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  1. I've no problem with reading it. I know I don't understand it, I do have a problem with those who are adament that they understand it and that the return will follow this series of events. There are so many variations that I leave it at Jesus is coming again.
  2. An old Christian called Billy Bray was once asked about prayer, he replied,' See that brass pot the wife's been polishing. If you give that a bit of a rub ever now and then it'll stay nice and bright, but if you let it go, you'll have a real job to get it bright again.' Do what you have been doing, quick short prayers about now issues. When you've more time spend more time in dedicated prayer. Try following ACTs where, A= Adoration C=Confession T=Thanksgiving S= Supplication About what you say, pray intelligently never use the 'God bless xxxx' say why you want God to act in that life/situation.
  3. The only thing you didn't expand on was that it was the whole company of the guard. This was either a centuriae or a sub unit vexilation. Imagine a platoon of professional soldiers allowed to 'play' with a prisoner already condemned to death and add in the ritual of humiliating thatprisoner and Isaiah report of him having no lovelyness starts to make sense. A detachment of roman solders amused themselfs punching their victem, of beating him on the head. He would not have been recognisable as human once they finished. Despite all he suffered physicaly the worse was the pollution of our sin and the Father turning his face away. We will never know how much this cost Jesus.
  4. Yet the labourer is worthy of his hire and when thrashing they were forbidden to mussle the cow treading out the grain. How many hours of study is represented in a sermon you've listened to, or in a Christian book/blo you've read. If you have freely recieved from those hours of study, are you prepared to donate that amount of hourly pay to charity? Not all minister are multily millionaires, many are poorly paid and make extra income through writing. The hristian writers I know, not many, don't make much out of publishing and freely give books to missions that can use them. Here is a suggestion. Have a table put out in your church and announce that the congragtion can put unwanted Christian books on the table. People can take books from the table and make a cash donation. After a set period send the cash to a mission organisation and the books once sorted to missions that can use them, any that can't be forwarded recycle.
  5. Who me

    One Man One Woman

    Reread genesis and you'll find God's plan formarriage there where as prommisespromises has already said. When God say a man will leave his family and join together with his wife. Note singular one wife. Just because the bible records multiple wives, murder, incest, theft etc etc does not mean that God has approved of what his people are doing.
  6. or being disapointed cos Jesus didn't follow our plan for his return. I think Jesus's return is exciting enough with out worrying about the details. Even if they are significant, once wikth God in eternity we will be able to view the return as often as we need. ( God being out side of time can see every moment of time.)
  7. Jesus is coming again. That is all I need to know.
  8. Those verses are about temptation not about an abusive church leadership. If one is in a church like that, one should talk to the leadership and if they won't listen, leave that church. It is unlikely that an abusive minister will have the humility to preach a gospel message that challenges himself as well as his congragation.
  9. It really depends on the people in the church, how they have organised the church and the willingness of people to be involved. Most single women form close friendships and support groups with other women. They tend to have a higher proportion of singles init for two reasons. Singles can more easily drop everuthing and come running. They don't present the problem of childlessness and husbandlessness that married women present. That said any church organising small groups, home study cells, fellowship circles etc etc will arrange a mix of ages and single/married. There is also nothing stopping the young adualts in a church from organising there own social and spiritual activities and from sharing those activities with others in similar churches.
  10. Where do you get this idea from? Please support it with biblical quotes. I'm aware of a passage that likens the devil to a roaring lion seeking those it can devour. But that is a simarlarly, not a discription.
  11. Henry VIII is a poor example as he excuted those who rejected his adoption oif vthe position of head of the Church in England, while also exceuting those who taught the Lords prayer in English./ Then they rightly knew that what one believed was very important, literally amatter of life or death.
  12. What needs to be remembered is that many in the 16th century thought that the RC church needed reforming. There problem was they couldn't agree on what to base any reformation. Luther's protest was about abuse's of indulgence's, something most accepted as a fact. That the RC church could not control it's self lead to the reformation and violent attempts to repress it. That biblical based theology is offensive to RC is seen in the declaration's that came out of the council of Trent. Things like 'he who declares salvation is by faith is anathema!'
  13. As Justin has said it is not clear what is happening in this marriage. You want to leave it. Why? Grounds for divorce under Christianity are only unfaithfullness. He and his family are trying to preserve a marriage, that makes me think there are children involved. Divorce always harms the children. May I suggest that you both go for marriage councelling with a few to repairingyour relationship and continuing the marrage.
  14. And what about rebuking and discipline. As proverbs says, ' Faithful are the wounds from a friend.' All to often Christians leave the churches where their behaviour is challenged by sound preaching and their guilty conscience.
  15. I 'm not at all sure why you have replied to my post. Is it because you do not know what a question is? Any sentence with '?' at the end is a question. The sentence you quoted from my post has a '?' at its end, so is questioning what is in the sentence. Also homosexuality does not cause anyone to go to hell. It is the rejection of Jesus as Lord and saviour that does that.
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