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  1. Sharky and George

    Feeling trapped

    Can you list his crimes explicitly and then submit this in a court of law so that non-partial, raw and real justice can be done so that no one gets hurt any longer. This is you and your kids.
  2. Sharky and George

    Worried I’m reprobate?

    Hebrews gives me the heeby geeby's too sometimes so just read it when you have more faith maybe. I did a post on assurance issues (which I believe you are having) and how if you are concerned then the logic follows that you will not turn away (and other points included in the post): The most effective thing for assurance issues is to serve God with actions (however big or small the actions e.g. smile at someone). Check this out too: dr3032 is right too - do not sweep your worries under the carpet as you will trip over the lump at some point. That does not mean you will fall into apostacy, instead it means that you will get this annoying niggle back again. Sort it now properly so you can relax. Bless you Brother, I pray that you would relax and enjoy Jesus. 😃
  3. Sharky and George

    The blessing of earplugs

    I did not know there was such a machine! It sounds useful and I will keep it in mind. Have you heard of SAD lamps - Seasonal Affective Disorder lamps for people who get down in the Winter (mimics sunlight). Hopefully I have traded ideas. Bless you!
  4. Sharky and George

    Health Problems

    Salvation Army is great - good call. Get it checked out too for sure. There is a Proverb that could be good for you to bear in mind for the long-term too: Praise Jesus, maybe just say, Father you are good if times are hard - this can lift your spirit to endure sickness. This is so true and as we know from the Placebo effect - there is a massive mind body connection. Just a bit of understanding - science and religion are not mutually exclusive IMO. I hope it works out for you Brother. I have prayed. Bless you.
  5. Sharky and George

    Feeling trapped

    By what you say, it sounds like you need a divorce i.e. "he is a sociopath" etc. Mind you Paul the Apostle used to do horrible things to Christian's before his amazing ministry so maybe try the counselling as there is nothing to lose and then after more research like someone else said, make a decision. A idea - I do not know the degree of his ways. I take it that your understanding is that you do not want a divorce as it would be counted as adultery. Consider the ethical question: if there is a young lady who is about to have a baby and will not be able to look after the baby then should the baby be aborted? I agree that abortion is murder and that the Word is perfect but this is also a fallen world and Jesus Himself overrides some scripture with other scripture that was more applicable at the time and situation e.g. when debating with the Pharisees. So we have an ethical question about your marriage too. We strive to be perfect as Christian's but we cannot be perfect till heaven. I am not saying sin, and definitely not willfully either: If he is a sociopath then you could save you and your children's lives. Food for thought. Bless you, I am praying.
  6. Sharky and George

    Problem with evolution

    If you are not sure if it is a young or old earth, or any question for that matter when you are witnessing to someone then you could say: Better than giving a wrong answer that might lead the person to doubt your words about the bible. Another way for evolution, if you want: With the evolution thing. William Lane Craig is an excellent Christian apologist (defends the faith with logic and reason) and he said (Bing.com is your friend) that evolution is the how and Genesis is the why i.e. the days of creation are symbolic for longer periods of time. If you are not sure then you could maybe say that to the person you are witnessing to when they ask about evolution that the above is an idea to consider. You get a lot of doubting Thomas' when they think about Darwin's theory of evolution thus this may be a game changer for that person you are witnessing to. You could say that you evolved from Neanderthal before you had a coffee this morning - lol dont say that 😃 Bless ya!
  7. Did you try ear plugs once and not get on with them and then take them out as you thought they were not comfortable. Do you still get broken sleep because of the noise but will not use ear plugs. When you actually manage to get used to them, they are amazing and your sleep pattern gets super blessed though. It is so worth it especially for prudence for a night when you have to sleep. Let me tell you how to get used to them: • Get really tired one night and put them in thus you will just sleep and that is one night done. • Conquer the belief that they are not good by counteracting with the belief that the prudence for the long-term benefits are worth it. • I reckon roughly three or four nights getting used to them and you will think they are super. Oh by the way, if you have trouble hearing as you have blocked up lugholes, then gently warm up some pure virgin olive oil and put it in a very cleaned squeezy bottle with a thin end (like a syringe) and put it in your ears to soak for 2 minutes when you are laying on your side. Do this for a feq days and tidy up with a tissue each time obviously.
  8. Someone please pray that I would have a proper Dad who could tell me when I have done something wrong so I can correct it.
  9. The most powerful sword: What is the sword constructed out of - the Word of God: How did Jesus defend himself against the enemies lies: That's our Lord using the sword of the Spirit when He was being tempted by the devil in the wilderness. Sometimes when you use the sword and pin point the whisper lie from the enemy with scripture, you will just find that your anxiety just melts away. Don't just think of a random barrage of scripture as this is like swinging the sword in the dark. The faith from the barrage of verses will protect you for a while, but you will then get tired of quoting and then the enemy will strike again. Use it skillfully.
  10. Ever been in the situation as a Christian where you are in a tricky situation and you need an answer from the Lord as to what to do? Make sure your heart is right when you do this as you will probably get the wrong reading if you do it for answer to the question, should I get three Big Macs as I am hungry... Make sure you are a mature Christian with a bit of faith and wisdom so that this goes right as Gideon had to test the fleece sign a bit - you do hear of Christian's getting big signs from the Lord though so sometimes you will just know in your knower. In the bible Gideon used this method thus this is biblical: For example, you are in the process of witnessing to a homeless person (after you have earned the right to witness - heard there story), and you wonder if it is the right time to maybe say that we need to confess our sins and believe that Jesus is Lord, but a chav has just turned up in his Vauxhall Astra playing very loud hardcore beats... You cannot open your bible for a fleece sign - when you do do this, do it in faith (think clearly of Oceans by Hillsong or a Christian song that gives you faith) look for a Yes or No and don't read the words (this is Yes No 1st Generation - YN1G). Ever heard the story of the Christian who did this and found the verse that said someone hung themselves! So how do you get this vital direction from God at this point of witnessing? Answer = Yes No 2nd Generation (YN2G ever better). Some companies, cafes and corner shops (many Christian things within society) are Christian so if you get your understanding (wisdom encouraged through Proverbs reading and praying for a spirit of wisdom before hand) and have a list of Christian companies somewhere (digital preferred as you can add and edit), you can then think of your faith producing song in your head, and use your previous understanding to remember where to look for a Y or N in a Christian object or thing. "I don't know if I should say to them about confession and Jesus as Lord, I need a sign, I need a sign. Oh no, there's that chav, maybe if I do it quickly. I know, I will ask God". Faithful Christian thinks of Oceans song in mind by Hillsong and gets faith, then looks at (do your research) Salvation Army shop sign but sees the Y first. Christian then witnesses perfectly in difficult situation as they know its the right time. Homeless person smiles and "yeah for sure, I will do that, strange I was reading a bible the other day". Chav (bless them) then wheel spins away in retreat and God is victorious! Do the research for your list right as: God is good, innit Bruv !!
  11. Sharky and George

    1GT - I don't mean Gin and Tonic

    Are you going through a tough season in your Christian walk and maybe lack assurance that Jesus still loves you? You know, when you serve in an action way, you get assurance: Read on, it's not that tough and turning to gin and tonic is Mother's ruin so don't do that. 1GT = 1 Good Thing a day: Go in the park with a plastic bag and good gloves (wisdom to not get infection) and pick up some litter or if things are really tough then just pick up an empty bottle and put it in the bin, especially unbroken glass ones as minions use them to start fights - who know you could have saved someone their face by your 1GT. If litter is not your cup of tea then think of other small things, like genuinely smiling at someone who looks down - no dodgy forced smiles as they will think you are nuts like me. Use your imagination to think of other 1GTs. Don't get legalistic though - that means don't go by the Old Restaurant law though styly but do it in faith, understanding 1 John 3:18-20 for your difficult season is actually ok. This can be a real game changer and leave you feeling great. Warning lol - when your difficult season is over, don't be tempted to do one good thing a day for the rest of your life, let God by His love lead you into blessing lots of people after your wilderness season which strengthened you.
  12. Sharky and George

    Instant coffee blessing – do this

    I want to encourage you to get an instant blessing (if this is done right that is). I know that this verse works as it is the Word of God but I have seen it work in practice – going from depressed and inward looking to not having any anxieties and enjoying a latte afterwards 😃 Right, make sure your heart is right when you do this – imagine them actually being happy after being picked up a bit, imagine their soul being more content. Want this in your heart and enjoy it. Don’t do this for yourself and you will find that you will be blessed: Give warm, soft, tasty food to the homeless (discern wisely if situation is safe) and buy them a decaf latte with a couple of tissues, separate sugar and stirrer if they want to add the sugar. Caffeine in tea or coffee means they cannot sleep when they need to. Maybe a nice hot choc – you decide. Right, do not preach to them, I want you to ask (be careful again) about their life as they need someone to listen to them and you will find they have a lot to say, just listen (it means a lot to them) – you may be there for a while but discern when you have respectful time to leave politely. Only if you feel by the Spirit that it is right then say “It is up to you what you believe, but my opinion is that God is love and God is Jesus”. If you can, and this is important that you try at just the right time, say this verse: Homeless people grind in their mind and have a thought battle as they sit there alone waiting for food and seeing selfish people walk past looking up roast dinners on their smart phones. The homeless are much more likely to pray – try and let them know its Jesus as I said earlier (just the name Jesus). “Jesus if you are there, please give me a miracle”. Don’t be afraid or fret (as it might mess up), have faith – read a bit of the Word before you go out to get a bit of faith. Read Proverbs to get the wisdom to protect you:
  13. Notice it says "all the power of the enemy" so that even includes Satan himself. This is something that all Christians can do - I forgot to say that. Someone pointed that out to me and it is true. Feel like you have a bad spirit or demon in your house. Say this: "In Jesus name and by his blood, I command you evil spirits and demons be gone, in Jesus name!" Click your fingers or tap your foot to give you extra faith. Then say: "Thank you Father that they have gone" - believe they have gone as you do this. Do it calmly - it is the belief that is important so it does not matter how loud you do it - as long as your belief shifts the spirits in the heavenlies. The more you practice this and try to believe, the more it will work. You can use this kind of stuff for spiritual strongholds in your mind also. Strong hold buster. Write this down and read it once a day for a month (believe again) and your stronghold will go: In Jesus name I smash it to pieces the lie that I can be at peace and smoke cigarettes as my body is a temple of the holy Spirit. In Jesus name I will not smoke! Thank you Father for getting me off cigarettes, now I will have peace, more money and many other benefits like being a better witness. Amen It helps to use relevant scripture within the stronghold buster. Bless ya!
  14. Sharky and George

    Help me please

    Thankyou so much guys for your support. I think it was a bit of a wilderness period for a few days as when I came out of it I managed to use my authority in Christ (Luke 10:19-20) and be a witness in a difficult situation i.e. I was strengthened by the Lord for something I needed to do. Bless you!
  15. Sharky and George

    Help me please

    Hope your ok. I just wanted to say that for the last few days I have been really fed up. I feel frustrated and hurt by my neighbours. I believe that I am being persecuted because of my faith when I go out of the house: Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, 2 Timothy 3:12 ESV https://bible.com/bible/59/2ti.3.12.ESV I am a Christian and that is what the bible says. I dont want to help the homeless or the skaters anymore as no one is prepared even in the slightest to help me back. That is how I feel.