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  1. You are the one who is contradicting scripture. It clearly says, 'if he repents, forgive him.' Something you totaly ignore. Just as you ignore the comand to be like God. God only forgives when there is repentance.
  2. Why do you ignore what the OT taught the Jews? Have you never read that when they were aware of sin or making confession for sin. They were to take there best animal to the alter, lay there hand upon it while its throat was cut. Now to do that they had to recognise that they had sinned. That they were prepared to admit that and put it right. One cannot stand watching your best lamb die while smugly contemplaiting that you have sinned. An animal has died to put you right with God, one can only be sorry, hopefuly for sin, but also for the animal that died. That goes right through the OT. Then bring God into the picture. through out the OT he threatens judgement on Israel if they break the contract they have with him. There are curses that will come into effect and only removed if/when Israel turns from there wicked ways( repent) and prays. That is the picture in the NT. A passage few people bother to read is Luke 17. It has the shocking words. " if your brother repents you must forgive him." or words to that effect.
  3. I have no problem with forgiving others, what you have not identified is when do we have to forgive others. Please remember the whole bible teaches that before there is forgiveness there has to be repentance.
  4. Appeal to me for what? While I agree not forgiving and not passing that incident and emotions over to God leads to bitterness etc. I am concerned that you do not see the otherside and are unconcerned by the pain and heart ache that is caused by those who think they must forgive, when there is no biblical command that says they must.
  5. Rude because I do not know who they are? Rude because it is unclear who is a christian and who is not? In that sence yes.
  6. Looks like noone is going to answe this. For what it is worth. If I were a modertor, I would want any potential mods to demonstrate familiarity with the site ad to be able to find the mods etc.
  7. It is still a request by both Jesus and Stephen. What you chose to do regarding forgiveness is up to you. But it is when it is falsely taught that Christians must forgive and this is presented to those who have suffered real injury and they are expected to some how express a forgiveness they donot have that I make so much of a fuss about this. No one here has presented a theology of forgiveness that accounts for how God forgives right through the bible and how we are to forgive, accept myself.
  8. Who? Are they of any importance or relevance ? Who is supposed to be 'christian' and who is suposed not to be. Totaly unclear from the thread. I'll say this, how can any Christian be surprised at the level of hatred expressed by nonchristians to any Christian who dares point out that there are valid standards that are contary to those held by society. There are plenty of blogs that report the victimisation of Christians in the west.
  9. Secular knowledge is of great worth, that is science, medical, engineering, electrical etc knowledge, but worldly wisedom rejects Jesus as Saviour and Lord so is worthless.
  10. You want examples. God calling to Adam after he had eaten the forbidden fruit. God speacking with Adam driving home his guilt and still showing him mercy. God speaking to Cain after he had rejected his offering of fruit+veg. God speaking to Noah and his constant provission for Noah. Carry on.
  11. Read the OT, every time you come across God speaking to a prophet etc or a prophet addressing the people that is an example of Gods grace in action. God did not have to do anything, that he did shows something of the extent of his love, grace and mercy.
  12. I always wonder What is the point of these pictiures? What difference do they make to peoples lives? Are they becoming more Christ like in the way they live or are they seeking to make money out of this object?
  13. Simple answer is to talk to your parents. But if you can't do that then tell God you are sorry and ask him to forgive you and tell him you want Jesus as your Saviour and Lord. May I suggest that you go to church and talk to the minister.
  14. Most anger is selfish, it is about what affects me. But anger about what is affecting others is different. When we hear about child abuse or about injustice or cruelty to people or animals that is not automatically sinful. It is how we react after our first reaction. Anger that does not lead to positive action but only grows is sinful. Anger that causes us to seek to end what has made us angry is not sinful.
  15. Jesus came only to Israel, to the Jews simple because they were the ones God had chosen to hear his message, to hold the blood line that would bare the annoited one. Jesus fulfilled all the prophercies of a coming Messiah. The gospel is found in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Not as clearly as Paul preaches it but it is there. What is very significant is Jesus sending the disciples out into the whole world. That alone shows that the gospel was not for Israel only.
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