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  1. Who me

    Evidence VS. Proof

    And often this excludes the possibility of the supernatural and it is this tat makes arguing for Christianity so difficult. Fortunately we do not make people Christian. Our task is to talk, argue and debate with them and pray for them. It is God who saves them.
  2. Who me

    Books that feed me

    I find biographical books difficult because they so rarely show the down side of life, Corries does try to do that. one biography I'd recommend is 'Missing believed Killed by Margret Hayes. You can get it from dayone publications. Suggestion alternate these sort of books with more challenging theological books and do take what ever you're reading in to work to read at lunch time, as it can generate conversations.
  3. Who me

    Faith and Healing

    And this is a biblical issue about faith or about self medication? is God's purpose for us to be 'happy' or is it for us to be saved and glorifying God?
  4. Who me

    God’s Gift

    Don't bee. This thread is about living through trials and that is what I've been talking about. It is never easy to follow, to trust God when live is tough.
  5. Who me

    Let's Start a Dialogue

    And that the only reasonable lifestyle/worldview is Christianity.
  6. Unfortunately most churches work on this set up where a small band do nearly everything and the rest sit on chairs. Have you talked with the minister and any church elders about the lack of vision for evangelism. There is an old illustration:- A painter was asked to paint a picture of a dead church. The day for unveiling it arrived and there was great expectation, what would it be like. But people where shocked at the painting, it showed a lovely building with full pews. How was this church dead? The artist merely pointed to the missionary collection box covered in cobwebs. A nice sermon illistration, the reality is if the church is not prepared to support missionaries at home and abroad with real giving of time ad money. Then find another church. Do explain to the minister and thee congregation why.
  7. Who me

    Let's Start a Dialogue

    One has to understand the bias of the person one is talking to. nonchristians will not willingly acknowledge anything that implies a creator.
  8. Who me

    Concerning the Nature of the Universe

    Talk to your work colleges, take a book in on creationism and leave it out, or be seen reading it at lunch. It will generate conversations. Demonstrate that scientifically that the universe had a beginning and ask 'What caused it to exist?' and you'll quickly learn how illogical non christian thought and argument is. Fine tuning. atoms/molecules are held together by a force that is very precise. if it was only a little bit stronger those atoms/molecules would not be able to part to enable chemical reactions to take pace and if a little weaker would not be able to hold together. Gods character is that he is 'good' therefore creation reflects Gods character, why else does every person believe in right and wrong.
  9. Or it was far more likely formed by the water of the flood running off the land. Question. Where can you see a meandering river that is erroding its way though solid rock today?
  10. And look at the people rushing to become Christian;) It is irrelevant.
  11. Who me

    Speed Bumps

    Don't understand your question?
  12. Who me

    help with sciptures

    you should be finding these in your church. two suggestions, check out christianityexplored web site for churches in you area and try them out. 2nd look at the shipoffools mystery sworshipper page and do a report on your church and the other churches you visit, sending a copy to the minister.
  13. Who me

    The women at the well

    All Christians are sinnes saved by grace and are temples of the holy Spirit. As individuals we are not the church, we are only tat as a congragation.
  14. Who me

    God’s Gift

    No it is more like holding on to the guy from a helicopter, without the safety strap. Very stressful, muscles screaming to stop and an awful fate if you let go. When life kicks you in the teeth and stamps on your hands leaving you helpless, it takes an act of weak will to trust God. it hurts. Read Job, do you think he found it easy to trust God, yet he did. it is so very easy to 'curse God and give up' when life is to much. Think of Asia bibi, she could have come out of her solitary prison if she'd only cursed Jesus and become a muslim. P years in solitary, puts our troubles in their place as Paul put it, being tortured to death is a light and momentary trouble.
  15. This is something we are still exploring, in the past we have tried to help single parents, without any visible success. Usualy by people befriending them, helping with claiming benefits, temporary accommodation, help finding more permanent accommodation, support, gifts of baby cloths etc. What has happened is they've met someone and move in with them and they have cut the contacts with us.