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  1. MateoNolan


    Congrats on gettin back out there!
  2. MateoNolan


    Glad you're back on your feet Eli!
  3. MateoNolan


    Much better now, thank you everyone.
  4. MateoNolan


    Elijah, thank you for showing us what Jesus would do each and every day. brother
  5. Ahh.. It does an old man's heart good to see you here Nova. You have been such an inspiration and encouragement to so many in our ministry. I am thankful to have had the honor of seeing God at work in you in the way you've been shepherding Noel. Abundant blessings! brother
  6. Well? I know places in Brooklyn, or I did. I moved to Washington state 3 months after 9/11, so it's been a long time. You're in Wisconsin? Was your daughter raised in Wisconsin? I would really not recommend that she go into Brooklyn... It's not for wholesome, innocent, sweet, young girls. No offense to you or her, or to the Brooklyn residents. Just that it's not really a place to go if you don't have some serious street sense. A lot of the great pizza I had in Brooklyn was made by friends' mommas and aunties, or old Italian uncles lol. If she really insists on going to Brooklyn, there's a newer place I hear people raving about, called Roberta's Pizza. It's on Moore Street in Brooklyn. This laptop doesn't go anywhere but Worthy Forums, but you can google the name and find the address. It's going to look like a small building with all kinds of painted designs on the front. I'd say that's the number one pizza joint in Brooklyn right now, and I'm told the prices are some of the lowest but the food is the best. I'd suggest your daughter stick to the Manhattan joints or at least take a lot of friends with her.
  7. Bubbles! I like the name! Thank you LadyPear.
  8. Just for that, yo Im'ma add NAIR to your list
  9. Right back atchya, friend! God bless you. Teo
  10. If you're going to steal my recipe, you shouldn't leave a copy of it three pages back. So I tried the pizza dough recipe this morning and wow, whoever would have thunk it could come out so good?? I never knew you could make dough with just flour and yogurt. I added mozza cheese, put on some cooked bacon, and pineapples, and it cooked up perfectly! I broiled it a little at the end to get the bacon and pineapple bits nice and caramelized. I'm Brooklyn born and raised (the good-pizza capital of the world) and never had anything as good as this before. Thank you.
  11. Yes, definitely hide the chicken wings lol. And the bacon. And the pizza. Is there really pizza in here? Cool place y'all got.
  12. Hi Willa! Nice meeting you! I'm retired but I used to work with Noah and Dave and we started a church together.
  13. HOWDY DAVE! Oops, I forgot to use my indoor voice lol.
  14. George? That is an AWESOME vision. And thank you for the other info as well. It's an honor to meet you!
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