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  1. Candy

    when I pate the pic my text disappeared so when young pay day later mounds
  2. Candy

  3. Egypt USA?

    This two statements tell me its not true If their theories are borne out by the translation of the tablets engraved with hieroglyphics, the mystery of the prehistoric peoples of North America, their ancient arts, who they were and whence they came, will be solved. Well, the first thing I can tell you, before we go any further, is that no Egyptian artifacts of any kind have ever been found in North or South America. Therefore, I can tell you that the Smithsonian Institute has never been involved in any such excavations.
  4. Adam

    if you believe this guy you're on the wrong path
  5. pretty good stuff. Bucksnort,Tn is just down the road from me.
  6. Here comes Irma

    I stated a fact. the news was predicting 10 to 15 feet flooding; then I asked if anyone seen a 10 feet flood. I dont consider that bashing im sorry you do .
  7. Here comes Irma

    ok the news has been saying for a week 10 to 15 feet flooding in Florida. Has any one seen any news reel that showed even 10 feet flood forget 15 feet flood. I have not.
  8. Difference Between Men & Women

    I like him too.
  9. Million dollar bill from livingwaters.com

    I have found those before, a couple times. I do not think the ones I found were million dollar though.
  10. Million dollar bill from livingwaters.com

    you need to run to the bank fast.
  11. Nature or Natural should be enough proof

    Im starting to see the forest thru the trees. thanks for a good post
  13. This does not describe a non movable flat earth.
  14. Difference Between Men & Women

    here is another funny one
  15. Could Solomon have asked something better?

    It appears God was pleased with Solomons choice. If God is pleased then thats all that matters. isnt it?