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  1. @DustyRoad I hope you are continuing to improve.
  2. God bless you for showing love to people that little left in life.
  3. Someone earlier referenced context. It is so important. Not just the context of Hebrews, but the whole message of the Old and New Covenant. I won't post attempting to teach here. I encourage each here to pursue with full vigour the path that they believe at this point. Salvation - knowing God - is at stake. There is no greater risk. If there are any true seekers reading this, just be aware that there is a way to understand these passages and still believe that NOTHING can separate you from His Love. Choose to believe - faith. Be like the Bereans who found Paul's Gospel in the Old Testament.
  4. @Adam999 There are several on these forums that know the struggle all too well. It is unbearably difficult. A ask the Father to be with you.
  5. Friend, I hope as you explore the worlds you see that you find the truth and love of Jesus. Some on these forums may be like your previous experiences, but then you can just realize that the world they see is different from the way you see it, and give them room in your world to make mistakes. Sometimes we all have to fight with ourselves to keep the main truth of Jesus on top of all the other things in our lives. Your friend that you lost over the gender dispute is a good example: the pressures of the society he was in caused him to start to believe some things about which you see more truth. I hope that the relationsip is restored, a goal worth fighting for. Welcome.
  6. Hello Brother, It will be good for you to remember that most of the people on these forums are western, and there are important differences in beliefs about how congregations work and use of words like prophet. I am not saying that any are right or wrong. People in the west grow up in a very different culture. I can see from what you wrote that you want more people to follow Jesus. And that in your area people have respect for people that show connection to God. I think you can trust Jesus to give you what you need to do his work. I think that even above spiritual power, people want to be loved. Spiritual power is good, Jesus showed it. The New Testament has stories of much power in the church, and throughout history there are such stories at times. In 1 Corinthians, when Paul is teaching the church about using powerful gifts (including prophecy) he says to focus on the greater things, faith, hope and Love. And the greatest is Love. I ask the Father to give you this day the gifts you need to do the ministry he has given you. I have seen the big trouble in Zimbabwe of late, big inflation, drought, ZimDollar troubles. Is there a lot of fear in the people?
  7. lftc


    Which rules? It is interesting that this topic has appeared in concert with several others that explore the same issue. And serve quite well to illustrate the magnitude of the issue.
  8. Hence the New Commandment for the New Covenant: Love One Another. A New approach, not a patch on the old garment. We are each desparate for love. To be in a community, a family that cherishes us, that respects us when we talk, even when we say stupid things, not because we are right, but because we are loved. To be in a family that when our behavior goes awry in the heat of the moment, we are not thrown out and destroyed per the letter of the law, but loved as the true Father loves, taking the punishment himself to ensure that the Love relationship can continue. It is an outrageous model. It is the only Hope.
  9. @Kirt Welcome. With your background and your stage in the journey, you may find these forums rewarding, yet challenging at times. There is comradery to be found here. There are great opportunities to consider the pain and joy of other people. If you have not been on a non-technical forum before, you may be surprised by the emotional heat in some of the discussions. I hope you find the connections you seek here.
  10. Welcome, Olaniyi Thank you very much for the blessing. The hope to recieve that blessing soon is one thing that can give strength every day. I am wishing it for you! Hallelujah!
  11. Accounts such as the ones you mention here, are the only encouragement I find in these forums. There are massive wrongs in this world, many, even most, suffer. Much of it as the result of humans. The chain of guilt and blame and judgement will never end, except by forgiveness. Richard Wurmbrand is a glimpse of the city that has foundations. Abby's act of outrageous forgiveness is a glimpse of the city. I had not heard that about Sabina before (or forgot, it has been many, many years since I read the main book). That is another beautiful glimpse, a verification of the Gospel. People who are suffering, and have no hope of escaping the suffering, need to see that the Kingdom of God still has a movement. Like John the Baptist, whom Jesus called the greatest man, when in prison, sending to Jesus to ask, are you really the one? One finds just enough strength to face the darkness, with a renewed glimpse of the light. lftc
  12. And begin to understand that the Kingdom of God is not like this world. And then want to be like Jesus. I ask the Father to bless your day today.
  13. I'm sure this is the first time you found my posts to be strange. (self focused sarcasm) I thank you for the answer you gave, explaining by way of Wurmbrand that you do struggle with sin. As we all do. And I am sorry that I was not clear in the question. I was thinking about the subject, caring about other people in their suffering, and I wondered if your screen name implied that there was some level of suffering occuring in your life. As I have been somewhat of a student of early and middle Roman history, the mention of the Coliseum brings a whole spectrum of thoughts in my mind, none of them pleasant, all of them highly educational for this present age. The Coliseum was the temple for the blood worship of human suffering, allowing self-focused people to indulge in the illicit pleasure of watching hated people suffer then the self-focused people could return home to eat, drink and be merry. Not that your screen name makes me think that you want those things, but rather, thinking in love, that you viewed yourself as one of the hated objects on which people pour out their judgement. Did I dig a deeper hole, or does that make it clear that I was asking out of concern for your well being?
  14. Hello Alive, I think you were referring to the translation approach. Defining the terms gets important when the conversation gets to the level of differentiating between versions. NIV is considered a literal translation, just as many others, some of which are mentioned in this thread. There are (in one method of categorization) at least three approaches in English Bibles: word-for-word, thought-for-thought, and paraphrase. Word-for-word and thought-for-thought are both considered literal translation approaches. I wrote a longer explanation of the approaches and the difficulties encountered in each. But then I remembered the nature of these forums and deleted it. Before one makes a decision about how to view a particular approach and the resulting version of the Bible, it is wise to understand the approach. ESV and Holman advertise hybrid approaches. I think all approaches are hybrids.
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