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  1. video downloader

    Hoping to find help on video downloader I think I got it through firefox. it has worked fine for over a year. I have Linux Ubuntu 16.4, it auto updates and I believe it was upgraded recently although I did not see firefox or video downloader listed in the updates. I tried to download a video and it would not download;; I normally choose mp4 to download videos. I saw some new extensions to use when downloading I did not use to have available. A pop up window said I need to upgrade video downloader so i did and I had choice of Debian or Tarz. I chose Tarz and it down loaded and I extracted it. It also said there was an extra step to complete but I did not see any instructions on how to do the extra step. So hoping someone understands what I wrote and what and how the next step goes. Thanks
  2. Tattoo or tattoos what's your thoughts

    I used the wrong word, I apologize again I should have used your opinion.
  3. Tattoo or tattoos what's your thoughts

    ok I was not using gotcha as in got you or caught you or tripped you up. i apoligize if it came off that way. i was using gotcha in that I understand you answered one but not the other question. sorry I came off that way to you.
  4. Favorite Parables, and their meanings!

    Thanks so much,
  5. Favorite Parables, and their meanings!

    thats the one I would choose also. Is there a way I can get this list it wont save
  6. Two very simple questions

    thanks for the extra verses, now extreme voltage would melt the wire before it can travel the complete path, seems to me.
  7. Tattoo or tattoos what's your thoughts

    Thanks hazard for the verses and your view. I will need to adjust my thinking and on this subject looks like
  8. Two very simple questions

    have a question the moon turning blood red is not part of Isa 30:26 but you put in . Question the electrical affects normally cause the electic to fail ;;; how or where does the idea come from that it will cause elevtricity to flow rather than fail? thanks
  9. This is a true story!

    or two aaa batteries thats what mine take
  10. Tattoo or tattoos what's your thoughts

    all I done was say I disagree with your opinion that the verse about tats. and found another verse most dont follow and ask your opinion on it and you got upset and wont answer if it is ok to wear jewelry ,
  11. Tattoo or tattoos what's your thoughts

    so I can see you teach no tats but it ok to not follow 1 peter on jewelry. gotcha
  12. Tattoo or tattoos what's your thoughts

    So according to 1 peter 3-5 do you teach women should wear no gold or silver that the public can see. right
  13. Tattoo or tattoos what's your thoughts

    And at THAT time it was not written to the gentiles later in Act 15 the gentiles were given a way to God and also given rules that did not speak of tats or cuttings of skin weren't they?
  14. Tattoo or tattoos what's your thoughts

    I do have a couple tats they can not be seen even in a t shirt. I have not had any in the last 25 years. i don't plan on any more. To me this verse says a specific reason not to do it. If it meant do do for any reason then the "memory of the dead " would not have been inserted into the verse. Am I wrong, why.
  15. Tattoo or tattoos what's your thoughts

    why does everyone ALWAYS leave off the last three words in this verse;;; so they can change the meaning of the verse. when using the last three words there is one specific reason to not cut or mark skin (memory of the dead ) any other reason to mark or cut does not fall under this verse