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  1. frienduff thaylorde

    Ask a Catholic Anything!

    This is why I stay in good firm doctrine of the bible . This type of advice is like standing on a boat and watching a victim drown and saying HEY BUD don't worry help might eventually get here . This advice is like telling a drowing man JUST that and telling myself , OH he will eventually be saved . LETS ALL GO BACK to THE SOUND DOCTRINE and Grave serious doctrine of Christ and the apostels . Folks is dying in sin and most are like don't judge . That aint saving squat .
  2. frienduff thaylorde

    Ask a Catholic Anything!

    I have experience a lot my self, and still do, when I may visit a church, and the unskill who love the Lord, are telling me by a number of ways , suggestive or other wise that I am lost, Hell bount. The why is another issue IF you walking in known sin and defend it , then oh yeah one is in danger of hell fire . An example . A gay christain who says GOD is love , and what he is doing is not sin , and all is well. NO , all is not well. IF we say we love HIM , yet walk in darkness, THEN , THE TRUTH IS NOT IN US . I used gay as an example , but their are many other sins as well .
  3. frienduff thaylorde

    Where is the Ark of the Covenant now?

    and that is THE BEAUTY OF IT SISTER . GOD calls the sheep OUT . many reformers were once catholic . Sadly some of the reformers did as much damage as ROME DID . but we wont mix the bad in with the good . I got good hopes more and more will start fleeing that den of thieves , as more and more will also be fleeing all dens of thieves . God , His grace calls and called us all out darkness and influence of deceptive sin . GOD alone has all power , GOD alone has all wisdom , GOD alone KNOWS ALL . AND in JESUS BY GRACE we learn as we need to learn and do as we ought to do . But grace DONT LEAD US captive BACK INTO BABYLON. IT pulls one out , and then burns babylone out the man . Till a refined vessel by the works of GOD in Christ within , MATURES and warns as loudly as they can GET OUT of ROME , GET out of all places of hirelings , flee the lies of men . AND NEVAH LOOK BACK . PUT the hand to the plow AND NEVAH look back. Let the dead bury their dead , AND NEVER LOOK BACK . ITS ALL ABOUT JESUS NOW . and I will warn , warn , warn against the abominational house and houses who call GOD by name , BUT DO NOT KNOW HIM , DO NOT KNOW THE SON , THEY DO NOT . ROME will be warned out against as well as her and other her daughters preaching error and all inclusive. EITHER WE LOVE CHRIST or we hate HIM . THEIR IS NO MIDDLE GROUND . And all the popes and wicked men in all other churches who teach for gain , for reward , for the preeminence among men. THEM men and women of belial , THEY WILL BE WARNED OUT AGAINST . I , you , they whoever , WE DONT STAND before men on JUDGEMENT DAY , ALL we stand before CHRIST . THEREFORE , I don't heed they seeker friendly lies I wont heed their all inclusive lies , We HEED and HONOR the ONLY , as IN ONLY , as in ONLY ONE WHO SAVES and can KEEP US from falling . And no matter who silences , puts in prison or kills the saints who speak truth , ITS LIKE trying to put out a grease fire with half alcohol , a quarter of white gas and a quarter of water. THEY AINT putting nothing out , we will simply on the run just keep setting lil fires . WE WIN , CAUSE JESUS DONE WON . so whether we live or die , we got all hope . NOW throw those hands up and praise the LORD . OH let all just praise HIM and HONOR THE SON and just onward into the trenches .
  4. frienduff thaylorde

    Where is the Ark of the Covenant now?

    Even the mary they pray too , IS NOT the MARY of the BIBLE . OH NO. THAT MARY would have said , WORSHIP GOD , HONOR THE SON ONLY . They worship an image of God , of mary , of the saints , NOT at all compatible to the HOLY GOD of the BIBLE who shares His GLORY with none . they bow before images , YET GOD said DO NOT do such things . THEY provoke HIM to JEALOUSY with their evil and images that they bow down too. And WHO can stand BEFORE GOD when once HE is ANGRY . a hint , NONE . NONE . THEY better cease this and fast , before it is too late .
  5. frienduff thaylorde

    Where is the Ark of the Covenant now?

    Even in the days of old GOD once told the jews , you worship and bake cakes to the queen of heaven . SISTER , they got no idea what they are doing . They have no idea how dangerous this stuff truly is . But may a word FROM THE LORD remind them WHO IS LORD . GOD has said , I AM the LORD and their is no other god besides ME , And I will share MY GLORY WITH NONE . THEY have no idea sister , how dangerous and deadly it is , to try and share the GLORY that is GODS ALONE with any other . And JESUS IS THE GLORY OF GOD . When folk kneel and pray with beads and trinkets , and holler out to mary or saints to save them , THEY SHOULD have been praying TO and HONORING the ONLY ONE WHO COULD HAVE SAVED THEM. We got all we need IN CHRIST and if folks think that is not enough They have no idea the danger and deception they are . Sister , romes a monster as is her daughters too . SHE has tried to steal THE INHERITANCE and MAKE IT HERS . SHE alone desires to sit high above all, SHE has said in her heart , I AM and their is NO OTHER besides me . PS , WHO DOES THAT SOUND LIKE .
  6. frienduff thaylorde

    What is HER NAME and WHO is her father .

    And more than ever the dire need to remind that JESUS is the only way . That we must confesss with the mouth and believe from the heart in HE alone as savoir . We must point only to Christ and remind to be Holy . On the day of judgment all will stand before the ONLY ONE who saves . And as HE said , all who did not believe in HIM will be damned . Their is a completely wacked out dangerous mindset increasing . Its tied right into inclusivism . And more are believing in a false gospel that so long as one does good works , Even if they don't profess Christ in mouth they still saved . But let us remember their is none this is righteous , no none , ONLY GOD , ONLY in CHRIST can one be made the righteousness of GOD . For the heart of man is wicked from his youth . And remember that if one knows not Christ , their works will not save them . Their is only ONE work required for salvation . BELIEVE IN CHRIST whom GOD DID SEND . And Christ is not just some wise man, HE was BEFORE ANYTHING was made . And by HIM were all things made . Folks forgetting WHO JESUS REALLY IS . And on that note , SINCE WE KNOW WHO HE IS and FROM WHENCE HE CAME , let us with JOY KEEP HIS SAYINGS . For those who LOVE HIM DO and those who hate him DO NOT . Whether we live or die , WE WILL POINT TO ONLY CHRIST as savoir , no matter what it will cost us in the time and days ahead . THEIR IS no end time false salvation of inclusvism . DENY HIM , HE WILL deny us . Deny HIS sayings and we did not LOVE HIM .
  7. frienduff thaylorde

    Where is the Ark of the Covenant now?

    YES SISTER . I can so clearly see the difference in your posts verses anothers . YOU POINT TO JESUS and HONOR HIM . others Point something else . yet know it not . Its sad to see it sister . BUT HAPPY IS MY SOUL when I see you pointing to JESUS ONLY , exactly where OUR WORSHIP should be .
  8. frienduff thaylorde

    Hard one to discuss

    I suggest that it is not the good time to have debate over the values of differing medical syles treatments and philosophies. It is time to go for broke, be as aggressive as possible, cut it out, burn it out, poison it, do whatever it takes, including a change of diet. OH if ONLY this was the pattern when it came to SPIRITUAL LIFE versus SPIRITUAL DEATH . If men were only a tenth as convicted when it comes to what is killing many SPIRITUALLY as they were concerned about the life of the flesh , MAN the world could be turned upside down with pure gospel truth , correction . Just a lil something to ponder .
  9. frienduff thaylorde

    What is HER NAME and WHO is her father .

    From her birth she was created in darkness . She has lied , betrayed the convenant of GOD , she is a murderer , a liar and a robber and thief . All who under her sway have entered into a convenant with death and know it not . From her birth she has been infected with pagan ideals and ceremonies that exalt men , angels , women , BUT NOT GOD ALONE as it should be . Over the centuries and throughout ages she has killed in the name of GOD , and she will kill again . She allures many now through an all inclusive religion and mindset that panders sensually to the flesh and carnal lusts of men . She has killed before . SHE WILL KILL AGAIN . She , from her birth was birthed in darkness and wrapped in sin . Throughout all ages true lambs have reisisted her calls , and have come out from among her . AND She has killed many . SHE WILL KILL AGAIN . She has been busy as of late , building an religion that will unite all faiths and other religions under her . She has ties to JERSUALEM and ties to all KINGDOMS of this world . She is the mother of lies and is at work and has many daughters already in league with her . Men who sell books , men who are renown and mighty and lead flocks , are being and have been gathered into her web . She has killed in times past and will KILL again . For many know not where the inclusivism ideals are and will lead too . She is under the heavy sway of her father . Who is getting a kingdom ready world wide to hand unto the beast . NOw you know who her father is , BUT WHO IS SHE , this mother of harlots who rests in the bosom of darkness cloaked as light . and all who KNOW NOT the LIGHT see her darkness AS light . And no marvel for satan himself can appear as an angel of light , but woe , HE is not LIGHT , he is only darkness . She is building a mindset , a religion that will cause all to worship the beast when it does stand . She is heavy into a social gospel of all inclusivism steeped in new age other mindsets . And through all ages men and women of God have resisted her . And many were killed who led a reformation against her wickedness. AND NOW she cries again , COME and ENTER INTO UNITY with me , let us have a new counter reformation which will gather all of every kind . But heed her not , POWER and HONOR for herself to sit above it all , IS ONLY in her heart . WHEN her leaders and the leaders of her daughters , do speak humbly , sensually , talking of unity , HEED them not . THIS IS NOT about peace and unity . HER father , his desire is only to gather an all inclusive world SO it will as one Give up all unto the beast HE hands all power over unto . AND HIS GOAL is not world peace , ITS TO RID THE EARTH of the lambs . She has killed before and will again .
  10. frienduff thaylorde

    Ask a Catholic Anything!

    THAT IS RIGHT ON MIKE . KEEP ON POINTING TO JESUS . THROW those hands up and PRAISE the LORD . HE alone is our high priest . Leap up and praise the LORD .
  11. frienduff thaylorde

    1 John 4:8 God IS love.

    YEP and SHE IS UP TO IT AGAIN . Where you think THIS ALL inclusive ROME LED relgoin will lead too . The largest world wide persecution against the few true lambs . She has killed before and she will kill again . SHE is a MURDERER , A ROBBER and A THEIF .
  12. frienduff thaylorde

    President Trump

    Thanks Shiloh . It is well past time for me to leave . The last thing I wanted was strife . But political threads seems to always bring it with people . And its just depressing . So I bid you all , farewell on that note .
  13. frienduff thaylorde

    President Trump

    I agree we are to expose the fruit . So you saying I have to identify the pope as a christain , I cannot say he is not . Ponder on this for a moment . How welcome would many who were part of the orginal reformation Be . I mean not only did they not consider the pope Christian, Cobalt they identified them as anti Christs . Anti Christ sure does not sound christain to me . I understand that we should not blatently accuse one another of not being christain . In case ayin don't get back to me , what is a troll . I may as well know the word I got accused of calling someone . Politics people will defend to their end . I truly wish we all defended the truth with the passion I see some defend Obama or trump . This is not to be mean , its just on political threads it seems strifes break out all the time . I also notice something . Politics seems to bond some people together faster than anything . Truly I should have thought better and skipped over this post . Politics I have no taste for , and truly I PRAY TO GOD above I never do . Be blessed and let us praise the Lord .
  14. frienduff thaylorde

    President Trump

    Will you please tell me what is a troll. I have the feeling its not those things that legend said lived under bridges . So what is a troll exactly .
  15. frienduff thaylorde

    President Trump

    While neither men are true christain . TRUMP is not the worst president . That title goes to ONE above them all. IT WAS OBAMA. That might sting a bit . But look on the bright side , we can pray for them to COME TO CHRIST . for all have sinned , their is none good , BUT GOD . So lets pray for those men to come to Christ .