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    Losing a place of worship is similar to loosing your home. We go through the grieving process: shock, disbelief, anger, depression, going on with life. I did that when we lost our home to fire, having no insurance. It can be overwhelming. So I pray that God direct you with His wisdom and that He provide for the needs of His Church.
  2. I saw a cat take on a squirrel one day, and it was not the cat that was winning, But an eagle considers a cat to be desert.
  3. lol, you are my sons ages. 50s are Heartbreak Hotel, Unchained Melody, Tennessee Waltz, Mockingbird Hill, Jail house Rock, Far away Places, Rock Around the Clock, Hound Dog, Shake Rattle & Roll, Blue Suede Shoes, Don't be Cruel, Bye Bye Love, Earth Angel,, Peggy Sue, Blueberry Hill, Sh Boom, Yakity Yak, Wake up Little Suzi, La Bamba, I'm Walking, Lonely Teardrops, Crying in the Chapel, Only You, All I Have to Do is Dream, Rockin Robin, Love Potion #9, Little Darlin', Chantilli Lace, Stagger Lee, My Prayer, Blue Suede Shoes, 16 CANDLES, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Teenager In Love, Splish Splash, Charle Brown, Come Softly To Me, Day-O, Jingle Bell Rock, Dream Lover, etc. 50s TV was I Love Lucy, The Ed Sullivan Show, Father Knows Best, Danny Thomas, Mary Tylor Moore, Dick VanDyke, Our Miss Brooks, Great Gildersleeve, Carlie McCarthy & Fibber McGee. The 80s music had got pretty raunchy in the secular realm. But I did like the hard Christian rock of that era.
  4. I had a total knee replacement in 2012, and it is wonderful! just had to keep up with the exercises for a few months till I got full usage. I also have osteoarthritis of my spine and neck. Lord have mercy.
  5. That is so true, but their love lives on with you. I have the love of my parents and grandmother who all knew the Lord, and I most remember the love and graciousness of my mom. It will always be with me.
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    Repent means to change you r mind, turn around and start moving toward God and putting your faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the son of the Living God. If you have done this then God has heard your prayers and has run to welcome you back to His home, as the parable of the prodigal son indicates. So yes, God welcome all prodigals as He did me, and put me back on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ as my Lord and Master. Some were only sorrowful as Judas was, with no intention of turning from sin. He had remorse for his sins but no true repentance.
  7. We will come before the bema seat of God where our good works will be judged. Our sins are remembered no more so it is only our good works that will be judged. Some will be done in Christ's righteousness, with Him motivating us to perform them and He will be given all the glory.
  8. I agree with Raven. I would rather be used by God. It is asking Christ in me to use me to accomplish His will. When the apostles introduced themselves as a bond slave of Jesus Christ, or a slave or servant, they are saying that Jesus' blood set them free but they gave themselves back to God to be His slave. It is such a blessing and honor to serve our God. It is freeing even if we are to be a stay at home mom or a janitor in the church. We just obey.
  9. When I first asked God to forgive me, the enemy whisper in my ear: How do you know He will forgive you? Immediately that hymn came to my mind, Yes Jesus love me, the Bible tells me so. So I knew Jesus forgave me, and the Father forgives me because Jesus loves me. The theology wasn't deep, it was a child's faith.
  10. I have found some heavy metal that have borrowed form classical music, but often classical borrowed from other classical.
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    Lol. My aunt was aunt V, and my middle name is Lynn! I might even remember your name! You are welcome here.
  12. Willa


    Welcome to Worthy, BobbyO,
  13. Hi, Telika, and welcome to Worthy. You will not be allowed to advertise using this forum but we would love to have you participate and even share prayer request for your ministry. I was an LPN in the 80s and am now retired. I respect what you are doing as long as you know when the help of an MD is needed. My friend had two kids at home with natural child birth but it wasn't until her miniature dachshund nearly died while whelping with placenta previa that she realized so many things could go wrong. I insisted that they go to the vet immediately and they were able to save the dam and two puppies. Having an MD on standby is so important. We are blessed to have you join us.
  14. Willa


    Hi, Bob. We have quite a few members from Australia on Worthy. Welcome!
  15. Hi, Missy. You are welcome here. You can reach the chat room at the top of the page where it says Christian Chat. These are forums where we discuss various subjects or pray for each others needs, or praise our God and Savior. It was my first one as well.
  16. Hi, Resurrection priest, and welcome to Worthy.
  17. Welcome to Worthy. WBO. I agree with some of the beliefs that you call strange. As far as baptism goes, I didn't feel anything special after my baptism either. I did feel peace. A mistake often made is to pursue a feeling instead of pursuing godliness, or the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. The only way we can walk on water is to keep our eyes on Jesus and not look at the wind and the waves.
  18. A lot depends on how they define Christian, by what parameters they use, and how they word their questions.
  19. Welcome to Worthy, Diana. Our church held a Seder for Passover and I can't even wrap my tongue around the guttural sounds in so many of the words. The Hebrew language is very difficult for me because so many words are ambiguous or have several translations for a word. It is a courageous undertaking.
  20. Willa

    Thank You

    You are most welcome here, Susie.
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    Welcome, futurefairy. It is possible that the Holy Spirit is calling you to have an intimate relationship with your Creator, and that is why you like to discuss the Bible and God.
  22. Welcome to Worthy, He can & He will.
  23. Hi John. Whenever I went through trials I would pray: " Lord, what are you trying to teach me because I don't want to wander around in this wilderness for another year." Sometimes He would tell me that this is just second grade. Third grade will add a few new twists.
  24. Faith, we are blessed to have you join us one Worthy.
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