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  1. BK1110

    Prayer for Understanding and Discernment

    So pleased to be able to pray for something so WORTHY. As someone who began to study in earnest that which I was raised with (and had grown somewhat apathetic towards) just a couple years ago, one small piece of advice I would give you is to not pressure yourself. It's normal to see where you're lacking and feel the need to FIX IT immediately. But take it slowly, daily. The journey towards God is a continual, daily, life-long one. Some days you may only be able to manage to set aside 15-20 minutes to study, and that's okay. More today than yesterday, more tomorrow than today, is how we grow. Bible study (there's some great stuff on this forum) with others is key. Hearing their thoughts can help you understand things you didn't before. Bible commentaries can unlock hidden meanings. And even Youtube has no end of sermons and lectures that have been uploaded.
  2. BK1110

    Illness in the family

    Thanks all! I guess I could use more prayers; not long after making that last post, I started getting more nasal and lung congestion, and it's made sleep a bit difficult the last two nights. Glad my sore throat is gone, but now dealing with other issues. This is day seven and I'm really ready for this cold to finally be gone. God bless you all!
  3. BK1110

    Mom needs to retire

    She has horror stories. I mean it's borderline warfare. The teachers can't do a thing about it because you can't discipline at all.
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  5. BK1110

    Mom needs to retire

    I'm really not sure how it all works. He's over 70 though. Despite being retired, getting him to use his newfound time for stuff like this (research, phone calls etc.) seems to be difficult. I'll refrain from getting too detailed or gossip-y, but he doesn't seem interested or concerned, and the onus appears to be on mom to figure it all out, despite the fact that she's the one still working a crazy job.
  6. BK1110

    Mom needs to retire

    Mom is the one still working in the family after dad's forced retirement a couple years ago. She works at an elementary school in a low-income area. Lots of fatherless children with severe disciplinary problems. They don't respect authority and cause so much trouble. After getting just five hours of sleep at night, she spends each stressful day yelling and screaming just to try to keep them from killing each other or torching the library, and often comes home in tears, too tired to do anything but collapse and try to eat away her stress (creating further health issues for her). All this for someone who is almost 70 now, and legally disabled due to a childhood foot injury. It's untenable. She's finally working towards trying to get retired but insurance for her and dad (which they currently have through her job) is the key issue. Please pray for strength for her in her job, and for her to be able to find the information she needs to get good medical coverage after she retires. If she can figure it out by mid-October then she can retire at the end of the semester in December. Both she and I could really use this for health reasons. God bless you all richly!
  7. BK1110

    Illness in the family

    Thanks to all for the prayers!! Dad seems fine now. I think whatever I have I picked up from him. I did start having some nasal issues the last two days, but they never got severe enough to affect my sleep, praise God! Throat is a lot better and I think I'm probably back to about 80% or so normal. Mom went to a clinic yesterday because her chest congestion and coughing was getting no better. They said her lungs were inflamed and gave her a bevy of medications and such. She continues to have trouble getting a full night's sleep, but hopefully all the new stuff from the doctor will help it to clear up soon. Please continue to pray for her especially! God bless you all richly!
  8. BK1110

    Chemo Treatments

    Continuing to pray!
  9. BK1110

    Pray for daughter

  10. BK1110

    VOM Update

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    Prayer for work place.

  14. BK1110

    Illness in the family

    Thanks to you all for your prayers, they are greatly appreciated! Not really better today, but not worse either, which I'm incredibly grateful for.