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  1. As you know, the eyewitness support of the New Testament on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is one of the best evidence that Jesus Christ is Almighty God.(saying this for the youth reading around the world) But I think this miracle is interesting. In November 2006, Bruce Van Natta was a born again Christian, a husband, a father of 4 children and a diesel truck mechanic. While under a huge truck doing repairs, the jack slipped and the truck fell on Bruce Van Natta. The truck's axle crushed Van Natta's abdomen down to under 2 inches in thickness. Paramedics came and flew the heavily bleeding father of 4 to Wisconsin University Hospital.(Before the paramedics arrived 2 eight feet tall angels came-but for more on this you will have to read Bruce Van Natta's bestselling book:Saved By Angels.) Bruce Van Natta's wife, Lori, came to the hospital with only a Bible. The surgeons couldn't understand how Bruce Van Natta's heart was still beating after the giant truck had almost cut him into two pieces and severed 5 major arteries. The surgeons stopped the incredible bleeding and then removed a large part of his small intestine. Author and journalist Max Davis reviews much of the excellent medical documents concerning Bruce Van Natta in his book:The Insanity of Disbelief. Max Davis writes that Van Natta's 5 page Trauma Operative Note, signed by attending surgeon Michael Schurr,M.D.(Dr.Schurr has been on call for the US President) says that over 18 feet of his small intestine were removed and sent to pathology. By his 4th operation, only 3.1 feet(95cm) of small intestines remained in Bruce Van Natta. Van Natta had weighed 180 pounds before the accident; but his weight would drop to 125 pounds in the following months. He was slowly dying because he did not have enough small intestine to properly absorb food. His family and church were still praying. In February 2007, a Christian friend of Van Natta's named Bruce Carlson, from Walden, NY, felt God tell him to go to Wisconsin and pray for Van Natta. Carlson and a mutual friend named Brian, went to his hospital room. There Carlson laid hands on Bruce Van Natta and commanded his small intestines to grow in the name of Jesus Christ.(John 14:13,14) Suddenly Van Natta felt electricity come out of his hands and go into his own forehead and down to his stomach area. Van Natta felt his intestines wiggle and move around. He instantly told Carlson and Brian that he felt as though a snake had uncoiled in his stomach. Bruce Van Natta immediately started gaining weight! His doctors were confused. They ordered an upper G.I. Track X-ray exam. The doctors couldn't believe what they were seeing. Senior radiologist Andrew Taylor confirmed in writing that Bruce Van Natta now had 9.84 feet(300 cm) of small intestines. Before and after X-rays, CT scans and Doppler scans proved that Van Natta's small intestines had tripled in length due to the prayers for him in Jesus's name. This is a fact. Furthermore, Dr. Michael Schurr operated on Van Natta again after the upper G.I. Track X-rays showed that his small intestines had tripled. Dr. Schurr and the operative assistants saw the Christ-regrown small intestines with their own eyes. This is a fact. The History Channel's atheistic "Miracles Decoded" series aimed to disprove miracles. Yet when they interviewed Dr.Michael Schurr and saw the clear evidence of the before and after medical imaging of Van Natta's intestines, even they had to admit on TV that there is no natural explanation for Bruce Van Natta's small intestine's huge regrowth. Bruce Van Natta is a healthy 160 pounds today and directs Sweet Bread Ministries. Max Davis tells us that this miracle story has extremely reliable sources. To continue to disbelieve in miracles or in Jesus Christ, who is the God of miracles, is to simply refuse to acknowledge the facts. References: 1) Bruce Van Natta(2013) Saved By Angels(Permission given to quote.) 2)Max Davis(2012) The Insanity of Disbelief: A Journalist's Journey from Belief to Skepticism to Deep Faith(Permission given to quote.) 3) Notes that I took during a telephone conversation with Bruce Van Natta on December 23,2017. Sweet people all colors around the world and in America, please accept Jesus Christ as your God and Savior. Jesus is the only Way to eternal happiness in heaven.
  2. An agnostic aunt( a school teacher) told me that an ET spacecraft came near her and then took off at almost light speed. At the time I couldn't believe what I just had heard from my well-balanced aunt . It is about time that a Christian made a film like "Alien Intrusion".Hundreds of thousands of people like my aunt (maybe even billions of people in the near future) are being tricked by ball lightning and demons. Sweet people all colors around the world and in America, please accept Jesus Christ as your God and Savior. Jesus is the only Way to live in heaven forever in perfect happiness.
  3. Your asteroid definitely made me take a second look, MG. It's eerily sci.-fi like. But I am really sure there is no extra-terrestrial life (not including bacteria/viruses that were carried to other planets from our Earth by meteor impacts). The reason I think life exists only on Earth is: Astronomers in 2013 reported that by using the Kepler telescope they had found 40 billion Earth-sized planets orbiting stars in the" habitable zone", in our Milky Way galaxy. Then there must be many trillions of these Earth-sized planets in habitable zones in the other trillion galaxies in the universe. So with so many trillions of these habitable exoplanets in the universe, there should be(if evolution is the correct theory) at least a hundred billion planets with life technologically advanced enough to have radios and TVs. Radio and TV signals,as you know, get beamed into outer space at the speed of light. Humans have spent millions of bucks searching for these artificial radio wave signals for many decades and have found none that were produced by ET intelligent life. So radio-astronomers have basically destroyed the theory of evolution by showing there is no intelligent life "out there" in the universe. Please understand (for the youth reading around the world) that if astronomers in 2013 had found only a few habitable Earth-sized planets in our galaxy, then we could say that evolution maybe just did not have enough time on those few planets, to produce intelligent life that could make TVs or radios. But evolution has No excuse for Not creating intelligent life if there are 40 billion earth-sized habitable planets in our galaxy - let alone many trillions of habitable exoplanets across the universe. Darwinian evolution was buried in 2013. Sweet people all around the world and in America, please accept and believe in Jesus Christ as your God and Savior. Jesus is the only way to live in Heaven forever in perfect happiness. He loves you so much!
  4. Does the Bible predict storms for the endtimes?

    Hurricanes and typhoons(same type of storm as hurricanes but in the Northwest Pacific area of the earth -I'm explaining for the youth reading this around the world) are getting more intense. NASA's Earth Observatory website says Atlantic hurricanes by 2005, had top wind speeds that were 25% greater than in the 1970's. -Angels4u, you asked if the Bible predicts storms for the endtimes. I say yup, because: Luke 21:25 says countries will be troubled by the sea/ocean and its waves. As you know hurricanes are in large part generated by a warm ocean; and a hurricane's rain is desalinated ocean water. Also massive coastal flooding can happen as it whips up waves. I've been intrigued by Luke 21:25 for some time because in it, Jesus also correctly predicted a sea level rise and record high-tides for many nations; and tsunamis. I'm praying for Florida, Georgia and Texas. All you sweet and wonderful children and people around the world, please accept Jesus as your Savior and God. He is the only way to eternal happiness in heaven. All praise to the Eternal Almighty Father, and to the Eternal Almighty Jesus Christ, and to the Eternal Almighty Holy Spirit.
  5. Why is the Father greater than Jesus?

    I hope you sweet and wonderful people all around the world and on WCF(to those here who view Jesus incorrectly as merely a perfect man or representative or subordinate) can come to accept Jesus as your God . Please open your heart to Almighty Jesus. The following explanation is partially derived from a British theologian or evangelist, whose name I've forgotten. In Philippians 2:6-8 we are shown why Jesus said the Father was greater. I'll paraphrase it: Jesus had existed as the true God but for the sake of dying on his cross, he humbled himself and made himself nothing by becoming a man(but he was still fully God as it will be shown). This means Jesus's humanity , though sinless and perfect, caused his heavenly Father to be greater in priority but not in superiority. That the Father is not superior in quality or nature to Jesus can be easily proven by the following verse: Colossians 2:9 declares: " In Christ all the fullness of the Deity[God] lives in bodily form." Jesus Christ was and is fully man and fully YHWH(I AM) God. Jesus is equally God as the Eternal Father and the Eternal Holy Spirit. That Jesus was and is, truly God was revealed to Apostle Thomas as John 20:28 says: " Thomas said unto him[Jesus], "My Lord and my God."" In Matthew 12:8 Jesus proclaims he is the Almighty Creator: " The Son of Man[Jesus] is the Lord of the Sabbath." Only the great God can claim to be Lord of the Sabbath as Genesis 2:3 demands:"And God blessed the seventh day[Sabbath] and made it Holy... ." Only God is Lord of the Sabbath, so Christ is God. Jesus is not subordinate to the Father because Jesus says to pray to him[Jesus]! John 14:14:"You may ask me for anything in my name and I will do it." Matthew 28:19 :"...baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit," clearly shows that the 3 persons of the Godhead are co-equal. In the Old Testament Zechariah 2:8-11 proves that the pre-incarnate Jesus was the LORD God. If you read Zechariah 2:8,9 very carefully you will see that it says that the LORD Almighty[God The Son] will be sent by the LORD Almighty[God the Father]. I pray that those of you that have not accepted Jesus as your Eternal God, will one day soon. Please understand that your eternal life in heaven is dependent on this. But also this life, prayer, witnessing and Bible study are infinitely more rewarding when you see the real truth. Jesus asked in John 5:23 that we honor the Son as we honor the Father. Jesus is declaring that as we worship the Father as God so we must worship the Son as God. Again this absolutely shows he is equal to the Father. There are over 100 verses that declare Jesus is God or equal to the Father. All worship and praises to the Almighty Father, and the Almighty Son Jesus and Almighty Holy Spirit.
  6. Hi MG and Shiloh 357, hope you're doing ok. I've got cousins in Texas and I hear the rain is going to pour like crazy for a day or so more, praying in Jesus name, Ron
  7. Please google: Sennacherib's Attack on Hezekiah Alan Millard the link in my OP might not work, sorry, but googling the above will allow you to read this most amazing article that is oft cited and free on the web.
  8. Dr. Alan R. Millard is a renowned scholar and Christian. He has authored one of the most important articles in biblical archaeology ; please Google : " Sennacherib's Attack on Hezekiah Alan Millard " You should then click on the pdf article by this title on www.tyndalehouse.com. The article is from Tyndale Bulletin 36(1985) pp.61-77. Dr. Millard explains how an ancient artifact called the Taylor Prism - which King Sennacherib made in the days of Isaiah(about 2700 BC)- gives strong empirical evidence that YHWH(I AM) God actually exists. It has a twin prism in Chicago called the Oriental Institute Prism/ the Chicago Prism. There are also several other similar prisms. These are known as the Annals(writings) of Sennacherib. (If you read the first 5 and last 5 pages it might still be good enough to understand the amazing proofs of biblical Isaiah's veracity.) This is undisputed extra-biblical(from outside the Bible-explaining for the youth)evidence that the book of Isaiah is historically true. But Dr. Millard also shows us, on page 71, that Isaiah 37:36's "Angel of the Lord" is historically and supernaturally true. Dr. Millard notes that King Sennacherib tells Hezekiah- in the Taylor Prism- to send the tribute(gifts) "after me ". Why is this so important? Well Sennacherib was the world's most powerful king by far. He normally would have directly accepted the tribute gifts -and would have killed Hezekiah as leader of the rebellion. But King Sennacherib did neither because he knew that his soldiers were supernaturally slain by the Angel of the Lord! He was scared as a child and ran back to Nineveh without directly accepting the tribute gifts! Sennacherib, in the Taylor Prism , gives further objective evidence of the reality of the Angel of the Lord, by telling us he did not conquer Hezekiah in Jerusalem. ***An actual picture of Isaiah 36:1,2 exists in the British Museum. Please google: Lachish And tell the children this simple picture proof of the Bible if you think it will strengthen their faith.
  9. Patterns of Evidence Video: The Exodus

    Very fascinating stuff! love it.
  10. I always love finds connected to Hezekiah-who most importantly was an ancestor of our God Jesus according to Matthew's Gospel.
  11. This is an important thread. Excellent work.
  12. @JohnD: I mistakenly quoted your OP, in my Jan.23 reply on this thread. I should have quoted Completedbeliever1 instead. I hope you did not think my comments were at you John.
  13. Praise the Almighty Father , the Almighty Son Jesus and the Almighty Holy Spirit. please keep praying for the cure of cancer and for the winning of souls for Jesus
  14. Please pray for the cure of cancer, dear Worthy Christians, children of Eternal Jesus. 43% of American males and 38% of females will, sadly, get cancer in their lifetime, according to the US National Cancer Institute: http://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancerbasics/lifetime-probability-of-developing-or-dying-from-cancer (the website is the American Cancer Society's- takes several tries to load it). Canadians have the same rate; the British have a very similar rate, the Guardian newspaper said. Rates in other countries are going up also. WCF member Bopeep wrote about promising immuno-therapy, but cancer is tricky. With the guidance of Almighty Jesus, we can cure cancer - next week even ! For the youth and sweet seekers of the truth around the world: King Hezekiah's Prayer : Isaiah 37:14-20 Hezekiah prayed to the LORD Almighty(I AM/YHWH) to defend the LORD Almighty's own Name(the Assyrian King Sennacherib had insulted the LORD), by protecting Jerusalem from Assyria. It is thought of by some theologians as one of the greatest prayers in the Old Testament. Related to this story of the deliverance of Jerusalem, is an ancient stone artifact called the Lachish relief. Considered one of the greatest discoveries in all of archaeology, it is 80 feet of carved stone panels, with depictions of the battle of Lachish, created by King Sennacherib in 700 BC . The relief undisputedly proves Isaiah 36:1,2 and supports the miracle of the Almighty LORD protecting King Hezekiah and Jerusalem(Isaiah 36 and 37). How does the Lachish relief support that Jerusalem was supernaturally rescued by the LORD ? Because: {1} There was no "Jerusalem relief" found in King Sennacherib's ancient palace[*Alan Millard, Discoveries from Bible Times,p.125] by the British in 1845 AD. Sennacherib celebrated(by creating the stone panel pictorials as the centrepiece of his palace) only the destruction of the nation of Judah's second largest city, Lachish. Jerusalem was the far bigger prize and it would have been the centrepiece of celebration in his palace, if it had been vanquished. But Sennacherib was unable to conquer the capital city. {2} Assyria was the world's first (near)-superpower according to scholars; not merely an empire.[*Karen Radner, Introducing Ancient Assyria,2015] Assyria, the world's only near-superpower, could have squashed Jerusalem but the LORD Almighty(who is Jesus) heard Hezekiah's amazing prayer, and squashed the near-superpower's army. {3} Historians also say that King Hezekiah was the ringleader of the group of near eastern countries that stopped paying annual tribute(tax money) to Assyria. King Sennacherib was furious and wanted capture all the fortified cities of Judah; which he did. And he especially wanted to kill Hezekiah and conquer Jerusalem. Sennacherib's army surrounded the capital city and put it in a very strong grip. But he did not conquer it. [ *the Taylor Prism] Suddenly he decided to quit Jerusalem and go home to Ninevah. Of course the best proof is because the Bible says so: Isaiah 37:36,37 says the angel of the LORD slew 185 000 soldiers of King Sennacherib, and the king of the first and sole almost-superpower withdrew. *See:http://www.windowintothebible.com/#!the-seige-of-lachish/c1lqs or Google: Lachish relief We can pray, with complete certainty of faith,( or small- but real- mustard seed faith) to our God Jesus Christ and his Father, by the Holy Spirit. Thanks a lot, ahead of time, for your prayers and replies.