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  1. Through the all inclusive mindset THEY GOT the world now. that is why they run this with RELIGOIN , that is why the news glorifies it THIS has been the desired goal for years. and slowly they got into the churches, THE CHURCH that should have stood on ABSOLUTE TRUTH don't even stand on truth as absolute anymore . IT WORKED . THIS is not the signs of the beginning of decay and evil transformation we are seeing ....ITS ADVANCED DECAY the system IS DONE IN . ITS OVER . and all this was foretold long ago. All these sorry wicked preachers , preaching the seeker friendly destroyed the only RESISTANCE To this . IT DESTROYED the foundation OF THE CHURCH. it destroyed the LIGHT that could have kept the world at bay . Not saying all christains are no longer christain. JUST saying the dark one knew what he was doing . AND this was allowed , its a judgement of a delusion that will keep getting worse. THEN the evil offers the solution to all the chaos and confusion and fear it created . THE devil has not been sleeping he has destroyed many churches from within and the world has waxed way worse too. and all this is judgment . And the solution to all the worlds ills will be and is on the rise , the scape goat has been found . TRUE biblical christains will be blamed for all the ills in time to come . The whole world and religions of it all become MORE INCLUSIVE and WORSE , christains are too , they all falling for a ruse of satan . WE GOT to warn out and do all to point to JESUS, to point to HIS pattern to point to the apostles pattern. TO encourage BIBLE only reading , cause this has mixed into far more churches than most realize. IF we love the people , IF WE LOVE CHRIST we have to do all to HONOR HIM and warn as many as we can . Cause TIME is running out DO not be deceived WE cant stop THIS , BUT we can warn to ensure some hear and at least repent and come to the REAL CHRIST that so few preach anymore . YES we will suffer and yes many will die in the time to come. But I had rather be dead , and long dead than to sell out even ONE of JESUS sayings I got ETERNAL LIFE and so do all who FOLLOW CHRIST , so if we die , no fear , only the body dies , the SOUL is CHRISTS. HE WON so we win . amen.
  2. Talk about a test balloon. THEY laughing at the world right now . They can get it do to anything they desire. I mean they got the world to actually justify mental illness . a white man thinks he is a Asian female and its loved and to say its evil is seen as evil. THEIR TEST WORKED. they KNOW they can do ANYTHING under the guise of pc NOW and the world will SEE IT as good. THEY can do ANYTHING NOW . THINK about that . I mean if a black man can become a white woman and this is seen as good and normal..........THE desired GOAL has already been achieved. IF they want any goal passed...........JUST RUN IT UNDER THE PC campaign and the majority of the world is going to scream if its spoken out against. Think about that. THEY knew what they was doing . TAKE GOD out of the equation , MAKE TRUTH into a liquid that is not absolute and you can OWN THE WORLD . they did it . AND it is JUDGEMENT allowed due to the world DID Not want GOD anymore . thus it got delivered. and now through PEACE and Safety , through all inclusive mindset and religion THEY WILL OWN and ENSLAVE the whole world. PONDER That . karl marx may have been evil , but evil knows how to achieve evil goals and make them seem as good.
  3. Just wait , the deception is about to get far worse fast. an all inclusive religion or mindset that will make the evil FEEL saved by doing some good works is on the rise. with all the division they creating , they already have the dung pile solution to give the world that will unify it . but NOT in Christ .
  4. Miss muffet be blessed. People are just evil from their youth up. A MAJOR PROOF man NEEDS a savoir . ONLY CHRIST is that savoir. I mean even the evidence of our nature tells us MANKIND NEEDS CHRIST and none can earn what he never was...RIGHTEOUNESS. but in Christ by the power of THE SPIRIT , the true grace sure does teach us how to walk righteously , soberly and godly in this present evil world. Believe you me, I was nigh the top of the list of evil , but Grace appeared. To me that alone is all the reason I have JOY . so sing it sister. sing it . and praise the Lord.
  5. Christian Tarot Cards

    And I seen a photo of todd white. the same one that says what rick warren and so many do, You don't have to preach the gospel to people syndrome. just hug em to JESUS and etc. notice that pattern too. As for me, I will stick to the biblical pattern of doing things . you be blessed buffalo.
  6. Christian Tarot Cards

    The buffalo speaks and has spoken well.
  7. Christian Tarot Cards

    I clicked on another topic on what Shiloh brought and found pope francis fast at work doing what many in emergent and other camps have done. REDIFINING DISCERNMENT into something it aint. no suprises. any type or warners or correctors as seen as wrong in many eyes.
  8. I am sure this might gets lots of laughs due to I am a man. But I was darn near violated at work by female members. I am afraid this goes for both sexes. I mean outright grabbed , like I was jus a piece of meat in they eyes. no respect . I had to actually RUN twice to move past this one lady . The lust aint just in men its in ladies too. Thankfully I work on my own now.
  9. Christian Tarot Cards

    THAT shows what SPIRIT It is. NOT HOLY . TRY SPIRIT of Divination.
  10. Spirit of divination versus Holy Spirit

    How do we know we are truly following the HOLY SPIRIT and not just a spirit of divination. and is it possible for the spirit of divination to profess truth by mouth and yet deny him in action . YES. The spirit of divination , false as it is, can profess truth , yet in action it will participate in soothsaying , communing with the dead, witchcraft , etc The HOLY SPIRIT confesss Christ , YET teaches us HIS SAYINGS and denies evil. But is their proof that a spirit can say He is the way , YES it can and many in churches are and can say HE is the way but what do they participate in. witchcraft ghost whisperes , new age, fortune telling , talking or praying to the dead . Its time to make sure what spirit we truly follow. But let me prove the point by SCRIPTURE. Open that wonderful Holy book to acts chapter sixteen and see why it is also written by paul that ITS THE HOLY SCRIPS that make one wise unto salvation through faith in Christ . The question was , can a spirit of divination a soothsayer actually say truth yet live lies. OH YES. AND it came to pass , as we went to prayer that a certain damsel POSSESSED with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying . The SAME followed paul and us and cried SAYING these MEN aer the servants of the MOST HIGH GOD , which shew unto us the way of SALVATION. And this did SHE many days, but paul being GRIEVED , turned and said TO THE SPIRIT < I command Thee n the name OF JESUS to come out of her. NOW, scary huh. HOW many leaders in churches honor witchcraft, talking to the dead, circle makers, tarot cards , harry potter the shack , talk to dead ones , ghost whisperes, THAT is a SPIRIT of divination and yeah IT can say JESUS IS LORD. JUST cause them pop preachers and teachers can say JESUS is LORD , don't mean they saved at all. SEE the HOLY SPIRIT ALSO teaches us something these people DONT . KEEP ALL JESUS sayings . BE YE HOLY . let it sink n a bit HOW many churches are under new age divination . THINKING they saved cause they say JESUS is LORD , but they aint . we better CORRECT and fast .
  11. would Jesus not abide in us? yes

    WE should always want to do. it comes from the Spirit. but the flesh will always be their to try and oppose. thus obey the Spirit , not the flesh. Many fall away. its sad , we do all to try and correct , but some will refuse it. the early church knew men could fall away. IF we read where paul said that , he said also EVEN as this is meet for me to do. HE had hope they would. and if we obey the one WHOSE SPIRIT is in us we would never fall. for He works in us that which is well pleasing in HIS SIGHT. our duty IS to continue in Him. and gary, his desire is for us not against us. But when any refuses the unctions of the Spirit , but follows the flesh, that one has got to be corrected. Brethren , Believes, IF ANY of you does ERR from the truth, cause yeah that can happen, Ye who correct the sinner from the error of his ways has saved a Soul from D E A T H . The die daily is daily and if any errs they must be corrected lightning fast . Their are too many places in romans , peter, Hebrews , galations , and other places that speak contrary to what osas teaches. they disregaurd them . but the thing is we should not go around or try and reason out why these other places that speak about such things , to try and justify a belief that was later added in. Peter gave a specific warning , and it specifically says they were MADE partakers , and they fell away. and paul says it in Hebrews specifically too. Not to mention how the seven churches were warned. here lets sum it up , IF you don't cease the error. YA WONT MAKE IT MESSAGE. Time to get serious again. time to get grave again. We have all HOPE in CHRIST , but if any continues not in him , they are cast out. PAUL knew it . and lets face it , we have to at least know paul was a true preacher . HE knew he would be cast out IF HE DID NOT keep that body under subjection. and he also warned the BELIEVERS .............................IF you continue in HIS GOODNESS, otherwise YE shall be cast out . OH its very dire and serious. But remember , its not THE DESIRE of GOD that we perish and he will give us all power over the evil by the holy ghost . WE , just obey that SPIRIT.
  12. Need Advice

    Believe me sister. The Lord will easily get you through this. Past evils I have done I am forgiven for , but a price I too paid. Just focus on the JOY of the LORD. David paid heavily for what was done to Uriah. and I mean heavy , but read the psalms HE had the Joy of the LORD through it all. He was forgiven , but the sword never left his house. In your circumstance just pray for the person and others. That is what we do. In time when one comes to Christ they will forgive from the heart . Just pray for the person and may the peace of CHRIST sustain you through it all. Be blessed and praise the Lord and rejoice in His salvation.
  13. OH who is his mentor. Paula white. them oh I forgot Kenneth copleland said it was like murder not to vote for him. Their was a nest of them laying hands on him from that crowd . so , he sure aint going to hear sound doctrine from that bunch. Buffalo. we need to pray for the true faith to get revealed to trump. FOR his sake , so he can have salvation. I mean the man swears by norman Vincent peale. them types UNIVERSALISM . that is some false stuff their . Just pray for the man, for his own salvation , that he come to KNOW the one true Christ .
  14. Greg Koukl - Christian apologist.

    NO , I jumped the gun on this one . sorry . Its just that so many do things like that FOR the interfaith movement . and truly I should have researched him far better before jumping to immediate accusation.
  15. Greg Koukl - Christian apologist.

    I would fully agree with that . IF he makes sure to let the people know that JESUS is the only way and all other religions are not the same , nor do we worship the same God. HE did say that on a old video I just watched. THAT was GOOD. SO long as he maintains that , all Is well. but if he ever starts trying to get anyone to change evangelism or focus on coming together for world peace and setting down doctrinal differences then FLEE Him. I admit when I seen that I nearly fell back. cause so many do this under the guise of interfaith. so long as he is not doing that . okay.