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  1. Trusting God

  2. Sick with flu again

    Praying. Seems to be a worse flu and cold season overall for a lot of people. Hang in there, spring is almost here!
  3. For Logan- urgent

    Praise God! More prayers!
  4. https://www.biblestudytools.com/topical-verses/bible-verses-about-dancing/
  5. Fighting for my Children

    Praying, hope all went well!
  6. Repent to God. If you are truly sorry, He will know. Remember that He knows your heart even better than you do. If you are truly sorry He will forgive, for certain. And He also knows that your condition is something you don't have full control over. He is patient and loving. God is not a bully waiting to strike you down at the slightest provocation. Continue to do your best, continue to repent when you mess up, and then move on.
  7. Prayer for husband

  8. For Logan- urgent

    More prayers!
  9. I’m desperate

  10. God or Conscience?

    Many times He speaks to us by reminding us of what we know...which is what we've learned from the scriptures. Read the Bible daily, and listen to good teaching/sermons on it. The more you put into your heart from His word, the more it will move you and come to you when you need it. God is the authority. Our "conscience" is flawed by sin and can mislead us.
  11. Music

    What does it do to your heart and mind? Does it drive you away from God or the truth in any way? Does it berth negative thoughts in your heart?
  12. Desperate

    Praying for you! Another idea might be to contact local news stations to see if one of them has a consumer reporter who helps people with problems like this. Be sure to post in the prayer forum when you can, lots of people looking to pray for those in need!
  13. Welcome! Are you a born-again Christian? Do you regularly attend a gathering of believers?
  14. Demonic visions

    All those instances happened before the crucifixion and resurrection, which is what made accepting Him into one's life possible. Whether you're a true believer and follower of Christ or not, prayer is the solution here. Cry out to God.