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  1. welcome may you find encouragement and may the Lord in heaven our Lord and savior Jesus Christ be glorified!
  2. first, before we postulate any question we must understand what we celebrate in such national holiday and what is the historical background behind such holiday and then what does the Lord tells us in His word in regards about being thankful and giving thanks....two things totally different. During the last supper our God and savior Jesus Christ..the bible tells us that Jesus look up and after braking up the bread He gave thanks!
  3. my friend...it is such a wonderful thing to desire to share the gospel for indeed it is our duty commanded to all of us in the Greater Commission in Mathew 28...yet I must tell you that it is not us who convert any soul but we are merely means by which they are drawn to God. All we can do is share the gospel with them and then let the Holy Spirit to the rest for it is His job. You can pray for them that the Lord will have mercy upon their souls and save them from the power of sin. if the person does not acknowledge nor understand that he is a sinner and in need of a savior then they will not come to the cross. You can share Rom 3:23, Rom 6:23, John 3:16 among others. if you so desire you can email me and I can share with you where and how to obtain gospel tracks for you to share with your family like I have done with mine and with others. Praise be to God and may He have mercy on your family.
  4. you are so right! they not only maintain this awesome blessed site but they also minister to the saints. praise the Lord and indeed keep up the good work and may the Creator of heaven and earth keep you faithful amen.
  5. welcome! and nice to meet you. Rely not on others yet always rely on Jesus Christ and His word. Thy word is a light unto my feet and a light unto my path.
  6. welcome back sir. enjoy our home and may the good Shepherd find you this day. nice to meet you.
  7. welcome Mr. Joe nice to meet you. the only way I am getting to know my savior is not thr other people but rather thr reading and studying His word, serving Him and surrendering my life and will totally to Him...then I can experience His peace and grace and joy. welcome and may you enjoy your stay with us.
  8. welcome to our home....may you enjoy your stay dear friend.
  9. before I can offer you any thoughts regarding this issue; I must ask you this first....have you been saved by the blood of Jesus? and if so? are you HIs follower and His servant...Do you believe in His unerrant word and in His commandments? through much suffering I came to know my savior and only true God...Jesus the Christ and how wonderful it is to live in His will for me and to obey what He commands me and to do what is pleasing in His sight. You also can experience the same when you surrender yourself and your life totally to Him. then...only then you will experience genuine total joy that is not based on circumstances. May you seek Him eagerly and diligently in this matter and read His word and see what it tells you about doing such thing. Then when you read in His word what it tells; then do it!
  10. Praise be to God! from whom all good things come from. May the Lord bless you and keep you ever in His ways.
  11. welcome dear friend. May the God of Heaven keep you and lead you . nice to meet you and have you with us
  12. we welcome you with warm arms...hope you enjoy your stay and may you feast as well on the Word on God as you grow in His grace.
  13. amen ...finally someone who is a believer in the an errand scriptures of the most High creator of everything. thank you friendduffthalorde. it seems not everybody here may abide or live or trust in them. Our savior did say that many would be deceived and gone astray from His word and follow what tickles their ears.
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