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  1. Praying for peace and joy for you, brother!
  2. Praising God for that big step, and praying for more healing!
  3. BK1110

    My family

    May I ask for any more information you have on those? I did some Googling but I'm not sure what a "Senior Insurance Advisory Service" is, whether it's private or government, and how to contact them or get info from/about them. Mom had no idea what it/they were so we're confused.
  4. BK1110

    My family

    I have no doubt there is depression involved, it's quite obvious to all of us who are around him. But he's very old school, and talk of mental illness and depression and therapists etc. is simply not something he's interested in or believes in... I appreciate all who prayed about the plumbing situation. Happy to report that things went absolutely as well as they could have. Plumbers showed up precisely on time, got started right away, and were finished with a successful resolution to the problem in just under one hour. It was just a blockage, nothing serious that requires long work, and everything is fine again. Praising God for such a perfect resolution to this issue!
  5. Glad to hear a positive update and to see you back! Praying for you!
  6. BK1110

    My family

    I will consult her ASAP about that. More importantly, my dad is apparently feeling quite down, worrying that he may not have much time left. A family friend who is a doctor (note: not a doctor that specializes in cancer treatment, and she's never seen dad or reviewed his records etc.) is saying she's concerned, given how the tumors don't seem to be shrinking, and she's also worried that he "might not have much time left" too. To say this is a shock is an understatement. Initially a year ago his doctors seemed very upbeat about his prognosis, from what I gathered. This has kind of hit me like a truck. I have no idea how this family survives, on a practical level, without his pension etc. And I know that seems a cold way to be thinking about it, but it's reality on top of the expected sadness (he is a strong follower of Christ so it is sadness but not despair, praise God!) On top of that, he never had surgery as one doctor recommended, and he STILL has not gone back to that doctor to explore that option at all. I am dumbfounded at the procrastination at this point. I beg you, if you feel so led, to cry out to God on my father's behalf. Please pray for healing, against all odds, and please pray that he would be proactive in seeking all possible opinions and treatments. My head is spinning a bit right now. God bless you all richly.
  7. BK1110

    My family

    Thanks so much to all who have prayed. Plumber is set to come at 3:00 PM on Friday afternoon. Please pray all goes well and the problem can be solved quickly (no serious issues like broken pipes underground etc.) God bless you all richly!
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