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  1. Yeah I gotta agree with you there. I believe there is already a thread like this though. After reading up a little i did some further research. Their "prophet" is a scary man. Believing himself to be Jesus and manipulating his congregation. The "growing in grace" church already has thousands of followers. Its actually a good reason to be concerned. Sean
  2. I go to Church every Sunday morning. I have actually just come out of a bit of a attendance slump but now its all good! I approach Church the same way the desciples did in Acts. We gather in houses to discuss the gospel and do studies. Then on Sunday we all go to "temple". My relationship with God is a personal one and He teaches me through His Word. At Church I get a chance to fellowship with my extended family that I dont get a chance to see during the week and am spoon-fed scripture from the pastor. There is nothing wrong with that at all. In fact its a wonderful thing but ultimately its a meeting place for believers. I think its important that every believer goes for their own personal growth. The Bible even says that we should. I dont think however that we should go 7 days a week unless you are convicted to do so. God bless! Sean
  3. Hi there sister! At the moment I am on this serious diet cause Im getting married in a few months. I just cut out all snacks, no soda, half the sugar and only 3 meals a day (normal portions). The key of course is exercise. I go to the gym 3 times a week to tone up and shed as much as possible. Its hard work but nothing in life worth having comes easy. Hope you get to where you want to be! Just set your sights on the prize and push forward! GOD BLESS!!! Sean
  4. Hi everyone! This is a subject that I feel very strongly about. Alot of modern Churches dont teach on the subject of spiritual warfare. My sisters boyfriend has been afraid to be alone for years and when he sleeps he wakes up screaming because of terrible nightmares. We know this is spiritual but he wont hear of it. He considers it offensive that we believe him to be opressed. We will be praying for him. My mother and me are from "old stock" in the way we handle things of this nature. If we feel the home is being attacked we will walk around the house praying over the doors and windows. Spiritual warfare is something I know to the a reality because I have experienced it in my life. A few years back i had a terrible dream. I wont get too into it because its long and irrelevant. I drempt that I was possessed and there was a presence in my dreams. I woke up screaming and had perspired so much that the bedding was soaked. It didnt take me long to realise that the presence that was in my dreams was standing at the right hand side of the bed. I panicked at first. My mom came into the room to see what was wrong and together we prayed. Similar things have happened to me and others I know. We have got to start taking charge of this situation. Pretending that evil doesnt exist is foolish and dangerous. Im glad that this thread has been started up. We can learn alot from peoples experiences. God bless and keep all of you! Sean
  5. Well I come from a suberb and cant think of anything worse than living in a b busy city. I do want one near by though cause I get bored easily. So I guess what Im looking for is a quiet villege close (but not too close) to a bigger city. I will have to drive into the city to get to work. Are there such places? Sean
  6. Hehehehe........ Im probably going to be stirring up the hornets nest here but where would you say is the nicest place to stay and work? I now NOTHING about England except that its where my family comes from and you all enjoy tea If you all can give me some ideas I would be most grateful. P.S. To all the Welsh guys and gals Im sorry but I dont think my Visa will even let me come to you. Sounds nice though! Sean
  7. Things like this should not be taken lightly. The enemy is dangerous and is out to destroy. Fortunately we are covered by the blood of Christ and will never die. I know that when Christians talk about things like this they get all excited. I did. But its something that is evil and dangerousto those who arent ready for it. I witnessed an attack on a friend of mine. It was a particulary violent attack and the at first she (and we) thought it was a wild animal as we camping in the bush at the time. We found out very quickly that it wasnt an animal and her life was turned upside down cause the situation wasnt handled properly. She would see these creatures everywhere and she had a breakdown. Its no joke. Eventually with prayer and counseling she was delivered from this but it took its tole. Brothers and sisters in Christ must remember that while we mustnt glorify these thing, we should always be prepared cause the devil roams like a lion. He is sly and will try and strip you of your faith in the blood of Christ. God bless! Sean
  8. Butler


    PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Thats the best news i have heard in ages! God be praised!!!!!!
  9. Thanks StephenUK! Its a big step moving but I think it will be well worth it. I just need to get my ancestral visa sorted out and me and my fiance' can take it from there. God bless!! Sean
  10. Butler

    Self Defense

    Well I have spent a good portion of my life learning martial arts. While I havent been training the last few years I believe that we should defend the body that God gave us. If anyone wants to kill my body I will not hate them or curse but I wont give up my life unless God specifically asks it. My body is a temple and it will be treated as such. Sean
  11. Well Im relieved. I have no idea where i will be staying but its good to know that there are churches out there. Thanks for your replys! I am still a little nervouse to leave my country but Im sure the UK is a wonderful place. God bless! Sean
  12. Butler


    Still praying for that child on this side. Almight loving God, I pray that your face would shine on the mother of the child. Show her that what she is thinking of doing is wrong and lead her onto the right path. Above all let Your will be done Lord. Amen
  13. Butler


    Hey man! Good going! Its not an easy road but keep up with it. And dont make the mistake of having "one now and then". It doesnt work. Just stay the course and buy yourself a pencil to suck. Trust me, it works. God bless you! Sean
  14. Have been thinking about this one for a while. It must have been a hard decision to agree to gay marrages. For so long they said no but the gays can be persuasive. With enough bad publicity they could drag even Disney through the dirt. That would mean no more for the kids so they probably decided to take the knock. So I blame the gays, not Disney. Sean
  15. Interesting. Well the church would probably have a safehouse set up. I would probably move my family and loved ones there and keep up there. Food would be hard to come by but considering the other problems we would be having I believe it would be bearable. Guess we will have to wait and see. Sean
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