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  1. "Resist the Devil.."

    Tim Challies has a good article about resisting the devil. Here's what he has to say:
  2. The answer to overeating is not undereating. That never works permanently. Also - quick weight loss leads to quick weight gain and extra weight gain. Every. Single. Time. What is the answer? It's eating properly. Try this: Plan out your meals the night before and then stick to the plan no matter what. For weight loss that's permanent you need to consider these things: Eat mostly protein. That aids in weight loss. Protein can be found in so many places besides meat. Don't eliminate carbs altogther. Eat only slow carbs [fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains]. Don't eliminate fats altogether. Eat limited amounts of healthy fats. Don't eat processed food. No pre-packaged junk - stuff that has a shelf life of months and even years! No fast food. No sodas. Diet sodas are the worst. Find some kind of moving to do on a daily basis for at least an hour [total]. Don't get sedentary. Find something to occupy your emotions and time other than food/weight and thinking about food/weight.
  3. Yes, that's true. Thank you. He did preach on those verses also with one of his points being the prize and high calling described as you have. I spoke of one of his other points being our high calling as Christians here. Paul's teachings in Philippians are very powerful and I love to read them over and over. Thanks for that additional input.
  4. Had a really good sermon last night from my pastor. It was aimed at Christians and based on Paul's statement in Philippians 3 about striving towards the "high calling of God in Christ Jesus". He said some profound things. [1] Much of the church has set the bar for "Christianity" so low that most think, "Why bother?". [2] And others have taken that low bar and made it some kind of impossible thing and...adding my words here - balk/whine like infants at it. [3] Walking down a carpet in the sanctuary and shaking the pastor's hand is not a high calling. [4] Signing a commitment form is not a high calling. I'll continue in that vein and say this on my own. [1] Sitting on the same pew every week as if your rear end has a special right to that pew is not a high calling. [2] Reading your Bible/praying once a week for five minutes is not a high calling. [3] Saying, "I'll put you on my prayer list" and not doing anything is not a high calling. [4] Dropping off rat-eaten books and non-functioning pianos and no longer functional clothing, toys, furniture, and more to the local thrift shop or the church is NOT a high calling. So what is that high calling? I studied that this morning. I like to look up the meanings of words in Hebrew and Greek - in this case it being in Greek. In Greek a calling is literally an "invitation". Our call, first of all to be Christians is to be saved in the first place. God draws. He calls. He invites. He initiates. We respond. Secondly, in my mind, - thinking how Paul was talking about the calling in Philippians 3 - God draws, calls, invites, and initiates for us a life's work for his glory. And that calling is to be "high". I looked up that word, too. In Greek, it's literally - "upwards to heaven .... to the brim of something." It's the same word - literally - that Jesus used when he said "fill the water pots to the brim" when he turned the water into wine. And when it was said that he "lifted up" his eyes and said to the Father, "Thank you for hearing me" as he began to raise Lazarus from the dead. And it's also the same exact word that Paul used when he said, "Set your eyes on "things above" and not earthly things." We, like Paul, and every other Christian who has lived and who will live, has a high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Last night really convicted me that I am NOT pressing on towards that "high calling". I do not read the Bible enough or pray enough or tend to the needs of others enough or allow God to fill me to the "brim" with his plans for me. I can be a lazy Christian. I think there are others out there, too. We need to live our lives filled "to the brim" with that invitational work that God has for us to do. A life well lived for Christ - that's what we need to be about .... .....because fussing about church music, the color of the carpet, who's bringing the chocolate cake to the fifth Sunday singing, and all the other incidentals we puff up and make mountains out of .... ....there aren't ANY of those molehills that will EVER be tall enough to be considered God's high calling. Not a single one. What's your high calling? I can't answer that. But God can.
  5. The big WHY of The Story of David

    And about David - When the Bible calls David a man after God's own heart, it doesn't mean that he was "special" to God in a perverse showing-of-favoritism kind of way. Nor does it mean that David got away with personal sins because God liked him better than other people. Nor does it mean that David was this perpetual harp-playing, tree-hugging, sheep-tending innocent-of-heart boy. David sinned grievously. MANY times. In MANY ways. He admitted those very words - "I have sinned grievously." And God refused to allow David to build the Temple because David has too much blood on his hands as a military man. 1 Chronicles 22:8 He was a lousy husband and a worse father. His family - especially his children - were more dysfunctional because of David, their father, than was Jacob's family. Many people suffered because of David's own personal sins. The punishment that the people had to bear when David numbered them, the men, boys, and male animals living on Abigail's property who almost lost their lives because of David's pride and temper, Uriah, Bathsheba, David's children suffering from his neglect of discipline, and Michal, who became very bitter towards David, as his wife because after she helped him escape from her father - she doesn't see him for a long time and when she is finally reunited, he has other wives. Then why does David get that prized title, "a man after God's own heart?" Because of a couple of things. It's because of David's devotion - his love and obedience to God and his fierce dependence ON God. That's a big part of it. Another big part of it is because whenever God "called David out" on his personal and wicked sins - his passionate temper, his fleshly passions, and his pride - David immediately and without hesitation repented with MUCH grief. King David mourned over his personal sins and their affront to God like no other person seen in the Bible. His own sins made him sick. And when confronted with them, he turned away from them and acknowledged his sin before a Holy God. Being a man after God's own heart didn't make him special. It made him a sinful man who was willing to allow God to purge the sin away from him and submitted to the chastisement of God with as much abandon as he did the love of God.
  6. The big WHY of The Story of David

    Yes, "Everyone else" - and that includes the whole world - is condemned and dead already. We cannot make atonement for our own sins. Yes, God "had to" send his Son to die for everyone else's sin. God is the only one who can decide to save his creation in the first place. First, we belong to him - he created us and the universe. We are his to mold as he sees fit and to do with as he sees fit. Second, God is the only one who CAN save. He is the only one holy, righteous, and pure who CAN cover sin and free his people. Third, Jesus Christ - who IS God and who is the Son of God at the same time - was the only holy, righteous, and pure ransom TO be utilized.
  7. Thank you all - we've made an offer on a house that is large enough with a small/moderate yard that we can have hired to be mowed. I told my Dad today that we are not taking any lawnmowers with us. He seemed relieved.
  8. Exegesis

    Perhaps you and I are working from two different meanings of exegete.
  9. Exegesis

    Everyone should exegete when he or she reads the Bible right? By virtue of the definition of the word? Whether they are 8 or 80, seeking out the true meaning of the passage is the goal. It doesn't take commentaries, lexicons, or other aids. Just pray before you read and allow the Holy Spirit to draw out the meaning. You CAN use other aids to assist in understanding the deeper things, but not always.
  10. The Book of Enoch

    You REALLY have to be careful when you go to sites like this because there is so much shoddy and terrible Biblical scholarship out there by people who know just enough about the Bible to be wrong and teach it incorrectly. Jesus Christ did NOT quote the author of the Book of Enoch, whoever that anonymous person is who could have possibly even written his book after Christ. I keep finding a range of possible dates of that book from 100 to 300 years before Christ to as late as 100 years after the death of Christ. Jesus Christ and the author of Enoch quoted King David who lived a thousand years BEFORE Christ and BEFORE the author of the book of Enoch [not written by the Old Testament Enoch] First: King David circa 1000 BC - Psalm 37:11 KJV- "But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace." We need to truly be as careful as a kitten tiptoeing through a room of sleeping Dobermans when we scroll through internet sites for information about the Bible. Much of it is lies and even more is dangerously wrong by people who were trying sincerely to be right who just do not have the competency for proper scholarship.... .....or else, they have an agenda and they pick and choose sloppily to prove a point that is incorrect.
  11. I'll be 56 in September. I knew this day was coming, but just not when. My mother and father own five acres out in the country. I live within walking distance of them. He will be 80 in July and CANNOT take care of five acres anymore. He is a nut about his yard and will mow, blow, weedeat, and more until he is down in the bed. He is plagued with arthritis and has a pacemaker. He mows in the summer sometimes three times a week. He knows it's time. So does my mother. I also have a mildly mentally handicapped brother who is 54. It's at the point that I take over his medical attention as far as filling prescriptions, doctor visits, and SSI related things. As I said, I knew this day would come and I do not resent it in the least. It's actually a relief. My prayer request is this. We are moving to a more central location nearer to hospitals, doctors, grocery stores, etc. Please prayer that we find the house that God would have for us ALL to move into. We've looked at several, but the one yesterday just might be a contender. We want to follow the LORD in his leadership in the same way that the Hebrew people followed the Ark of the Covenant (God's Presence) over the Jordan River into the Promised Land. In Exodus, God specifically told them that "they were to follow the priests who carried the Ark over the Jordan because they had never been this way before." Well, my family has never been this way before and don't want to make hasty decisions or self-centered ones. My parents and brother - though with health problems - are in relatively great shape and we could have 10 to 15 more years of joy together if we could just seriously downsize our possessions, homes, and stress. Just pray that we follow the LORD. He has blessed us beyond measure to this point and we are grateful to Him for it all.
  12. Who's right?who's wrong? Is anyone right

    The Biblical role of a deacon in the church is one of benevolence and service - not running around telling teenage girls multiple times that their dresses are too short and too tight. According to the Bible, the role of a deacon is one of a servant - tending to the needs of others and ministering literally as one waiting on tables would do. As I said to you before - we can have this discussion without pictures of scantily dressed women, real OR cartoon.

    When I was 16 years old, I went to church one day and had not buttoned a blouse up high enough. Yes, I did it on purpose - not to be seductive, but to be "cool". [I wouldn't have had a clue at 16 how to be "seductive".] My parents didn't see it because I adjusted those buttons between Sunday School and church. Our pastor's wife saw it. She approached me with love and gentility. She said, "My dear, you need to button a couple of those buttons on your blouse and I think you know that, now don't you." I said, "Yes, M'am". She didn't make me feel dirty or embarrassed, but properly chastened. And I buttoned the blouse appropriately and never did that again. My point.... If a man had said that to me, I would have told my parents - and my father, even though he would have agreed with the message, would have knocked him on his can. Today, as an adult woman, if a man came to me in church and told me that my sweater was too tight for him or that skirt was not the right length and that my body was causing him a problem, I would knock him on HIS can. Right there .... in the sanctuary. Don't think I'm joking. If you think that the picture of Miley Cyrus that you posted in the OP is not appropriate and causes men to stumble .... ....why did you post it on a Christian forum? There are ways to handle things like this and ways not too. We can discuss this without pictures and we can help women understand without be creepy.
  14. The bible 'As our authority' hoax!

    So sorry you have been unhappy with all the churches you've been a member of. Perhaps you haven't found the right one yet. The Bible most certainly is NOT a blueprint for living. Does your family kill your unruly children? Do the men in your family have untrimmed sideburns? Does your ideal church meet every single day ..... and in different houses? Does your ideal church celebrate Pentecost and the holy days that some of the early churches did? The Bible is not a blueprint, but a source of all Truth. The churches are to give, take care of the poor, worship, listen to instruction, evangelize, discipline and disciple, make music together [all kinds], and more. Find a church that is doing those things and join it. Maybe it's not in the same context as some of Paul's churches, but we live in 2017.
  15. When it all seems like lies!

    You have to remember this, the first person who felt like God's word was not the truth was Eve. That's because the serpent [devil] told her and persuaded her that what God said was not "exactly" true. And then he told her that what God said was a lie - he said, "You surely won't die." The devil has being lying to humanity about what God says ever since. Sometimes the Bible may be confusing or hard to interpret/understand/apply. That's why we need to pray when we read and to have more mature Christians to lead and guide us in understanding. But the word is never a lie. Take comfort from the words of Jesus to the Pharisees: "You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies." If there are any lies here - it's of the devil, not God.