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  1. Thanks to all for the continued prayers. Please keep them up for mom, for her shoulder to heal and for her to continue to work out retirement issues. Right now she's working to find out which supplements MD Anderson (hospital where dad goes for his cancer) takes. Dad got another round of chemo last Thursday and it hit him on Sunday, and he's still feeling it today as well. Please pray for those symptoms to subside as usual, and please continue to pray for the treatments to be effective and for full healing eventually. I must have slept strangely because that troublesome right ankle was sore when I woke up. In trying to be careful of it the left knee is flaring up a bit, too, please pray for both to be well again soon. God bless you all richly!
  2. Thanks to you all for your many prayers! Mom's shoulder is still fairly stiff, she had to miss two therapy appointments because of her trip. Please continue to pray for full healing in that regard. She's also needing to continue to work towards retirement. She's hoping to do so at the end of the semester in December, but there's still more research and decisions that need to be made about healthcare/insurance options. Please pray that my parents don't drag their feet on this; procrastination has led to trouble in the past. Please pray that she is indeed able to retire at the end of the year, she and I both really need it! God bless you all richly!
  3. Praying for comfort, strength, healing, understanding, and faith in abundance, as only God can provide! Praying for you daily, dear sister!
  4. 20 minutes after midnight, mom just got home safe and sound. Praise God!
  5. BK1110


    Praying for you and your family daily!
  6. Mom's long trip home is today. Long drive back to Seattle, then a flight from there to Dallas, then another flight home. Not scheduled to land until 11 PM local time. Please pray for a safe trip back home!
  7. The fact that you are not numb to it and continue to hate the fact that sin affects you is a pretty good indication. Paul himself spoke of continuing to do the things he didn't want to do and not doing the things he wanted to do. He had a heart for God and God's will but continued to fall short throughout his days from time to time. It is the unsaved is not concerned by their continued sin. Let me ask this; you realize that being a true follower of Christ does not mean perfection, right? If you know that, then you have to ask yourself what really is the difference between someone who is truly saved and one who simply "talks the talk" but is not truly saved. Neither is perfect, neither is without sin and the temptation to sin; consider carefully what the difference must be then, and then ask yourself if you qualify, so to speak. Remember yourself before you were saved; how have you changed on the inside? How do you view sin now, versus how you viewed it back then? Just some food for thought!
  8. Praying! If he is a mathematician of rare genius, I wonder what he thinks about the fine-tuning of the universe, and the insanely small probabilities of even some of those tunings coming together by chance? John Lennox is a mathematician of rare genius as well, and a fabulous Christian apologist and speaker, your friend might want to give a listen to one of his many talks on Youtube, or read some of his many excellent books.
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