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  1. See, I don't think so, MM. I haven't ride buses or trolleys since my Texas A & M days, but I have men hold the door open for me EVERYWHERE I go. I always make eye contact and say thank-you.
  2. I've seen this phase often on Facebook. And I can't help but wonder. What exactly IS it that men can't do that women have to do for them other than have babies? I can't think of a thing that a woman has the ability to do that men can't do just as well. Excluding child-bearing. So what exactly does all of that mean?
  3. I don't think you can tell a doggone thing from the picture. It's one-second shot. What if it's a cultural thing where getting up for others just isn't done unless one is disabled. What if the woman JUST that second walked up and grabbed the bar. The doors are opened to the subway car, so the car is not in motion. Some of their eyes are closed. If she just walked up, maybe they haven't seen her. What if she has been working all day sitting at a desk and one or two of these guys offered to let her sit down, but she wanted to stand for a while. Wow, there are a lot of judgments made about the people in the picture! I'm a feminist - a first waver, not a 2nd and 3rd waver like these ill-informed and ill-behaved feminists today. I don't have a problem with the people in the picture as I don't know just exactly what has happened. Let me tell you a story. I went to Texas A&M for post-graduate school. The campus is massive!! [You'd have to see it.] To get to classes from the parking lots, trolleys pick up students and professors at pick up points all across the campus. It's a military school and there aren't a lot of females there. The young men are trained to give up their seat on the trolleys to female students and professors. That's fine. No skin off my back either way. One day, it was raining like you've never seen rain before. Traffic in the town was slowed ergo, people were late getting parked. Trolleys were slowed, ergo EVERYONE was late for class - and that's a big no-no at Texas A&M. By the time I got onto the trolley, it was jammed packed and there were also 4-5 other females who got on when I did. It was a madhouse and guys were trying to get up and give their seats to the gals, but where could they go? It was that packed. I just yelled, "Hey, we are all already late to class!!! Let's just GO!" And we did. I didn't feel slighted for an instant that I had to stand.
  4. The same way he tested Bible people. Trials and tribulations and impossible tasks. The testing, says the Bible in a lot of those Bible verses in the link I posted above, is to increase [exercise] our faith and rid us of doubts, fears, and impurities and to put us in a place where we trust God 100% instead of the small amount we usually trust. Perhaps God will allow a person to lose a job, go through a lengthy illness, or even lose a loved one. Now those things are not always tests, but sometimes they are. And tests don't come with an announcement. You know - like the warning signal on the TV - "This is a test of the emergency broadcast system....." I'll give you two examples from my own life. I've had many people in my life to pass away. All of my grandparents, a handful of friends, church members, and even students. None of those were a test for me. BUT when my father died suddenly and unexpectedly, a perfect specimen his doctor said of prime and healthy 80 year old man, THAT was a test. He lingered in the hospital for 7 days. Each day a nightmare. My father was my source of all things good, my hope, my encouragement, my shelter, my joy, my peace, and my life. My father was a gift from God TO me - personally. He was the greatest Christian I've ever known and taught me to revere God's Word like nothing else. God need my faith in Him to increase - I was in a place of doubts and fears in my personal life. I was suffering in my professional life. AND I was not turning to God for ANYTHING. It was like I didn't think God could handle my problems and anxiety and fears. So in the middle of all of that inner strife - my beloved father suddenly dies. I cried only once and for only a few minutes. I was blessed to watch him draw his last breath in peace not to take another. The day before he died, he was half-here and half-there. He keep reaching for the ceiling as if someone were there reaching for him. He would reach up and then look at me as if he didn't understand why the rest of us weren't reaching up, too. The nurse said, "He's starting his journey." God took my father away from me and I passed that test. I trusted God implicitly and never got mad at God or panicked in my spirit. It was the most peaceful thing I've ever been through. The second test? After my father's death, some of the personal and professional things got WORSE! And I failed that test. In those arenas, I grew more and more anxious and fearful. For about a year!! It wasn't until I understood that God was wanting me to put that faith and trust I had when my father died into those problems I was having. I let an entire year go by until I "got it". Testing is to exercise one's faith AND to put it into practice. King David BEGGED God to test him and find out if anything wicked was in him. I don't know if I can say that, but I know what tests are when they are from God. I can literally feel the spiritual growth when I pass them and know exactly what I did wrong when I fail. [After the fact]
  5. You are confusing tempting and testing. No, God does not tempt people to do evil. Yes, God tests people all the time. The Bible contains many examples of that - a prime example, when God asks Abraham to kill his own son. Here's a link to many, many Bible verses that say that God does indeed test us. https://www.openbible.info/topics/being_tested Here are some scriptures from that link: James 1:12 = "Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him. " Proverbs 17:3 = "The crucible is for silver, and the furnace is for gold, and the Lord tests hearts. " Job 23:10 = "But he knows the way that I take; when he has tried me [tested me], I shall come out as gold. "
  6. God bless you. May you spend the next for years seeking his face and drawing closer to his leadership.
  7. I think you are being a little harsh on them. Possessed by the devil? Really? When they said "rob a bank", I'm sure they were not thinking of putting a gun in someone's face and pulling the trigger. They were thinking of getting money to save a hypothetical loved one. When push comes to shove, most people say that, but wouldn't really do that. It's a clarification of values. What would you do in situation A? How far would you go to save someone you loved. It's about a discussion. Not the reality of murder. Just a hypothetical discussion.
  8. I see the flaw in the logic......anyone else.....?
  9. You are right. Independent Fundamentalists Baptist [not regular Baptists] tend to be hard shelled. I know tons of them, so I'm not pulling this out of a hat. You are right - each denomination has its own problems. I won't call all the problems heresy. Heresy is a powerful accusation. You are right - no matter the genuine denomination, people can get saved IF they hear the true gospel. Here's where you err. If you've heard the gospel and believe, but you attend a church which practices idolatry, legitimate heresies, and unbiblical things, you should flee from that church.
  10. JW's believe that Jesus is Michael the Archangel and they call him a mighty spiritual creature. They believe he is a created being, not divine. Mormons believe that God himself was once not a god. They believe God is a man on his own planet and became exalted to God. They believe that Jesus, the devil, and you and I are all literal spirit children conceived by God and his spirit wife. That makes Jesus, the devil, and you and I all brothers and sisters. They believe Jesus was the only perfect spirit child and therefore able to die for the sins of the rest of us.
  11. Brother, I need to tell you that there is nothing comical about the archangel Michael fighting against darkness. The word archangel is only in the bible twice, in the book of Jude, and in reference to Michael. In Jude, it tells us that he fought against the devil for the body of Moses. In Daniel, it doesn't use the word archangel, but it tells us that Michael fought against demonic powers for Gabriel to be able to get to Daniel who was praying for God to speak to him. It took Gabriel 21 days to get to Daniel with God's message and he wouldn't have gotten there an all without Michael's help. Write a book if you wish. Even a comedy. But don't base the comedy on the word of God. Especially where demonic forces are considered.
  12. @Firm Foundation All the scriptures you cited are accurate descriptions of Jesus. He is the Son of God in submission to the Father. But those scriptures do not negate that Jesus Christ IS God. Jesus is the Creator says the New Testament. Jesus is eternal says John. Jesus bears the name, "I AM" says the New Testament many times. "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word WAS God." The Son is not the Father nor is the Father the Son. The same with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is not the Son nor the Father. But each is God and collectively are God and they are only ONE God and are ONE. The Bible is clear on that. If Jesus Christ is not a deity, then he is a created being and cannot save. If Jesus Christ IS a Deity, then because there is only ONE deity, Jesus Christ is that deity - God. @Firm Foundation I agree whole-heartedly that Jesus Christ is God. It's undeniable. However, I cannot agree that this understanding that Jesus Christ is God is essential for a person to be saved. When I was saved, I have no clue that Jesus was God. I understood that he was the Son of God, divine, and that he was not a created thing. But it took me years to come to realize deep, deep truths of how the Father, the Son, and the Spirit are one to the point that each are God - not separately, but AS one. It still boggles my mind.
  13. Both Mary and Joseph are descendants from King David. They had to be. Jesus is prophesied to be descended from David. Whether the Jewish people of the Bible saw Jesus as the literal and biological son of Mary or the Jewish "legal" son of Joseph or both [which he was], the prophecy is protected by God having both Mary and Joseph a descendant of King David. In Matthew we see that Joseph came from King David's son, Solomon. In Luke, we see that Mary came for King David's son, Nathan [not the prophet Nathan].
  14. He can certainly have a second chance - AFTER MUCH counseling and Christian therapy. Do not move back in with him until a professional Christian therapist and/or competent pastor has examined him for a season and declared him repentant and safe to live with.
  15. You must read the quote in context of the entire chapter and the entire book. Paul is talking to a church that is a SUPER hot mess. They " boasted" in the immorality of their chuch. The stuffed their faces with the Lord's Supper as if it is a family meal or wine tasting. The worship services are chaotic. And more. Chapter 14 [beginning in verse 26] says 3 groups of people must keep silent and stop the chaos. Most of those speaking in tongues. He says ONLY two or three, one at a time, and only if there is an interpreter. If there is no interpreter, those speaking in tongues must "keep silent". Most of those with a prophetic word. Only two or three with a prophecy [word from God] may speak and the whole congregation must weigh the words. If one person is speaking and prophesying and a second person stands to prophecy, then the first person must "keep silent". As for women "keeping silent", Paul has already said in chapter 11 that women may pray and prophecy in a worship service as long as their heads are covered. So - what is he talking about in chapter 14? I thinks it's clear cut. It's the wives asking questions out loud. Husbands were accustomed to participating in synagogue. Wives were not accustomed to corporate worship. These particular wives were asking too many questions out loud and he said for them to ask their husbands at home. Read the whole of 1 Corinthians. The church was in bad shape. Chaos reigned. Paul told them how to modify their worship services so that peace and orderliness reigned.
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