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  1. birthday god bless you free christian card.jpg

    1. ~esther~


      Thanks Shanee, what a lovely surprise to see this x

  2. Mass found on my pancreas

    Please keep me in prayer. A ct scan revealed a mass on my pancreas. I am scared, very very scared. Going for more tests soon. Thank you
  3. help :/

    Sorry I missed you in chat. Feel free to drop in and say hi. You will get heaps of support there.
  4. New Zealand river, granted human rights.

    Hahaha I was wondering how far this ridiculous news would travel
  5. Please keep the people in prayer who has suffered loss with recent floods very close to our home. More severe weather is predicted until Sunday and my son's girlfriend and her family were in the centre of where this happened. They are safe and okay, but the damage is severe with many farmers who lost livestock and farms flooded. Thanks http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/90223062/Severe-thunderstorms-torrential-rain-and-flash-flooding-likely-to-strike-Northland
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    2. ayin jade

      ayin jade

      We always blame steve remember?

      And Im really bored. 

      You do remember megas alternate chatroom?

    3. ~esther~


      yeah, is anyone there?

    4. ayin jade

      ayin jade

      There wasnt, but dawn is looking to chat too. We could all go and have a party, such as us old folks can have lol

  6. Im sooo missing my chat homies. Fix it essy.

  7. Please can someone help me understand in layman's terms what this 5777 and the Jewish calendar and the year 2017 is all about? I see a lot of posts about it on facebook and I have googled it, but don't know which websites are actually giving me the full accurate story. It all seems like a load of nonsense to me as everything I have seen so far are from self proclaimed prophets and pentacostal pastors. Please can someone explain so I can in turn give concise answers to my fb friends as to why it's something to agree with, or not. Here are some links I found: http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=16678 https://biblicalsignsintheheadlines.com/2016/09/09/5777-are-you-rapture-ready/ and there are plenty more. Thanks esther
  8. Married to a pawn...

    Thanks all. Separation or divorce is not and never will be an option. We got married when both were unsaved. I am saved. He is not. It's extremely hard some days and other days I can cope. I also knowthat it's worse than usual because of my lack of relationship with God - entirely my own doing. I know God won't let go, but I am in a very bad place emotionally and spiritually at the moment and feel overwhelmed. Thanks for the support and advice and prayers.
  9. I know that I shouldn't say or even think this, but it sometimes feel like I am married to a pawn in the devil's hand (probably am). It has been getting worse and worse for months or few years now, but every time something happens it's like a new low for my husband. Narcissistic bully control freak compulsive liar...doesn't even begin to describe him. My spiritual life is almost non existent as I am tired of hoping praying crying fearing (not physical abuse but the terrible influence he has on those under his mighty destructive hand is enough to break anyone emotionally!). 21 years of marriage and I won't give up, but I have no hope. I am struggling with severe depression as a result but are not on medication. How hard must life knock a person before God intervenes??? I know we are not promised an easy life, but this is making me physically sick. Not even sure why I am writing this. Maybe to rant. Maybe to ask for prayer. I don't know. esther
  10. What does Psalm 19:4 mean when it says that God has pitched a tent for the sun? 4 "Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world. In the heavens God has pitched a tent for the sun." Is there a specific significance or maybe a Hebrew meaning for this? I'd love to understand what is meant by a tent being pitched for the sun. I have read some commentaries on this, but wonder if anyone knows if there is a deeper meaning behind it?
  11. Things...life...everything is just too much for me at this stage. Past year or two have been incredibly hard with challenges that pushed me past my limits. I have been coping but every now and then it overwhelms me, like lately. Please keep me and my family in prayer.
  12. Hi All I couldn't find any real answers online, or maybe I just didn't search by using the correct words. Do Jehovah's Witnesses consider it to be taking the Lord's Name in vain when specifically using the expression "OMG"? (Sorry I cannot type it out as it just feels wrong and even typing the acronym makes me cringe, but I don't know how else to specify that I'm searching answers on). Reason for my question is that we have 4 JW's at our work, but one of them always expresses herself by saying those words, and if it is a no-no for them, then I would like to challenge her on it - i.e. if they believe so-and-so, then why is she taking the Lord's Name in vain. However, all I could find online suggests that they don't really see it as taking the Lord's Name in vain. Can anyone else shed some light on this? Thanks