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  1. Take away the gold. Watch em get outta Dodge.

    I used to always talk to a secular Franciscan lady. by secular she said it means not in a cloister , I think that was her words. That lady would sit and listen and she knew some good things . I worried for her too. I would go to her store and we could talk for hours and she really investigated things. I miss liz. she died a few years back. THE SPIRIT always gave me the right words and right approach . near her end she seemed way more For the LORD than ever . The focus was always on JESUS and HIS sayings . She was not tied into the church like some others are . Though she did pray to mary and I did all I could to try and sway her off that path. Also where they try and say Mary told her SON etc. I showed her where actually SHE SAID , LISTEN TO WHAT HE SAYS . She pointed TO HER SON. I think that resonated in liz, I do . but she died very shortly after that . SO I hope it did and I hope she is at rest in the LORD . I worry for catholics and others so much. We should just follow the pattern JESUS taught and the apostels kept and taught . its such a simple walk , but sadly men have complicated it with theologies instead of just following Christ .
  2. Take away the gold. Watch em get outta Dodge.

    What a shocker to the world . My first speech would be , we don't kiss korans and buddas, we don't , by the fiftieth don't I be the most quickly replace one in history. Its funny to think of it , but also very sad too. I worry for the catholics trapped in that system so much. I always was kind to the deacon when he would come to where I worked. We talked about the bible. and I would ask him simple questions , made him think. He got to where he would ask me questoins and was really surpised once when I answered something right that most of his peoples had missed . I pray for Claudio. He left , was moved to san Antonio. I hope he leaves it . He seemed to know their was problems in the church. I hope for his sake the Spirit worked and worked on Him.
  3. Take away the gold. Watch em get outta Dodge.

    Imagine that POPE Frienduff. man I would be shot the first five minutes in as pope. Shoot that man .
  4. Take away the gold. Watch em get outta Dodge.

    Oh, I was nice about it . not at all mean in any way. But yeah , when I bring it up it does seem kind of funny now looking back . You loved sister . You loved .
  5. Take away the gold. Watch em get outta Dodge.

    I once asked a group of catholics to vote me in as pope so I and others could clean house . yeah , they run me off though . Be blessed peoples , and for those who love the LORD in sincerity , THROW THEM HANDS UP AND PRAISE the LORD till tha roof flys off.
  6. I never knew you

    NOW RAISE THEM HANDS PEOPLES , RAISE THEM TO THE LORD and PRAISE HIS NAME and walk worthy as is our reasonable service. I really enjoy how often paul would say that . its in lots of letters . LIFT those hands and praise the LORD . Okay now I am off to go get some sleep. Just had to get a praise encouragement IN before I lay down . PRAISE THE LORD PEOPLES , YEAH raise those hands and dance unto the LORD .
  7. Take away the gold. Watch em get outta Dodge.

    Morning Glory , lift those hands and praise the Lord . Be blessed .
  8. Take away the gold. Watch em get outta Dodge.

    Don't ever fall for ellen white . DONT DO IT .
  9. I never knew you

    Praise the Lord . Its time for sleep . Just keep on in the Lord and blessed Be His Holy name .
  10. I never knew you

  11. Is suicide a grave sin?

    OH yes dear sister we should be very greatful . I mean if each and every one of us had got what we earned and deserved. the lake of fire would be scorching us all at our end. You so right . praise the Lord . you too butero, praise the Lord. Lets encourage wolly to leap for joy to the Lord . its the dark one that tries and gets the focus on all the negative . When our focus is on THE LORD , anything even harsh that comes our way, we can be like peter and others SINGING even in prison . So get up wolly and praise the LORD .
  12. I never knew you

    OH , we in a massive falling away that is about to just go upmost viral . I mean lets do the coke pepsi challenge. If I came saying you have to drink coke to be saved, but what I am giving one is pepsi but calling it coke, that don't make it coke . The JESUS getting preached in most churches , aint THE JESUS . therefore these are very dreadful days . But don't hang your head and give up we got to keep on preaching the real JESUS and His sayings and the pattern the apostels set and taught . ONWARD in the LORD.
  13. Take away the gold. Watch em get outta Dodge.

    Who wants to vote me in as a mod . any votes. Okay to the subject at hand . A preacher can eat of the flock. paul made that very clear . As a preacher or leader though I would have this to say. That leader should live no better than his flock. In fact if he being more mature ought to be able to live on far less . very simple. Jesus lived no better than his flock and JESUS is THE Example . A preacher can live off a set amount of money given. But he should well know its for basic plain living and not heaping and steaping . My problem is not with paid pastures. Its with greed and fleecing the flocks . Be blessed peoples and praise the Lord.
  14. Humble yourselves: REPENT!

    Forward march my friend of many letters . And let the exhortings continue onward. Praise the Lord my friend of many letters . Let us and all who love the LORD in Spirit , in SINCERITY of heart , PRAISE THE LORD .
  15. THE EXHORTATION THREAD (For Christians Who Love Jesus)

    Onward in the LORD peoples . The last verses of revelation has a message . LET THE RIGHTEOUS BE RIGHEOUS , let the wicked be wicked still. All a man can do is POINT TO JESUS and HIS SAYINGS and the pattern HE set and the apostels set and taught . If men want men to twist it away , then I cannot stop them. All I can do is what grace has me to do. POINT TO JESUS and not to man. And sister , what a blessing it has been. Its true following JESUS only aint winning me praise of men, and it aint getting me money , and in fact its been resentement against me . BUT , they have not the joy nor peace I HAVE IN HIM. FOR ONLY HE can FILL and FULLFILL a person