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  1. Just want tosay hello..

    Glad you stopped by! God bless. I don't post much on the site either in recent years. Been overwhelmed by the number of topics on the forums, and most people already have responded to each other, so I feel typing is redundant. Usually visit the Worthy Gold>WB Family Checkin topic once a month.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I do art on paper/PC, nannying & lots of dishwashing. No garden. Am taking B-12 now. Seems it's still numb. Getting an ergonomic mousepad. I wonder if anyone's ever had numbness go away? I had an overuse injury to the thumb 19 years ago, but the pain went away after a while. Since I'm 44 (though I feel a lot older w/chronic palate nerve pain & this)- maybe there's hope for recovery.
  3. Yeah, I think the antifungal medication I got or the doctor gave me may have done something. It's so rare that I use a medication... I shouldn't bother. Disaster happened the last time, some years ago. Glucose meter sounds good- my family I visit on weekends should have one. I have a glass of wine once in a while, but no abuse. Infection from toenail issues was a thought (why I got the medication, possible numbness, etc). Thanks for all the insights. Hopefully things look up from here.
  4. No, haven't done vaccinations since I was a child due to what I've heard goes into them. Maybe tetanus 10-15 years ago or so. Thanks!
  5. Yeah, I've had that my whole life from being really underweight. But numbness was always temporary & related to temperature. Thanks though!
  6. Ok, thanks. I'll be sure to look into that. Cutting costs for survival, but will spend what it takes on those for sure.
  7. Wow, sorry to hear you have that. It could be pinched nerves or diabetes (but glad to hear you don't think it's that). I wonder if the left foot injury & palate nerve damage from 5 years ago had an effect. Getting a blood glucose reading may help to know.
  8. Jeff to Jeff- thanks. I guess medical related matters, such as finding insurance or doctors are just really difficult for me. But thanks for the encouragement. Something good may happen.
  9. Originally posted in Worthy Gold topic. Started w/left foot. Now a few days of the right thumb. Left forearm & right foot today. Did some online research. Maybe it's a vitamin deficiency or pinched nerves. Hopefully not something permanent. Went to the medical center. They wanted paperwork & more visits for more money. The paperwork got them to take away my mom's medical insurance (don't even live w/her). She has diabetes & have read up on this a bit. Doctor didn't help. Got medications I haven't used much that have nothing to do w/the current problem. I don't want to go back to that medical center again. Praying it goes away on its own. Maybe less bread will help (though it's organic & gluten-free, since it's still carbs). A simple solution would be amazing. And/or medical insurance. Or at least a doctor willing to help.
  10. Will God Heal You?

    Yeah. I've been to the TriCity clinic a few times in Fremont. They've helped in years past for a few things. Haven't been in years, but my left foot started hurting more this week, and I'm feeling numbness today. Been using a cream I bought from the store- but maybe it made it worse. I've had a messed up toenail (maybe infected). Wish I'd taken care of years ago. I'll get getting the nail clipped somehow w/o losing it, hopefully. Or go to the clinic tomorrow if they'll take me. Wish I had Kaiser to go to a podiatrist. I'll try praying too.
  11. Will God Heal You?

    I need paragraph break to read that, but the topic title is one I've been pondering while in chronic pain for over seven years.
  12. Thanks for the replies on this. I wish the devil wasn't involved in it- it'd be a lot simpler. I'll sit on the fence for a bit & consider watching a YouTube playthrough. I don't have Steam or an X-Box. (My brother has a PS3 & 4)
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuphead Yeah, the souls belonging to the devil is a bit of an interesting thing to think about as a Christian. I remember some old cartoons where characters end up in hell & get out though. It's fantasy; I get it. Just thought I'd see what the Christian perspective might be. If at all, heh.
  14. Not sure if anyone uses it, but the previous versions of iTunes allowed you to hit play & go through all music once on the PC. Now there's a 'cloud' icon w/an arrow that has made two copies of each song, so I have to fast forward every other (purchased) song. Wish there was info in iTunes how to fix that...
  15. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I haven't had insurance in 15 years & rarely see doctors. Maybe there's someone out there willing to help that won't make me broke. Have felt so distant & confused by the medical industry.