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  1. Let every creature of the Lord be taken care of . At the same time this pic looks like a painful accident if a hand reaches out to pet too quickly . Its like oops it had quills .
  2. I think many of the folks who answered you , need to go back and read first corinthains chapter five . YES we must separate from their company . IF paul said separate from a covetous one , then I would say murder is a good reason too . The first step would be to correct her , if she heeds not then take another witness or two with you and let every word be established . She must confess this evil and repent of it . She must confess it to her husband as well . The pattern is confess and forsake . Too many are beginning to pander to the emotions of men and not the WORD and pattern o GOD . If we put men above GOD or His word or pattern, we are in dire trouble . SO do the pattern JESUS first set and paul and others kept . Rebuke her and if she heeds not bring more witnesses . IF she keeps not heeding , cast her out . GOD will judge those outside . We do pray she repents and will be restored . But you are your husband are right in this case .
  3. IF it wont support OSAS , they going to always use the phrase OUT of context . Is it any wonder men find the bible so hard to grasp . When It clearly says ONE THING and hermes claims it means something else . NO wonder folks THINK they have to sit under these well educated men . ME , I as a lil babe sit under HE WHO INSPIRED those scriptures . AND BELEIVE ME , HE INSPIRED THE WRITINGS in that BIBLE SO HIS SPIRIT shant have any problem revealing as I need to know . It boils down to , WHO are we going to trust well educated men who twist the bible to support their own ideas OR simply TRUST the SPIRIT who INSPIRED THOSE letters to give us the understanding OF what IT ALONE INSPIRED . WHERE IS our trust , in men , OR IN GOD ALONE For who we TRUST shall determine OUR END . Let no man deceive us by any means . And I gotta say using mens wisdom to understand the scriptures is futile , for the wisdom of men is foolishness with GOD . ME , by grace I shall follow the SPIRIT that I KNOW INSPIRED the bible . I truly pray we will all do the same .
  4. Welll for sure and for certain the LORD IS OUR LIGHT and OUR SALVATION , Whom shall we fear , NOT MAN or any , ONLY GOD as we worship HIM in the beauty of HOLINESS.
  5. And I must SECOND THAT . You would be amazed at what some men do teach today . Under a grace so hyper that ridlin itself cannot tame . Time to chunk some spirit ritlin of GODS holy words at this false hyper grace . For any Grace that exalts itself against GOD , IS NO GRACE at all .
  6. YES for sure and for certain it does . JESUS ALONE is our only hope . And once we believe it then TEACHESUS , what did paul tell titus . FOR the grace of GOD that BRINGS salvation has appeared TEACHING US to DENY ungodliness and wordly lusts to be walking soberly , RIGHTEOUSLY and godly in this world as we await the coming OF our LORD . Its the latter part I am afraid most refuse to accept . Grace leads , draws us to the ONE WHO SETS US FREE . But if any grace allows folks to feel free IN SIN , THEN that is NOT the grace that cometh FROM GOD , but the grace that comes from man . AND SINCE MAN cant save squat let alone his own self, I aint heeding his grace . THUS let all be quick to warn agains error and to build up in bible doctrine . Let all be hearers and doers of the WORD , OBEYING HE WHO Is within us , taking heed lest they FALL . FOR if a man takes off from heeding HIM , IF one turns from the FIRST faith , damanation awaits . We gotta get far more serious against the error that does so easily beset . And start reminding with all the reminders the early church gave . Let us return to BIBLE ONLY READING and watch how fast things would clear up . But let us continue heeding men and avoiding what the scriptures plainly say and we are doomed to fail . Continue faithful in Christ holding the confidence of our faith IN HIM , STEADFAST TO THE END . And HE shall supply all we need to walk as we ought to . I leave us with what paul also said in Corinthians , and let is SINK IN REAL DEEP into all hearts . AND GOD is ABLE to MAKE ALL GRACE ABOUND TOWARD YOU , SO that YOU , ALWAYS having ALL SUFFIECIENCY in ALL THINGS may ABOUND TO EVERY GOOD WORK . YEP its time to POINT TO JESUS and to TEACH that in HIM we have ALL WE NEED TO OVERCOME ALL EVILS of our flesh . START TEACHING THAT BB . START teaching that .
  7. Watch how this gets twisted too . Folks would do so much better if they would simply read the bible for themselves and stop listening to men who have to twist everything to fit a acronym . Instead let the WORD reveal TRUTH to US . Its really sad times we in Cletus . But by grace we must do as we must do .
  8. Well, peter said not in vain , OBEY CHRIST , work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Oh no legalism . Heres a dire warning . Having damnation because THEY cast off their FIRST faith . It happens a lot . SEE lusts choke the word . This is why paul would say exhort one another daily , UNLESS anyone does become hardened by the deceitfulness of sin . Sin will deaden , harden a heart . And satan knows that . SO he used men to come up with crafty ideas on how to lull folks into sleep by not seeing sin as deadly and dangerous . He gave them the impression , go on my loving child , you cannot out sin your fathers love , you cannot ever , ever become separated etc etc . He got them . He got them real bad man . See a lamb knows JESUS must be obeyed and followed faithful to the end and by HIS unctions they are reminded of this but the sleepy many , they see nothing as grave or even dangerous and they just roam feeling free , yet knowing not where they are being led .
  9. Having DAMNATION , because they have cast off their FIRST FAITH . You know the FIRST GOOD and TRUE FAITH they had at the beginning . IT DOES HAPPEN . BUT let us be here to exhort one another daily , so as none become hardened through the deceitfulness of sin . You all have a blessed day now ............ya hear . And leap up and praise the LORD .
  10. Here is a better question . DID JESUS pander to any age group to get folks to follow HIM . OR DID HE PREACH TRUTH ALONE and whoever came , simply came . THEN LET THE CHURCHES DO the same . Or suffer the same fate the seeker friendly did . And that is they grew massive large in numbers , but I see zero evidence of GOD , the SPIRIT at work in those groups . They got numbers but lost something far more important . TRUTH , SOUND DOCTRINE and all TRUE HOPE .
  11. Its not the numbers that show whether a church is truly living or dying . Its the doctrine . Stick to that bible like never before . Its not the quantity that matters , but the quality of sound doctrine getting taught . We in a falling away and that is what folks need to understand . Have your church double down on sound doctrine . GOD is in control . He knows who is coming and He knows who will be leaving too . PREACH SOLID SOUND DOCTRINE and conform not to the skits and things of the world to gain people , or YOU WILL LOSE IT ALL . OH the numbers will sky rocket , but the righteous cause of CHRIST will be gone .
  12. And what does the true grace of GOD which brings salvation Teach us .
  13. And again , let it be heard the world round .
  14. Hi Sorry but I feel led to share that I do disagree. I do suggest that Christians must always share very clearly of the reason and purpose of faith, by declaring the gospel of Jesus who is God the Son, and by whom alone all that will be redeemed to be with God the father eternally are saved from God's just wrath. There is no other gospel, no other salvation, no other way to be redeemed from the wrath of God and be made righteous and acceptable in His sight.. My God is not a trickster, not a deceiver, He is God and boldly declares Himself the I Am. He does not hide, does not share with any false gospel He does not compromise His demand. Praise God to His Glory! AND AGAIN .
  15. EXACTLY SPOT ON as in CRYSTAL CLEAR , SPOT ON RIGHT . This had to get read again .
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