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  1. I agree. I feel that getting the definitive idea of what "caveman" means would be a good start.
  2. Here's the problem with Joel 2:28-32. No one reads Joel 2:12-27. Joel 2:28 says "And AFTERWARD...". OK. After what? After Joel 2:12-17: This describes a GREAT mourning over personal and corporate sin. Literally the nation of Judah [and Israel] fasting, mourning, weeping, tearing their hearts [not their clothes], going through a national fasting, consecrating the entire assembly [not just the leadership], and the priest weeping and praying for the people. After Joel 2:18-27: This describes what happens AFTER the great and corporate repentance. God heals the land. God makes them perfectly productive again. The people are rejoicing IN God. And the people KNOW that the LORD is their God. THEN, the outpouring comes. Joel 2:28-32 has been partially fulfilled already. I didn't make that up and it's not my opinion. God already said so through Peter in Acts 2. Acts 2:14-21 = But Peter, standing with the eleven, lifted up his voice and addressed them: "Men of Judea and all who dwell in Jerusalem, let this be known to you, and give ear to my words. For these people are not drunk, as you suppose, since it is only the third hour of the day. But this is what was uttered through the prophet Joel. 'And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy...….." [and he goes on to quote the entire passage from Joel] Peter and Paul both had visions. Cornelius had visions. The daughters of Philip prophesied. There were great signs and wonders during this time. People were repenting and coming to Christ by the literal hundreds of thousands - all across the known world - and wherever the Word was spread. I don't see it happening today. We have the entire word of God. Those people did not. I don't see any nations, let alone churches or individual people, weeping and fasting over their sins. I don't see Christian leadership begging God to forgive the people. I don't see God bringing restoration as in Joel 2. Perhaps this will happen again. I believe it will. But now? No. There are far too many Christians who spend Sunday morning singing "Oh, How I Love Jesus" in church and spend Sunday night watching Game of Thrones on HBO. On Monday morning, I can guarantee you that they are not thinking about Sunday morning's sermon, but can recall with clarity every homosexual/heterosexual sex scene, every rape/incest scene, every scene with a nude woman, every grotesquely violent scene, and every use of the "f" word and "c" word. [No, I have not seen it, but have read several reviews both pro and con. Why? Because I have Christian friends by the dozens who never miss an episode.] No, our weeping and mourning has not occurred yet.
  3. Their souls are in one of the same two places that Noah and all of his descendants until today are. The remains "cavemen" as you call them are found in Post-Flood layers of the earth and they are found in and around layers of long extinct animals like dinosaurs and larger [very large!] mammalian predators and hunter/gatherers. In other words, "cavemen" [people who lived in caves after the Tower of Babel fiasco] lived AFTER Noah's flood, were descendants of Noah [like us], and struggled to find ways to live after the Flood and subsequent Babel incident. They weren't sluggish nor stupid, but perhaps some, but not all, apparently suffered from diseases that stunted bone growth or had diets that left them with rickets and such. They left behind too much culturally speaking for the to be the dumb sub-humans portrayed by media. The Old Testament has many references of people living in caves and they were people just like you and me. As time went on, and as many land animals died out [both reptilian and mammalian], human living got a lot better. Some of these "cave" people died out, too, with the stronger and more healthier humans surviving the Ice Age and more. There souls, just as human as Abraham's, are in one of two places = based on their faith in God, in however he disclosed himself to them.
  4. John Piper has a useful answer to me. Here it is in summary [my paraphrase of him]. He says that by definition of sin - sin is not wronging someone else. It's defying God and his law. And he says that what he did to Bathsheba and Uriah are not "less worse" because David said this, but "more worse" because David admitted this.
  5. Been discussed quite a lot. Maybe you could find some of those posts.
  6. What Jesus went through was vile, horrid, and ugly. I don't desire to read these thing, but I read them on occasion when it's presented to remind myself of how serious the spiritual battle is - the spiritual battle culminating on the body of Christ beginning in the Garden of Gethsemane [according to Jesus, he almost died there] through he death on the cross.
  7. I'm not going to defend Jezebel, but you have your facts wrong about her husband and the nation of Israel. Ahab was already considered the worst and most evil king of all before he even met Jezebel [I Kings 16]. And the Bible says that there was none who "sold himself to do evil like Ahab." Yes, it says she urged him, but he was already a vile and godless man. The whole reason that Ahab went to a foreign nation of Baal-worshippers and found a wife there and brought her back to Israel was because he was innately just that evil. He didn't care about anything - literally. Had he been a king like David or even Asa, Jehoshaphat, or Josiah, he would have looked for a Godly woman from the tribes of Israel/Judah to marry. In fact, chapter 16 also states that Ahab considered the gross sins of the King Jeroboam [the king who started all the insane decline of Israel] to be a "light thing" - merely nothing. And it says that's WHY he married Jezebel and why he built altars to Baal. Jezebel just did what she knew - to worship Baal and practice evil. Ahab is the one who should have known better. It was in the Law that kings had to make a hand-written copy of the Law and keep it with them. Apparently, Ahab did not do that. The nation of Israel never had a decent king after Solomon.....not ONE: Long before Jezebel came along, Israel was in a state of evil beyond belief. As early as King Solomon, they were throwing babies and children in the fires to worship false gods. They had homosexual priests who had sex with each other on pagan altars. They had golden calves. It was very bad in Israel. Israel did not fall because of Jezebel. Jezebel is the FRUIT of their great sin and wickedness. Jezebel did not corrupt Ahab. She is the FRUIT of his already evil heart. Because of his "I don't care about God's law" attitude, she could easily persuade him to do great evil because he really didn't care what he did. Elijah prophesied that dogs would eat her, not that she would die a slow and painful death. Her death occurred when she was pushed out of a window and fell splat on the ground dead. Some of her blood got on the wall and splattered on some horses and it apparently frightened the horses and they trampled on her. Then the dogs came and ate her remains.
  8. Don't eat nanners. [It's the texture.] Tried turkey bacon. [found it to be an abomination] LOL!!! Did eat chocolate chip cookies dipped in spicy ketchup when I was about 16 or so. It must have been something hormonal.
  9. A world without bacon, smothered pork chops, and good old country ham?!?!
  10. Missed one. I put Jude as shorter than 3rd John. I took exception to the way that four were worded: Bathsheba was not bathing on her roof. Paul's name did not get changed after he was saved. His Hebrew name was Saul. His Roman name - Paul Leah did not trick Jacob. Laban tricked him. Elijah did not ride in a chariot of fire. He was taken up in a whirlwind. The chariot of fire separated him and Elisha. I took exception to some of the wrong answers as they were too much of a give-away. Really? Rizpah Ragdelene or Mary Magdelene? LOL!
  11. In his koine Greek, Paul said "Pascha" - Passover - was sacrificed. What part of Passover was sacrificed, RW? The egg? The bitter herbs? No, the Lamb. The King James, ESV, NIV, Berean, NLT, and many more translate this as Passover Lamb as Jesus being called the Lamb all over the New Testament makes this understood that Paul is referring to Jesus as the Passover Lamb. Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, slain from the foundation of the world. And yes, Jesus described his body as bread.
  12. Maybe we are talking about two different things. I'm talking about things that have nothing to do with salvation. Paul gave the example of circumcision for men. There were churches teaching that a man had to be circumcised before he could become a Christian. That's not true. Paul broke that down in Galatians and more. Just like some people today say that you have to do this or not do this to be saved or stay saved. Things that are NOT sins. Such as playing with a deck of cards or wearing your hair a certain way. I'm not talking about sins. A person who is saved and who lies, gossips, acts immoral, or is filled with pride needs to repent. A person who is saved and plays cards with their friends does not need to repent of that.
  13. What women wear to your church is not my business. What term would you like to call it when people believe that man-made behaviors are required for salvation or sanctification if not legalism. Do you have an idea of how to reference that? Paul did not use the term in Galatians, but he was quite clear that if people are going to base their salvation on their behaviors - such as circumcision or others - then Jesus Christ died for nothing. [so says Paul]
  14. Here's the answer I gave in the "other" forum. It's very exciting ….because it's like getting a picture of the Loch Ness Monster [if it was real - or is it? ] Why is it relevant to Christians? Only for the sake that it demonstrates the power of God and his universe that we can only bare comprehend. There's LOTS of black holes, but this one is very far away. I taught science of a number of years to middle school students and black holes always fascinated them. To be factual - this isn't a photograph like we think of photographs. It can't be. Black holes, of course aren't really holes, but SUPER dense matter left over from a super giant star that has exploded and collapsed on itself. The matter left is SO dense that it's gravitational pull boggles the mind. Nothing - not even light waves can escape it's gravitation pull! No light bouncing off of it - no way to take a picture. This image was constructed from various data receive from radio waves via radio dishes across the world. What you and I are truly seeing is just the silhouette of the thing - the shadow - the perimeter. If we could really "see" it - who knows what it would look like. I picture it like a big trash heap. Stars, meteors, moons and such crashing into the black "hole" [the super condensed remains of a collapsed super giant star] with such force that they explode and made a huge mess! Like a Jackson Pollock painting - only God sized! [No disrespect to God here]. The only reason that we knew that they exist at all is that Einstein explained that they did. What can be seen with telescopes are objects in space losing their path and being pulled towards the black hole [which heretofore invisible.] It's exciting to me - even if all we can "see" is a black dot. As a Christian and as a person who loves genuine science, it's profound. No, it's not going to suck us in like some say. It's 55 million light years away. A light-year not being a year, but a distance that light can travel in one year or about 6 trillion miles as my students used to calculate with my help. So multiply 6 trillion x 55 and that's how far away it is.
  15. The word giraffe is also not in the Bible, but we know what one is with clarity. The same for the man-made word legalism. Legalism, as evidence by Pharisees, scribes, the rich young ruler, and apparently the church at Galatia, is taking either the law of God or man-made laws and making them requirements FOR salvation, to MAINTAIN salvation, or to keep one's righteous above others. It's like women wearing only dresses. Of all the women I know who wear dresses only, almost all of them do so out of personal conviction, their husband's preference, personal comfort, or their church's practice. None of that is legalism. I don't agree with any of those reasons except personal conviction or comfort. But that's not my business. I do have one acquaintance who wears dresses only and she has said that she teaches her daughter to pray for the salvation of women they see wearing pants. She believes women who wear pants are going to hell. THAT'S legalism. When you tie your behavior - Bible taught or man's doctrine - to your salvation, sanctification, or use your own behavior to declare yourself above others. That's legalism. It's what the entire book of Galatians is about.
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