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  1. Hi friends, is this the right place to post this? We're going camping and will be back in a few days. Dad, stepdad, Amy and her parents, dad's 6 other friends from work. There will be plenty of people there that dad won't have to do anything but go for walks and grill stuff and watch the squirrels play Dad's sister is going to take care of the greenhouse. I have to go and print school work to take with me. See you on Saturday or Sunday. Lots of love!
  2. Rebellious anger is often the clothing that the bad kind of fear wears. Are you afraid of something? The bad kind of fear takes over when holy fear is lacking. Holy fear comes from knowing God, spending time with God in prayer and in His word and being reminded how infinity big He is compared to the people or things you're tempted to be afraid of. God is the best hiding place. Think about how angry God must be with whoever has hurt you. Pray for them because they are running out of time, meanwhile you're safe in Jesus' arms.
  3. Noël


    Be careful. It might have been a flürken and not a cat
  4. Noël


    My dad says to tell the "Pear Lady" that he loves you too lol. And "Yes Ma'am!" and "No clippin necessary." And he told me to stop talking about him and to go discover and play in the "Beef" thread. I didn't know there was a beef thread. That sounds like somewhere dad would like to play.
  5. Noël


    It's wonderful how God works. The house next door to dad's house, the one that burned, the man who lived there didn't have insurance but was trying to sell his house before the fire. So after the fire my dad bought the man's land and his burned down house from him, so the man could move to Florida, and dad and his friends have been clearing the land and building a second greenhouse. They are going to grow and sell food from the 2nd greenhouse and all the profits will go to the Washington State Council of Firefighters (WSCFF) Burn Foundation which is all about "Healing yesterday's wounds and preventing tomorrow's wounds". It's run by firefighters who give their time to help their communities. Their mission is to "promote the education and prevention of burn injuries and improve the lives of burn survivors." I think it's really cool how God makes it so that the very land that got all burned up now will grow food to prevent future fires or help those who are injured in fires. The greenhouse is only half built. But when it's done that's where I'm going to work instead of enlisting in the Marines when I turn 17. I think God is showing me that I have more maturing to do first. So this is what my dad is working on while he waits for his hand to heal. My prayer is that he will find the same purpose and fulfillment in this new area of life than the area he's set aside.
  6. Noël


    The reason my dad registered here as Smoke "ater" is because he doesn't see himself as a firefighter anymore because of his hand. He thinks he can't ever be a firefighter again. So "ater" as in the past tense of "eater". But to me he'll always be a firefighter. You don't stop being one just because you can't fight fires anymore, just like you don't stop being a Marine when you come home to your family. He worked 2 shifts as a paramedic in the last week and his hand and wrist swelled up so he couldn't finish his second shift. So that means he needs more time before he can go back to work as a paramedic, but that will be much easier over all on his hand as it continues to heal. Thank you for all your prayers.
  7. Noël

    A Happy Celebration

    Thank you everyone for all these awesome testimonies! I wanted to put hearts next to all your posts in this topic but I get a message saying I've used them all up for today but I can still make pictures thankfully so here is a heart ♥!! There's something that happens when we lose a loved one, even a pet. We try and live on the memories but that's not enough. We know there's a heaven and we believe they're in heaven. So we try and get closer to the God who is with that loved one. When my brother would tell me about God I didn't understand. But when my brother died and all I had left were his words, I thought about all his words and his beliefs and I curled up inside his heart and mind in my own heart and mind. And then I felt from God what my brother must have felt from God. I felt God's love. I went and found Josiah's Bible and I didn't know how to read very well but I started to read it in the book of John, and I felt like I was reading it from earth while Josiah was reading it from heaven. I felt like Josiah was sitting on Jesus' lap on one side and me on the other, and Jesus was reading to us. My mom reacted differently. She was angry with God for taking away her child. She thought that if Josiah belonged to God, then God shouldn't have let him die from a terrible disease. I think she was just starting to believe there might be a God, and then Josiah died, and mom decided there is no God. That's just her way of trying to hurt God because she knows He's real. But she didn't want me to read the Bible so I read it quietly on my own since age 6, and then the first time someone (my dad) asked me if I wanted to receive Christ in my heart, I prayed to receive Him. When my brother died it did a lot of bad things in my family that start out bad but grow into good things. I didn't see my dad for lots of years but when I saw him again when I was 14,he was brand new and full of joy and full of the same Spirit just like Josiah was. God had taken all my dad's pain and made my dad new in Christ. Dad invited me to come to his church and I received Christ and I understood finally what it's like when believers are all together. But I think God sometimes takes loved ones away so that the ones who stay behind will get to know God better. Sometimes we rely on a loved one so much that we don't even long for God. With my dad and brother in my life I didn't have to rely on God at all. What I'm learning now that I'm back with my dad is a good balance of needing God but also needing an earthly dad. The way for that to happen is dad and I pray together and worship God together and study His word together. But our saved loved ones are still right inside God and we're also right inside God. Even animals, they are energy. God takes energy from Himself and creates an animal. The animal's body dies, but the energy goes right back to God.
  8. When I was 5 years old when it was summer of 2009, my brother Josiah was 14 and he had been having headaches and nausea for 2 months. The doctors said he had a brain tumor that would just get worse and couldn't be removed. That was a very sad time for us and all Josiah wanted to do was see the ocean. So mom, dad, Josiah and me packed up our things and we went to Oregon to the coastline and set up a camp near to the ocean on the sand. We camped there for a little over a month and that was the best time of our lives, the most fun we ever had as a family, all of us together in peace. We walked on the sand every day for miles and miles and Josiah's headaches went away. He turned 15 years old while we were there. I remember looking up at the stars at night and Josiah would tell us how God created the stars. He was the only Christian in our family at that time. He would talk about how God loved us. We didn't really understand. But that month was the best, best, best month ever and we all felt so healthy and alive just because we were with Josiah. The days started to get colder and Josiah was getting weak, so we went back home and he went to live with Jesus 16 days later. Tomorrow would have been his 25th birthday. This is the first year I realized he's not gone but he's with Jesus. I'm so thankful that when this life here is over I'll be able to see him again. I always thought he was gone forever but now that I know the Lord I understand he's not lost at all. My brother in August 2009 on his birthday: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ogopegZtUs8zZRZEzo7ahh-SYzy9irWp Do you know anyone that you had to say goodbye to and you know you'll see them again in heaven?
  9. Noël


    I'm having lots of fun in this website with so many friendly people and good things to read! I have to go for a run now with my dad and then it'll be time for school work. See you tomorrow! <3
  10. I think I need to go find some lunch Now my stomach is grumbling. There there, myself. Let's go make a lettuce, tomato, cucumber, spinach sandwich with a side of fries piled with lots of gravy, and some leftover chicken wings and chase it all down with chocolate milk
  11. Noël


    My friend Amy is from Wales but she pronounces it Wells but she doesn't mean Wells. She means Wales
  12. Noël


    It's funny how lots of people in the US hate rain but people in the Middle East celebrate rain. But I love rain! Where I live it rains lots too and every rainy day is a good day.
  13. Noël


    Iceland sounds fun. I like that it has a low population and probably never gets too crowded. And lots of nice scenery!
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