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  1. frienduff thaylorde

    What do you know about the Occult and Demons?

    I don't need to learn from evil to be able to overcome the evil . I JUST NEED TO LEARN FROM CHRIST . Satan is a deceiver . But we need to learn nothing from him or his men and women. And we need not be like the jews of sceva either . Who though wise in their own conceits even tried to use the name of jesus , and them demons overcame them. NOPE , FROM the heart of a simple converted child who follows HE WHO HOLDS ALL POWER we can and do overcome all evil . We need learn nothing else , BUT CHRIST and of him and from Him and plenty of bible doctrine . OH what great peace has he or she whose mind is stayed on THE LORD . For no matter what rises against them, their joy it cannot take , their peace it cannot take . Only the demons strong enough to overpower CHRIST are the ones we need to research . A HINT , not even a entire legion or all demons can at once , IN fact they cringe cower and beg at even His presence .. ALL I NEED IS CHRIST , I GOT MY JOY AND MY PEACE ABOUNDS >
  2. frienduff thaylorde

    What do you know about the Occult and Demons?

    SISTER YOU SPOT ON . I know little to nothing about this . Their are those who can claim to name every general under satan and claim to know the names of all his mighty demons . And claim we need to know this stuff in order to defeat and resist them. ONLY ONE NAME I NEED TO KNOW , CHRIST JESUS , they FLEE AT THAT NAME I don't care what they named , they WILL FLEE AT THE NAME OF JESUS .
  3. frienduff thaylorde

    Bible Verses (taking turns posting a verse from a Bible book)

    Swidl and all are loved . hands up and praise the LORD .
  4. frienduff thaylorde

    Heart After God

    Swidl , you are loved dear sister . Onward in the LORD and let all that has breath praise the LORD .
  5. frienduff thaylorde

    Worthy Christians

    Now let me leave us with this reminder . BUT be not HIGHMINDED , but fear , FOR IF GOD spared not the natural branches , YA BETTER TAKE HEED LEST HE SPARE NOT YOU EITHER . BE NOT HIGHMINDED , but rather fear . For we are made partakers of Christ , IF we hold the confidence we had at the beginning , steadfast TO THE END . Let them words sink in and don't forget , ya aint got them crowns yet , THOSE given on HIS DAY . LET all run the race and run so lawfully unto CHRIST . And beware lest ye be led away with the error of the wicked and fall from your own steadfastness. LEARN CHRIST , LEARN THAT BIBLE and learn it well and fast . Cause deceivers show up and many more will too . THEY GONNA HAVE THEY UNITY one way or another , only what a false unity it is . BEWARE IT AT ALL COSTS . Their is a dark , dark spirit at work , even now it is amongst us and we better be on high alert and major guard for its highly deceptive . VERY seducing , so deceptive .
  6. frienduff thaylorde

    Worthy Christians

    You spot on right about the we do not deserve nor are owed the blessings of GOD . THE simply beauty is , we are made worthy of eternal life , BY CHRIST ALONE . But it sure never means we deserved it nor deserve it even now . ITS JUST A GIFT and one which we embrace with joy IN THE LORD . What scares me to death is when folks say or imply we deserve this . NO we done earned what we are worthy of , the second death . BUT IN CHRIST are counted worthy , made worthy by His blood . Folks grew up in an age of entiltment syndrome . Here is frienduffs class on ENTITLEMENT ONE O ONE . Here is what we are entitled too from the world , persecution , suffering , being hated , even death . Heres what we are entitled too on our own , death and the second death . We earned it . SO NOW YA SEE WHY I SAY PRAISE THE LORD ALL DAY AND NIGHT , cause iN HIM we are given what we DONT DESERVE , ENTERNAL LIFE and IN HIM we are not given what we did earn and deserved , DEATH and the SECOND DEATH . OH ITS TIME TO PRAISE THE LORD .
  7. frienduff thaylorde

    Help! My boyfriend drinks&idk what 2 do

    The sad thing is that churches have become a laughing stock . it can be said ask ten chrisians a question and they cant even agree on the same solution . SADLY ITS TRUE . WE should never have abandoned the godly advice in those scriptures . We should never have abandoned the Christ of the bible . the reason we have so many opinions , is cause men judge off emotions and what feels right , instead of TRUTH and what IS RIGHT . And folks flat out refuse to take the advice I give about JUST going back to bibles . Just go back to bibles and trust in GOD .
  8. frienduff thaylorde

    Worthy Christians

    Rejoicing that they were counted , COUNTED WORTHY to SUFFER SHAME FOR HIS NAME . Guess folks don't like that part . OH BUT LET US REJOICE IN THE LORD no matter what comes against us . For its the righteous judgment of GOD that we SUFFER for the kingdom . THE RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT OF GOD that we be counted worthy to SUFFER . And I bet you KNOW this Cletus . Well, what you said the other day rings true . TIME is running out and soon even in the west the church is gonna be hammered . OH but I say REJOICE , REJOICE , REJIOCE when we are persecuted . I Say LEAP FOR JOY in that day . BUT did I say this first . NOPE , JESUS DID . TIME TO LEARN THE TRUE JESUS of the bible . Folks its time to feast on every saying of HIS and every thing those true apostels also wrote for our own edification and growth . Cletus , you leap up and praise the LORD >
  9. frienduff thaylorde

    Worthy Christians

    Exactly Cletus . exactly . True Christians who love the LORD , KNOW HE IS THE ONE WHO IS WORTHY . And we rejoice in HIM . never looking to , or boasting in us . We , well were were worthy of nothing but death and the second death . BUT HE ALONE IS WORTHY OF ALL PRAISE . And in HIM we simply are counted worthy . Cletus its a well spring of joy to see when one just points to the LORD and not man . YOU JUST STAND UP and REJOICE IN THE LORD my brother . Just praise the LORD .
  10. frienduff thaylorde

    Title: We are accepted and perfected In-Christ

    SISTER you are loved .
  11. frienduff thaylorde

    An atheist requires an answer

    That's right Maranda . as in Maranda don't buy no lies . You just leap up and praise the LORD sister .
  12. frienduff thaylorde

    Help! My boyfriend drinks&idk what 2 do

    I am so sad that this is what christanity is coming too . He is not her husband . She must flee and give him the choice . Pander , pander , pander . Seeker friendly truly stinks . It killed the churches , It truly did . Pepper S , gave sound advice on this one . The question is not whether she loves him or he loves alcohol. It becomes does she LOVE CHRIST more than this man . See the problem yet . We cant choose to love any more than Christ . And this is not her husband . We cant choose to remain unequally yoked with those who willfully love sin . And I bet everything I jus said , is gonna seem like hate . what on earth has happened . OH yeah , SEEKER FRIENDLY HAPPENED . WE should put GOD FIRST . The man needs help , not pity . And we should never choose a person over GOD .
  13. frienduff thaylorde

    An atheist requires an answer

    an atheist requires an answer . THEN give them the ONLY ANSWER their is . JESUS IS the ONLY WAY , the TRUTH and the LIFE and all else is death and the second death . waste no time preaching wise philophies which make the cross of Christ of no effect . THEY need to hear with total absolution and total conviction that JESUS is the only way . FOR I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ . IT is the POWER of GOD unto all who believe . Might not sound cool in this day and age , BUT ITS TOTAL TRUTH and must get sounded from truly convicted hearts .
  14. frienduff thaylorde


    Pretty soon the Whethermen will be calling for no church lest ye registered in the lukewarm one . And no, I did not spell whether wrong . If you don't believe this , might want to check out whats going on in Bulgaria and Denmark and some other places . THEY gonna have and allow only one type of christanity , And it will be the false one . Folks like me who follow only Christ , we gonna seem crazy , delusional , dangerous . But you go and check out Denmark and Bulgaria . Its already beginning . And we are called to cast out demons and etc . The only church that will be allowed and recognized , IS the beasts church . Watch how fast folks turn on the true ones , saying things like , we sure don't do that in our church . Yep this will only increase the division that has been dividing . Folks gonna have to actually make a decision . they gonna have to count that cost . AS FOR ME and my house , ITS JESUS ONLY and if I die , then I die . BUT ALL PRAISE TO THE LORD no matter what .
  15. frienduff thaylorde

    Bible Verses (taking turns posting a verse from a Bible book)

    And for all of us who have made our exodus from the bondage are set free by the BLOOD of CHRIST . And no plague shall enter their house. For their house is built by the LORD . A house in the heavens and kingdom not of this world , but eternal in the heavenly , is heavenly Jerusalem . And by the SPIRIT we have our connection and this kingdom is within us . And one day too shall descend . Hands up swidl. And let us praise the LORD .