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  1. Lots of names here I haven't seen in years.
  2. No YOWM. i think i am taking a break from “christian” sites for a bit. I have been on quite a few. Always seems there are more pharisees than disciples. I have some good pastor friends that i converse with. I think between that and my own personal studies i should be good for a while.
  3. Well folks. It's been fun (kinda). I think the time has come for me to leave this forum. Nice getting to know some of you. If you need to get a hold of me my email is in my profile. If not, see ya on the other side.
  4. I don't have my concordance in front of me. But God told Adam he would give him a Helper. Then Jesus told the disciples that He was sending a Helper. I know one was probably written in Hebrew and one in Greek. But do they go back to the same meaning in the concordance?
  5. Well I guess I mean didn't the devil come in the form of a serpent
  6. Wasn't the serpent the devil?
  7. I wonder why the serpent was allowed in the garden. If everything was perfect before the fall, why was the serpent able to be there.
  8. My wife and i just got back from our 3rd weekend to remember. Always enjoy these. Lots to learn and lots to work on.
  9. I don't mean to start rivalry. But personally the only thing I thought that was close to as good as the eagles winning is the Patriots losing. After all of the cheating and scandals that they have been involved in I can't stand to watch them. And there is the redemption of the 2004 Super Bowl when the patriots beat the eagles.
  10. That is a tough one. Are there any mechanics around that could do the work for her so you guys don't have to do it?
  11. I am so glad the Eagles finally got a Super Bowl ring. I have like the Eagles my entire life. Rooted for them even in the Chip Kelly days. I love the fact that they are so many Christians on that team as well. Oh and I cannot stand the Patriots.
  12. Pray Pray Pray. Maybe you could talk her into seeing a youth pastor that could help her see the truth behind the lies that she is believing.
  13. I think it all stems from the fall. We are born into a sin nature. We are all trying to get more, acquire more, know more, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Sometimes God tells us that that isn't the way for us. Then when he shows us the way we should go we rebel back into thinking we can run our own lives. Not sure if that makes sense or not.
  14. I would seriously cut me lisses if i were you. He doesnt seem concerned about you or your feelings imho.
  15. Maybe i misspoke. I meant like see more detail of the craters.
  16. I'm not talking about physical death. I mean their spirit.
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