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  1. Yes , BOTH are for sure needed . We need to do both . In every instance something was dangerous to a soul , Jesus warned against it as did the apostels . As did Wycliff , luther , Tyndale . And now we ourselves have entered into the most deceptive age that has been . Just as Christ and the apostels warned that near the end it would get so deceptive . This generation , whoever is a lamb of our LORD needs to arise as others have in times past and more than ever contend for the true faith and expose any and all deadly and dangerous systems . Luther wrote books warning against Rome and others too have done much work in their days and time . ITS OUR TURN NOW to defend . For if we think Rome has changed its only the chameleon at work . Worse she does so in the name of Christ this all inclusive and deadly go spell . We must ensure none do enter its chambers , and YES by all means PREACHING the TRUE CHRIST and PURE SOUND DOCTRINE is a HUGE , HUGE way to build up the church . I am all for that . But we must warn more than ever as well . As I said , do all by compassion or fear , but let us do something to ensure none even takes a peep in that direction .
  2. This is correct my dear friend . For we desire the death of none . We don't want souls to sit in darkness , but rather they come to the Light . And this is why I continuously do warn souls to steer clear of Rome or anything false and contrary to Christ . The love of Christ comples me to do all to point ONLY TO HIM and to expose all that is contrary to HIM . For all that is contrary to Christ is not life , but death . We must do all now by compassion and fear to ensure none do enter her chambers or her false inclusive chambers , which have infected much of the protestants too . We are to walk in the love of Christ , and that love desires the death of none , so it warns against all that is contrary to Christ and exhorts on pure holy doctrine , the words of our LORD and those who knew HIM to build up the church . We in a war and the enemy sleeps not , nor slumbers , he does all to take everything captive to his lie . THUS let us know GREATER is CHRIST IN US than anything , and let us not slumber nor sleep , but daily let us do all to contend earnestly for the true saving grace and true faith IN JESUS ALONE that was once delivered unto the saints of old . And one more thing , dusty , REJIOCE IN THE LORD for the lambs have all hope , FOR our HOPE has a name , ITS JESUS CHRIST .
  3. The real question is , do we truly love or do we truly hate the Catholics . I speak not of the system , for I truly despise it , for its a soul taker . They have taken and established themselves with the keys , and yet they enter not into the kingdom themselves and hinder all who sit under them from doing so . They point not to the TRUE IMAGE of CHRIST . So the question remains , do we love the poor Catholics or do we hate them . Its real easy . IF we know the end of such a system is naught but death , THEN the Love of Christ would comple us to do any and all things to try and pull anyone out of that system and to make for sure no one would dare enter in such a deadly system . I don't see how anyone could claim to love anyone , if they could allow ever once , anyone to head in a direction in which the end would be the second death . How on earth is that love . From the prophets to JESUS , and all the aposltes , came the heart and mind to do all to warn and expose any dangerous contrary to truth idea or system . FOR GOD desires the death of none , and yet if we allow Catholics to even feel safe in such a system , we doom them . And that is not LOVE at all .
  4. lets give credit to GOD and not the most dangerous system ever known to man . one thing I learned by careful research , that roman system is the most dangerous and deceptive system alive , the popes very dangerous and to top it all off , we got the most dangerous pope in our lifetime to ever sit the throne . I BEG , AND I PLEAD LET NO MAN EVER ONCE EVEN HEAD IN THAT DIRECTION . And to any who might be in it , I beg and plead come out now . please , please come out now .
  5. a wonderful praise the LORD report . Our dear sister said it has went away . so let us keep praying for continual good health for our dear and loved sister Tortuga dos or turtle two .
  6. Sister I have no garden as yet . The sad thing is , IF Sampson was poisoned it means someone did it on purpose . I don't think that is the case . The way I found HIM . he was unable to move at all , just fast short breaths . I thought it was a stroke or seizure for sure . His red blood cell count was elevated according to the vet . his heart and his lungs were good with the x rays . They did quite a few tests on him . But in truth , the way he was when I even picked him up to carry him out of the yard , I knew it was over sister . Its sad . I guess I just don't know what the cause was . Bella was throwing up yesterday . And I got worried . BUT she ate fine and she runs around great . I just fed her and spot . Both ate great . But so did Sampson the night before he died . I truly hope no one poisoned him . But if they had he would not have been where he was lying . IF a dog feels sick it just don't drop in the middle of the yard like that . He did . I guess he had a seizure .
  7. And one last reminder . Knowing full well all these things and that even soon we shall have more and more persecutions , I GOT NO FEAR . JUST MORE and MORE PEACE ABOUNDS IN MY MIND and HEART . For no matter what comes against us , OUR LORD is with us . And whether we live or die , we belong to HIM . OUR END IS GOOD . I know that may seem odd to some , because most folks get fearful when things get worse , BUT GREATER IS HE IN US , and those whose minds are stayed on HIM , HAVE PEACE , no matter what threat or harm does come against them . FOR ALL THEIR HOPE IS IN THE LORD . THEY KNOW they are saved and they know their end is GOOD . THUS man cant move them , threat cant move them not even death , for to live is Christ , they will rejoice when they suffer for HIS NAME sake too , AND if they are killed , THEY WITH THE LORD that INSTANT . WE WIN , WE WIN CAUSE JESUS WON . AND may all REJIOCE IN THE LORD on that NOTE .
  8. The all inclusive go spell , IS all part of that strong delusion that so many think is so far away . ITS HERE NOW . and it will gather the world AND ALL HER religions to be as ONE . THIS IS that lie . I remind and warn us all dig in deep and be ready to lose all for JESUS and the glorious true gospel . The day of the LORD will come as a snare upon the whole of the earth . WHAT are the two key words we keep hearing in this world unity inclusive talk . WORLD PEACE and SAFETY . AND THAT IS NO COININCIDENCE . FOR WHEN they shall say peace and safety , THEN …...………... We are much father along than most realize . let all be ready and watching and be prepared also to lose everything for his name sake . For as long as we are here , the times will only get worse and worse .
  9. Yes we do dear sister , our desire is all to be saved . And we know the only way and name that is gonna happen . By FAITH IN CHRIST . confessing HIM and believing from the heart IS the gospel and the ONLY gospel that saves . Thus as john once said , if any man bring not the gospel , or as paul said any other gospel or jesus , We don't heed a word they say . For I warn us all , if we think the inclusive machine has filled places , AND WOE IT HAS , just wait and see what happens in just this year alone . We are headed RIGHT INTO that FINAL HOUR CLIMATIC BATTLE and unto the day or armegeddon much FASTER than most realize . The coming of the LORD is drawing much closer than most even dare to see or know . WE RUNNING OUT of time . PROCLIAM JESUS and DEFEND THE TRUE FAITH .
  10. We shall more than ever in this day and age know WHO is HIS and WHO IS NOT . WHO IS HIS will begin to stand up and defend the true faith and the gospel of CONFESS HIM by MOUTH and believe in HIM from the heart . Those who are NOT HIS , will begin to go down the inclusive road . We gonna see real soon WHO belongs to HIM and who don't . The tree is known by its fruits . And any fruit or teaching that can omit The confess and BELEIVE , IS NOT OF JESUS . FOR JESUS said it first . Ye shall know them by their fruits . And no lamb would agree with this inclusive stench of a lie getting sold .
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