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  1. Wow, I'm considering a used paperback- good deal. Thanks.
  2. Whoa, sorry to hear that. Thanks for the insight. Trying not to do heavy lifting, though I do laundry, wear a backpack Fri & Sun, and carry a grocery bag once a week from the store to my house. I'm 45, but feeling more like 75 these past few weeks. But others have it worse, so I'll hang in there.
  3. That's quite a lead- maybe it can apply to chronic nerve pain in the palate as well. Thanks!
  4. Wow, sorry to hear about 53 years of that. I've only had almost 9 years of palate nerve pain, but's felt like a lifetime. I think pain on top of chronic pain is throwing me off. Thanks for the insights. Tough to make my own diagnosis, yet who knows what random doctors trying to earn their pay will say. I don't have health insurance, but will hope for the best.
  5. Just curious if anyone's ever had a back injury where an object (dressing room door in my case) hit their spine. Guess it's not some thing an ice pack & muscle cream will fix. Been 2 1/2 weeks of pain. Maybe it gets ebtter on its own. Or you need a chiropractor. Thanks-
  6. Been a while since posting on the forums. I was raised a Christian, being baptized as a baby, then going to Sunday School. Did a Lutheran confirmation. Stayed a believer after moving out post-high school. Got an adult baptism after college.
  7. New post this month. We're not allowed to link to videos still, right? I worked with Christians on an animated rock video that hit YouTube today. You can search: Madeline Animated Music Video (!)
  8. Interesting topic and posts I've read. Not sure what else I could possibly add except appreciation for the information I obtained.
  9. No, but that was handy back in '96-'02 when I did, thanks. Maybe God will allow an income change (still working) sometime.
  10. Just discovered clubs & joined. Wonder how long they've existed?
  11. Thanks for the reply. I wish I had better insurance, but pay for DeltaCare through my own pocket since 'work' doesn't offer insurance. Maybe God will allow a miracle to happen though, since I haven't found another dentist I can reach (no car) & is affordable.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Should've checked here sooner. Pain's been ongoing, so it may be shifting teeth. No jaw pain thankfully. The dentist naturally wants me to buy the expensive dentist-made one. Which I agree with, except for the cost. I grind my teeth due to chronic nerve pain in the palate that's been going on six years. Two years of head pain before that. If God allows me the funds to get acupuncture, insurance, or something I guess the pain/stress could end if it's possible. Thanks for the response.
  13. Been a while since posting a topic, but does anyone buy them from the store or get an expensive one from a dentist? I had one that was great for a year or two (long past when I was supposed to stop). Used the backup one, heated it up in boiling water & fitted it- and it ended up causing more pain w/the bottom teeth due to it not fitting ideally. Tried another brand, but it went even worse. Yesterday was really bad pain for the front teeth (adding to the chronic pain of the palate). Had 4 hours of sleep and a bad nightmare from the pain that night. Last night went back to the older one since it's less pain, but- Curious if no bite guard or the expensive dentist one is best now. Well no bite guard can mean grinding away what enamel is left and TMJ, but maybe not for a while. Thanks!
  14. There's a lot of Prayer Requests active it seems. Tough times abound. Hope people find comfort through God's peace. I had some minor, but annoying painful accidents this week. This week is almost over.
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