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  1. Doing well for the time being, thanks!
  2. Sorry for the long space between updates, and thanks so much for all the prayers as always! Mom is doing very well. She still doesn't have full normal use of her shoulder of course, but driving, shopping, working, daily chores etc. are all basically doable again now. She's annoyed to still not be 100% but there are no major obstacles at this point. Please just continue to pray for full healing on God's timing. Also, mom says that she's aiming for a December retirement! This is great news, but of course there is a lot of consideration, discussion, phone calls etc. that still need to be taken care of. Please, please pray if you feel led for this to happen, she and I both really need this in my opinion. God's will first and foremost of course, though. It's been a bit hectic so I haven't really had a chance to talk with dad much recently, but he has seemed to have at least a bit more energy in the last couple of weeks. Nothing has been finalized yet but he's considering surgical options for the cancer. Please continue to pray for wise doctors and for dad to be willing to do what's necessary. Mom is also tentatively scheduled for an out-of-town birthday trip as she's turning 70 on October 1st, but that may have to be canceled if it would be at the same time as surgery or recovery for dad as he won't be able to care for me when she's out of town and he's laid up, of course. So please pray for wisdom in that situation and for God's will there. Nothing major on my front, aside from some dry/rashy problems on my arms recently. They're not too bad but I'm not sure where they came from, hopefully they'll just get better in time. Also been having some trouble getting good, consistently sleep for a few weeks, if you feel led I would appreciate prayers for that to get better soon. God bless you all richly!
  3. Praying for God to use you powerfully to bless those around you!
  4. Praying for you! There is a ton of great content on DesiringGod dot ORG that you might want to check out, sermons and bible studies and Q/A podcasts, John Piper has been a great source of strength and growth for me as a disabled Christian unable to attend local church.
  5. I don't remember the details as I wasn't involved, but apparently he was part of a small faction of members who were dissatisfied with Worthy and kind of led a rebellion or something. He's no longer here.
  6. BK1110


    Praying for love, wisdom, and guidance from the Lord!
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