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  1. Hi Worthy Christian Forums, I have just made a plan for something so that I can serve God more effectively. It involves helping the homeless, preaching, spreading the Word, picking up litter and discipling people. Please can you pray that it will bless Jesus, then Others and then Me (Me/You as that would be JOY prayer pattern). Blessings
  2. I have not looked into this translation error yet but yes it does go on. What also worries me too is pluralism i.e. all god's are the same. Not even professional philosophers can adequately answer this: What is the truth in "truth is relative" and dont give a relative answer. Bear this logic in mind so you are not swayed. Oh piglets!
  3. That is right and what scares me is how strong and influence the secular world is e.g. CGI in films is mindblowing. How do we win them over. Love is the answer as this is the greatest thing and far greater than CGI. You probably know that risky youth is risky, so how do we love them? We love with wisdom e.g. give a hot chocolate to a homeless person so they can sleep when they need to.
  4. I did not read all of the posts but the topic starter and a few people that followed are completely right. They are poor lost souls without a shephard. If you are ever hurt by a none Christian then when you find it hard to forgive do this. See them in their lost ways, even imagine and picture how sad they are. Jesus showed me this and it really helps to forgive them easier. We have to forgive so that we can be forgiven. That is biblical. A bit of a tangent so I will say about bitterness which is the opposite of thankfullness. Instead if we are thankful, it drives away the bitterness as they are opposites. Are you bitter? Have a cup of tea and say thankyou for things e.g. "thankyou Jesus for my Message version bible which is fun to read". P.S. ESV is the best 😋
  5. Pluralism is dangerous obviously as the bible is the Word and the Word is Jesus and Jesus is God. Its sad aswell as God sent us a love letter which is the bible. No professional philosopher as ever adequately answered this question: What is the truth about 'truth is relative' without giving a relative answer. Maybe an angry panda wont do it. A clever and civilized meerkat instead who is willing to sit down and talk about it with a coffee. 💛🙂
  6. Oh and.. 4. Your ultimate aim is to get a big hug lol. 💛
  7. Bless you guys. Your prayers are actually working! Praise Jesus! 💛🙂
  8. Rebecca Pickles I think your right and I am feeling it. I think the mess in parliment means that things like the police are not told what to and then more crime starts and this leaves Christians open to troubles. Do you agree and or could you say anything else you know is happening please as I live on my own and am in the dark a bit.
  9. Guys if you want to witness to a Muslim then do this. 1. Listen to their story first with a cup of tea or whatever they have 🙂 2. Once you have "earnt the right". Say that the Holy trinity is like this: God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one. Just like water, vapour and ice are three different forms of water but the same. 3. Loving them is the only and best way. Bless ya!
  10. Please pray about the next few days that me and my friends would be safe and protected as things are a bit tough at the moment. Bless you worthy Christian forums 💛
  11. Hi guys. I am struggling with people being horrible to me. I serve God so it is a counter attack from the enemy. Please pray for me and my loved ones that we hold onto faith and wisdom and watch our hearts. Bless you
  12. Hi guys, btw moving my posts to different forums areas is great and might be an answer to prayer as more people might read and be helped. Thankyou. I prayed to Jesus the other day and said that I want to serve more and more as I enjoy it. Just had a day of serving lots and I feel great but their is always this niggle inside of me saying that I am maybr missing something out that is important. On the other hand I have faith that I will help a lot of people. Is this common for Christians do you think and is this niggle just the enemy? Please advise me from any experience you have had of this or provide any ideas what the wombats is occuring 😊
  13. Guys it is so important to learn your bible. It will really bless you. 💛
  14. Thankyou guys. I just posted Mathew 6:4 on a post on this forum just now but I only put this prayer request we are on currently so that people would know why I am being oppressed in the hope that things would get better. Bless you ☺
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