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    Logan in Hospital

    Praise God!
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    Please pray for my husband

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    Sister diabetic

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    There's a whole lot there and I don't think I could perfectly unpack it all, but here are a few thoughts. 1. I think it's possible to believe you're saved and not be. I think too often a lot of churches (I grew up in Baptist churches and it's a problem there IMO) are focused on "alter calls," where the pastor preaches whatever message and then calls people to come forward and repent and ask for salvation. But unless it's a very thorough message on salvation, do these people really know what it means and entails? I said a prayer for forgiveness and salvation when I was a child, but I didn't really understand what it all meant. But I thought that was it; you recite the words and boom, you're saved. But I and a lot of people felt like that and so, as you might expect, there was little change in my heart and life. It wasn't until a few years ago that I heard really good teaching on salvation that struck me and turned me around. It's not just about reciting the right words. God knows your heart. He knows if you're truly penitent and are truly ready to make a change and follow Him and His will. A true salvation is one that will without exception create a noticeable inward and outward change in a person. That does not mean perfection, but I am curious about people who "walk away from the faith." Were they truly, truly saved in the first place? I know some will disagree with that and I would not be dogmatic about it, because I am not God and I cannot know people's hearts as He perfectly does. 2. About homosexuals, here is another area where there may be some disagreement. But after doing a lot of thinking and reading myself and purposefully seeking out teaching from well-respected pastors, I don't believe that homosexual urges, or desires or temptations or whatever word you might want to use, are sinful. We would not say that a man who is tempted towards adultery with a woman has sinned, or towards gluttony or whatever else, if he does not ultimately act on that temptation (be it in real life or in his heart/mind, which is of course possible as Jesus taught). If a man is attracted to another man but does not lust after him or physically act upon it, if he rejects those urges because he knows they are wrong and he wishes to do right in God's eyes, I cannot find any justification in scripture to condemn him as having sinned simply for being tempted in that way.
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    Dad's cancer, Mom's retirement

    Thanks so much for all the continued prayers! Dad's last appointment was for a full-body scan. Fortunately, there is no evidence of anything growing in the brain! A great blessing! Sadly it did reveal yet another tumor in his pelvic region. So it's the tongue, both lungs, and now the pelvis. He'll be going to a third doctor (apparently MD Anderson has doctors that specialize in all regions of the body. I guess that's why they're the best) soon for that. Another biopsy, and who knows what follows? With four different trouble spots in three different areas of the body, it seems chemo and/or radiation likely can't be avoided anymore. Mom had somewhat of a rough day yesterday. She's nearly 70, has the bad foot, and both shoulders give her trouble. Yet no one thought to help her do a lot of physical work in the library, which had her at that age and with all her health problems, climbing up and down ladders and using a heavy power drill to attach things to the walls. She came home with her arms and upper body extremely sore and painful. Please continue to pray for both of them. God bless you all!
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    Life Decision Ahead of Me

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    Please pray for us

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  12. My pastor speaks on this once a year or every other year it seems. He always points out that when Paul commanded for husbands to love their wives and wives to submit to their husbands, that the same original text word is used for "love" and "submit" but is translated into those two words to help convey the chief needs of men and women. But in both cases, the Bible is clear that submission to one another, I.E. putting the other's needs and considerations first and foremost ahead of your own, is not only not bad, but is necessary. It's commanded, not suggested.
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