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  1. @maryjayne I am going offline now. I am just saying this so that you don't think I am ignoring you as happened in the last time we miscommunicated. You are very bright and civil. I would not ignore you
  2. I understand. I am observing that you cannot have an answer to my question as you do not perceive a question in the verses quoted. I understand your situation. I am not offended if you choose to not answer the question I posed as you do not see a question in the verses.
  3. Sorry, I thought a question mark indicated a question. I take it, then, that you do not have an answer since there was no question.
  4. I would tell myself: follow all the discrepancies in scripture, you'll get to a place of accepting that you are not good enough, ever. And just trust that Jesus is.
  5. @Justin Adams @Blood Bought 1953 @maryjayne @Coliseum @BeauJangles @JTC @missmuffet @Jostler @Alexalex @other one @Sonshine☀️ @Figure of eighty @DustyRoad @Picky Pilot etc If I left your name off I apologize - just going from memory and that's risky. Sorry that it is more than 3 (not really sorry, but that is the polite thing to say). But these are truly interesting people. If I didn't put up this list, I would put up people in my physical life, but you don't know any of them.
  6. Just one more bump to see if anyone has other information before I let this topic fade to obscurity.
  7. I think what you are saying, enoob57, is that Abraham gave Melchizidek a tenth 400 years before the Law of Moses established the Tithe as a requirement. And that this act shows that the Tithe principle extends beyond the boundaries of the law. I can understand how that could look that way. Here is why I don't believe that the Abraham/Melchizidek exchange has bearing on modern tithing. Abraham gave Melchizedek one tenth of the spoils of war, things that had belonged to someone else (not Abraham), were taken by some powerful kings through war, then recovered by Abraham as a side benefit when he went to rescue his nephew Lot. It is not clear if Salem was included in the wars. Abraham gives ALL of the spoils of one of the Kings involved back to that King. The Law of Moses defines tithing very precisely. It does not resemble this gift from Abraham to Melchizidek at all. As we see in the story of the crucifixion, blood money is not acceptable even as a gift to the temple. Hebrews references the situation of Abraham and Melchizidek as proof to establish that Jesus is superior to the Levitical Priesthood. Context is always key. The story of the gift of Abraham to Melchizidek does not establish the tenth as a eternal law of God. If it did, then the Mosaic Law violates it as it it not a tenth of everything but only a tenth of produce. Earlier in this topic I presented my view on the applicability of the Mosaic Law tithe to New Covenant giving. Thanks, enoob57. I realize that you may have a different view.
  8. Romans 8 33 Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies. 34 Who then is the one who condemns? No one. Christ Jesus who died—more than that, who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us. How do you answer the question?
  9. So I need redemption from my analyst mind? How did you know? (having fun with the inaccuracy of language, I do not think you meant that I need redemption because of my analyst mind) The first point I made was about inheriting from our past. But I probably did not say it well.
  10. There is a lot of possible things to learn from this. Some things could be amusing, but I will stay away from those. I see 2 very different things to learn. Both are true, but we get to choose which to apply: You reap what you sow. THroughout the scriptures we can see the rules and consequences tied to the failure to live up to those rules. In this story we see Leah admonishing her teacher that his earlier actions have produced fruit in his life. He cheated his brother and deceived his father and now he gets to live his life married to a woman he doesn't want. What makes it worse, is she gets to live her life as the girl that had to be forced on a man through no cause of her own. As is always the case, the consequences of rule-breaking extend far beyond the simple view of direct blame. What a dismal, hopeless situation. Rules and Consequences. Law and Punishment. Second Truth. Following the story of Jacob and Leah out we can see and infer a better way. Jacob and Esau reconciled: Esau ran to him and hugged him. Forgiven. The bigger act of forgiveness is present by inference. Read the continuing story of Jacob, you'll see, if you want to, his change to loving Leah: statements about being concerned for the safety of all his family, not just Rachel, etc. More importantly, you see Leah change the style of names she gave her children as time goes on. The names she gives are bitter at first, then they get better as time goes on. I choose to find hope in this: hope that Leah was finally loved and felt the joy that being loved brings. Hope that Leah forgave those that misused her and disregarded her need for love. I hope for that because forgiveness, true forgiveness, is the only path to love. And I want Leah to be loved. And everyone else in the story. Sorry if I took this a different way that what you were thinking Coliseum.
  11. There is an intensely painful story behind those words. What can I say? Wish you had not gone through that. Hope you are doing better now. To a person in the midst of difficulty, such phrases do not hold much depth. The intent is nice. But I am just a person, and it is God Most High that is the only one who can reach into the soul. I hope that He visits you like he did Abraham, when he supped with him. He says he wants to in Revelation ("I stand at the door and knock..."). That would be the best thing for me, so I wish it for both of us. If the current events are heating to the boiling point, most on this forum will be in a place where supping with God will be their only joy.
  12. @Justin Adams and @Jostler posted some excellent thoughts. And I thoroughly enjoyed the punny farable about the chosen few. But since I "Hijacked" @Coliseum's topic, allow me to bring the focus back. I think he was presenting a topic to give the interested reader a moment to pause and think about why some reactions come from within. When John the Baptist (in the bible, not the person with that screen name) started baptising in the desert, it was a tremendous affront to the people zealous for serving God. Why would he take the important act of ritual cleansing and do something not understandable with it? Years ago, I learned to recognize that feeling inside myself. I discovered that if I explored the things that irritated me, I found more ability to know, really know, the Living God. I think that is what Coliseum was presenting. But he can comment to correct me.
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