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  1. False doctrine

    Though an army of all armies encamp against us though the world and all as one though the legions of darkness comes against us we shall not fear . For whether is greater ALL of the created.............OR THE CREATOR OF ALL. IMMAUEL PEOPLES , I M A N UEL. TO the LORD be the glory and all praise amen
  2. False doctrine

    ARMOUR UP IN THE LORD ONE AND ALL, its a war , and the fight is for the true faith . Rise up and proclaim the LORD , proclaim his ways his sayings . fear not the all inclusive lie though it gains in strength it has its end. ONLY the WORD ENDURES FOREVER, children of the LIGHT armour up and forward march . Through the streets and through the webs , we march onward in the LORD we shall fight the fight of faith in the lands and in the churches , in the webs and we shall never surrender to the lies of men gone mad with the lie . We shall fight in every valley and on every hill, through every storm we shall abound and overcome , for whether we die or live . WE ARE THE PEOPLES of the LORD. Onward in the LORD , onward and never look back . amen
  3. False doctrine

    Say it again brother, aint a one of us giving up. We were all warned it would just get worse and fast specially nigh the end. BUT ONE DAY on HIS DAY the reward will far outweigh every ounce of suffering we went through. HOLD on peoples , HOLD ON TO THE REAL HOPE found only in Christ all else is but vanity and has an end. TO the LORD be the glory , to the Lord be the Glory , to the LORD be the glory amen.
  4. False doctrine

    We have to do something. I suppose all we can do is keep on a warning and gathering with whom loves the Lord. Cause I have to admit by and large the churches are sunk, tanked and have no desire to come out of what they are in. However some will keep hearing and come to the ONE true Christ . as for those already following the LAMB , all we can do is keep encouraging , keep exhorting and The LORD will lead and guide us to whomever needs to hear and those who already hear and need encouragement. You just be encouraged Jeff . And praise the LORD on high.
  5. False doctrine

    That is why its time for new leadership in the churches. cause if we don't correct the leaven the whole lump gets leavend full in time as it now has in most churches. Any man called to Lead a church , HIS FIRST HONOR FOREMOST IS TO THE LORD and to correct the people and to do the pattern JESUS taught the church that the real apostels did. we rebuke , correct , if not heeded we bring it before the assembly if not heeded, THEY are separated OUT till they repent . this is done to PROTECT the flock and in hopes that godly sorrow will lead the one in error to repentance. the real apostles knew the REAL JESUS. I suggest we follow what they wrote and JESUS said. amen and forever amen.
  6. False doctrine

    Amen. Sometimes in life I get treated as a dog. but always peace with me. JESUS said we would be hated and that we are not above our master. On another site I am often trying to get others who get so easily offened to ease up and etc. I worked with two gay men years back. I tried to help , only to have one screaming at the top of his lungs right at my face. and I felt only sorrow for the lil guy. Yeah ifwe cant handle names on a site then how on earth will we or can we handle REAL LIFE. armour up folks. don't get so easily offended when people correct you. I been called names on another site and never once reported it , not once. just prayed their forgivness. armour up folks cause I have no plans on not correcting either. we have to do as the SPRIIT leads and if we love we would correct. Be blessed and praise the Lord. as I said on another area here........THIS IS WAR...............now forward MARCH IN THE LORD PEOPLES. forward march.
  7. America

    It was another sister I was talking too. She is from Canada. she knows.
  8. False doctrine

    Christanity is not a democracy and I think some have forgot this. its not majority rules , its not minority rules , its not what is politically correct that is right or rules. PEOPLE its GOD RULES and HIS SAYINGS get followed no matter who they offend . we don't vote and ask GOD for majority rule over one of his sayings . IT DONT work like that. ITS either ALL of his sayings we love and keep or LOOK OUT at the end. We don't get a vote, not me , not none. GOD is the KING and it is HIS CONVENANT. not ours to barter with.
  9. False doctrine

    I agree with this one hundred percent. I am not attaking in any way the ones that run this. But I am saying for the sake of the people, the leaven has to be corrected. IF I were in charge of a site , then its on me and I will stand before GOD if I allowed false things to get taught without Correcting them. over time forums have adapted a view that is harming the flocks not helping. they allow ones to post things and if people correct or rebuke to hard they get silenced. We have to get the church sharpened. I think what a lot of people don't really understand or have not thought out is THIS, People come in to christain sites under the guise they are christain, but really they have a agenda and its to pollute the group with their doctrine or false love THEY do this. an example if I supported interfaith or gays rights, and I wanted people too agree . I would come in under the guise of a professing christain then I would little by little get friends and start pumping out EMOTIONS rather than truth , focusing on sensual things and try and get the others to see my point. THEY DO THIS , they aint dumb. they know what they doing . we have to shut down the falsehoods fast by making stronger rules .
  10. False doctrine

    Please yowm don't destroy your testimony. This day is wicked we cannot be a partaker of any of its fruits no matter how harmless it seems. I get that it seems harmless to go out and trick or treat. BUT that day is wicked , that pagan festival we should have no part in. Your going to harm the good testimony of what you really know by defending this in any way.
  11. False doctrine

    That is so true sister. You notice the ones that FOLLOW CHRIST , honor CHRIST , they come together in one mind and it always points to CHRIST as the answer. Man so busy trying to twist anything to suit the flesh , stead of letting the SPIRIT reveal the simple meaning any lil child who follows JESUS will receive. Anytime something is made complicated to jusfity a belief. YA BETTER WATCH OUT . it never worked like that for me. it was always simple and easy to be entreated AND it wont contradict a word JESUS said. it always AGREES with his SAYING. too many are following doctrines of men who if we even examine their lifestyle had fallen way short of the example of Christ or the apostltes. example how many follow calvin. yet the man had no problem with the death of fifty eight people. NOW HOW was JESUS in that man, or Adventists..............setting dates and missing the mark and the final solution was more false doctrine . as with the mormon as with the jehovas as with rome. PEOPLE need to examine THE HOLY BIBLE and JESUS sayings , feast on it, THEN go and test what any leader says AGAINST what the pure holy doctrine said. SO many follow doctrines of date setters, KILLERS , men who had others BURNED for hearsay. that alone shows THEY DID NOT KNOW GOD PEROID and now here it comes again..........the propaganda being taught by the all inclusive mindset , the dung that is getting high praises and seen as love WILL be the very concept of HOW the true ones will end up getting killed YET AGAIN and all in the name of love peace and unity. People wont FOLLOW CHRIST many follow men. THAT IS THE PROBLEM and those men DONT KNOW CHRIST .
  12. False doctrine

    That is of upmost sadness and betrayal . Halloween is of the devil. Timothy, oh dear, timothy was beat down like a dog in the streets for rebuking a pagan festival yet our churches celebrate one. Things sure did change didn't they. WHO on earth is the one promoting the devils love fest Halloween. That needs to cease fire asap.
  13. Gay maraige and the church

    With the condition of the church , soon the call will be heard, I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, Brace for it and let it have its work. the church just for the large part went to sleep and now the persecution and trials of our faith are soon to be at hand. Be zealous and repent. cause JUDGMENT is on the way .
  14. Gay maraige and the church

    I don't know , what is death tails.
  15. Gay maraige and the church

    So lets LIE to them . LIE to them and let them end up in hellfire. THIS is NOT LOVE ..........its a lie and every single man woman who lies to them and lets them feel saved in sin will be held in full account of their blood at the end TOO. this is so sad , it so sad I don't even have words for it . Love don't desire the death of the sinner. this is all wrong. they don't BELEIVE IN JESUS in heart if they still walk in darkness. they just like I once was.......IN DARKNESS but yeah I said I believed in JESUS. what a LIAR from hell I was. but praise GOD for grace . amen.