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  1. prayers for 3 of us

  2. Jet Lag

  3. Biblical Verse

    He was cast out of heaven for sure. Not sure if this verse refers to that both specifically and literally though. It's part of a sort of taunting poem against Babylon though. It could be symbolic of just essentially being dealt with, laid low, etc. Any context as to why you're asking? Something troubling you at all?
  4. Worldliness in youth ministry

    I'd like to recommend a video to you. It's a lengthy, great conference that J. Warner Wallace did about the problems of youth ministry, what kids are facing when they get out of it, and what to do about it. It might help. Maybe you can even get the youth minister to see it. I guess we're not supposed to link to things, so I won't. It's on Youtube and the exact title is "Who's Waiting for Your Kids? | Why Students Leave Church | J. Warner Wallace" so just copy and paste that into a Youtube search.
  5. Could you pray for my twin brother

  6. Former Muslim Needs Prayer

    Praise God he's safe! Praying that his wife may be reached and rescued so she can join him and walk with him in Christ!
  7. Husband's Left Foot Swollen

    Praise God for that!
  8. Heartburn

    If it's really heartburn, don't worry too much, because "heartburn" just refers to acid in your esophagus. It's painful but it's not something actually wrong with your heart itself, despite the name. That said, best to get it checked out anyway as other one said. Praying!
  9. I wouldn't worry about it. Do you worry about cattle being branded? And I hope this doesn't come off as harsh, but pets (and every non-human creature) do not have souls, and do not go to heaven. We are uniquely made in God's image and endowed with a soul.
  10. Worldliness in youth ministry

    Some of it doesn't sound so bad. Dress up in your favorite team's gear? I mean, that's pretty harmless and fun. But there's such a thing as too far and too much, and it sounds like he's probably crossed the line. The real problem is that it sounds like he's just trying to get people to show up. If people are there and having a good time, he feels like he's done his job. But youth ministry today has become a joke. Kids are going off to college utterly unprepared and falling away from the faith in droves because they aren't prepared to have their faith challenged. They don't know why they believe what they believe. Sometimes they don't even believe anything, having just shown up to church for years because their parents made them. The only truly effective youth ministries have a strong focus on apologetics and creation science. They have to, or liberal, atheist college professors will shred their paper-thin "faith" within the first semester.
  11. Then pray daily. Ask God to reveal His will about this to you. Ask Him to lead you to the woman that He wants for you to marry, and ask Him to prepare your heart and mind for that marriage. And of course, ask Him that He would bring acceptance to your mother's heart about whoever it is that is right for you.
  12. John a friend pancreatic cancer

    Praise God that he is home and at rest! Praying for healing for the hearts of those left behind.