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  1. Hello, I have been debating about posting for a while and never really got round to it or chickened out. As some here are aware I have been struggling health wise for a while I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy however the cancer spread to other areas and the treatment is not helping and the doctors have given there diagnosis of time left and set up options of Palative care which I am getting my head around. I would like to ask for prayer in this situation and for friends and family that is finding this hard I personally hope I can still touch lives and show God to others till my last breath. Thank you in advance for reading this and your prayers.
  2. nice poem just don't take it seriuosly. HUH?!? using some spiritual discernment, it might be a nice poem but has nothing to do with the kindom of god. SO enjoy but don't take it seriouly i read it and maily gave it to my mum she had a boy who died of cancer and it fitted her situation but also decided it would be nice to share maybe someone would find something in it to help them i never said it was about kingdom of God
  3. i was looking for something online and found this poem thought i share it God sent to me an angel, it had a broken wing. I bent my head and wondered "How could he do such a thing?" When I asked the Father why He sent this child to me, the answer was forthcoming, He said "Listen and you'll see." "My children are all precious, and none is like the rest. Each one to me is special, and the least is as the best." I sent each one from heaven and I place it in the care of those who know my mercy, those with love to spare. Sometimes I take them back again. sometimes I let them stay. No matter what may happen I am never far away. So if you find your angel and you don't know what to do, remember, I am with you, love is all I ask of you." Auther unknown
  4. wow wow wow dunno what else a say lol yesterday i had ummm 1 piece plain toast errrr that was it but i had lots of water like 4 litres oh and some coke gotta get hyper
  5. how does it help? it disfigures the body, it provides potential for infections, it is dangerous, it is not helpful in anyway that i know of... enlighten us... the ones i know that were cutters, were afraid.... scared, and one acouple times had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital because of a small cut made that did more damage then she thought it would... there are many germs that really thrive on open wounds.... most cutters do not even take the time to clean them selves up, or use sterile/clean cutting devices, who knows where that razor blade or knife or glass has been? tetnis? staph? parasites? and a whole slew of other germs that love blood and skin..... really..... How Does It Help? mike it helps you get through the day. feels better than talking to anyone or hurting anyone else and there is such a big release after.
  6. you all make cutters look like evil posessed mental head cases looking for attention.... i dont see nothing wrong with it if it helps which it does.
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