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  1. BK1110

    Prayers for my mother

  2. BK1110

    For me

    If everyone who sinned left these message boards, Worthy would not exist anymore! Repent and ask God to strengthen you to temptation, and He will surely hear you and build you up! Praying for you!
  3. BK1110

    Fighting for my Children

    Continuing to pray!
  4. BK1110

    Life falling apart

    Praying that God will turn your husband's heart around and help you two reconcile. If I may, I'd suggest looking up Voddie Baucham's teachings on love and marriage on Youtube. Very powerful and helpful, no punches pulled when he lays out the Biblical picture of marriage and the responsibilities of both parties!
  5. BK1110

    Just need help

  6. BK1110

    Recent Past Members

    Praying, but does anyone know what happened? I can't fathom someone like Yowm doing something to get banned.
  7. BK1110


  8. BK1110

    Pray for my wife's health

  9. BK1110

    Prayer for a friend

  10. BK1110

    Younger brother needs prayer

    Thank you all kindly for your prayers!
  11. Praise God he is resting well now! Praying for his family and friends left behind.
  12. BK1110

    Cancer has returned

  13. My younger brother didn't go to college, and is stuck in tough, dead-end jobs. He's working on commission only at a car dealership right now, 10 hour days, and every other Saturday, and it's a long drive from his apartment. He hates it and is depressed and angry at life. All three of us kids were raised in a Christian home but I think I'm the only one of us who is really saved. He doesn't live a Christian life at all, no church, no indication that he's truly understood what salvation is and his need for it. Please pray for that first and foremost, but also for things job-wise to improve if that's the Lord's will. God bless you all richly!
  14. BK1110

    a wound that won't close

    By "deep" cuts that Neosporin shouldn't be used on, they usually mean more than a 1/4 inch. If it's on their knuckle, there's definitely no way it's that deep, right? Mostly bone on the fingers with just a MM or two of skin. Initially you want to wash with soap and water, then pat dry thoroughly. After that, Neosporin and a bandage is ideal. Alcohol especially, but also hydrogen peroxide, can damage skin and inhibit healing; it's okay to disinfect a fresh wound with them but the alcohol and HP should be immediately flushed with clean water after, if it stays in the wound it can cause problems (the reason they kill germs is that they're cytotoxic, but that means they also affect other living cells, like our body cells). If it absolutely won't close and you absolutely can't get to a doctor, there's such a thing as medical grade superglue. Do you research before using it though. Praying!