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    Please pray for Debbie,6, a blind orphan, to get her eyesight back(her Christian family's and relatives' martyrdom on Easter Sunday caused atheist Mr. Uhtredson to accept Christ); physicist and Christian apologist James C. Maxwell, who is among the top 3 greatest scientific minds in history(Einstein said the modern era of physics began with Maxwell);Christian faith-MIT: http://silas.psfc.mit.edu/Maxwell/ ;I'm praying that all you sweet people of all colors around this world believe in Jesus Christ as your God and Savior

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  1. Yes Frank, I hope our atheist friends open their minds and hearts and understand the existence of God is a self-evident fact and come to Christ. That said ,atheists are becoming passionate evangelists of their delusional , infantile belief. They have taken out billboards in some areas of the US with the message to Christians: " Don't go to church, it is all fake news." They have started atheist churches across the US, modelling Christian churches.(I saw a CNN special on this a few yeas ago.) They desperately want the youth and the entire country; and are fighting us with all their might for them. We must realize this and not be complacent. And as for science, it was devout Christians who invented all the major disciplines of science. About 90 % of the greatest scientists and mathematicians(post 14th century) were believing Christians. When atheists said heavier-than-air flight was impossible, two devout Christian brothers named Wright invented the airplane because they said they observed those incredible creations of Christ- birds. Many astronauts were Christians; to this day there remains a red Bible on the Moon.
  2. Sam, I prayed in front of my dental surgeon after she checked my X Ray and said the extraction would be difficult because my tooth would break. However after surgery she said,"This is the strangest thing I've seen. The tooth didn't break." Yea, it wasn't the parting of the Red Sea but was I ever grateful to Christ. Also, on another note(for the youth peeking in from the web), the fact that we can be 100% sure that one of the most important people in the Bible, Pontius Pilate, really existed is amazing. It sure feels almost like a supernatural revelation when you understand how ridiculously improbable the undisputed Pilate Stone find in 1961 was. Another stone artifact, the Nazareth Inscription, was said to be proof for the empty tomb of Jesus by the greatest Roman historian of recent times, Gaetano De Sanctis. Jesus said:"..if these keep quiet, the stones will cry out." -Luke 19:40 American scholar Clyde Billington shows how the N.I. is evidence for the resurrection: https://creation.com/nazareth-inscription-1 https://creation.com/nazareth-inscription-2 The Pilate Stone:
  3. The Menthos mints and Coke experiment I was doing for a 5 year old and 7 year old some years ago while I was looking after them for a couple of hours for their parents really brought home this verse. I put the Menthos mints in the Coke in a bathtub and we stood back while the coke powerfully shot up almost to the ceiling. The kids loved it. I then told them in a completely unserious tone that we were going to get a bunch more of bottles of Coke and Menthos and build a rocket and blast off to Mars, a planet faraway in the sky. All of a sudden their joyous faces were filled with dire consternation. The 5 year old girl grabs my arm and says : " Mister Ron I don't want to go to Mars, I really don't." I looked at her 7 year old brother and I could see the wheels turning in his head like he was thinking:'What I am going to do now and are we ever coming back from Mars. And why did Mom ever leave us with this crazy guy?' I was totally surprised that they truly believed they were soon heading to Mars with me. Those 2 little kids actually believed me without me even trying to convince them and they knew they were completely helpless in that situation. I think this is what Jesus meant by his words. It will be those people who accept they are completely helpless in their sins and know they need the true God to save them. And that they will completely believe what Christ says and in him. It is this kind of very young children's humble and trusting heart condition that anyone who wants to be a citizen of heaven needs to have, Jesus is saying IMHO. People need to be like this first in order to accept Christ.
  4. Are you one of the fairly rare(or fairly common?)human tetrachromats? Tetrachromats have 4 different types of color sensing "cones" in their eyes compared with only 3 different types of cones(trichromatic color vision) in the normal population. "Functional tetrachromats" can see 100x the number of colors as the rest of us- they see about 100 million colors. Actually some researchers say 12 percent of women have the 4 different cone types; however only about 2 percent of women are functional tetrachromats(but there is a lot of uncertainty about this number.) So far it seems only women have been detected with this "supervision" with very high certainty. Who knows , in the future these women tetrachromats might do important work in different industries.(Was Eve a functional tetrachromat? It could be that the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil shimmered in incredibly beautiful colors that Adam couldn't see and the enemy knew this.) It seems the research in tetrachromatic vision is ongoing and there is disagreement. The 2% estimate for functional(true) tetrachromats in the female population might end up being too high or too low.(Wikipedia cites a study that says 50 percent of women and 8% of men have increased color sensitivity . However this was an older [1998]study.) It also seems the tricolor "RGB" system that computer/video screens use cannot produce the colors functional tetrachromatic woman see. So internet tests are useless according to the Newcastle University Tetrachromacy Project page. JTC, I was channel-surfing some time after I asked you "what else am I assuming wrongly that people all experience in like manner" when I caught the ending of a docu. that introduced me to this subject. Now I am thinking "wow" if maybe half of women have some type of supercolor vision then we are in fact really experiencing life somewhat differently. You know you might have to update your poll question to include "supercolor" as one of the options,lol-that is, of course, if an easy,offline. test is developed. I want to see in supercolor too. I guess I'll have to wait till I get my glorified eternal body when Christ returns for his Church. Maybe our glorified bodies will see "colors" that will make our earthly color vision seem black and white. Heaven is going to be unbelievably amazing. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ.
  5. Good to know. I also so love nearby Romans 8:15 "....we have received the Spirit of Adoption...". Luther says it should be "Spirit of Childship." I like Luther's translation much better but I have found only one English dictionary that lists "childship" as a word. The Holy Spirit of Childship gets us born again, and intercedes for us. We are so fortunate thanks to Jesus.
  6. Yes , Jesus said in John 10:11 :"I am the good shepherd...." Jesus is Almighty God, along with his Father and dear Yahweh Holy Spirit. All praise belongs to them forever.
  7. Yes ,we can call heaven home, in our dear heavenly Father's and Jesus's presence forever. Not servants or guests of heaven but citizens: " ....'you will be my sons and daughters ,' says the Lord Almighty." -2 Corinthians 6:18, New Testament. No greater promise can even God make to anyone. Grab it dear youth and others reading from around the world, by simply believing in and trusting in Jesus Christ to save you.
  8. That's all we need now, potheads on the road. I think I need to step up sharing the gospel of Christ because people it seems are filling themselves with every substance because I haven't shown them how to be filled with the only things that can truly satisfy the human heart/soul- the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.
  9. People are becoming insane drivers everywhere. I have close relatives in 16 different US states and friends in many others. One of my closest childhood friend's father was killed by a drunk driver as he pulled out of his driveway! I was on a busy road a couple of years ago and I noticed that the traffic was strangely stop and go and then saw it was because the guy 2 cars in front of me was texting. The car in front of me starts honking to let the texter know that he's driving like a bozo and then the Holy Spirit tells me to be super careful and slow down completely. Bamm! The honker smashed into the texter. That taught me half the people on the road are either texting,on the cell/mobile or drunk or sort of drunk. (People don't realize even only 1 beer will make you unfit to drive-must wait 10 hours.I love beer, had some last night and going to have a couple tonight but I'm not driving for 10 hours after .My cousin, a doc, told me half the kids in the hospital are there because of traffic accidents(was she generalizing/exaggerating?) Did you hear about the person who reversed their car in a parking lot and killed 4 church-goers in Florida. I saw the story on CNN I think. Then awhile after I heard an army general say -at a Pentagon briefing on the situation in war-torn Iraq ,onNBC or ABC news :" Iraq isn't the most dangerous place, your local parking lot is."
  10. I close my eyes, bow my head. I once prayed in front my rather shocked dental surgeon and her assistant after she said checked my XRay and said to me:"Your tooth extraction is going to be difficult because it is going to break." After she extracted my tooth she exclaimed: " This is the strangest thing I've seen . Your tooth didn't break." I quite often pray while I walk. I sometimes but extremely rarely, pray by crying out in a somewhat loud voice. Jesus did. Maybe I should more.
  11. The NYT article DustyRoad linked said 75% of Americans dreamt in black & white in the 1940s and said people in 2008 ,under 25, dreamt in color almost always. Only 12 percent in 2008 dreamt always in black and white. They said the change was because of the advent of color tv. Can they be right? Does the Bible have anyone in it dream in color? Didn't king Nebuchadnezzar in the book of Daniel see a dream of the human statue with a "golden head and silver torso"? Anyways I am truly shocked that some only dream in black and white. I asked a couple of guys yesterday and they dream in color.Yet you and 12 percent don't. It makes me wonder what else am I wrongly assuming everyone experiences the same way I do?
  12. I was just a few hours ago trying to encourage my 16 year old cousin to become a female evangelist. Though sometimes I absolutely cringe at some of the things I have said to Christian youth; incredibly unchristian garbage. However I know I will be a net positive influence only because of the sweet Holy Spirit , and Jesus and our Father.
  13. Yes those who are born again will be led by our dearest Holy Spirit-Romans 8:15. From heading towards total emotional ruin-and much worse- after being physically abused by my grade 3 public school teacher, I was healed the instant I was regenerated thanks to a Protestant bishop, the Gospel of John and Christ Jesus. The Spirit of Truth saves and heals.
  14. King of Kings. Hallelujah, Hallelujah. Lord of Lords. Hallelujah. Hallelujah, forever and ever. Jesus of Nazareth, Son of David, Lord Almighty.
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