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  1. I knew that she said she came to this forum because someone she knows was being bullied. I didnt think I saw any on this thread.
  2. bullies are normally dealt with after a remark or two, I cant imagine someone could get away with more than that . We each have certain subjects we believe or don't believe it's part of a forum. I myself was raised without a flat earth in existence. I listened and looked at 3 videos read some flat earth verses. I have not changed my mind I believe those verses are misinterpreted . Im not upset with the ones supporting it.
  3. you're post gives me the impression that you think most posters do not have good intentions. I on the other hand think Most posters do have good intentions. Some have good intentions even though they are not understanding what they have read in the Bible. Below you're pic it says you like people with good intentions well plenty are here. hang around and see.
  4. Sin

    in all the world there has only one man that was sinless none since Jesus
  5. what do you think of this article?
  6. I found him I will listen to some of his stuff.
  7. I hadn't thought of that.
  8. I'll look him up and see what he has on this thanks other one
  9. I use a zero pitcher for my water.
  10. I haven't learn all the English there is I can not tackle those two.
  11. yes, before class bell rings. muslims pray during the day and get out of class to do it; you're kid can not get out of class to pray and can not pray during school.
  12. you mean the city is given you enough fluoride in your water
  13. Sin

    what you speak of is in verse 11 and he is talking about unbelieving Jew in 11. actually verse 1 through 20 is about the Jew that will not relinquish the old law. sure I seek God
  14. well after 3 video's and reading all those verses I'm staying where I was. Out of 75 verses I would say less than half sound like a flat earth. And Im not sure they should be taken literally at this point.