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  1. YES . Bible game tomorrow and then bible read on sat night . Yep . ITS fine with me . OH and LET THE LORD be praised . Good night my dear sister .
  2. And you shall be prayed for as well my dear sister . For my dear sister is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED .
  3. okay , THE BIBLE GAME tomorrow and prayerfully bible read sat evening . ITS Mathew time again . chapters eight through twelve and then PP too .
  4. OH BUT LET ANOTHER PRAISE FEST with great thanksgiving be SOUNDED TO THE LORD .
  5. Sister its bed time for me . You are loved . is it bible game tomorrow or bible read .
  6. sister glory is trying to find that one post I did . Its on page three at the top , under general discussion . I hope she finds it . OH let the LORD be praised .
  7. and no wonder its one of your favorites , LOOK AT WHO IT POINTS TOO . YEP , that is one wonderous song . OH let the LORD be praised
  8. I found a good seat too . I aint used it yet . It was at a good price too . About six dollars .
  9. That's right , praise Him In the dance , with song , with much thanksgiving .
  10. Good night its ten twenty already . TIME FLYS in the JOY OF THE LORD .
  11. Shhhh , did you hear that , I bet my dear sister knows what is a coming ITS TIME FOR A TOTAL AND ALL OUT PRAISE FEST UNTO ......................................
  12. THAT Is how LAMBS who hear and do JESUS sayings FEEL . OH I know most call it works , ME I CALL IT JOY and HAPPY IS THE ONE WHO HEARS and DOES MY SAYINGS . But as james said and OUR LORD FIRST SAID , A FOOLISH MAN hears and does not and builds his house on sand BUT he who hears and does , BUILT IT , the house on the true foundation on the true stone . As james says , BE YE NOT hearers only , DECIVING YOUR OWN ...............................
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