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    Praying for you, brother!
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    Praying for you, David!
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    You are forgiven! Praying for you, sister!
  7. Okay. You're correct, we do not believe we are to follow the majority (civil and ceremonial) of Old Testament law, but we believe that every single word is absolutely revealed by God.
  8. Define "belief." We believe that; 1. the Old Testament laws were given by God to the ancient Jewish state 2. there are three types of these laws; civil, ceremonial, and moral 3. after Jesus' death and Resurrection perfected the law, we are no longer required to follow the first two kinds (civil and ceremonial) 4. just because we are no longer under those parts of the law does not mean we do not believe they were the inspired Word of God More information: https://carm.org/what-are-the-main-divisions-of-the-old-testament-law
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  10. Evolution

    Sadly many Christians are indeed ill-equipped to answer questions like this, and end up giving weak, unconvincing arguments against macro evolution. But there are plenty of great resources and lectures from leading scientists and thinkers out there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7KcWrt_p4k
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    More prayers!
  13. This is basically the opposite of Biblical teaching. Pastors are to be held to extremely high standards, and you are well within your rights to leave and seek a better place or worship if this place is not doing what it should be. Read this, and examine this pastor against the Biblical requirements. Does he stack up? http://www.acts29.com/biblical-qualifications-of-a-pastor/ I'll also say this; the church's true purpose is spreading the gospel. Does this church and it's members do this? Do they seem to care about reaching out? Or do they just gather, go through the motions, and hope new people just show up? Do you sense a hunger and desire for the gospel and sharing the gospel, reaching out to the community, or is this just a gathering of robots who say and do the "right" things?