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  1. Praying!
  2. Great update, praise God for it! More prayers!
  3. Praying for Tyler!
  4. As other's have said, the Holy Spirit was/is the comforter. Islam is a corrupted mish-mash of Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, and several other things. Mohammed was illiterate and simply incorporated bits and pieces of the various religious teaching he heard by ear in his youth. After the Meccans rejected him and kicked him out of Mecca, he moved to Medina, a Jewish town, and slowly took over, becoming a military and political leader as much as he was a religious one. It only takes one conversation with a born and raised Muslim to know how messed up their theology is. For example, they seriously believe that Christians believe the trinity is God, Mary, and their son, Jesus, born from literal, physical intimate relations between God and Mary. Look up "Mohammed’s History: Exposing Islam’s Hidden Truths of Radical Muslims (William Federer)" on Youtube and you'll get the complete story of Mohammed, his encounters with a demon that led him to begin Islam, and a brief overview of the entire history of the religion and all the wars it's been responsible for.
  5. Praying for guidance and wisdom!
  6. Praying!
  7. Praying!
  8. I'm a little confused. Is he advising you to buy a house to use that house to pray, or is a house you own under demonic attack?
  9. Joy

    Look for joy that comes even in the midst of sorrow. All of us go through dark times of various kinds, lengths, and severity. Our joy is in Jesus and His promises to us; "I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world." -- John 16:33 While in this world, you will likely never have full, complete happiness...and if you ever do, know that it will be very temporary. While in the darkness, ask God each day to show you things you can be thankful for and joyous about despite the difficult, painful things. My pastor often says "don't feel your way into doing; do your way into feeling." In other words, make the effort each day to try to stay positive, to be grateful to God for what you can, to have a good attitude etc. And the feeling will follow that effort. And don't feel bad even if you continue to hurt and suffer; it doesn't make you less of a Christian to be sad in dark times, so long as we continue to follow and trust God, and we don't let the sadness separate us from Him. God bless!
  10. Continuing to pray!
  11. More prayers!