heal. Time and effort, of course; one should not use time as an excuse to put off getting better. You must remain strong, and if you get knocked down, use it as a learning lesson and come back harder than before. With a different relaxation technique, more of a sense of control, time and effort put into overcoming dependency, and a growing faith... It can be done. Trust in the Lord.
  4. I forget the exact details, but the idea is that it takes people time to die completely, especially in the ER where medical staff are trying to prolong life/restore it. In this "winding down," it's believed that the mind enters a state much like a dream; thus, the NDE. For that matter, the mind and what it perceives is very malleable. An insane man sees a giant spider looming over him; he hears his father's disappointed voice. He believes it is real, but because we can't see it, it is not. We can't trust our minds and our feelings completely.
  5. If this therapy doesn't appear to work, it might not be a bad idea to see your doctor. There are health factors which can also interfere with sleep. Irregular heartbeat, digestive disorders, maybe even sleep apnea.
  6. The Ethiopian eunuch was attempting to read Izaiah when Philip was brought to him. When asked if he understood what he was reading, he replied, "How can I understand unless I have a teacher to teach me?" He heard the gospel, and believing in the name of Jesus, was baptized (presumably) that self-same day. One could say he did not have a complete understanding. He certainly didn't spend a lot of time reviewing the gospel and learning it. Spiritual maturity comes with experience.
  7. There's a woman the pharisees wish to stone and there's Jesus, just drawing in the dirt. It also seems humorous of him to walk up on the apostle's boat and freak them out. However, as it says, his ways are not our ways, nor his thoughts our thoughts. Perhaps God does have a sense of humor, but perhaps also, our perception of what is humorous is twisted by the flesh, by the sinful nature within us.
  8. I am on an Android device, a phone, and I was thinking it might be best to get inappropriate sites/links blocked. Is there an app, or is there something here on Chrome?
  9. Inane things indeed. Two people could talk about patio furniture for an hour and a half. Makes me feel kind of bad for whomever listens in at the NSA. I prefer weightier topics. There is treasure in the silence. You can only hear when you're not speaking. Gives a person time to reflect, time to think. I've always been pretty quiet, though. My parents were concerned about me when I was a baby cause I was so quiet.
  10. Be sure to check local job listings online. There's a place here that does tech support, but they don't have a home office; it's all online. You'll have to put yourself out there in order to get customers. There's a site called LinkedIn which might help.
  11. In this thread, I will assume that you are planting a sapling rather than a fully grown tree. Keep in mind that every tree species is different and doing your research is always a good thing. First, you must decide where to plant the tree. Make sure it is not on or near a gas line. Try to account for "isolation," letting the tree be on it's own. Isolation is important because issues can arise as the tree grows. Such as if you plant it too close to another tree; the roots of the two trees can become entangled, and thus likewise the trees will leech off of each other and won't be as well nourished. We also don't want those roots digging into your foundation or anything, right? The range of isolation varies from tree to tree, from as little as 6 ft ot as much as 18 ft. Second, properly planting it. You know the parable about the sower, how ones not in the ground got burned up? Holding the sapling in the hole, make sure the dirt can come up to at least an inch above where the roots seem to be. Otherwise, as the parable does, the tree will wither and die. This is also true if it is planted too deeply; 1 inch above the roots is optimal. Try to make the hole of a depth where the roots point downward (or as downward as possible), as shoving the tree into a small hole and having the roots all jamming out to one side can also be bad for the tree. Try to plant it up as straight as possible, at a right angle all about. Once the sapling is in the dirt, you're going to need to get rid of any air pockets, which can also damage the tree. Lightly grasping the tree, stomp down the area all about it. It helps if you've got a pair of heavy boots and some extra weight on you. From here, you can proceed to water and treat the tree according to it's species and the research previously mentioned. ________ As a bit of a fun fact... You know how cutting a worm in two makes two worms? Or how a starfish can regrow it's limb if it loses one? Those concept works with willow trees as well. Say you have an old willow tree that due to die soon. Look on it for a young branch; small, thin, and probably rather green. Remove this branch. After getting rid of the old tree, you can plant this branch in the ground where the willow tree was, following these same guidelines above. From this young willow branch, you can grow a new willow tree.
  12. What is your opinion? Should one avoid music altogether? Only listen to Christian music? Listen to whatever kind of music, so long as there's no swearing or anything inappropriate? Or just listen to whatever? It's something I wonder about often. I'm curious as to how others feel.
  13. I would say that it is. It is a lustful act. As per whether or not there's pain or an unbearable urge... There isn't pain caused by it. God doesn't lay more on us than we can handle, but the urges can prove... Difficult at times. It's like it can consume your thoughts and distract you, but that is why I advise prayer. In all things, restraint is wonderful. It may not be impossible to avoid such a thing completely, true, but that is by no means permission to emission.
  14. Those are optional. They are meant to help with search options.
  15. Never walk around alone; travel in a group for the sake of safety. Keep a can of pepper spray. Find time to rest. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Even God rested on the seventh day. Plan things out beforehand. Like me, I arrange my outfit for tomorrow before I go to bed and set it beside the bed. That way, I get up, and it's much less fuss. Working hard now means working far less later. Stand your ground. College professors are some of the worst of the bunch. Sleeping with students to improve their grade, using persuasion in the classroom to try and make students think a certain way... I even heard of one taking a student to a concert and offering them shrooms. Respect them as a teacher, but hold firm if they come after you. No price can be placed on one's integrity.
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