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    Please pray for Debbie,6, a blind orphan, to get her eyesight back(her Christian family's and relatives' martyrdom on Easter Sunday caused atheist Mr. Uhtredson to accept Christ); physicist and Christian apologist James C. Maxwell, who is among the top 3 greatest scientific minds in history(Einstein said the modern era of physics began with Maxwell);Christian faith-MIT: http://silas.psfc.mit.edu/Maxwell/ ;I'm praying that all you sweet people of all colors around this world believe in Jesus Christ as your God and Savior

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  1. Jesus saved a family member from being killed at the WTC on 9/11 because my Christian friend warned him very, very forcefully not to go to New York C. a year earlier. He had gotten his absolute dream placement at a NYC institution-even had a wall to wall giant purple hued poster of the Twin towers in the bedroom .Its absolutely only because Christ Jesus ordered his steps is he still alive and well. Thank you my Lord and God Jesus! God bless and bring peace for family and friends of those sweet people who were lost in the 9/11 tragedy.
  2. Please keep praying that 6 year old Christian orphan Debbie's eyesight will be restored. Your prayers are helping I have found out- by getting in touch with Debbie's surviving uncle on the others side of the globe by way of a pastor I know- to a country I had no connections to until now. Again,I saw the testimony of atheist Mr.Uhtredson,UK, who said he started to go to church when he heard of the murders of Debbie's parents and the other Sri Lankan Christians on Easter Sunday,2019. It softened his heart and mind to receive the Gospel of Christ. Many other unbelievers I am certain did too. Pray that Jesus Christ's name will be glorified in Debbie's impending healing. As you know it was prophesied in the book of Revelation that many Christians would be martyred near the end. The Bible is absolutely true.Since just 2005 about 1 million Christians have been killed because of their faith according to the Centre for the Study of Global Christianity in Massachusetts, US, which was reported by major news organizations . I think it is double that because of the genocide of Christians in Iraq ,which is recognized officially by the EU, UK, and the US Congress. As you have heard, Apostle Paul said that God is giving the faithful church everything-the faithful church inherits everything . This is an infinitely valuable and incomprehensible promise(saying this for youth reading across the globe.)What a most loving Father God we have. This because of Your most suffering beating by the guards' rod and intense whipping and most painful death on Your Cross, our most beautiful , sweetest Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord Jesus. https://www.christianitytoday.com/news/2019/april/sri-lanka-easter-isis-zion-sunday-school-sebastian-funerals.htm
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  7. The reason I said I probably won't go is because some of my relatives and multitude of their friends travel there regularly and I don't want to run into them -especially their friends-and ruin my vision of the Holy Land; hope they don't see this. I am tempted to go to see ancient artifacts but the US has several of the very best biblical artifacts in the world; but unfortunately most American Evangelicals ,including most of my relatives do not know this or don't understand the significance. A family member went up to the Bible Museum in DC recently but that is not where the best biblical artifacts are in the US-they are at Yale and the U of Chicago; but you can't tell your friends you went to these universities for you vacation so people go to the "cool" Bible Museum.They later took a trip to Kentucky's $100 million Noah's ark-friends at the church had told them to go .I just kept telling myself" keep your mouth shut". I think it's vitally important that children in Sunday school and even adults at least know about the importance of these 100% proven biblical artifacts that are in these 2 US universities(I put a link to one in my earlier post on this thread-but you have to click on column 3 to see the 2700 BC scientifically proven mention of Christ's ancestor King Hezekiah)- instead of Noah's ark and all. We have to teach our kids and youths the undisputed,proven biblical archeology we possess because it proves that the bible is true. Kids get older and start doubting-especially about Noah and the ark-(my 17 year old cousin said he can't believe in the story of Noah , the animals and a global flood-its silly he said; another 8 year old Christian girl I know says the same) and then they start doubting about other biblical truths. God has given us absolute evidence of the veracity of the Bible. Yes, faith is still required but there is so much growing doubt that unless we use all the tools that Christ has given us we will lose Western and American Christian civilization in a generation.
  8. Hi Renee,I am so sorry for your troubles! I was physically+ abused by a violent sadistic pedophile named Alan Grenham when I was 8 years old. My young,only sister was there to comfort me but she died a year later. My closest uncle,a surgeon ,was a great help to my family in our tragedies but he was murdered a few years later, leaving behind very young children and a wife.(My abuser was my public school teacher.) I know of many Christians that have suffered much more, such as the one million Christians who have been martyred since just 2005 according Center for the Study of Global Christianity based in Massachusetts ,reported on Fox News online and UK newspapers. -We are slaughtered like sheep for your sake, apostle Paul wrote in Romans 8:36 based on the unexplained suffering in Psalm 44. The EU, UK and the US Congress have officially recognised the fairly recent genocide of Iraqi Christians. Many of them were young teenagers who were tortured before they were killed.(One group of Iraqi Christian teenagers were offered to be spared tortuous deaths if they denied Jesus Christ but they said they loved Christ so much that they would not deny them. They then were beheaded.) I myself was heading towards emotional destruction after my childhood trauma but then someone introduced me to a man from Galilee named Jesus Christ of Nazareth and I was born of God and totally saved from emotional collapse(and worse) and from eternal punishment and death. It was a truly supernatural event when the very God himself, the Holy Spirit, joined/fused with my brutally broken soul- at the moment when I believed Jesus was Almighty God and my Savior. I instantly became "In Christ" and so even many of my closest friends and family could not recognize who I was in the next several months. I was a new creation! Romans 8:28 says: And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose. I cannot give you any advice other than pray to Jesus Christ:John 14:14. The Lord Jesus has by the Holy Spirit,and Bible study, worked miracles in my life, my murdered Uncle's family's lives and hundreds of millions -even billions - of born again Christians' lives throughout the centuries across this planet. I hope the best for you Renee. --Thank you my most beautiful God Jesus for choosing to reveal the Father God to me!
  9. Now you tell me!? Darn, I just gone bought myself a new special edition Heresy 303 rifle at theChristian bookstore yesterday. Hope you stay John ;and which I say also to any others thinking of leaving. We need mature Christians on this site.J ust think of it , this forum is a truly worldwide ministry because so many -billions -people speak English globally or will learn it in the near future. The opportunity is infinite because English is the Koine Greek of today! (It did not have to be that way; English could have been a fairly localized language like beautiful Gaelic.) God ordained it I'm confident to, spread the Gospel easier.I assure everyone that Worthy F is an important work of the Lord Jesus. Worthy is a potent and beautiful way of preaching the Gospel of Christ worldwide- if done with both great love and truth. I saw a young western Christian lady on TV called Christine say that immigrants ,from the other side of the world who had moved to her neighborhood ,that she was witnessing to about Jesus Christ, tell her that they had mistakenly thought that Christ was not sent for them but just for white people. As you know people(guests) are reading our posts from around the world. We will see surely the great effect of Worthy Forums one day when we are in Heaven. Billions are so hungry for the Lord Jesus Christ and his Good News! You will all be greatly rewarded in Heaven.
  10. I respectfully disagree.I was shocked when a very good friend, an electrical engineering student, told me that he was sensing demons on campus. I was extremely shocked because he never seemed remotely religious or even spiritual for the 9 years I had known him. I think the evidence of demons being real convinced him that the Bible was literally true. They are Extra-Universal life forms. Though physicists know about "Maxwell's Demon", it is just purely figurative "thought device" in the study of thermodynamics. (James Clerk Maxwell was a Christian apologist who debated Darwin ,and an eminent physicist , who is widely considered among the top 3 scientific minds in history.) They should have called it"Maxwell's Angel". Here from the top technical university on the planet, MIT, is some stuff about Maxwell's deep Christian faith: http://silas.psfc.mit.edu/Maxwell/ (For those who are seeking across the globe):Sweet people of all ethnicities in America and the world please believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior and God. I humbly and honestly tell you that Christ Jesus is the only Way to peace in this life,and to eternal life and happiness in Heaven.
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