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  1. Does God change you in afterlife?

    The Bible does speak of our bodies in the afterlife. 1 Corinthians 15 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Corinthians+15&version=ESV [1] Paul first speaks of the resurrection of Christ. [2] Then he teaches of the resurrection of our own bodies as Christians [He had to give this teaching because some in the immature church at Corinth were listening to false teachers who claimed there is no resurrection for humanity.] [3] Lastly, he speaks of how that will happen. Verse 42 - Our bodies here are perishable, meaning they get sick, get physically harm, wear out, and die. Our bodies in heaven will be imperishable. They will not get sick, harmed, wear out, or die. Verse 43 - We "sow" dishonor and weakness here. We sin. Even the best of us. In heaven we will "sow" power. No sin. Verse 44 - We have a natural body here, but a spiritual body in heaven. We are made from dust here, and in heaven, from supernatural ways of God in heaven. When Christ was resurrected from the dead, he still had a "body", but that body pass through walls and could not be killed again. Still a body, but supernatural. Verses 50-51 - A body that is perishable [see verse 42 again] cannot inherit the imperishable. So for us to be made imperishable, God will change us, Himself, in the twinkling of an eye. Paul says this is a mystery, but that we will put on immortality. [4] For the Christian, we believe that God will change us at the moment proper to him from earthly bodies to supernatural bodies capable of living forever in physical, mental, and spiritual power and peace.
  2. Do you like cats?

    People who don't have an affinity for cats or who don't have experience around cats don't understand. They aren't dogs. They aren't pet birds. They aren't goldfish. Cats aren't for everyone, I know that, but I love them. I had to have one put down yesterday and even though she was a feral cat, we loved her. Cat lovers don't enjoy hearing stories of cats suffering or abuse towards cats. It's painful to hear. Some think it funny, but it isn't.
  3. church hopping

    Thank you for clarifying who said this. To me, it's worse when a pastor says something like this. If he sees visitors who have come a time or two, his place is not to assume that they are troublemakers and investigate them for demons but to welcome them and show the love of God and preach the gospel to them. He'll know as time goes by if they are going to be a problem.
  4. Can someone explain Hebrews 6:18 to me?

    "Two unchangeable things" - What two things? [1] God promise [to Abraham] [2] God's oath/pledge [the the heirs of Abraham] Because God cannot lie - these two things are trustworthy
  5. This is the last verse in a paragraph beginning in verse 1. Jesus is teaching not to be so hard-hearted as to judge people's relationship with God with a measuring stick that even YOU won't pass. He says not to be hypocritical and demand that others straighten up when we have and our sinful issues that we ignore. He is chastising the believer for not being humble and loving towards others who may not believe. THEN, on the other hand, believers cannot be door mats. "That which is holy" and "pearls" are the gospel giving to the non-believer. The dogs and the pigs are those non-believers who only hate and tear down. We must acknowledge that sometimes a non-believer is only there to mock, ridicule, blaspheme, and tear down the gospel. We are to understand where the dividing line is. King Solomon gave two proverbs about that. "Do NOT answer a fool according to his folly......" and "Do answer a fool according to his folly...." Believers MUST let go to sinful judging of others [not judging in general but judging that produces no fruit] and to lovingly present the gospel. They must also know when to walk away.
  6. Cancer.

    I'm praying for a complete healing.
  7. church hopping

    I'll say this kindly. It's not your business why someone is leaving a church. It's certainly not your business to tattle to the pastor and if he is worth his salt, he will not reveal their personal business to the membership. People don't always leave for bad reasons. A lot of people leave for good and valid reasons. If those people decide to share why they have left their church and do it in a non-gossipy way and explain that they are looking for truth, help, or a place to serve, that's fine. There is too much church hopping these days. Some for good reasons and some for poor reasons.
  8. Turned into a Den of thieves.

    [1] Balaam used witchcraft/divination, he hated God's people because he couldn't get rich off of them, he devised a plan for their destruction, and he was not a man of God. Balaam cannot be compared to a Godly pastor who does God's work and earns a salary. [2] The scribes that Jesus warned about were professional copyists who lived hypocritical lives and cared for no one but themselves. These men were not Godly pastors doing God's work who also receive a salary. [3] We plead the cause of the poor and needy at my church. So do alot of churches in my area. [4] I know a lot of righteous pastors who consider the cause of the poor and needy and urge the churches to do something about it. [5] Again .... my point #1, #2, #3, and #4. [6] Again, for the umpteenth time, no one can command anyone to tithe and I have never in my life time seen or heard of these church that you have claimed ad nausem that are commanding the poor and the needy to tithe. It's time for you to call a spade and spade and proclaim the name of that church and the proof that you have or leave this topic alone. You accuse and accuse and accuse with never a drop of evidence. You don't go to church yourself and these charges are getting very, very old.
  9. What is your opinion on young earth creationism

    Why do you view Genesis 1 and 2 as contradictory? Did a non-believer tell you that? Have you actually read Genesis 1 and 2? Genesis 1 and actually on through Genesis 2:3 where God rests on the 7th day is the full account of all seven days. The rest of Genesis 2 is a repeat of day 6 - and gives detail to the creation of Adam and Eve. What's the problem?
  10. Internet christians.

    ......so you aren't going to answer my question? You'd be quite surprised how many Christians here know and embrace a lot about science. We're not all as dumb as a brick like you assert we are. I won't post again until you answer my question about your sample data and link to your instrument for your "90%" of Christians knowing nothing about science. And, btw, I do pray for you even though all you do is come here to purposely insult. I'm burdened for you.
  11. Internet christians.

    Could you give us your empirical data? A link to the instrument you used? Actually, just an abstract describing your sample will do fine. It would make your assertion much more logical and less emotional.
  12. A Secular Bible Question

    I would have to agree with Rick Parker. One word? TRUTH.
  13. God is eternal. Timeless. Take today for example. God existed eternally looking back at yesterday and and going back as far as the mind can comprehend and even eternally past that. By the same token, God exists eternally looking forward to tomorrow and moving ahead as far as the mind can comprehend. He exists eternally beyond our comprehension. Time doesn't not define God. God defines time. He made the moon, sun, and stars so that man could "mark the seasons and days and years". Time is for US, not God. Our days are finite and are perishable bodies are not eternal. We NEED to tell time. Time cannot pass if there is nothing to "mark" it as Genesis says. Before clocks and watches, we had sundials and waterclocks to be specific. More ancient man relied on the movement of the sun, moon, and stars. There has to be space and matter and relative movement for time to be measured. Before creation, there was none of that. God's eternal nature cannot be measured because you have to have a starting point and a stopping to do so. God has no beginning and no end. Your atheist acquaintances are asking a faulty questions. They are incorrectly presuming that God requires time to BE God. He does not.
  14. I can't judge people's love for others by a 30 minute service over the dead. My grandfather died suddenly many years ago. Our pastor at the time was out of town. He did not come in for the funeral. He and my grandfather were the closest of any two men in our church. They dearly loved each other and each other's family. Not one person in our family thought anything about it. Nothing. We were not offended at all. We knew that he was out of state and getting back for 30 minutes wasn't prudent. He would grieve with my grandmother when he came back. I wish you could read the letter he wrote my grandmother that did get to her a day or two later. It was the most heart-felt thing ever. It was something she kept for many years in her bible. I would hate to know that I had to attend every single funeral/wedding of every single friend or their families to prove my love for them.
  15. Ancient Egyptians didn't use any calendar with the word "December" on it. Besides, what I read says that under the Horus myth, his birthday is/was celebrated in the month of Khioak which corresponds to the Julian/Gregorian month of September - October. All this is moot anyway. The Bible does not tell us the day that Jesus was born anyway, so what is there to compare? Of course Christians can celebrate the birth of Christ. As well as his resurrection.