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  1. well, using your term of segregation, God wants us to segregate ourselves from the world...not physically, but definately in our behavior, thoughts and loyalty but, are you sure it's a certain minority being segregated or perhaps it may be the Christians who define their lives by scripture who are being segregated by a community who could easily take their business elsewhere but prefer instead to harrass and litigate those who have the unmigitated nerve to disagree with their lifestyle? say what? It doesn't matter whether or not I am 'allowed' to say no to people who force their lifestyle down everyone throats and display the most lewd and disgusting acts in public (have you ever seen the gay pride parade in San Franciso?) ...I am OBLIGATED to follow Christ...not a law that goes against the One who created all things and with Whom I wish to spend eternity I see the big picture...for some reason, God has granted me the desire to see the big picture. Homosexuals are nothing but a fist in God's face...He died for them but their sin keeps them from the truth Read Romans 1 You see, I don't have personal religious beliefs...I have a Savior who is Christ the Lord and we had all better start actually acting that way rather then discussing it politely over dinner or in forums like this one cause it is not going to get easier
  2. Sevenseas

    Patrick, a man with a mission

    I always heard he drove the snakes out of Ireland National Geo states it was the ice age.........
  3. Sevenseas

    Israel's election results , Exit Polls & more

    edge of the seat drama
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    Microsoft to axe IE

    I axed it a long time ago........... they've got another in the wings though...some people don't know when to quit
  5. You know, the REAL Supreme Court, tells us that we obey God first. That is the distinction being made here. It's bake a cake today and 'what' tomorrow? Have your children taken out of your home because you teach them that homosexuality is wrong while the curriculum teaches them that anything goes? Oh yes you can. If you believe what the Bible says, then you discriminate. That's all folks. God discriminates. Quite a bit actually. Is it love to hide behind a law just so YOU are not discriminated against? What do you call it when Christians are told to shut up and give up their beliefs? Maybe that is actually the discrimination. This bubble of pretend love with the homosexuals is going to pop one day. Don't be fooled.
  6. The simple truth is that the Bible is the simple truth Homsexuality is a sin. God did not create homosexuals or their lifestyles...Romans 1 is abundantly clear on that Sin is sin.....I wouldn't be able to sell myself a cake if that was the only measuring stick I used However, when a group that consists of one particular sin, endorses that sin, flaunts that sin and can only grow with more sin, changes the basic concept of marriage or the union of a man and a women, then you can be sure that God has given them over to a rebprobate mind A Christian can speak to a homosexual, sell to a homosexual, witness to a homosexual and even love a homosexual in the name of Christ Endorsing the devil's agenda is not an option for any Christian at any time or for any reason Stand up and be counted now folks cause it is only going to get harder You know, homosexuals of both genders speak of gay pride Should Christians be ashamed of Who they represent? Listen, this is serious. The time is now. Some are beheaded for their faith, tortured because they name the name of Christ...yet Christians cannot even define what sin is because they will not stand out in opposition to an agenda that is designed to deny the existance of God at worst or try to make Him as sinful as those who have become lost?
  7. While I do believe that Christians cannot be possessed, it should not be thought that the devil leaves them alone either. Sometimes, the tendency is to act as though the devil cannot challenge a believer...I don't mean the devil personally of course...but demonic spirits This is not something to fear as we know we have the victory already won by our Savior. Unfortuneatly, Christian bookstores harbor an inordinate amount of books by authors who propose far more about the devil then the Bible allows. The Bible does not ignore the devil or his interaction with believers, but the focus is on Christ's victory over the devil and our victory in turn if we are in Christ.
  8. Sevenseas


    yup...I agree Justin. One of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make was breaking off a relationship with someone I loved with all my heart. My brother sat me down and basically told me that I had to choose. He could no longer support my continuing relationship as the man was not a Christian. Thankfully, my brother's words made sense and even though it tore the heart out of me, I made the right decision. It wasn't God's fault ... He didn't tell me to get into that place so I suffered plenty but sin kills in the end ... and it should be uncovered and not covered. Today, I am very thankful I listened and made the choice for God.
  9. That is not exactly how Jesus put it. What He actually said was this: 43“When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. 44Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. 45Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first. That is how it will be with this wicked generation.” Matt 12 The emphasis is on the 'house' being unoccupied. In other words, the person did not fill up on God. I do not believe the Bible indicates that Christians are possessed. But the Bible never states that the Holy Spirit cannot be in the presence of a demon. If the Holy Spirit cannot be in the presence of a demon, then how is anyone ever deliverd of a demon? Demons can and do harrass Christians. Read about the apostle Paul for example.
  10. Sevenseas

    Understanding Sin

    I was just going to post what you have posted Willa. I had that thought in mind exactly...sin is missing the mark...falling short of God's perfect holiness And I don't think we really understand just how far we miss even when we think we may have hit the bull's eye...
  11. Sevenseas


    Several things don't work for me at all 1. Being told I am wrong in a dismissive manner as though somehow the responder is so above my intellect that a further discussion would be over my head 2. Being told I am judging when I post biblical support for what I am trying to say 3. People who take an opportunity to lambast you because of a disagreement you had months ago I think it would really help to use the pm option from time to time rather then accuse ... I'm not American and I grew up with 2 languages besides English. English is my first language, but I post in a pretty straightforward manner. Is there a problem with asking questions rather than accusing? I have been really trying to do that myself Even if you think someone is out of line, is there a reason to jump on them? Aren't you doing just what you say the other person is doing? Just my 2.5 cents
  12. Sevenseas

    Netanyahu's Speech Israel

    Well, I doubt that it his intent but you are free to believe that if you want. Anyway, as you cannot change history, you can at least learn from it. I didn't know Iran was building centrifuges 2500 years ago. Perhaps he was speaking of the future after all I'm not sure why you are so insistent on trying to prove me wrong. I'm not wrong, but you have another go if you like Just remember what both myself and other one said
  13. Sevenseas

    Appearance of evil

    This is false regarding wealth. What is a decent wage? A decent wage is what the market says the labor is worth. No employer forces you to work for them, you are welcome to leave for a higher paying job if you are worth more. Employment is at will, and this relationship only exist because it mutually benefit both participating parties. This entitlement mentality is wrong and is greed itself. If a person's labor is not worth more what they are getting paid now, why do they have the right to demand higher pay. The employer does not owe you anymore than what they agreed to pay you. But a wise employer would pay you a good wage to keep you motivated and stay at the job. Well this is a side topic, but scripture actually does speak of fair wages. Scripture covers alot of ground. Perhaps a quick examination of foreign countries such as Pakistan or China would reveal that millions are paid far below their actual worth. Ever heard of sweat shops? As far as not being forced to work, if the only job a person can get is one that is underpaid and they have a family or even just themself to feed, then guess what.....in most countries they will take the job Over simplification does no one justice. There may be a so called entitilement mentality in the US and even Canada, but in most countries people work to be able to just eat...no fringe benefits. End of side issue.
  14. Sevenseas

    Netanyahu's Speech Israel

    Because your president seems not to be on Israel's side Shiloh. Israel may well be some small little country, but I don't think most people understand the big stick they carry...... I got the message that he thinks that the agreement that Obama and Kerry are proposing is guaranteeing the destruction of Israel within ten years. He says that simply isn't going to happen and I take it, God help us if we get in the way... Never again means more then what happened 70 years ago