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Sevenseas    3,927

A man named Ken Peters who claims to be a prophet of God and was featured on the Prophecy Club show said he had a dream about the tribulation and concentration camps back in the 80's before he was even a Christian! He dreamed that people were laughing at Christians saying "where is your rapture? Where is your Jesus?" some believers fell away from the church because they had their hopes set in the rapture, and there was extreme persecution and beheadings with Shriners swords. But there was a huge revival even amongst the persecution. People were at first gently persuaded to go along with the new order of things and give up their old ways of thinking, but after a short time it got more violent because of people refusing to give up their beliefs, either christian or whatever. In his dream there was no rapture, but God helped them through the trial, God would take their souls out of their bodies at the moment before death. After Ken had a few of these horrific vivid dreams he began to look into what they meant and that was how he became a christian. I am very wary when it comes to believing so-called prophets. But we will see what happens! The Bible says that God will pour out His Spirit on all peoples, sons and daughters will prophecy and old men will have dreams.



See, the name 'Prohecy Club' puts up all kinds of red flags. God is not running a prophecy club.

The dream sounds a certain way, but I would not believe in it. God has poured out His Spirit upon all peoples...EVERY single Christian

is indwelt by the Holy Spirit. This does not mean every single one will have supernatural experiences of the prophetic sort. The

gifts are varied and God gives to each one as he wills.

very good point! I guess my ears were itching!

You also make very good points about reminding ourselves that if it doesn't line up with scripture then to toss it. I liked your example you gave about the difference between 2 visions, one unbiblical and one biblical. Thank you for that.



Yup....scripture is the comparison. There are just so many dissenting voices out there these days!

Thanks Natalie :)...

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