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  1. It’s not about what I say that matters.It is about what Jesus says that matters as He grooms us,brushes the rough edges in ourselves,puts us through various stages of gold refining processes which includes correction.😃 Hebrews 4vrs 12
  2. Your sins are forgiven Do not worry Get up ,pick up your mat and walk. Nice to hear and soothing to the heart isn’t it? But He also said you brood of vipers get behind me satan woe to you blind guides Jesus did not mince His word.He said it as it was.To turn the blind to Him and to wake up those who are sleeping. The word of God brings healing to those who need it and it should and does also bring a wake up call to those who use the name of God in vain and living a double life on this earth. He disciplines,He corrects. The question is’Do we want to be transformed in His likeness under His grooming? or do we want to be moving in fantasy clouds and in our camouflage skin? The word of God speaks to us and heals us and at the same time the word of God speaks to us and corrects us. Thank You Jesus. amen
  3. VOG

    The Word

    The Word.Not just an word Nor a word or any word but The Word.The Word became flesh.The Word who had the power to bring the downfall of the devil.The Word that overcame death.The Only Word that every knee bows,every mountain is shaken,every storm becomes still.Every demonic power that has no power.Every hardened heart that can melt.Jesus Christ is His name.Are you worried about your family?Are you concerned about your children ways?Are you broken coz of your marriage?Are you thinking when your loved one ‘s hardened heart become soft?Are you saying there seems to be no hope in the one whom seem incorrigible?Look at The Word.He said so Jeremiah 33vrs3 Call Unto Me and I Will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.Can you stop looking at humans as The Word and go to the Only Word Jesus.He has the answers and will gladly share with you.Will you go to Him.He is waiting.Thank You Jesus Amen😁
  4. Selective time is the norm in the world.We choose to do what we want with time.Taking time to select what to wear,taking time to select what to watch on tv,taking time to shop and party,taking time to entertainment modes,taking time to scroll Facebook,Twitter and so on,taking time to chat fruitful and futile matters but what happened in taking time to spend in the word of God and prayer to the Most Holy of Holy?What happened in spending time with the One who needs to take the first priority?So let me ask this again-No time or selective time?Let’s reflect and pray and manage time wisely as a Steward of God because we have to answer for what has been given to us for His glory.Thank You Jesus.Amen
  5. Thank You Jesus that You are the greatest doctor anyone can turn to.May turtleneck son feel your healing touch right now and experience wholesome healing in Jesus name.In the name of Jesus alone,the cough will have to disappear.We ask this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.Amen
  6. May the peace of God that surpasses all understanding empower you in this chapter in your life ,to be used as a vessel of God’s greatest love to those in need and to mold you according to His Devine plan in your journey of this path.May you hear Him clearly as He lovingly speaks to you.In the highest and only matchless name of Jesus Christ I pray.Amen
  7. The battlefield.Whichever battlefield you are in,praise God.God is an all knowing God who knows what and how to groom you in The Vine.He is the perfect Commander whom you can trust entirely and absolutely. Heavenly Father Thank You Jesus that you are an amazing and wonderful God who knows your children well.Thank You that you know exactly where to place your soldiers and also to equip each one with the weapons that each need for the battle.Groom us in the way that you want in Your perfect plans in our lives.Amen
  8. VOG


    When Jesus received us,He received us just the way that we are.We don’t need to wear a mask just as the world wants it to be worn.The world is looking for truthfulness .The best way to show the world the love of Jesus is to remove the masks that we are wearing and let them know that we are totally absolutely truly depending only on Our Saviour Jesus Christ entirely.No need for 🎭 😁
  9. VOG

    Loving and fair God

    Im thankful that in a world where favouritism,racism,prejudice is very prominent even among lukewarm believers,Jesus is an amazing person who never treats anyone like how the world treat or shortchange anyone as how the world shortchange.Thank You Jesus that You accept every person without looking at their colours or background.Amen😍
  10. The dish is healthy with its share of spices pepper cinnamon and also mint curry and coriandar leaves which helps in detox😁
  11. 1 kg cut chicken ginger and garlic paste onions tomatoes curry leaves coriandar leaves mint leaves Method Marinade chicken with ginger and garlic paste, turmeric ,Yoghurt ,a bit of salt,blended ingredients Made of tomatoes,mint leaves,coriander leaves and onion 1)In a wok,add olive oil,add in cinnamon spices,curry leaves,diced onions and sauté till brown 2)Add in diced ripe 🍅 3) Two spoonful of chicken curry powder,teaspoon of chilli powder and cook 4)Add in chicken marinated pieces and cook slow heat till 3/4 cook. 5) Add in crushed fresh pepper with high heat and stir fry till a bit dry. 6)Turn off stove and sprinkle some coriandar leaves. Ready to be eaten with bread rice or on its own especially on cold days you can improvise this according to your tolerance of spice.😁Namaste
  12. VOG

    The wages

    The wages of sin is definitely death.But of course there is redemption through Jesus Christ.The question is,do you want that redemption or do you choose to stick to the wages of sin.In this flutter of fragile life,as a child of God,let’s reflect ,pray and ask Jesus to expose to us the parts which are separating Us from fellowship with God ,repent and head towards the narrow path.You can hide from humans but can you hide from the very one who made you? The Way The Truth and the Life? The wages of any sin is certainly death.No small sin nor big sin.Repentance is the step to take instead of Repel. Heavenly Father Thank You for your unfailing love towards us.Search our hearts and reveal to us the areas that need cleaning up in our lives.Where there is darkness the light cannot dwell.Forgive us the hidden secrets of the heart ,cleansing every displeasing area which are not fragrances to you .Make us new in You.Create in us a new heart ,yielding to You only.Thank You for your unconditional love.In the matchless name of Jesus Christ.Amen
  13. Thank Jesus for His promises which never return voidWhat He says He fulfills.A God who never turns His back on His children.One who sticks with us no matter what’s happening around us or within us.He said Hewill never leave and forsake us and I thank Him for being true to His children all these tie.Thank You my loving Lord Jesus.Amen
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