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redroses42    454

life is being greatful with what you have and shareing it with others

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roxx    72

I find these quote very over whelming has it read them. Being a christian most all my life i still find it hard to except this for myself. knowing the kind of things i struggle with and fail at, I find it hard that God could feel all these things for me. I am not worthy of such love nor am i deserving of such love.

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NeedYouLord    1,404


Before we knew Him...He loved us...He loved us first...Yes we are born and live in a fallen world and we must be born again to see The Kingdom of God...I know we don't "feel" worthy...but I can't depend on my feelings...they don't tell me The Truth...He Is The Truth...and it's hard to understand because His ways are much higher than ours...I felt as you do for a very long time but keep Seeking The Kingdom of God and all the other (and right "feelings") will follow if we don't give up...one thing that was suggested to me one time was that I was to put the letters A-Z on a piece of paper...like this:





Then I was to think of a word that began with that letter that could describe me that was good and not bad!!!

Like this:

A. Able

B. Ok...I can't think of one right now...Come back to it later...Hahaha

C. Caring

D. Dependable

and do the whole alphabet...

Most of the time these weren't true...but my mind needed transforming and this helped to do that...and before I knew it...I was acting like they were true...and then because we take on The Mind of Christ they are true after a while...because The Truth Says: We are Loved and Chosen...

Love In Him, Kathy

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