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  1. Sister I want to remind us of a pure and wonderful truth . Right now we should both be praising the LORD in overtime That HE alone has given us this knowledge that we need to learn ONLY FROM HIM and nothing else . Because many are world wise and are being tricked by pastors and world wise men that they NEED to know other religions . ITS ALL A SHAM SISTER . OUR TRUST must be in HE ALONE . AND its HIS grace ALONE that even gives us this knowledge that We need HIM ALONE . MAN , is the LORD NOT MERCIFUL and GOOD to his lambs . We should be doing a praise fest of upmost thankfulness to HIM . When its says YE are saved by GRACE alone , HOW TRUE THIS IS . WE got no desire to learn from what is false , BECAUSE HE TELLS US HE IS ALL WE NEED to be a witness to any one .
  2. Only one word to add to this . And that is simply this .........................EXACTLY .
  3. Well. we one of two things in this world , either we deceived or we are not . Either we are of darkness or Light . I suppose a farther explaining is due . Either we cling to the old ways , that FIRST pattern in that BIBLE , OR we but deceive ourselves and are falling only away . SO you LEAP UP my loved sister . YOU LEAP FOR JOY . For many twist the word omit things and they have done it unto their own destruction .
  4. Lil abby . You are dearly loved . Hands up sister and praise the Lord .
  5. You are loved sister Christine . Keep up with the wonderful lil gems in this section.
  6. And we know it means what It says . SO many scholars always want to allegoricalize things they don't believe . But we believe , don't we sister . WE believe as it says that saints actually did arise from the dead and people saw it too. Just as we know OUR LORD ROSE from the grave too. even that has been under attack by these world wise scholars . Its as I love to say , we believe as tiny children all the words in that bible . As a child . just believes . You put those hands up sister . Sure the wise will mock us , But we got Christ and we BELIEVE . OH what a joyous song this is to sing , let us all praise the King .
  7. Their is something the Lord revealed to me very early on . We don't need to learn anything from any other religion to be able to witness to them . GOD ALREAY KNOWS exactly what they need to hear and will give us a mouth that speaks . I don't need to learn from a muslim to be able to witness better to them any more than I need to learn from a witch to be able to know how to witness to her . WE ALREADY GOT the WITNESS IN US , IF we HAVE the SPIRIT . CHRIST is all I need . And known unto GOD is what Is needed to be said to anyone . KNOWN as TRUSTING IN GOD ALONE . How bout we put those hands up and let all praise the LORD .
  8. Since we on this subject let me bring this up too . Several times I have heard of folks boasting in their knowledge and saying things like we got to learn all this stuff , all the names of all the demons so we can cast them out , and all their generals and so on . WHEN I heard them speak like this , wanna know what I said . NOPE , ALL I GOTTA KNOW IS CHRIST , THAT NAME , to cast out evil period . DONT Need to learn from evil to overcome evil . NEED ONLY LEARN FROM CHRIST . I got laughed out the room for saying it . BUT its true . THEY can keep they so called wisdom . I WILL by grace CONTINUE IN CHRIST . Assuredly knowing HE IS ALL I NEED . PEROID .
  9. YOU SPOT ON RIGHT . SPOT ON RIGHT . When we magnify experienes , ITS ALL about SELF seemng as some BIG THING . Even paul would not name Himself in his wonderful great revelation , He said I know of one . But as I said , many spirits are at work today and they want nothing more than to feed and puff up the flesh of man in a pride of his own honor .
  10. I see another dearly loved sister is here with us . FOR HIS GLORY , YOU ARE LOOOOOOVED my dear sister . WE GONNA POINT to the ONLY HOPE THIER IS And WE KNOW HIS NAME . JESUS CHRIST . ITS time for every hand to be raised and songs praised TO THE LORD . For no matter comes against us no matter how dark and vile this world is ever getting , no matter that many of us will be killed in the time of the great scourge . I GOT ALL PEACE ALLL PEACE . cause whether we live or die , WE ARE HIS and GOT ALL HOPE .
  11. The thing is , NEW AGE sounds just like this . they always talk about these spirit realms and worship angels and so on , like they some big thing . YET you don't hear the gospel from them . NOT much about JESUS at all . I DONT LIKE what I am hearing nor seeing from this fellow , AT ALL . Did he ever even answer sower .
  12. And nothing to boast in . IN fact let me tell what happened to me . It was not long at all after I had began seeking out the Lord with all my heart and soul . In a day vision I saw a coal black figure . It was hooded and cloaked in black, blacker than any black I ever seen . I remember I felt fear . About two weeks later I was really seekng the Lord and the baptism of the Holy Ghost fell on me , and I spoke with tongues . About five or so days later It appeared to me in another vision , ONLY this time their was ZERO fear and I charged right at it with full assurance in the LORD IT FLED and I have never seen it again . THE POINT IS , IF you seeing all these so called spirits , WHY you keep seeing them . WE GOT the POWER in CHRIST to cast them out and they will FLEE . Because they fear HE who is within us . It tried to cause me fear when I was a infant , BUT GOD KNEW what I needed . And HE gave me all I need in CHRIST . SO again why this big ado about all these spirits and why you making It appear like its some great thing to see them . YOU READY to answer that question SOWER asked yet . YOU NEED THAT . WE don't need to be discussing this like we some macho highly in tune to the spirit world . WE NEED the BLOOD OF CHRIST , and we need to focus on HIM and the gospel and building up one another in sound doctrine .
  13. Let all bask in what miss muffet has said . OH such wonderous pure words . Oh it might seem old fashioned , BUT ITS TRUTH . When a lady loves the LORD you can see it and she desires nothing that exalts the flesh or contradicts the true biblical pattern. Same for any one who loves the LORD . Man , its rare and rarer these days , but man when its seen that the true pure pattern is loved , its like a fire cracker of joy expressed in the inner most being . I can tell miss muffet aint no modern day lets twist the pattern type o lady . YOU LOVED DEAR SISTER . You are .
  14. Lord THY will be done THY kingdom come . TRUST ONLY in the LORD and HE shall guide us all the days of our life . The ABUNDANT LIFE , is not found In the world , nor the things of it . The abundant life is found only IN CHRIST and though we lose all we gain and no matter what we suffer for HIM , ITS GAIN . The peace that passes all understanding is not found in this world , nor its things nor circumstances . ITS IN CHRIST ALONE . And peace hope and the JOY of the LORD abounds , no matter what comes against us . PONDER THIS . AND LEAP UP AND PRAISE THE LORD .
  15. Its why by grace I keep it simple . exalt not , follow not the flesh of any man . Follow no jew or gentile . FOLLOW AND TRUST ONLY CHRIST and get fat on HIS SAYINGS . SISTER , you are LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED . yep , now praise the LORD .
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