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    Please pray for Debbie,6, a blind orphan, to get her eyesight back(her Christian family's and relatives' martyrdom on Easter Sunday caused atheist Mr. Uhtredson to accept Christ); physicist and Christian apologist James C. Maxwell, who is among the top 3 greatest scientific minds in history(Einstein said the modern era of physics began with Maxwell);Christian faith-MIT: http://silas.psfc.mit.edu/Maxwell/ ;I'm praying that all you sweet people of all colors around this world believe in Jesus Christ as your God and Savior

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  1. Yes.Thank you moderators for all the work you put in! Worthy is an important work of the Lord Almighty Jesus, dear planet.
  2. I would say you do not have any right ever to ask God(Jesus) why he allows children to suffer and die because you didn't suffer greatly as a child. However I have the right to ask Jesus but I would not: because I am born again/saved. I have the genuine right because I suffered greatly at the age of 8 at the hands of my sadistic pedophile grade 3 public school teacher. I was not a born again/saved Christian at that time so I did not have access to the all-comforting presence of the most dear person,the Holy Spirit, so my abuse by my evil, sadistically violent, pedophile public school teacher was incredibly unbearable and painful for me. My 6 year old younger sister(she comforted me during my abuse time) has a true right to ask God why she suffered terribly and died at the age 6 and a half. People only have the right to ask God about their own suffering. Dozens of Christian children in the Protestant Zion Church's Sunday school in Sri Lanka actually volunteered to die for Christ Jesus on Easter Sunday,2019; and then about 30 minutes later half of them were murdered by a stupid,evil terrorist bomber.(Some atheists around the world received Christ because they heard of the courage and passion for Christ of these born again children.) Some of the children left alive are blind, have tubes going from their brain to their kidneys and other terrible injuries.(Please pray for them-thanks a lot;their story is in "Christianity Today" online.) Yet they still so greatly love Christ Jesus and would not constantly ask Him why they are suffering. They know they have God's grace and our most beloved , all-comforting Holy Spirit. Those kids also know this life is over very quickly whether you live only 1 year or suffer for 120 years; and they cherish their broken lives now on earth as true Sons and Daughters of the Most High God,Jesus, and as inheritors of his promise that our glorious Father God will give them everything(the Kingdom of God/Heaven itself). Those kids have great hope, faith and love for and in Jesus because they are truly born of God/saved. They really know they are his and he will Never leave them . Jesus of Nazareth was(and is) the Almighty God, yet he, to save all those who believe IN him(not superficially just"about" him;a true Christian will miss Jesus- just as a parent will miss a beloved child if they haven't seen them for a few days -if they haven't spoken to/prayed to Jesus for a couple of days)as Savior and God, allowed himself to be beaten to a pulp in the Face by muscular guards with a hard and heavy stick; then Christ allowed a cap of 2 inch long sharp-as-needles thorns to be shoved hard onto his Godly-human head; then he allowed muscular guards to scourge(whip-I'm explaining for the youth) him many,many dozens of times with METAL-tipped whips(his intestines were exposed because the metal whips ripped his flesh according to pathologists.) Then he allowed himself to be forced to carry a heavy cross-beam for miles after all the most brutal torture ever; then Christ allowed himself to be nailed by 6-7 inch iron nails by his hands and feet onto a wooden cross (pathologists say that the nails in his hands would grind constantly against a certain nerve causing near infinite pain.) Then he allowed for the Cross he was nailed onto to be lifted up and shoved violently into the ground causing even more excruciating pain.....and that was just the beginning. Then he allowed himself to become sin, even though he was the sinless perfectly righteous Almighty God-man; and this was more painful to Jesus Christ than the physical torture. Then he allowed himself to hang crucified on his Cross in pure emotional and physical agony for hours and die. This all actually happened to Jesus who was/is the Eternal Almighty God the Son(some people who said they were Christians told me when I was a teenager that Jesus is God but he is not Almighty God-they are totally wrong.) Thankfully for true Christians Jesus Christ caused himself to rise bodily from the dead[John 2:19].(The famous Nazareth Inscription gives historical evidence of Christ's empty tomb and resurrection according to the *preeminent(greatest) Roman historian Gaetano De Sanctis, and other historians such as America's own Clyde E. Billington.) Please see one of the archeological/historical proofs of Christ's resurrection, in the links, by professor Billington (though please understand dear youth that faith, given by God, is still needed to truly believe IN Christ; pray to Christ Jesus and ask him for faith and love for him): https://creation.com/nazareth-inscription-1 https://creation.com/nazareth-inscription-2 All praise and love to the Lord God, who are : our Most High Glorious heavenly Dad, and the Most High Lord Jesus and the Most High sweet Holy Spirit. Sweet people of all colors in America and all nations, please believe IN Jesus Christ as your Saviour and God. Christ Jesus is the only way you can live forever in perfect happiness in heaven. Please understand dear youth around the globe, most of the greatest scientists, such as James Clerk Maxwell, and Michael Faraday and kiwi Ernest Rutherford and Werner Heisenberg(won the physics Nobel prize for creating Quantum Theory) and Americans William Josiah Gibbs and Juan Maldacena, believe/believed in Christ as their Savior and God. Far,far more importantly God's only true word, the Bible, declares Jesus Christ is the only Savior and the true God.
  3. You had me thinking that you shot at a general and colonel when you wrote "issued the challenge" and "the general supplied yet another incorrect password" ; then you got kicked out of the service, and that's why you were now here on Worthy. You and Dennis have a real knack for storytelling. Funny and entertaining stuff for sure. I was asked to read the Psalms by a military vet with failing eyesight; I would spend many days doing this. I did not really enjoy the Psalms at the time but it helped me later. Did you consider writing a small book, maybe: "funny stories from the combat zone -or Grace under Fire"( maybe include you are born of God and maybe include a Psalm after each story and a verse from Christ. The World English Bible is free to download and free to copy; there are a couple of other public domain Bibles also as you know.)Authentic funny stuff sells well. I am sure one publisher will take it. We need your stories in these contentious times. One of the best selling books ever I heard was Chicken Soup for the Soul(Not recommending it). I haven't read it -I think it's a compilation of "other peoples" inspirational stories by two authors; but it seems they had to ask 110 publishers before one agreed to publish.
  4. Good question; I'm just guessing because Christ as God incarnate knew others would. It might be interesting evidence he was God.I'm just internet researching as I write this post and it seems All the founders of the other major religions who are seen to be historical(Hinduism it seems has no historical founder) wrote their teachings down. The exception is Buddha who is thought only to have transmitted his text orally. However I am almost certain Buddha did Not have the ability/technology to write anything down in his language. Everyone who founds a religion will write their precious teachings down if they have the technology to do it; unless you are the man-God ,Jesus of Nazareth, who knew every word of the New Testament before it was written.
  5. One of the biggest music bands in the world is the (Protestant evangelical)Christian band U2. Irishman Bono(Paul Hewson), U2's singer, said in 2005 that the band's 2nd album,October, was about God. Many of their lyrics even on their other albums refer to Christ such as:"one man He come to justify/one man betrayed with a kiss." U2 belonged to the Protestant evangelical Shalom Fellowship. church. The pastor of this church, Chris Row, married Bono and his wife Alison, in California. They have 4 kids named Eve Memphis,Elijah, John Abraham, and Jordan. 3 of the 4 members of U2 are confessing Christians(the bassist is not.) U2's Welsh -Irish guitar player "The Edge " is married to a Jewish woman;please pray she will receive Christ. Please also pray my Jewish sister-in-law, Rebecca , will receive Christ Jesus. Thank you! This past 2019 Easter Sunday, the evangelical Zion Church of Batticaloa in Sri Lanka ,was attacked by a terrorist and 31 people were killed, including half the Sunday school(250 Christians were martyred on that day in Sri Lanka.) ChristianityToday reported that the Sunday school kids had just taken an oath to die for Jesus just some minutes before the attack. Some atheists around the globe came to Christ because they heard about the Christian martyrdom in Batticaloa ,including Mr. Uhtredson(UK) who gave written testimony . Please pray for the Zion Church ;and Zion member 6 year old orphan Debbie to regain her eyesight, and for the other Zion orphans. Thank you! U2 for their 3rd album"War" wrote a song called "Sunday, Bloody Sunday". They also released a harder version on their live album "Under a Blood Red Sky "(referring to biblical Joel's and Revelation 6:12's blood red moon.) The 2nd version of this song is -ironically - melodically and harmonically more beautiful. It is one of the most famous songs in Western pop culture. It might be one the most beautiful songs ever written by humankind - a big maybe. However Sunday, Bloody Sunday is -arguably- the most powerful song in Western culture over the past generation. And JESUS is mentioned in it. And God's promise from Revelation :"wipe the tears away from your eyes ." U2's Bono said this song is about Christ's Easter Sunday being contrasted with the deaths in Derry, Northern Ireland. Bono leads into Sunday, Bloody Sunday(2nd live version) with the words:"This song is not a rebel song ,this song is Sunday, Bloody Sunday..." {there are 2 totally different versions :a Soft hymnal "War" Album version and the harder, more melodic, live album "Under a Blood Red Sky" version} Sunday Bloody Sunday(U2) Hymnnnmm Hymnnnmm ohhh ohhh ohhhh ohhhh ohh I can't believe the news today I can't close my eyes and make it go away How long, how long must we sing this song How long, how long Tonight we can be as one, tonight Broken bottles under children's feet Bodies strewn across a dead end street But I won't heed the battle call It puts my back up Puts my back up against the wall Sunday bloody Sunday Sunday bloody Sunday And the battle's just begun There's many lost, but tell me who has won Trenches dug within our hearts And mothers, children, brothers, sisters torn apart Sunday bloody Sunday Sunday bloody Sunday How long, how long must we sing this song How long, how long 'Cause tonight we can be as one Tonight, tonight Sunday bloody Sunday Tonight tonight Sunday bloody Sunday Tonight tonight Wipe the tears from your eyes Wipe your tears away I wipe your tears away I wipe your tears away Sunday bloody Sunday Wipe your blood shot eyes Sunday bloody Sunday Sunday bloody Sunday Sunday bloody Sunday Sunday bloody Sunday Sunday bloody Sunday And it's true we are immune When fact is fiction and T.V. reality Sunday bloody Sunday And today the millions cry Sunday bloody Sunday We eat and drink while tomorrow they die Sunday bloody Sunday The real battle just begun Sunday bloody Sunday To claim the victory Jesus won On a Sunday bloody Sunday Sunday bloody Sunday
  6. Coliseum, those who are really born of God/again/saved are led by the Spirit of God [Romans 8:14]; because these "led by the Holy Spirit" true Christians, have been really given the (Holy) "Spirit of Sonship"{Childship}[Romans 8:15 RSV](I've just learned the true meaning of Romans 14-15 this week :-] .) He will change our natural heart of pride - only if we are truly His. ( saying for new Christians across the globe really-I know you certainly know this,Coliseum) That said, when we see the Bible's Jude 1:3 say "contend(say strongly something for a position in an argument) for the faith earnestly", there is vigour and skill implied I think, doesn't it?. Brilliant Protestant defenders of the Christian faith like James C. Maxwell(we live in the modern electronic age primarily because of the Christian scientist and apologist, Maxwell) and today's Dr. Gary Habermas , were very gentle and humble in their hearts, but ferociously with erudition and kindness, and respect, contended for Christ's Gospel. Yet as you clearly imply, we can understand that everybody on earth is absolutely stupid ,including ourselves, or the brightest theologian or Nobel-winning scientist, compared to the omniscient Lord God, Jesus Christ. But maybe I and others seem a bit noisy but only because in the words of Tom Petty:" You can stand me up at the Gates of Hell but I (We )won't back down."
  7. OneOpinion, your link essay was an extremely interesting read. I think you know this but I am writing for the youth around the globe really.We have to be careful to not let science be the final word in any biblical topic or our faith in Christ. However physics, chemistry, biology ,geology, electrical engineering, aeronautics etc. were invented and founded by deeply religious/confessing Christians. Christians must study science(STEM) in accredited, even the best, universities and be the best as we always have been-thanks to Christ Jesus's guidance. -The Christian geologist in the link might be right or wrong about the age of the earth, but he is certainly wrong in putting his faith in science on par with his faith in God's only word, the Bible. Science has been proven to be limited-"dead"-by the mathematician Kurt Gödel's 2 Incompleteness Theorems which even Stephen Hawking said.( Hawking based his famous theories on the work of confessing Protestant Christians James Clerk Maxwell and the devout evangelical Wernher Heisenberg {Heisenberg won the physics Nobel for the creation of quantum physics}.) Heisenberg said in his last letter to his friend Einstein that :" Only the LORD God can know the position of a (subatomic )particle". {re:Heisenberg's famous Uncertainty Principle} Stephen Hawking(it was religious Christian physicists who did the really hard work in physics;Einstein used the tensor mathematics of confessing Christian Bernhard Riemann for General Relativity) admitted this in his essay/lecture : Kurt Gödel and the End of Physics(which underlies all of science).- free on the web-.(Gödel derived his landmark discovery because of the work and discoveries of the deeply religious Christian preeminent mathematician(an ethnic Jewish-Christian) Georg Cantor (inventor of set theory,transfinite numbers-numbers beyond infinity-Even David Hilbert said: "George Cantor has allowed us to enter into the paradise of mathematics.") Eminent physicist Freeman Dyson agrees and so did Herman Weyl and other scientists(that Gödel's theorem killed science). ---So science has been proven to Not even be able to ever fully understand the natural world/universe; so Christians definitely cannot let science guide us in matters of the Christian faith.--- However it is fascinating how the Bible knew of some things that science is only now learning. Interestingly the great Bible student Sir Isaac Newton (discovered gravity and calculus)said he "searched the Bible for science "and that that "the Only Son of God Jesus Christ will return in 2060." Christians may show how the Bible knew of many scientific discoveries first; but true Christians must realize and accept that FAITH (in Christ)is the ultimate way we understand reality.
  8. God(Jesus) is Love says the Bible's 1 John 4:8 and 16 that is why the Bible's Romans 8:15 declares: For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!” Warren Wiersbe in his commentary explains that: "adoption" in the New Testament did not really mean what it means today. The Koine Greek "huiothesia" (translated :adoption as sons) used by Paul literally means "son-placing"(to be placed as a son). Every born-again believer(girl and boy, man and woman) is a child of God(the Father,the Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit) by birth the New Testament declares.[Preceptaustin.org] That's why we(those who receive and believe in Jesus as God and Savior )can call the Almighty Father God :Abba, Father. Oh what an unimaginable gift of Grace this is. ***Please all you sweet people around the globe, receive Jesus as you Savior and God. You will be the very children of God and live forever. ---You don't need to call God, God.--- You can call him Abba(Father), Father!(Father, Father, meaning: Dear Father) Because Jesus died on the Cross of Calvary. Thank you my God Jesus! I love you! (the greatest scientists in history were evangelical or Protestants and they believed in Christ Jesus as their God : Leonhard Euler ,Johannes Kepler, Robert Boyle, Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell, Werner Heisenberg(nobel prize for the creation of Quantum physics), Ernest Rutherford., Lord Kelvin , American William Josiah Gibbs ,Bernhard Riemann .....etc.(Einstein was not a Christian but he used evangelical Christian B. Riemann's tensor mathematics for his theory of General Relativity.) The Wright Brothers, the inventors of the airplane were also religious Christians. Georg Cantor(half Jewish by his own account), one of the greatest mathematicians(set theory) was also a religious Christian. Make no mistake dear planet earth, Jesus Christ is Lord and Almighty God. Please make the only SMART choice and receive Jesus as you Savior and God.
  9. Thanks!You are much too generous but I appreciate it and also the HAHas from the others. I thought someone might like it because it's soooo bad. I tried it on one of my best friends: he just said "Ha' very sarcastically , almost disgustingly. It really bugged him I think.
  10. Why is it easier to walk in faith for those with 12 toes?.....because they got more sole!
  11. Haha-but joking aside,I have wondered for some years why my 3rd cousin is over 6 1/2 feet tall being that his parents are about 4 feet 11 and 5 feet tall. Now I know!
  12. A riveting story for sure, Trace. I've never watched Baywatch ;but your words remind me of Matthew 14:29-31 where Apostle Peter walked briefly on water but then his faith tired out and he cried out to Jesus when he became terrified of the strong winds and sunk below the waves :"Lord save me."
  13. Very interesting and good evidence AngellinT. I have a 3rd cousin who was born with 6 toes on each foot and 6 fingers on each hand(shortly after birth they removed his extra pinky fingers, though he still has 12 toes.) He was my height until we were 16 then he grew incredibly fast and became very tall but not 9 feet tall.
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