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Soy Richard

What is meant by...?

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22 hours ago, kwikphilly said:

Blessings Soy

      I've already asked,respectfully,if you are a Christian (twice)& explained that the Seekers Lounge is for Unbelievers ,Seekers  & guests to ask us(Christians) questions about our Faith......so I suppose since you have not responded that  it is safe to assume that you are not......thats fine,we do welcome everyone to this Ministry

    You certainly do not have to share with us what you do believe but I would like to know what you hope to gain here by posting your question...

                        Your question has been answered several times-although it is clear you do not believe Gods Word is literal ....I do Believe you agree as you just stated.(below)......Maybe you would like to begin another Topic......"Gathering the Elect"

          I think we can all agree here!                                             Praise Jesus                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           God Bless,Kwik

Hi kwikphilly. I'm sorry, you have asked and, yes, most certainly I am a believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I apologise for the delay in clarifying that. My posting to an incorrect section of the network is my ignorance in action. It was my first attempt so, I apologise. : ¬ ]

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Blessings Soy

   No problem at all.....so lets get this Thread moved,you get many more replies when each reply does not require moderator review.which takes a lot of time also !I will mark it now to be moved to the Proper Forum (General Discussion/Inner Court)            I think you will probably enjoy the Prophecy Forum/Eschatology Forum too,which is also in the Inner Court,I do encourage you to begin a Thread there,people with the same interests go there to discuss & share on these Topics

   Thanks for the reply Soy,that was the reason for my question,I did not think you were a Seeker,lol                   With love-in Christ,Kwik

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On 7/2/2017 at 10:35 PM, Soy Richard said:

Hi. What does Jesus want us to understand when he said, "Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? Luke 18,8

Hi Soy Richard, this statement that JESUS made, it is a statement that stands on its own. 

"Nevertheless when the Son of Man cometh, Shall he find faith on the Earth". 

JESUS made this statement before his death on the Cross. 

The people who heard him, what are they supposed to understand. 

I don't think they understood the context JESUS had in his mind when he made that statement. 

Certainly the disciples did not understand what Jesus was saying. 

If you understand what they believe about the CHRIST you may understand them why the keep saying to JESUS don't talk about your self like that, that you are going away , or that you will put to death. 

They were telling Jesus don't you know that the CHRIST will never die, that he will live forever , and rule from Jerusalem forever.

What a strange thing for Jesus to say about himself. 

"When the Son of Man cometh back to Earth......". 

I an not sure if by that time JESUS had raised anyone from the dead. 

He Jesus one time met a widow whose only Son had left the Earth, because he had died, and Jesus brought him back to the Earth, from the place of the dead. 

And I think it was another young woman, a daughter of someone I don't remember their names, who had died but was not buried, who had just died, a day or two, the same as the young man, the only son of the window, whom JESUS met his funeral procession, whom JESUS met the dead body or the corpse, of the departed, which in both these events they had departed from amongs the living in the Earth, and were amongs the Dead in the Land of the Dead in the heart of the Earth. 

And whom JESUS raised from the dead, and they came back to the Earth. 

JESUS CHRIST knew that no one, not even his disciples believe that he had to die, and go to the place of the dead, and he also knew that even his own disciples when they see him dead on the Cross, they all without exception they will stopped believing in him that he was the CHRIST. 

Because they believe that the CHRIST will never die, and they watch JESUS been crusified with the hope and the expectation, that been a test, and the means by which God will intervene and safe him, and revealing him to all as the CHRIST, and all the people including the Preist will bow down and worship him. 

But that didn't happen, and at the time of his death, everyone stopped believing in him. 

So JESUS CHRIST was right when he was raised from the place of the dead, and he came back to Earth, "would he found faith", JESUS CHRIST was right, he did not find anyone believing in him, he did not find any faith in anyone still believing in him and waiting to welcome him at the time of his resurection. 

To the contrary they were getting ready to put away and buried his body. JESUS when he came back to Earth from the place of the dead, he did not find any faith, he was right , he knew the consepts in people about the CHRIST and he knew when he died, that everyone who was believing in him, will be disappointed and stopped believing. 



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