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  1. BK1110

    Salome is unwell

  2. BK1110

    Blood Transfusion Today

    Continuing to pray for you and your family!
  3. BK1110

    Upcoming trip/health

  4. BK1110

    For work.

    Continuing to pray!
  5. BK1110

    Healing from abuse and Grow in faith 

    Praying for you! If at all possible, I'd recommend you attend a good local church and connect with fellow believers. You need to surround yourself with Christian fellowship as much as possible (of course Worthy is a great start)!
  6. BK1110

    Prayer for career change

  7. BK1110

    Please pray

  8. BK1110

    Praying for Reconciliation with my Wife

    Glad you decided to post here! Praying for you, brother!
  9. BK1110

    Typhoon arriving and health

    Praying for you! I live where Hurricanes are frequent problems, I know what you're going through! Stay strong!
  10. BK1110

    Wife fell out of love

    Yowm beat me to it. Above all else, pray, fervently, daily, ceaselessly. No one can truly come to God unless they are called. The Spirit needs to work powerfully in your wife's heart to draw her to the truth. Pray pray pray that God will soften her hear to Himself and the Bible first, and you as well. Pray that God gives you the opening to be a Biblical husband. Might I also recommend you look up Voddie Baucham's "Love and Marriage" sermon on Youtube? It's a powerful unpacking of what Biblical marriage is really supposed to be. I would start by watching it yourself, and then waiting for the right time to try to get your wife to watch it once her heart is more open. God bless you richly! Also, don't go this alone; I would suggest you post about this in the prayer forum as well, many of us would be happy to pray for you and your wife daily!
  11. BK1110

    Fighting for my Children

    Continuing to pray for justice to be done in the courts!
  12. BK1110


    Praying for you, sister! Praises to God that it was caught early!
  13. BK1110

    Please Pray for the Missionaries in Haiti