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  1. frienduff thaylorde

    satan's destiny

    THEN REMEMBER HARD these words , OF WHOM YE SAY HE IS YOUR FATHER . YOU do the will of your Father . WHO was their Father and who did they claim was their FATHER . notice one is capped huge and the other is not . BECAUSE they are NOT the same Father . JESUS told them WHO their father was , YE DO the deeds of your father , satan , he was a murderer from the beginning . Let it seep in a bit .
  2. frienduff thaylorde

    satan's destiny

    Now a comment to any who may be entertaining inclusive ecumincal thoughts which say God is okay with all religions and that Faith in Christ is not necessary for salvation . The gift of GOD is that mankind owed a tremendous debt it could not pay and thus one came and paid the price of that debt . But todays generation are as men who owed a bank a great debt . And the KING paid the debt , but the servants of darkness said , alas we have no need to go to him . If a man has the full payment of your debt to which you owe THE BANK , yet a man goes not to that man to OBTAIN that gift , HE STILL OWES THE BANK and every cent owed He will be held accountable for and even worse for he denied the free gift which would have paid that debt in full. Their shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth for all who DENY HIM . But to those who accept HIM and follow the Lamb , they rejoice now with great hope , their debt is paid and they walk in newness of life and follow the lamb wheresoever HE does LEAD . And HE has given them all HOPE and all HOPE is in HIM .
  3. frienduff thaylorde

    satan's destiny

    but if the children heed not their parents who say go not into the streets and play during rush hour traffic, and one gets struck and killed , where does the fault lie , ON the child of course . AND how much greater is GOD than all parents of children. THUS HE says all THINGS for good reason and if one heeds him not their end is the second death . GOD cannot deny himself . If they heed not , believe not , follow not Christ then their end is the second death .
  4. frienduff thaylorde

    satan's destiny

    I agree. Betha needs to skid on the brakes and back that truck up fast . IF we are not FULLY TRUSTING IN CHRIST , that in HE ALONE WE ARE SAVED , then we are trusting in our own merits to somehow earn us salavation . And he or she who stands justified bythe law , HAS fallen from grace . When one asks me , HOW do I KNOW I am saved and am I assured I am . I GOT ONE NAME that says I am saved . JESUS CHRIST . we are Saved by Grace . But if we don't have faith in that , in HE who has done all that is required for one to be saved Man , I don't think mere words can say enough to how scary that is . By all means faith without works is dead , BUT works without FAITH is death .
  5. frienduff thaylorde

    satan's destiny

    Skid the brakes ........................... we who believe are already born again . Justifed and sanctified . we simply await the glorification of the new bodies . WHICH occurs ON JESUS DAY at HIS coming .
  6. frienduff thaylorde

    Cleric Response Teams.

    Its all happening just as was long ago foretold in the bible. They got not idea who they are in league with . Bringing in the new creation , NOPE , leading all to the beast as one YEP Many anti christs are at work to lead the world right to the dark one . Through secular pc and ecumincalism all inclusive . Talk about a falling away and yet they think its enlightenment . And the global govt and many churches are now more than ever becoming one in mind and heart . And ye shall be hated of ALL nations and they shall deliver you up . They already got pastors keeping eyes on folks . and I don't mean just muslim extremists , if a man or woman don't flow WITH the mainflow they being watched . Just wait as time goes on many of so called churches wont just be watching , but reporting to Authorities . YES many will be betrayed by their so called brethren . Times are fast getting worse . SO no marvel when all religions and faiths merge under this all inclusive world peace unity message and then when the delusion has hit the full, under the largest ecumincal world wide gathering in mind and heart they will do the will of the dark one and rid the land of all who refused to conform and will think they do gods will . YES , in spirit of darkness, its already began , the delusion will only increase . We will see wicans , buddists , muslims the faiths within christanity , jews , secular coming into a basic unity and both seeing and believing the final solution this leads too. What is this final solution that the beast will offer , RID the land of all who conformed not . BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTAINS will be seen as monsters and haters of humanity . Yes , and if we think this cant happen, let me remind us OF WHAT already is happening in mind and heart with many. Go to and behold already some of even OUR churches , believing God is okay with ALL religions . Go and proclaim to them that JESUS is the only way , go and say that gays must repent , and watch WHAT YOU GET TOLD and CALLED. HATERS . That is right and this spirit is merging all the faiths and religions and secular to come to a common belief that UNITY is NECSSARY and must be achieved . They got no idea satan runs this and is only using his men and women round the world to gather the world to worship the beast who is to rise . And will come against the true lambs in the time to come .
  7. frienduff thaylorde

    Cleric Response Teams.

    NO SUPRISE . That evil and vile wicked ecumincal all inclusive is a deceptive beast . But what is the cleric response teams. IS this part of that move . If so its of the dark one .
  8. frienduff thaylorde

    What kind of Bible(s) do you have?

    Oh that's right , I have the kjver also . You be encouraged Cletus . And let us praise and rejoice IN the LORD .
  9. frienduff thaylorde

    What kind of Bible(s) do you have?

    The KJV. a work of pure beauty and solid truth . I also have nkjv , and a Geneva , and a latin one , and an original KJV sixteen eleven . OH what pure beauty . Did you all know that many have lied to us when they said the original kjv and todays has lost or changed transalation . Not one word is different . Spellling is quite different . But not a one word has been changed . To feast on the words of GOD ,those letters inspired by the HOLY Ghost , like honey to the taste . And I make mention of this next thing in great fear for a person . THROW the message OUT . Its tainted real bad .
  10. The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth, oil on canvas by Jennie Augusta Brownscombe (1914) Praise the LORD . that's right gary , thanksgiving was even celebrated LONG before even the first one in America . THEY would fast all day , and thank the LORD for all things . THEN at evening they would have a community meal .
  11. Here is some good POSITIVITY . Rebuke a wise man and he will love thee. Point to CHRIST and REMIND all to repent and believe and the elect will love you . Biblical correction given to any who Love The LORD , oh the godly sorrow it does , leads to repentance not to be repented of . I do not say this about the chocolate thing, that was me being funny . I only say this to remind our generation , that CORRECTION IS BEING POSITIVE . For we desire only good for all.
  12. While the taste buds might agree , I have found that chocolate can cause in some folks nasty heart burn . Plus remember , a little too much excess on the lips and into the stomach , can cause a lil excess of weight on the hips . Lets watch them sugars . and by watch I don't mean watch as we inhale them . You loved sister .
  13. frienduff thaylorde

    The Christian Walk Isn't Hard...

    And let us remember that many are the afflictions of the righteous . And that what JOB suffered did show him something and he did repent of this . It was something that had to be seen through suffering . Job later in his sufferings had made an error and another came and showed him his fault . And he did repent . For that go and read chapters thirty one and thirty two. For he who has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin . Peter would remind of this . It is true that job had done well but his suffering was allowed for good reason . a fault would surface and Job would repent , when the younger was sent to remind him . Most have not learned this . But go and read those chapters . And You are right sister , it was not that JOB was living ungodly that he was allowed to suffer. But rather that he had need to be refined more . FOR GOD knows all things . And jobs suffering was not in vain , but rather for refining . So when any of us suffers for doing what is right , Simply let patience have its work , taking it patiently and knowing that GOD whatever GOD allows to come against us , ITS only and will work only TO THE GOOD of those who LOVE HIM . And when we do good and suffer for it , when we live unto Christ faithfully and suffer for it , PUT THOSE HANDS in the AIR and REJOICE that we are counted worthy to suffer for HIS NAME SAKE . No chastening may feel good , but rather grievious , BUT IT SURE works together for GOOD to those who LOVE HIM . WHEN I SAID its simply WIN WIN to know the LORD . IT IS . OH its time to raise hands and praise the LORD .
  14. Proclaiming to all, that JESUS IS the only name whereby one can be saved . The only hope that one has . Reminding all That their is no other plan of salvation . Bake up cookies or treats or such that say JESUS SAVES . Or little treats like banna cake bread with reminders Pointing only to Christ . DO all to point to Christ and all who receive him will be THANKFUL on HIS DAY .