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Isn't it amazing to see how fast these endtimes prophecies are being fulfilled now?? These days we are living in are really getting interesting!! But let's remember to "fear not".

Just a reminder for those who are starting to become alarmed or overwhelmed by the events taking place in the world:

Mathew 24:6 - "You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come."

Everything is right on schedule folks, God is in control!!

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And guess who is seated next to Pres. Bush at the NATO Summit meeting?? This would be a great place to sit if you were seeking financial aid to help build Europes Rapid Reaction Force. Click on the link below to see the photo:


Thu Nov 21, 2002 / 5:59 AM ET

U.S. President George W. Bush (news - web sites), centre, speaks with U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell (news - web sites), left, during the opening session of the NATO (news - web sites) summit in Prague Thursday Nov. 21, 2002. NATO leaders Thursday formally invited seven ex-communist countries to join the alliance. Seated next to President Bush at right is European Union (news - web sites) foreign policy chief Javier Solana. (AP Photo/Laurent Rebours)

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Time is winding down folks, and by the looks of this article, Solana will be the one in charge. Of course it's still premature, but in the event of a crisis, which we know there will be one coming, Javier Solana will take the bull by the horns. He will be given emergency powers should a crisis arise, even now. He was already given these powers. This article shows that he will retain them. Here's the story:


02.12.2002 - 15:58 CET

Barnier working group proposes EU defence-zone

MICHEL BARNIER - the French Commissioner and chair of the Convention's working group on defence did not manage to move defence competencies to within the Commission's powers (Photo: EU Commission)

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The European Convention working group on defence has presented its preliminary draft report. The group, chaired by Commissioner Michel Barnier, presents the idea of a new hybrid of EU and national institutions to run European defence in the future. As some EU member states are non-aligned or neutral it is proposed to establish a new Euro defence-zone, similar to that of the Eurozone set up by the Maastricht Treaty where not all member states participate.

EU Commission without influence in defence

The Council, where EU ministers meet, would hold the power in relation to defence, according to the working group's draft report, seen by the EUobserver. The "High Representative", a post currently held by Javier Solana, would have the "right of initiative in crisis management matters." Practically this means the Convention group sided with those who are determined to keep defence member state issue

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Very interesting! Very interesting indeed!!

If this article is the true design of the future of Europe, then it is clear that the six month rotating pawns will be coming to a halt soon as expected. This was my original idea for posting this thread to begin with, because the Bible clearly says that the AC will think to change times and laws (Dan.7:25). It may appear that it is Giscards idea, but the idea was originally thought of by Javier Solana. It is also interesting that they want to remove some of Solana's responsibilities, that of Foreign Affairs. The article also suggests that the new President Elect of Europe will be "co-ordinator", instead of "commander". This doesn't sound like the AC will be much of a dictator. Wait a minute here folks, not so fast. We must not forget who will be given the power in case of a national emergency. It just might be possible that the election for the EU Presidency may never happen, meaning that it is very possible to have that emergency before the election takes place. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?? Hmmmm?? Here's the story:


04.12.2002 - 07:58 CET

Giscard outlines Europe vision to French National Assembly


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EU Defense-Zone

Why am I surprised?

After all, I've been saying I thought the battle for control of the European Union had already been won by the Council. So, why should it surprise me to hear that the European Convention -- the forum where the battle for control of the EU is to be decided -- has offically sided with the Council.

Yet, I am surprised. And, it's being reported some are even more surprised than I am - most notably, external relations Commissioner Chris Patten. Patten, of course, wants the EU's foreign policy placed under his control in the Commission.

But, it now appears this will never happen. The Convention is recommending that the foreign policy be kept with the Council. And, the Council is where the EU's 10-nation military alliance has its headquarters under the leadership of Javier Solana.

Not only that, it's also recommending the creation of a Euro-defense-zone. This means, it's recommending that only a select group of EU nations -- probably the 10-nation alliance -- be given leadership over all of the EU's security. If you've been following my commentaries, you know that I've been expecting something like this to happen.

In other words, it's beginning to look more and more that my book, Recommendation 666, may have documented an amazing fulfillment of prophecy. Starting with the implementation of the 10-nation WEU's Recommendation 666 back in 2000 by France and Solana, we've been watching a 10-nation, military takeover of the EU.

Now here's something for us to consider: Will the three Benelux nations -- Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands -- be removed from the group of nations that will make up this new Euro-defense-zone? If you recall, these three nations have officially sided with the Commission and not the Council.

Interesting question, isn't it?



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Romano Prodi is getting more desperate all the time. As I said before, he is a wanna be. He just tried to slip a fast one in on 'em. This is gonna cause him much more damage than good. Here's the story:

06.12.2002 - 09:55 CET

Prodi causes confusion with secret draft constitution

ROMANO PRODI - the Commission president has angered fellow commissioners by writing up a draft constitution in secret. (Photo: EU Commission)

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - Thursday saw some confusion among journalists, commission officials and interested onlookers in Brussels. Were there one or two Commission documents on the future of Europe? The answer was one "official document" and one "penelope." The latter of which no-one wanted to take any responsibility for.

Forced to show his hand through media leaks which got the two papers tangled up with one another, Commission President Romano Prodi finally admitted on Thursday that he and some of his commissioners (Antonio Vitorino and Michel Barnier) were conducting a "feasibility study" to give a "first idea of how a treaty could be organised on the basis of the preliminary draft constitution treaty presented to the Convention by the presidium." Mr Prodi submitted the 'unofficial' document to the presidium on Wednesday along with the 'official' document endorsed by 20 commissioners. This led presidium member Guiliano Amato to remark: "We did not quite understand the relation between the two."

The secret document, known as Penelope, has infuriated other commissioners who were not part of the super-trio (Prodi-Barnier-Vitorino) working on the future of Europe debate and was strongly opposed within the college say insiders.

Ratify or else...

In the end, the 177-page document was reduced to a "working document" and is introduced with the words "this feasibility study does not necessarily represent the views of the European Commission." Whether it represents the views of many commissioners or otherwise it contains some big proposals - not least on how to ratify a future treaty.

Mr Prodi's draft constitution suggests that member states make "a declaration confirming the resolve of its people to continue to belong to the Union". Failure to do this means the state "leaves the Union." If 5/6 of member states approve the new treaty, then it will enter into force anyway. Such a ratification clause could cause problems for countries such as Ireland, where referenda on new EU treaties have become the norm. This country's delay in ratifying the Nice Treaty gave rise to the current debate on ratification.

Broad mutual assistance for defence and "serious difficulties"

Another very controversial point is a suggested mutual defence clause - much like article five in the NATO treaty - whereby there would be an "obligation of mutual assistance in the event of an attack." The paper does not stop there, it suggests that such an assitance clause should be extended so that "if one of the member states experiences serious difficulties by reason of exceptional events, the other member states shall provide it with the requisite assistance." The paper proposes defence policy be an "integral part of the Union's external relation policy."

Another part of the draft set to annoy member states is the policies that the Union would count among its own. A "principle policy" would include justice and home affairs where the Union would ensure "a high degree of security, the prevention and combatting of crime and judicial cooperation." "Flanking policies" would include social policy and employment and health.

PDF Document Feasibility study

Written by Honor Mahony

Edited by Nicola Smith


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Prodi Speaks With Two Tongues

You may have wondered why I didn't post a commentary yesterday. I'll tell you why. I'm trying to understand the latest flurry of events in the battle for control of the new, super European Union

Everybody was expecting Commission President, Romano Prodi, to deliver his recommendations for a new European Union treaty and Constitution to the Convention on the Future of Europe. But, nobody was expecting him to deliver two recommendations.

But, that's what Prodi did. He delivered two different recommendations on the same day. One recommendation was the one officially approved by his Commission and 20 Commissioners, and the other was unofficial and compiled in secrete (Read about it here).

Talk about confusion: Now nobody knows what to think! The 20 Commissioners are wondering what's going on, the press is wondering what's going on, and EU observers -- myself included -- are wondering what's going on.

Perhaps one of the strangest things about this for me is the fact that one of the people named who worked with Prodi on this secret, unofficial recommendation was Michel Barnier. Barnier, you may recall, is the same man who heads the Convention's defense working group. And, just recently, it was reported his working group will be recommending the creation of a Euro-defense-zone (Read about it here). And, this idea is being seen as a recommendation by the Convention to increase the powers of the Council and the High Representative, Javier Solana.

So, which is it? Does Barnier support strengthening the powers of Prodi and the Commission, or does he support the Member States who want to increase the powers of Solana and the Council?

Here's what I'm beginning to think: The news that is now coming out of the EU is for public consumption -- it's all Euro-spin. The truth of the matter may be the exact opposite of what's officially being said. And, this applies to all the major combatants who are battling for control of the new, super EU. So, from now on, the real, most important issues are being discussed and worked on completely out of sight and behind tightly closed doors.

This being the case, it's more necessary now than ever for we students of Bible prophecy to keep our eyes on the road signs. Road signs are events foretold in Scripture, and now documented in history.

So far, these road signs are:

1948 Israel was reborn as a nation.

1950 The Roman Empire began reviving.

1992 Israel began saying "Peace and safety!"

1995 A 10-nation alliance appeared in Europe.

1999 The first Mr. Europe, Javier Solana, came on the scene.

2000 Mr. Europe and the 10 nations became the EU's military wing.

And they did it implementing W.E.U. Assembly Recommendation 666.

The point I'm trying to make is: We may not know exactly what's going on in the EU behind those tightly closed doors, but God does.

And, He knew it over two thousand years ago.


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Romano Prodi is only a wanna be. Although his name appears to be a good one for the position of AC (Roman Prodigal), he is nothing more than a desperate decoy. He can not be the one the world is waiting for, because he was not the one who fulfilled Daniel 7:25, and he is also losing ground fast. Here's the story:


09.12.2002 - 09:19 CET

Giscard will not be Penelope's suitor


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Javier Solana is one slick dude, and he has already grabbed the bull by the horns. Now it is his time to build the perfect beast. Click and go on the link below:


16.12.2002 - 09:56 CET

EU ready for military operations within weeks

COPENHAGEN COUNCIL went one step further when confirming the Union

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It's all winding down.

Click on the link below :


17.12.2002 - 06:12 CET

NATO and EU sign historic partnership agreement

NATO Secretary General LORD ROBERTSON and JAVIER SOLANA European Union High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy agreed the EU will use NATO logistics, including information, and will have access to the NATO planning base SHAPE. (Photo: NATO)

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The EU can finally really develop its Security and Defence Policy by having access to NATO capacities and assets after signing the partnership agreement Monday in NATO Headquarters in Brussels on Monday.

The agreement was concluded in a NATO meeting, attended by NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson and EU foreign policy chief, Javier Solana.

The EU will now be allowed to use NATO logistics, including information, and from now on have access to the NATO planning base SHAPE, located in Mons, Belgium. "This is a milestone in the history of relations between NATO and the EU," said Lord Robertson.

The breakthrough came during the Copenhagen Summit last week. Up until then it was either Greece or Turkey who had blocked progress, mainly due to relations with the divided island Cyprus. At the Council, France and Germany were told to put pressure on Turkey to drop its position which it had maintained for the last two years.

The agreement clearly specifies that Europeans will only be present in the areas where NATO has no collective military engagement. The two forces will then be complementary and never competitive, both sides are keen to stress.

Crisis management possible

The EU will now have a stronger capacity for crisis management and can take over the peacekeeping operation Amber-Fox in Macedonia in the coming weeks. The European rapid reaction force (comprising 60,000 people who can be operational within 60 days for more than a year) will also be fully up and running in 2003.

The Bosnia mission, currently run by the NATO force SFOR will be taken over on 1 March next year. With the EU set to take on a bigger role in the Balkans, the US will reduce its presence in the area.

Press Articles Die Welt Financial Times RTP BBC Yahoo France Telegraph

Audio Clips Press Conference, 16 December 2002

Official Documents EU-NATO Declaration on ESDP

Written by Mihaela Gherghisan

Edited by Honor Mahony

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