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    I disagree.
  2. Which one is better to buy, Apple or PC

    not sure what you mean.
  3. Which one is better to buy, Apple or PC

    yes you can almost anything for it. search linux malware you will find it.
  4. I read his reply to her the other day on another site, I thought he nailed it and was quite nice in doing so.
  5. Christmas

    Thanks for your input. I myself am alone and do not use a Christmas tree. I was raised with one years ago but we only got one present each year til 7 or 8 then the present became a pair of pants each year after that. there was a post earlier that showed everyday of the week was assigned a different pagan day of the week. So Christians have no day of the week cause they are all taken up by pagan holidays days. What pagans done on a certain day has nothing to do with a certain day a Christian want to do something different on that day. Does it?
  6. Christmas

    So if one has a christmas tree and does not worship it they have not done anything wrong If some one gives or gets a present as long as they dont worship it they have done nothing wrong is this right?
  7. Christmas

    so the schools and colleges that teach liberlism should be avoided also ?
  8. Christmas

    I never heard of anyone worshipping santa or praying or giving thanks to him
  9. Which one is better to buy, Apple or PC

    I like Ubuntu. there are several other open source os out there Mint is one they all use Linux. Its all free software for what ever you need to do what you are interested in. https://www.lifewire.com/top-ubuntu-alternatives-4135701 look here. ps You can download any Linux and test on your windows computer
  10. Which one is better to buy, Apple or PC

    Use Ubuntu OS on any computer
  11. anti virus

    Bad topic removed, thanks
  12. North Star Never Moves.

    is there proof?
  13. beyond me back up

    I found out on ubuntu support ubuntu allows me to create and modify a file/folder just for back up. I unplugged my seagate external hdrive set up my computer. Ill look at the adding partition first if can do that then I have a place to do it.