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  1. Thank you IainL! I think school is going more and more in that direction. Lots of kids around here are home schooled where their parents teach them or else they go to public school. When I graduate I would like to be a homeschool teacher. I don't know if I can legally have my own class of homeschoolers, but the parents can monitor their own children, give them work to do, and they will come to my home each day so I can help them learn the material. The parents around here don't always have a lot of time to help the children they're homeschooling. The kids have to try and struggle through it on their own. I'm thankful my online school has explanations for everything and that when I have a question I can just ask.
  2. Shel, I go to school online at a Christian academy. They provide a special laptop with programs and apps to be used offline, and the laptop connects directly to the online school where I watch video instruction and take tests. I also receive one on one instruction from my teachers on video where I can ask questions. It's self paced so I go to school 6 days a week about 8 hours a day. I'm working my way through grade 12 content and I hope to graduate by January.
  3. The families say the food banks around here don't have much fresh food. Mostly bread, pasta, sauce. Our friend Keiran has started a program where our small local grocery stores give him their unsold fruit that is "best before" a couple days from now, and he's been dropping of about 10 boxes of apples, pears, bananas, peaches, plums, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and limes every day at the soup kitchens over in Seattle, and he brings home about 5 boxes to the greenhouse so people who take veggies can take fruit too. We don't have fruit growing all year. The stores throw away all the fruit while it's still good. Keiran is trying to collect it from as many stores as possible.
  4. The last page I read in here was page 147 and now it's at page 174 <-- If dad were here he'd use this face. I'll put this on my homework list! *read a 27 page update to the grocery list before bed. Now I know how you all feel when you have to read all of our long posts
  5. So far the kids didn't want those things after the first week. They have cereal and milk at home, and they have bread. But they usually didn't have fruit and vegetables and lettuce and salads. So they think it's a privilege to have the fresh stuff instead. You live in Wales? That's wonderful you have meal programs there too! It makes such a big difference when young people are trying to pay attention at school and not fall asleep :)
  6. Hello Friends! I haven't been in here much. All is good and I've been making new friends and serving God. We've also been kind of taking a look at everything we're doing and seeing how to be more productive by doing less. A man named Keiran lives in dad's house and he reorganized the greenhouse so it uses MUCH less water and still gets everything watered, and we can grow double the amount of plants. We don't have to work as many hours in the greenhouse because all we have to do is turn on three taps and everything gets watered. It used to take me 4 hours to water everything and someone else 4 hours to water it 12 hours later. There's still lots of harvesting and planting and pruning and weeding to do. But we're trying to do this same thing with all our other programs by working smarter in less hours. The breakfast food program, the kids started bringing their school friends and we had over 100 children. It grew again and we didn't have enough room to keep meeting here at my house (Noah's house, he's my dad). So we started meeting at the church today. 145 children. But yesterday one of our pastors Emmanuel was talking with the principal at the school where most of these kids attend, and the principal said the children are doing much better in class, paying attention, and have more energy. Emmanuel told the principal about this food program. I don't know everything they talked about but the school is now going to have the food program at the school cafeteria every weekday morning an hour before school starts, for all 289 children or whoever wants to show up. At first when we started we had all kinds of foods. Then the children just wanted mostly fruit, and vegetables with dip. And then they just wanted all vegetables with dip and then apple and orange juice. So the agreement we have with the school is our food program workers will cut up and wash vegetables the night before and put them in large containers and deliver the veggies and dip to the school fridges. And the next morning the kids will show up and the teachers will serve the veggies and dip to the children, and they will also provide juice boxes funded by the school. This food program will still be free of charge for all the children of the school. It takes about 2 hours to wash and cut up and sort all the vegetables if we're feeding the whole school. So that will be my job to do that the night before with Nova (my mom's sister), and dad, and Keiran and then we'll drop it off at the school. They gave us the key to go in and stock up the fridges. So I won't be going to the school to help in the mornings. The teachers have taken over and I'll be going to the church to help my auntie Nova with the very small breakfast program with about 12 children, and a daycare until 2:30 each day and then we can go home. I can't remember how many kids are in the daycare. I like being around kids!! I like this new direction my responsibilities have taken. It's less work but more fun and more productive. The teachers are very nice to help with the food program and to let the children eat in the school. Instead of packing lunches to take to school, the children will meet back in their cafeteria at lunch and have salads and juice. What we wash and cut and bring to the school is: Carrot sticks, celery sticks, broccoli, cauliflower, snowpeas, cucumber slices, radishes, cherry tomatoes, red-yellow-green pepper slices, lettuce, and spinach. We make a big bowl of ranch dip. This program at the school will start in a few days. Until then we'll be meeting at the church basement. Thank you for listening and for praying! [hearts]
  7. Dont forget "ethically sourced" We eat only homeschooled bacon. I've tried artificial egg whites before. It said on the carton "No eggs were harmed in the making of this product." It was not tasty.
  8. Prayers for complete healing! <3
  9. Mr. Gandalf, you're a very wise man. Dear Worthy famiky: I've taken some time away and I'm just back to update a prayer request for Uncle David's daughter. But also people here might have noticed a lot of my dad's brothers in Christ registering here lately. These are some of the men who are like fathers to me, who watch over me offline and keep me well protected. I love them very much and they are my family. We share meals together, laugh together, work together, pray together, go to church together. We share life and I always feel very safe offline. Anyone who wants to harm me would have to get through them first, and they're not get-through-able. I was having some issues here online at Worthy, so some of these same Uncles haved joined the Worthy family to extend that same protection over to the internet. Whenever I make a posting in here, one or more of them will be sitting next to me to monitor what I'm saying. Some young women wouldn't like that. Me? I'm overflowing with thankfukness and I feel very loved and very safe. They will all click the follow button on my profile so that even when someone looks at my profile, they'll see all these "scarecrows" hovering around me (hahaha! That's how they described it. I would never call them scarecrows.) So this is their way of reminding me they love me and that I'm not alone. I have a bunch of things to take care of yet for school and morning ministry, but I'll be here again soon. I love this Worthy family. Hugs and Prayers Noël Kaih
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    Welcome, Uncle Mat! ♥
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  13. Hello Worthy Family, Edit: I'm struggling with posting too much detail and that isn't safe to do online. I'm going to take some time away and I'll come back when I have a better plan of action and have it more clear in my mind what's acceptable and what's not. My life group prays through 35 prayers every evening from this forum, and we add new prayers daily. You are all in my heart and I hope to see you again soon. Love & Hugs!
  14. Jostler, please excuse my interruption. My pastor would like you to phone him sometime next week if possible. He has some questions and wants to learn more, and he said to tell you "Thank you for your service to God and country." When dad's back he'll message you our pastor's number. Thank you
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