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Found 8 results

  1. Cleanse my heart and make me whole, Return the things that the devil stole, Take away my wickedness and make me new, Show me things that I once knew. Lord, I'm foolish and on my way to Hell... When's my last day? No one can tell, I can't forgive and I don't have faith, Lord- heal me of pride and come to my aid. I've lost my interest in reading your Word, I put less importance on faith than my works, I love people superficially and my soul is cold, Won't you send intervention before my spirit gets old...? My flesh refuses to die to itself- I'm carrying lots of baggage- there's dust on my shelf. I'm insensitive to what the Holy Spirit reveals, What if this life is a test, and my sight isn't real? Oh, how blind and deaf am I really am? Will I know you for real before the Bible is banned? I'm sick of my sin- please let the Light in... Let my old self die and the New Life begin...
  2. Hello! My name is Bianca, and I found this place to help me with my struggle of walking a righteous path. I want to know just where I'm headed to. I have so many questions that I'm sure have already been answered on here. Anyway, I'm happy to be here and excited to know more about our Lord!
  3. if u are heaving trouble with sin, dismiss it as nonsense, because its easier to dismiss nonsense then a supernatural force of evil
  4. I read the entire "Christian's going to hell" thread and was about to jump in with my own reply. I did not realize the limitations of this forum section. I suppose that is fine. I got a lot out of what was discussed but still struggle with some of it. I get all the points of views, proof, beliefs and such. I am not trying to call out or trap anyone. I am a baby Christian and have honest questions for clarification. I pray we can all come to an agreement on God's word and truth. I was hoping we could base the discussion on Matthew 25 ( https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=matthew+25&version=NIV ) and how it related to the thread I could not jump in on. My question is this. Does Matthew 25 add or take away from any and all posts made there by *everyone*? I have more specific questions too. The ten virgins for starters, do they not represent Christians covered in the blood of Jesus? I am not clear on the oil in their lamps as well. I suppose it could relate to my above general question. I am wrestling with all this. I believe I am a born again Christian. I have faith in my salvation. I am concerned about others I care for and love. I will elaborate and add more enquiries as this thread develops. May opportunities open to know and understand the Holy Trinity better. Be well, content and helpful in the Lord.
  5. Hi, everyone! My name is Michelle, and I am 26 years old. I am married to a wonderful man, and I have 2 overweight cats haha. I don't really know what else to say about myself, haha, but I'd be glad to answer any questions. Now to get started: I am new to this site and so eager to be here to have fellowship with you all! I am having a rough time right now. Something I am ashamed of as it’s a terrible trial for me. I keep saying it’s a trail. I am fairly new in Christ. I have been a believer since I was little, but didn’t truly come to Christ until this year. I was a sinful believer, as sad as that sounds. I really only prayed to God when I needed something or was super scared. I had a strong urge inside myself to start going to church and to thank God for all my blessings – you know before something bad happened (which I know is not how God works haha, but that was my mind last year). I did not thank God as I was putting it off and putting it off, although it was a simple prayer away. I also never started going to church. My life was just getting more and more sinful as I gave into some temptations. That’s when it hit – on the night of March 15, I fell into a great despair and depression. I became very clinging to my husband, poor him. I didn’t know what could help, not even my husband could help me, and I knew in my spirit I had to turn to God. I started attending church, praying, and spending at least an hour a day with God in devotion. I was still very selfish in all this as I was only focused on getting better and not truly on my relationship with God. It eventually grew that wanting a relationship and I finally felt my time was not wasted. Soon, my eagerness of my devotional time dwindled and it started feeling like a chore. I started doing it less and less as I was feeling better and better. God freed me from my depression, the worst time of my life, and this is how I thank Him. So saddening. I started skipping church some and now I haven’t gone to church in over a month. I felt like I could not open up to anyone there, although they were extremely nice and welcoming people. Anyway, when I first had my depression, I started experiencing conflicting thoughts about God, bad things. Things I disagreed with but they kept popping up in my thoughts. I prayed for God to soften my heart to give me more faith. God helped me so much, and I rarely ever experienced conflicting thoughts. I really struggled with it thinking “Oh, how can God still love me when I think these terrible things about Him! Things I don’t think are true!” “These thoughts are unforgivable!” One day, I woke up and had this random thought, that I know to be from the Holy Spirit, I thought “God loves me. God forgives me.” It truly felt it! I was so thankful and thanked and praised God, but I didn’t start going to church more or anything. I was very selfish and still focused on myself and my happiness in this world. However, now, it’s bad and worse! I am miserable! I keep thinking that I am a wretch! A fool! Like God describes people like me in the bible. I pray for this to go away and I calm victory over this trail. I, now, struggle with if God would forgive me again, especially now that it’s worse, in my opinion. I just would love to hear any experiences that are similar to mine because when I hear struggles I hear people talk about struggles with the world and not with God. It’s very hurtful, saddening, and I truly am miserable! I know to cling to God! I am back to being a dedicated Christian! I love God and desperately want to have an amazing relationship with God!! I don't really know what to expect as far as feedback, but I am just happy to have you all to share it with!!! I am just truly happy to share this as it is a lot to keep it inside myself! Thank you, everyone! Thank you for reading! I hope God blesses your day! <3 Thank you again! Michelle *Sorry for the bad grammar, just typing away haha.
  6. I am not who I am supposed to be I am not where I am supposed to be People look at my speech and actions Do they see Christ when they see me? Or is it my Flesh in my Reflection? I love my sin and idols more than I love you, Will I ever know the truth? You called me by My Name As Your Daughter But the devil told me That I'm too filthy to be yours I want to divorce the lies And be set free... I want to be one with the Holy Spirit And help those that were once like me, Once I finish the Race at 1st Place And look at those who are still limping Behind me...
  7. I lost my wife and daughter and it was like the world has ending but it has not because there is a reasoning I was alive but when it all happened I thought my life was worthless but it was when I read the bible that I realized that I can still make someone happy out there and that my wife and daughter left to be in a better place. Let share our pain.
  8. In view of the times in which we live I am finding that staying where I need to be in Christ is a bit of a struggle for me, and I am wondering if I am alone in this? Now days I find it more of a struggle to pray as I should. I read my Bible and wish I were getting more out of it than I am. I am in a Bible study group and am interested in it and have loved that we have been viewing video of the Feast's of the Lord. I have never really gotten into this subject much before so I get a little absorbed in it. I love learning something new about our Lord on a regular basis, which keeps me from getting bored and feeling as if I am not progressing. I am not bored with our Lord, however. I look forward to being with Him and hope it is soon.
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