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  1. Jayne

    Jacob / Esau

    Isaac didn't die until Genesis 35. By that time, the two sons - Jacob and Esau - were grown men with many wives, adult children, and with large families. And wealth/flocks of their own. Jacob and Esau had also reunited [so to speak] and they both buried Isaac when he did die. In chapter 35, God tells Jacob that he will inherit the land of Abraham and Isaac. Esau despised his birthright [which isn't the same thing as a blessing] and Jacob lied to his father 5 times when he stole it. They both received a blessing, Esau's being much smaller.
  2. The reason that you didn't like this translation is that it is not a translation. 😸 It's one man's [there's a clue right there not to trust it] feelings about what it says and his rewriting it in his own words expressing those feelings. It's a very poor choice of reading. There's nothing wrong with a person writing down scripture in a personal journal of what it means and says to you - but that doesn't a Bible translation make.
  3. Jayne

    This Won't Hurt One Bit!!!

    December 17 = LUKE 17
  4. Jayne

    The bull must be stoned

    Three things. [1] Welcome and thanks for putting this question forward. It's a good one. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [2] David uses that word "law" a lot. The thing is, sometimes it can mean the literal list of rules for the ancient Jewish people. Other times it can mean Genesis through Deuteronomy. And other times, it can mean the entire word of God. David uses a lot of words for God's word in many of the psalms that he wrote. For example, here are some words found just in the first several verses of Psalm 119 alone. word law statutes commands His ways precepts decrees I can't tell you how many times David uses these words when writing songs to God. In my opinion - David is not talking about taking delight in stoning bulls as in being a sadist. He isn't talking about getting joy out of the consequences of the literal law when it is broken. I think he is talking about something much more. When you read all of the times that David talks about loving God's ways and decrees, he is talking about loving God and wanting to live a life that pleases God. And he acknowledges the way to do that it is to obey God when he shows us right, wrong, and how to repent when wrongdoing occurs. That's what David loves. Not stoning a bull to death. It's this - "I will hide your word in my heart so that I might not sin against You." Psalm 119 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [3] The law that you are thinking of - the list of rules found in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy - are not in effect anymore and have not been since Jesus Christ resurrected. It's true, there are some thing there at still are for all people - don't murder, rape, lie, steal,.... Those were God's ways and truths long before that temporary "law" came for ancient Jews. It was a sin when Cain killed Abel, when Dinah was raped, when Rueben slept with his father's concubine, and more. These happened before the law. These thing are still offenses to God. The New Testament still speaks against murder, lying, and more. But those sacrifices, feast days, laws pertaining to mildew, blood, certain animals and more were civil and ceremonial laws only for Jewish people before Christ came. Those laws did NOT "save" them or make them righteous. What made them acceptable to God was their faith. The New Testament says those laws were for keeping the people in anticipation of Christ coming and to keep their minds on holiness until he came and died for us.
  5. Jayne

    This Won't Hurt One Bit!!!

    December 16 = LUKE 16
  6. How sad. I have no idea what language we will speak in glory. All I know is this. English and the "anglosphere" you speak of is the minority of people on the planet. I'll be happy to see all of my Christian brothers and sisters in heaven - no matter what language they spoke here. God created us different: different skins tones, languages, hair textures, facial features, and more. How he must enjoy his creativity with humanity! How could we be or do otherwise? You speak as if you are a troll - just someone saying nonsensical things to Christians to get a rise out of them.
  7. Jayne

    This Won't Hurt One Bit!!!

    OOPS! I skipped the 14th! December 14/15 = LUKE 14/15 Don't stop now. We only have 10 more days!
  8. Jayne

    This Won't Hurt One Bit!!!

    Ouch! That stung me like a bee! 🐝 LOL!!
  9. Jayne

    This Won't Hurt One Bit!!!

    AWSOME!! December 14 = LUKE 14
  10. I'm not sure of what churches you are familiar with, but I don't know of any churches where the pastor "asks" for money - tithe or not. Maybe there are, but I just don't know of them. Some people at my church tithe on their own accord, some give what they want to above or below the tithe, some give absolutely nothing, and that money is use for a host of things: keeping the electricity on, giving to world hunger, supporting missionaries abroad, paying a stipend to the pastor, benevolence for the community in need, and more. Who decides? The church body.
  11. Jayne

    This Won't Hurt One Bit!!!

    December 13 = LUKE 13 Don't give up now! As of yesterday, we are over half way there.
  12. Jayne

    This Won't Hurt One Bit!!!

    December 12 = LUKE 12
  13. When I say that the Bible is inerrant [and I believe that], I'm not saying there are no copyist mistakes or that certain words could be translated better or that some translators could not translate certain words or phrases and said so in the side notes. That's not what inerrant means to me. I read [primarily] the ESV/NASB/NIV and I also read the KJV/NKJV. Those translations come from different manuscripts that vary in certain portions of the texts. When I used to teach the history of the Bible, some could accept that but a few could not. When I say that the Bible is inerrant what I mean is that the message of the Bible cannot lie. It is impossible. If I have chased a rabbit and derailed your thread, tell me and I will delete this post.
  14. Jayne

    Yoga yes / Yoga no

    Are they asking you to meditate or "empty your mind" or is it just the exercising. There's a difference. Tell them the meditation is not something you can participate in if that is how you feel.
  15. If you will read the context of 1 Peter 4:8, which is 1 Peter 4:1-11, you will see that Peter is talking to Christians - people who already ARE saved - in how to live their lives for God. "Love covers a multitude of sins". Yes. Covers how? As in saving your from you own sins? Your own love of other people saves you from sin? NO. Loving other people will keep you from grumbling, as Peter says, and taking offense at every little thing. King Solomon said in Proverbs that it is to a man's glory to overlook an offense. This is not talking about loving other people so that you will get saved. It's talking about loving other people so that you will not be bitter towards them, grumble and take offense. This is about what to do after you are saved.