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  1. Jayne


    God wholeheartedly condemns the slavery of the historical United States and around the world even today. In fact, that type of slavery was punishable by death in the Old Testament. Exodus 21:16 = "And he that steals a man, and sells him, or if he be found in his hand, he shall surely be put to death." As for the New Testament - Paul includes slave traders with the worst of the worst. 1 Timothy 1:9-11 = "We realize that law is not enacted for the righteous, but for the lawless and rebellious, for the ungodly and sinful, for the unholy and profane, for killers of father or mother, for murderers, 10for the sexually immoral, for homosexuals, for slave traders and liars and perjurers, and for anyone else who is averse to sound teaching 11that agrees with the glorious gospel of the blessed God, with which I have been entrusted..." Now, the question is obviously begged, what did slaves and servants mean in the Bible?
  2. I'm referring to the only Ice Age that I know of. That's the one that is post-Flood. The Flood caused that Ice Age. Great sections of entire continents are scarred - so to speak - from the growth and death of tremendous glaciers, jagged on the bottom and miles deep. That scarring can be seen on the layers of the earth all around the world. It's, in part, on of the thing that made the earth so fertile in many areas such as the mid section of the United States.. The dinosaurs were gone by then but great animals existed with man that are extinct now like Mammoths, Saber-tooths, and more. As far as dinosaurs being here post-Flood. I can't determine why they would not be. God commanded Noah to take "pairs of ALL creatures who have the breath of life [land animals]. The Bible also says that God brought these animals to Noah. I don't know why that would exclude dinosaurs. I think when God said all, he meant all. Dinosaurs lived well in a tropical environment just off the ark. But as the centuries passed, the climate altered due to volcanic ash in the air [that's another topic] and an Ice Age came.
  3. Jayne

    The Great Cloud of Witnesses

    Dead Christians cannot see us here. Why would God allow that? There are no tears in heaven. Think of the tears they would shed if they could see our daily lives, spiritual battles, sickness, disease, dying without Christ, and more. My father just died two months ago. My mother is a hot mess of grief. Do some of you mean to tell me that my father is watching my mother fall apart from heaven, knowing he can't put his arms around her and comfort her? The great cloud of witness is the faithful of chapter 11. We "watch" them by reading about them. They are not watching us.
  4. The events of the book of Job, which are real events, occurred very early. Before the Flood? I don't think so. His friend Eliphaz talked about the Flood as if it were in the past in Job 22. I know of only one great Flood. There is overwhelming evidence that dinosaurs and other great animals lived after the Flood until the climate changes that produced Ice Ages and other global atmospheric changes destroyed their feeding/breeding grounds. Job speaks of the great ice in chapter 38. Job's age? The Bible doesn't say how old Job was when his afflictions started. He had adult children. No mention of them being married or Job having grandchildren. He only suffered for a number of months, not years. Job 7:3 says, "So I have been allotted months of futility, and wearisome nights have been appointed to me." and Job 29:2 says, "Oh, that I were as in months past, as in the days when God watched over me." Also Job 30:16 and Job 30:27 talks of the days of his affliction. [amazingbibletimeline.com] Job lived 140 years after his afflictions. He was relatively young [70-ish to 100-ish] as he had no grandchildren. Before the Flood men lived to be 700, 800, 900 years old. After the Flood, because of atmospheric and radiation changes, men's life spans shortened. Giant? The word that the King James translates as "giant" when Job speaks of God is not the same words for giants in Genesis 6. The word that Job uses means "mighty" and is translated by the King James in the majority of places as "mighty". The other translations call this word "warrior".
  5. I don't know if Paul was thinking of Deuteronomy 22:10 when he wrote this to the Corinthians, but it sound like it. Deuteronomy 22:10 says, "Do not plow with an ox or an ass together." The reasoning being, the ox and the ass do not have equal strength. The plow will follow the ox and more than likely go in a circle or at least a crooked path. With the ox being taller than the ass, the yoke would fit awkwardly, if at all and the ass being so closely yoked to the ox might get trampled. In essence, the work would not get done. Paul was teaching group of Christians whose church was in a hot mess. A HOT mess. Time does not permit me to tell how many ways they were in violation of God's will for a Christian church. This doesn't mean that you can't have non-believing friends or work with non-believing colleagues or see non-believers socially. "Yoked" means both parties are bound together by an outside force, agency, or social contract. In other words, everyone knows you and the non-believer are "yoked" in some way. I won't give specifics. Here's all I will say. The Christian should never be in such a social, business, legal, or other relationship with non-believers that the "lostness" of the nonbeliever taints the Christian and mars his/her reputation such that no one would know that he/she is a Christian. Or that the Christian is so entrenched in the behavior of the non-believer that he/she forgets their Christian values.
  6. There's a sermon in that!
  7. Jayne

    Hidden in clear view

    Welcome to the boards. I do hope you don't feel like people are ganging up on you. That's not anyone's intent. None of these descriptors in Revelation 1 are discussing the ethnicity of Christ. They are describing his holiness and power and purity. Revelation 1:15 - "burnished bronze [or fine brass, as some translations say]" This is not the literal color Jesus' feet. If it were it would be more yellow. "Burnished" means polished to a fine perfection, not darkened. This is a statement of figurative language and you have to look at the whole passage. "head and hair like wool; white as snow" - represents authority and purity of Christ "eyes of fire" - fire is judgment; Christ is the judge "feet like fine brass" - a description of something that has been through the fire and comes out spotless; Jesus went through the sacrifice of the cross and he entered that sacrifice spotless and came through it with spotless "voice as the sound of many waters" - loud; penetrating; moving everything out of its way; nothing can stand up to raging waters; nothing can stand against the voice and words of Christ "out of his mouth a two-edged sword" - the destructive power of Christ's words to overcome sin and evil "his countenance was like the sun" - this describes his face; so stunning with glory that he was probably hard for John to look at
  8. Jayne

    Beware of the Daggers.......

    I suppose that I should clarify. It's my fault for not fully explaining what I meant. Sometimes I have something in my head and don't put all the details down which can cause confusion. I am speaking in terms of Christians who are weak. Weak because they do not give credit to the veracity of the devil's temptations and how he plays that vile game. Weak because they do not know the way of escape because they do not read the Bible. And because they do not pray enough. No sane Christian wakes up and says, "I'll start sending naked pictures of myself to my colleague who I think is cute." That's the pinnacle - the end result of a journey void of taking sin seriously. Maybe it began with eating lunch alone together or flirting or texting knock-knock jokes to each other or texting during a staff meeting and making fun of a presenter who speaks too long. No sane Christians wakes up and says, "I'll solicit a prostitute today." "I'll beat my kid black and blue today." "I'll spread some really nasty gossip that I heard to as many as I can today." The traps of sin are presented to us as beneficial to us. The promises of power, or gain, or pleasure, or all the empty promises the devil makes are packaged in a pretty bow of charm and allurement. We can't conquer what we don't acknowledge. Amasa did not acknowledge the dagger in Joab's hand. He fell for the friendly voice saying, "Hello brother, how are things with you?" And he fell for the kiss of greeting. Christians need to sharpen their discernment of what evil is around them, their families, their churches, and their communities. Too many Christians fall hard and fall terribly because they are walking around with rose-colored glasses.
  9. Jayne

    Beware of the Daggers.......

    I had no idea! 😢
  10. Jayne

    Disturbed about Matthew 5:32

    Jen, here is what you need to know. The last thing I post here is the most important. The is part of the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus was talking to his people the Jews in this section, about laws they had been taught about and taught wrongly. What had they been taught wrongly about divorce? They, the men, had been taught that they could divorce their wives for any reason. ANY reason: burning the cooking, she gets too old or too fat, he tires of her, he suspects her of cheating, literally anything. All they needed was to say, "She displeases me." All they needed was a certificate of divorce. Why were they wrong? They took the teaching of Moses, which did allow for divorce in certain instances and blew it way out of proportion. They manipulated Moses' words for their personal gain. What exactly did Moses say? In Deuteronomy 24, Moses said that if a man found his wife guilty of indecency, he could [not HAD TO] give her a certificate of divorce. He further said that if she married another man, that she could not return to her first husband. This was not commanding divorce and not promoting it. The Jews took Moses words to mean that they could divorce willy-nilly and for invalid reasons. They were wrong. What did Jesus say? He said that if a man divorced his wife for these selfish and invalid reasons that he "made her" an adulteress. Jesus was not condemning women and wives. He was condemning this vile practice of divorce for selfish reasons. He was telling these men that if they did this to their wives that if their wives remarried that it was THEIR fault for causing her to commit adultery. Women in those days just about could not do without a husband to live a safe life. Is your marriage salvageable? Could a reconciliation even be possible? If not, then sadly, don't seek one. Before you enter another relationship, you must repent before God any of your responsibility for the divorce and spend a long season of time building up a relationship with God and reading the Bible over and over. Only God can say if you are free to marry again or not.
  11. Jayne

    Beware of the Daggers.......

    I think you missed my entire point.
  12. If you've read the Bible, then you know about Joab - King David's commander of his armies. Joab was a brilliant strategist - a great military leader, but as you know, if you've studied him, he was a rogue killer. He killed men for personal reasons - having nothing to do with being a soldier. After many, many years - David relieved Joab of duty. He replaced him with Amasa. When a new enemy came, stronger than the last, David sent Amasa to gather the troops. Joab was there with them, still fighting, but not leading anymore. Joab greets Amasa. And walking to him, Joab's dagger falls out of his sheath. He retrieves it. He reach for Amasa's face to kiss him on the face as men in that day did. He even called Amasa "brother" and asked how he was doing. It was a typical peaceful greeting. Yet as he greeted Amasa, Joab stuck his dagger in Amasa's belly with such force that his intestines came out and he died. What I have left out of that story is that the Bible says that during the greeting, Amasa did not guard against the dagger in Joab's hand. Another version said he did not observe the dagger. How could he not? Does he not KNOW Joab's reputation of killing for personal reasons? Has he not seen Joab's actions in battle? Here's a man who dropped his dagger, picked it up, but did not put it back in it's sheath. Surely a military man would know that if the dagger is pulled it is going to be used. Unused - it goes in the sheath. Amasa died because he was not "on guard" against the evil that Joab was about to commit that was literally right under his very nose. I say all that to say this. You and I are going to HAVE to be more on guard or observant of the evil around us. We are FAR passed the point of saying: "Not my child." "Not my household" "Not my church." "Not me." "Not my spouse." "Not my town." "Not my preacher/teacher/brother in Christ." The evil that is everywhere never sleeps. The devil is ruthless. The devil is mean. Evil IS in our homes, families, churches, communities, and more. We can't fight what we refuse to acknowledge.
  13. Jayne

    Why God created the Animals

    I'm not sure how much of a scholar he is if he deems the Bible as mythical. There are even non-believers and outside sources that believe Jesus was a real person historically speaking. I wish you would real the Bible for yourself and then make a decision. Especially the gospels. As a Christian, I don't even take Christian "scholars'" words for anything until I have fake checked everything that they say. I may quote them and even tell others I "learned" from so-and-so. But I learn for myself first. When I asked you for a citation proving your words, I thought that they were your words. I wanted to know where you, yourself, had found the gospels to be lacking in truth.
  14. Jayne

    Why God created the Animals

    Oh, I know all about Mark more than likely being written first. I do read others and occasionly to non-believer who make claims that denigrate the Bible. But I've read it over and over for myself for decades and have taught it - which means clinical study of it and spiritual study - and I conclude the it's the real deal. I made that decision on my own. I wish that you would. As for Richard Carrier - how can be an "atheist Bible scholar". All that means to me that that he thinks he knows what it says. What makes him a scholar?
  15. Jayne

    Why God created the Animals

    Could you give us some of those citations, please.