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  1. Thanks so much sister! Yesterday my knee started improving quickly, even faster than I hoped for. It's not 100% but it is much better, probably back to 80% normal or so, and I'm truly thankful to God right now! Dad is going tomorrow (Wednesday) morning for a PET scan and blood work, and then the next day for the next round of chemo. Please pray that the scan shows more improvement than last time, and that he keeps getting better. I think they may have adjusted or increased it last time because since his last treatment his side effects have been worse (though thankfully not horrible as they are for many). God bless you all richly!
  2. 321 dead and 500+ injured now. 45 of the deaths were children. Sending more prayers!
  3. Sorry for the delay in updates. Dad went and returned safely from Florida, thanks for your prayers in that regard! Lately the treatments seem to be taking more of a toll on him, with a lot less energy and strength, and other issues I won't mention. Please pray for continued healing and for symptoms/side effects to be as minimal as possible. Over the last few days I've had strains to my right foot and ankle on and off. Seems like as soon as it starts getting better, I re-aggravate it. And just a few hours ago in trying to keep weight off the right leg, I strained the left knee. Please pray for healing for both legs/feet ASAP! God bless you all richly!
  4. Latest numbers are 207 killed and another 450 injured.
  5. Current news is that multiple bombs at multiple locations have killed 137 and injured 150+ others so far this morning during Easter services. Pray for God's will and for healing!
  6. BK1110


    Praise God he's finally home! Praying for complete healing!
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