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  1. Dental issue

    Thanks for that, I'll be looking into them as needed. Thanks for the prayers, too!
  2. Dental issue

    Alright for now. 24 hours away from the appointment and just trying to remain calm, positive, and trusting in God.
  3. Parents

  4. Please Pray for my Beloved Bride

    More prayers!
  5. Please pray for my Mom.

  6. So sorry to hear of your problems continuing! Praying more for you!
  7. Conflicts at work

    Continuing to pray for you!
  8. My aunty passed away

    So sorry for your loss! Praying for comfort!
  9. Are We Being Deceived By Demon?

    God sent Jesus to live a perfect life and die a horrible death for our sake. Jesus sent his disciples out into the world to reach every people group. The Holy Spirit impressed and guided the hearts of writers from different cultures and continents and eras to produce the holy scriptures. He has done quite enough, far more than we deserved, but still humanity twists scripture and ignores the morality that is really deeply ingrained in all of us. God has given us all free will and it's up to us how much we want to use it to think and study...and even then at the end of the day, many who know the truth simply don't want to believe. That's not God's fault.
  10. Dental issue

    Thanks to all for continued prayers! Feeling a little more peace about the whole situation right now. Just a little...but I'll take what I can get. Mom scoped out the endodontist's office and, while certainly not perfect (nothing really could be for me) it seems like my needs have a good chance of being met by their facilities. Thankful to God for that right now, it's another step in the right direction. I'm hoping for them to be able to do all they need to in just two trips (one per tooth), though I've heard two per tooth may be needed, which would be really difficult. More than one is already going to be quite rough. Then there will be crowns from the regular dentist, probably at least two more trips to him. If only these two teeth weren't on opposite sides... Please continue praying for God's help in this issue. For my physical needs to be met (literally 25 minutes before the appointment yesterday, I suffered one of the worst IBS flair ups I've had in many months, I couldn't believe the timing), and just as much, if not more, my psychological ones. With all my health issues, all this piled on and the difficulty of even getting to these places, and all the related worries, is putting a huge strain on me emotionally. I haven't been eating or sleeping very well over these last couple of weeks. I've realized that getting two and from, and being around unfamiliar people, is even more of a strain than worrying about the actual procedures and pain themselves. Thanks again for all who are praying, it means so much. God bless!
  11. Therapist Bitten By Brown Recluse Spider

    Yikes, happened to my mom years ago. She had to be hospitalized...and she picked up a staph infection on top of it while she was there, very scary. Praying!
  12. Welcome! Can I ask how you know the Lord "told" you this? Praying for your situation!
  13. Conflicts at work

  14. My Cousin Is Broken&Stressed

  15. Dental issue

    Well I made it through the appointment. The people were friendly and the facilities were just able to handle me. Praise God for that! However, it was close to worst-case scenario. A simple filling won't work...I need a root canal...on two teeth. That's at least one more appointment with a specialist (meaning a whole new worry about a different facility and people and expense etc.), and then another appointment with the guy I saw today for a pair of crowns. Honestly I feel kind of like I've been punched. Emotions are still high but I really don't know how I'm going to get through all this, or where the money is going to come from, or anything. I'm feeling pretty low and could really use some prayers. God bless all.