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  1. Praise You, God! Praise be to our Mighty Savior!
  2. Praying!
  3. Praise God for His aid!
  4. Praise God for his healing and kindness!
  5. Praying!
  6. Praying!
  7. Continuing to pray!
  8. Continuing to pray for you, Kate! I use Bible Gateway, a website, which has possibly every translation of the Bible there is, as well as many other resources. God bless!
  9. The Bible doesn't really recognize the idea of "boyfriends and girlfriends" or "dating." There's unmarried, engaged, and married. The modern concept of dating has really messed things up, frankly. You've made the correct decision. Speak honestly to the Lord about what you're feeling; ask Him to heal your heart and mind, ask Him to work in your ex-boyfriend's life to lead him to Christ, and ask the Lord to help you meet a righteous, Christian man who would be a good husband for you according to God's will. In the meantime, might I suggest you look up Voddie Baucham's messaged on love and marriage on Youtube? It could be transformational in your understanding of the topic. God bless, sister!
  10. Praying!