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  1. OSAS... T or F?

    Why did paul rebuke them . He said when I saw they walked NOT according to the GOSPLE . YEAH. And they were caught up in a dissmulatoin . SO YOU RIGHT ON letters . THE GOOD NEWS is JESUS , what HE DID for us and HOW he sets the captives FREE. Good news all over . Man , makes one want to leap up and praise the LORD . So lets walk as obedient children , obeying the Spirit and not the flesh. For we are debtors, BUT not to the flesh , for if we live after the flesh you will DIE , but if we though the SPIRIT do mortify the deeds of the body , WE shall live . MAN paul knew what he was talking about didn't he.
  2. OSAS... T or F?

    WELL because of UNBELIEF in JESUS they were broken off, DONT SOUND LIKE THEY SAVED . IF GOD spared not the natural branches WHO did not believe, A SALVATIONAL ISSUE unless you teaching SHILOH that one don't have to BELEIVE IN JESUS to be saved . SO lets TAKE IT IN THE REAL context , IF they were not spared , TAKEHEED lest you cut off TOO DOES MEAN salvation SHILOH. we cant have it both ways . THE ONLY reason those specific jews were cast out WAS DUE to unbelief in JESUS AND as JESUS once said IF YOU DONT continue in ME you cut off too. IT DOES mean salvation . IT ALWAYS has . BETTER continue IN CHRIST , IN HIS GOODNESS OR You will be cut off. Talk about not SEEING it in simple context . PHEW Shiloh . PHEW . took a lot of greek and huernutics to wack that one out . SO you telling me that this is not about salvation . ITS IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO BE . no jew or gentile is saved without CHRIST . And if this is the cause that they were cut off That don't mean they saved no more . It does say they can be grafted back into the tree. BY FAITH IN JESUS. WHICH means us being cut off , IS salvation . IT is so simple a baby child could see this . Talk about taking things out of text . ONLY I aint the one doing it . IF a jew for unbelief in JESUS was cut out of the TREE, WHEN it says take heed lest you cut off , Being cut off means what it says , IF WE AINT OF THE TREE WE are not of Christ .
  3. FOX NEWS should be sued for false representation

    One thing I know , and this is my opinion , you don't want to play fetch with the buffalo . IF anyone wishes to opine on that subject , feel free too. but you wont change my mind. Two thousand pounds of fury , is not a dog .
  4. FOX NEWS should be sued for false representation

    SISTER of the am glory is back . You loved sister . throw those hands up and praise the LORD .
  5. What must you do to Stay Saved..... ?????

    ITS an agenda . YES butero you right on. Romans one is speaking of man with man , women with woman , not temple prostitutes . I am about at the place if I see any come here and defend that gay stuff, hard rebukes . We need to stop reading this new stuff. THEY have had an agenda to destroy true chritanity and replace it with their own new age version , FOR YEARS and I mean LONG years . those rewrites are all shams . I aint heeding any of them. I beg and I plead that none defend wickedness and try and play it down . I know most don't believe in delivering one over so they learn not to blaspheme Or some even had one blinded for trying to turn the deputy away from the faith . But I do . Thus many none try and sway anyone under that all inclusive agenda . Thank you for this explanation butero. but game time is over . IF we love we correct and if we love the people it means we protect them from the lies of these who have been and are working for the dark one
  6. What must you do to Stay Saved..... ?????

    You have left your FIRST LOVE . and wayne was saying what again .
  7. FOX NEWS should be sued for false representation

    Neighbor . what does opine mean .
  8. Maybe I Should Go Too?

    On a very dire and important note . This unity starts small. IF you preachers are starting to say things like we need to put down our divisions and focus on what unites us YOU BETTER be on guard. They will use partial truths but this is but the beginning . We are to have unity of the Faith . And I seem to remember paul even saying that if some did not heed this epistle , don't even eat with such . THE FOCUS must be doctrine in that bible . This spirit knows what it is doing . It will say and the leaders under its spell, will say clever things . will use bad examples, but the goal , the agenda is to get us to start being concerned with unity and what we have in common. BIG NO NO , BIG NO NO. What we must have in COMMON is JESUS , that pattern , that pattern set by the apostels . This love many preach today is all sensual . Folks forget , WHILE we are to LOVE ONE ANOTHER , WE SUPPOSED TO LOVE JESUS above ALL. THUS if we omitting things HE said and apostels said for the sake of unity , WELL we DONT KNOW CHRIST and thus we don't know HOW to truly love . LOVE corrects folks . LOVE corrects . He who loves mother , father , brethren , wife etc MORE than me , NOT A GOOD PLACE folks NOT a good place . WE need to armour up and fast . Cause what sounds good the mind of men ,, oh how contrary it is TO GOD . I aint here to bash on anyone . But we better armour up in Christ . This means get refreshed . It don't matter if we read the bible for fifteen hours a day at first , WE need to seriously pick it back up again and get refreshed daily in it . Read them letters , get that pattern EVER SO ENGRAINED, and hurry the delusion is increasing .
  9. Hebrews 6:1-3

    The context is regarding Hebrew believers, who were wavering and dangerously close to falling back into Judaism. So according to this if a Hebrew falls back into Judaism ,and wont come back , sounds like they are damned for sure . on that note , IF a jew can fall back into his former Judaism , Why do so many teach that a gentile cannot fall back to his wordly mindset . Let us ponder that one . Just meat for the soul . Cause gentiles are not BETTER than JEWS , and JEWS are not better than gentiles . IF it a jew can fall away SO can a gentile. Course in many places it says this clearly . SO let us not be highminded but fear , continue IN HIS GOODNESS otherwise we shall be cut off .
  10. Maybe I Should Go Too?

    Most folks aint used to persecutions , most folks are used to being liked . That all changed WHEN I was drawn to Christ . WE better learn to endure patiently whatever and whoever comes our way . CAUSE IF WE LIVING HOLY by the POWER of JESUS , we will not be liked by most . And we aint even seen hard core persecution YET . words and mocking are far lighter than actual actions . We better armour up now . But to do that , WE NEED TO PUT ON CHRIST . SO , open bibles and read it for yourselves . Stop heeding the big smiley ones who can say GOD IS LOVE , can even hug a tree, But by their doctrines and actions , IT CLEARLY SHOWS they know NEITHER GOD NOR LOVE .
  11. Maybe I Should Go Too?

    Sister and lady kay and all. I have been called son of perdtion and of anti Christ spirit . ROLLS right off my back . I GOT THE JOY OF THE LORD . folks armour up . IF we get so easily offended , THEN WHAT are we truly standing on , the world hated Christ , treated him horrible . Folks don't agree. BUT THE LOVE OF TRUTH both comples me and gives me joy . SO my question today is , WHERE is the inner joy . surely we were not brought up under concepts that all who live godly will be treated special. Surely we were not raised in churches that taught if people disagree with you , YOU must be doing something wrong . Surely we were not raised in the FIVE STEPS to a better life joke doctrines. IF we cannot take criticism on a site, A SITE where we don't even hear the words HOW ON earth are we going to deal with FACE to face persecution . I was raised in that . People did not like me , NOT because I was mean BUT because I followed Christ . We better armour up . AND if we have the JOY of the LORD , you know the fact we were even saved, MAN we got joy through it all.
  12. FOX NEWS should be sued for false representation

    Watch . Fox news will push this religious tolerance HUGE . And watch how it happens . muslims , buddits , jews , christains , will all be joining together . ITS A SHAM folks . its just another way into this interfaith . That was a long list of catholics neighbor . Watch , watch what they will start pushing in time . Big comments more than ever about all the religions coming together in unity for religious tolerance . and the left pushes it too, they have been. ITS all a sham . and folks we cannot join in this. I don't need to have common unity with other religions to have protection . I GOT CHRIST and if its my time to suffer then so be it . but I wont be joining any other religion for any cuase . ITS a sham . and watch, more folks will fall away under this too . WHEN I said ONE RELIGION , one mindset , THEY MEAN BUSINESS , they have for a long time .
  13. FOX NEWS should be sued for false representation

    Mr LEE agrees . ED ZACH LEE.
  14. Endure Temptation

    Now letters , DID I just point to me when I said we can defeat sin , OR DID I POINT TO THE ONE WHO I CONTIUNOUSLY POINT TOO. JESUS the KING . exactly . This IS POITNING TO JESUS who is able to SUCCOR US through EVERY temptation . not some , not most , ALL Of them. THE KEY SUBMIT TO GOD , OBEY THE SPIRIT , And Correct any in error and do so fast . WE must be here for one another and we must exhort one another daily , lest any man becomes hardend by the deceitfulness of sin. IF paul said that , THAT MEANS IT CAN HAPPEN. Folks its not only time , but high time to LIVE FOR and BY CHRIST . ANd HE shall supply ALL we need . NOW on that note we know what time it is also , TIME TO PRAISE THE LORD . OH yes , throw them hands up and PRAISE the LORD .
  15. Endure Temptation

    Now I have GOOD NEWS . WE have a HIGH PRIEST who was tempted in all points yet without sin , HE IS ABLE TO SUCCOR , give AIDE to us through ANY temptation . KEY. SUBMIT to GOD , SUBMIT to GOD , submit to HIS SPIRIT , RESIST the devil and he will flee. With every temptation , GOD GIVES US A WAY OUT , HIS NAME IS JESUS , and JESUS SENT THE COMFORTER . WE have all WE NEED IN HIM .