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  1. We have Jesus's commands, we know what we are to do, if we are following Jesus we will know the bible as R12:1+2 say have, 'bible biased brains' so we know and can test what Gods will is. What more do we need?
  2. Many great men and women of God had the discipline to apply themselves to serving God. Read about David Brainard, William Carey, Jim Elliot etc how they stuck at a task despite it being difficult.
  3. Have you talked with the pastor? Is he going through the motion or is his faith real? How does he and the 'movers and shakers' of your church see you? Do they care, have they called because you haven't been there on sunday? We go to church to worship, to encourage others, to be challenged and not to feel good. Please talk to your pastor, explain what/how you are feeling. If he can't help you start checking out other churches in the area.
  4. Who ever is the administrator for your pc needs to sort this out. Most antivirus systems will let you enter the age and sex of children and permit you to limit access to known sites. eg, for a 12 year old girl it will stop access to porn sites, violent games etc etc You can also set time limits for how l;ong they can access the internet.
  5. Yes everything miraculous is a teaching tool, from creation via Jesus resurrection to the 2nd coming. They all didn't happen. Er if that is true just what is Christianity? Is Paul correct in saying that if Jesus did not rise from the dead, literally and physically we have no forgiveness of sins? If Jesus did rise from the dead, what is so hard to belief that God could do everything the bible says?
  6. Who me


    To whom are you replying to? You have quoted my quote of the first post!
  7. Who me


    I am sorry to hear of your divorce. It takes two to make a marriage, but only one to end it. Please take the time to grieve and mourne for the lose of your marriage. God may work in your xhusbands heart, that is something you have to leave to him. Now you have to face your life without him. Rebuild your life and wait and see.
  8. May I suggest you ask what they mean by saying this? To me someone saying to me " I need time and space!" is a polite way of saying, 'I don't want to hear5 what you are saying.'
  9. Two aspecs to this. A street preacher has the right to address the public so long as he is not breaching the peace, causing an obstruction or being a public nusance. The laws/by laws on these have to be obeyed. 2nd tolerance is a Christian virtue, in a world that rejects Christian morality tolerance is coming to mean' agree with me'
  10. Wel done, note you did more than just pray. You persisted in resisting temptation, despite failures and you continue to persits. When people ask can X be prayed away they often expect one or two prayers and the problem is gone. The magic fairy has removed their problem. There is no exoectation of having to work hard at dealing with a bad habit etc.
  11. Romans 14:23 But whoever has doubts is condemned if they eat, because their eating is not from faith; and everything that does not come from faith is sin. Is the whole verse, but the context is about weak faith v strong faith and supporting the weak faith particularly in the area of meat offered to idols/demons. In that context it is wrong to say that a hoby of bird watching is sinful just as much as it is wrong to say having doubts or questons about Christianity is sinful. You may believe that everything in life that does not involve faith is sin, it will lead to to a very dull life or to some far fetched interpretations so you can live a life.
  12. Please reread your ist post and my reply. You said you believe that God does not condem and I provided evidence that that believe is false.
  13. Faith is a gift from God we do not esrn it nor do we deserve it. Note the quote from Romans has nothing to do with faith so should not have been quoted. A verse taken out of context is a pretext for a proof text. R14 is about eating meat sacrificed to idols. It is bad exegsis, potentally misleading the vunerable to believe that there doubts are sinful, when there is nothing wrong with doubts or questions, provided one is searching for biblical answers.
  14. I know what it takes to be saved. I am a repentant sinner. I am trusting soley in Jesus.
  15. Except they do say that what they falsly teach is the word of God. No where in the bible does it say if you give in the collection to God, a 100, then God will give you back 100+. As for people being condemned. Jesus said those who do not believe in him are already condemned. Your belief is false as God chose those who would follow Jesus before he created the universe. So it follows that he also chose those who would not follow Jesus.
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