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  1. Our dear sister got a bit tickled on this one . You are loved sister .
  2. Yep , we love our turtle . And beckles you are loved too .
  3. Put those hands up sister candance . You are loved and let all praise the LORD .
  4. Los dos hermanas hablan verdad . That is right , my two sisters speak truth . HANDS UP AND LET ALL REJOICE AND ALL PRAISE THE LORD .
  5. Well, the time it happened here , was a long while back . To my knowledge it seemed the person must have repented , because they have never called me that since . But its been far worse on other sites . Believe it or not , on this forum , I have been treated like a king compared to most other places . Not that I seek to be treated as such , and yes I know I am not treated as a king here , but that is just a comparision . LET US REJOICE when persecuted . And let us forgive those who persecute us . I only desire what is Good for the people . ITS JUST I know THAT JESUS LOVED ABOVE ALL , HIS sayings being loved the apostels sayings being loved , IS what is GOOD for the people . I truly wish that all would start over , IN JUST the BIBLE . And watch what would happen . Folks who saw some of us as being legalistic , would know we are not . But that I just desire all Things that JESUS said , to be loved by odediance unto all things HE did teach . The beauty of it , is that its not too late for anyone to start over . I truly wish and pray that we would have and read from ONE BOOK , the bible . And things would really start clearing up . So quickly too .
  6. That's right mmls . IN all that we do or say , LET the LORD be honored . Every word of the LORD is for our own good and unto His glory . Hands up and let all rejoice in the LORD .
  7. And let all praise and rejoice in the Lord .
  8. And yet I am called anti Christ , son of perdtion and not geuinuine in the faith . OH well, what are words to ME . I GOT ALL HOPE for I HAVE HIM . NOW PUT THOSE HANDS UP AND LET A THUNDEROUS STORM OF PRAISE BE HEARD to THE LORD .
  9. Yes . I know what I deserved and make no bones about it . HELL FIRE ten trillion times over . NOW yall know WHY I ENCOURAGE NON STOP PRAISE to the LORD . In fact , let me expound on this . THERE Is nothing GOOD IN ME , BUT JESUS CHRIST . THEIR is no righteousnesss IN ME , BUT HIM . AND It IS HE ALONE that has me walking RIGHTEOUSLY . Yep , SAVED BY GRACE PEROID .
  10. For it was PRE KNOWN and PRE DETERMINED BY GOD , That JESUS ALONE would be the savoir of the world , and that ALL WHO DO BELEIVE IN that SAVOIR WOULD BE SAVED . How bout that for an answer . FOR JESUS said what the ONLY condemnation IS . HE did not say , MY FATHER MADE MANY and they have no chance and will go to HELL . NOPE . HE SAID , the only condemnation is that a man WONT COME TO HIM . Calvin is death . And frankly whoever that offends it offends . I Don't heed that man . Let us HEED CHRIST . WHO SAID the ONLY CONDMENATION is they WONT COME TO HIM .
  11. If GOD gave us what we deserved we would all be awaiting a nasty lake of fire . GOD is MERCIFUL is the CORRECT response . HE is just and HE is righteous . HE is love so HE made the way out IN CHRIST ALONE . But let a man mock that , what a nasty end for that one .
  12. OH no dear sister . YOU answer . oh well if it goes over like a lead balloon . False assumptions are not taking a day off , So we cant let the truth not be spoken . You give what you know . And it will be tested . But give the answer you believe you know .
  13. Good night this is totally sad . You would think everyone who reads this would put a big fat worthy or a love it sign on it . Sweet mother , we in the upmost of the last days .
  14. ED ZACH LEE. IF we don't LOVE what GOD LOVES , WE DONT KNOW HIM , WE are NOT BORN AGAIN FROM ABOVE . PEROID . AND I care less who this offends . IF we don't LOVE what GOD loves and Hate what he hates . WE are in serious deception . Its time to get far more serious . Times running out and THE not A but THE DELUSION grows . the one that leads all to perdtion . Armour up cause folks are gonna hate us big time in the time and days ahead .
  15. JESUS saves , BUT IF WE CONFESS HIM IN MOUTH BUT DENY HIM IN HEART < ACTION . WE DONT KNOW HIM . I see the root of the problem very clear now . You think mouth saying IS ENOUGH . BUT ITS NOT . But many call HIM LORD all the time . ALL THE TIME they say JESUS IS LORD , HE DIED FOR MY SINS , HE saved me etc YET THEY WALK in willfull sin . THEY do NOT KNOW HIM . this is what I have been saying all along . And your Osas friends WONT TELL you this . Even though THEY KNOW THIS . or I think they do . MOUTH aint enough man . IT has to be FROM THE HEART . The evidence that HE IS TRULY IN US . HEY , my OSAS champions , A LIL HELP HERE Would be nice . For over two years I have in heart and mouth claimed CHRIST . ANd for two years have been hammered by the same folks . Maybe after TWO YEARS it might sink in . But maybe not .
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